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Sneak peak at a comic I'll finish up one of these days.




Story looks good, but those V4 expressions ...


...aren't that bad.


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Hmm, seems a couple didn't upload.


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Looks Great, thanks for Uploading...^_^


Wow, thats very long story.
I have some critic for technical issues like lighting as it look like those nurses are radioactive and glow in the dark LOL.
but anyway this is very good work.

I am a bit unsatisfied that it ended so fast. and nurses could be a bit hotter


The lighting was a Poser issue. And you don't always have to be critical.


well with some amount of work lighting issue can be resolved too, but like I said it is good that effort was directed to create more pictures instead of resolving that issue

Also if you are not critical you are not really telling the truth or you did not even took care to look at this work properly.
Just saying "looks great" or "thanks" is not enough you have to make remarks on what exactly you found there.


In that case I would say that your work doesn't look realistic, you need to add blood effects, your breast morphs are bizarre, and your characters aren't hot, probably because they all look like they're 5 years old.


Well you should post that in my thread not on yours :)

But you probably did not noticed that I do not seek realism I am trying to make it look good and also my characters are supposed to be young and exaggerated, so thanks for looking at my works.

I also recommend you to do same, because it will be practically impossible to make really realistic renderings and trying to do so will only backfire.

Your characters are not realistic either and I wonder why you decided to make them like that if you could have made them curvy and hot but now they look like plain average people with unrealistic features.

It is not like I am complaining here but just wonder what are your reasons for that choice.


You know what else isn't realistic?
>>9998 These ginormous balloon tits.
Don't get pissy just because someone gave friendly advice.



I'm not trying to make mine look realistic either, so stop trying to critique them based on that standard. My characters look hot to me while I find yours unattractive. In case you were unaware, your opinion of beauty doesn't extend any farther than your own head.


I think you misunderstood something:
because I am not critiquing your taste, I just mention that your Characters are not as hot as I would like.
Then you could explain reasons if that was deliberate choice or you just failed for some technical issues.
Or you can take my opinion into account for your future works.
Who knows maybe it is just something random what you do not even noticed and don't mind to change.

Also beauty is somewhat standard thing for most people and in the art it is even easier to make beautiful than ugly. But some authors seem to make their characters deliberately ugly/flawed for certain reasons as they want to express something with that and just don't want them look perfect. And in that case I woud like to know those reasons because they are important for the story.


Well the fat one has to look less than attractive otherwise the story doesn't work. As for the one that gets butchered, she's plenty attractive enough to me.


Good job.


Just ignore the haters, rediculo. Your stuff is 10 times better than what they put out!


Onix, no critique was requested therefore your critique was uncalled for.


It is common sense that it is requested merely if artist is posting something to the public. And that critique is precisely reason for making the post itself. Praising artwork is also critique by the way.
When you view any picture or read story you are obligated to write some kind of response as payment unless you think that it was total crap which is not worth o of your attention.

And also it WAS specially requested in another thread
I don't think that request has to be repeated every time.


It's fine. No need for further argument. Thanks for all the opinions everyone. Just enjoy it it you like it.

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