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File: 1485636664838.png (1.81 MB, 1254x705, devil may poop.png)


Images created by Donkboy.


Keiran and Morrigan are famous in the scat community for making mother and son incest scat videos. Their most popular video with the most views is the one where Morrigan has a wedding dress on. But the wedding dress is modified and extra skimpy, with her breasts, pussy and ass exposed. What makes the video even more popular is the dirty quotes they exchange with each other. Such as Morrigan saying, "I didn't put on this dress to marry my son, I put it on to marry my son's poop!" and "Your father liking my poop is the reason you were born... so thank my smelly poop for your existence!"

Nick is a big fan of Morrigan's videos. He has masterbated countless times to them. It even inspired him to role-play with Mercy as mother and son. Morrigan doesn't take fan fuck requests but one day Nick messaged her a tribute video. It was one minute and a half long of Nick jerking off and shooting a big load of cum. Morrigan replied to it saying, "I wish that sloppy and thick load was all over my face." Nick might of reminded Morrigan of her son because they are around the same age, so after a few more message exchanges, they decided to meet up. "It would be good for my son to fuck another woman's shit besides his mothers"

Nick and Morrigan roleplay session in Messanger a ouple of days later:

Nick: Hey do you want to do a little role-play before we meet? I'm feeling a bit horny.

Morrigan: Sure, I got some time. Keiran is at school. Tell me how much of a perverted mother I am.

Nick: Very well. Your just pervert milf who gets off to taking a shit on her own son. Don't worry, I'll punish you soon. I haven't jerked off in over a week. I got a extra thick chunky load of hot cum saved just for you.

Morrigan: More! I'm starting to get hot.

Nick: I've got a real man's cock unlike your son's pathetic looking dick. I'm not going to stick it in your old hag pussy though, that's reserved for your son. I'm going to fuck a mountain of your shit instead of you. I rather hump a pile of your smelly crap then fuck a dirty milf like you.

Morrigan: I'm starting to get wet now, keep going!

Nick: I just removed my pants as well, I'm hard as a rock. I'm already leaking pre-cum. Anyway, You just stand there and pump out shit. Its all that your good for. Instead of sucking my cock, you can give a blowjob to my long turd instead. I'll be sure to squeeze out a huge log and you can deepthroat shit. Don't worry, I'll shit out another log for your pussy to fuck. Make sure you put a condom on my shit, you don't want to get pregnant.

Morrigan: I'm soaking wet now. You better not be stroking your meat, you promised me that you wouldn't cum.

Nick: Don't worry, I've decided I'll give it to Keiran instead. I almost feel sorry for him. You haven't seen Mercy shit before. She might steal your son away from you. You might be going to your son's wedding pretty soon. Keiran married to Mercy's turd. Then they will have nice little turd babies as well. Your going to be a grandmother to poop grandchildren. Congratulations. Your still young so you can breastfeed little Turd Jr. I mean, you still breast feed your son, right?

Morrigan: Oh God! I just squirted. That felt so good.

Nick: :D Alright, I gtg, seeya.

Morrigan: :D cya.


File: 1485636699357.png (840.31 KB, 636x940, devil may poop 2.png)

Part 2, finale.


That's some funny stuff there m8! Can you add some snuff 2 the story? With pictures? LIke them beeing attacked by enemies in the middle of an incest scat session?


A surprise attack while they cum and poop!


So you want a BAD ENDING? Where they are ambushed and killed during their scat party? I had that in mind before the incest-scat party idea.

The Bad Ending to the Devil may Poop scat party. In this alternate and non-canon ending, two murderous lolis Sarah and Ellie from The Last of Us ambush them. Morrigan suffers a humiliating defeat. The all-powerful witch gets killed by a little loli. She than creates a humiliating display of her by putting her head on her vagina and licking her feet. Sarah forces Keiran to look at this dirty display of his mother and cum to it before she ends him. The two lolis leave Nick for last, making him cum to the sights of his dead friends he just fucked.


Can't believe I forgot to post the pic...


File: 1485963856787.png (1.95 MB, 1344x756, devil may poop 3(1).png)

I hate size-restriction, hopefuly this works:


Oh yeah! The bad ending was great! You should definately do more of these incest scat story-pics with bad ends.Its Gurochan after all! ;) Looking forward 2 see your next 1 ;) Gj m8!


Oh yeah and you can add more pics with the action, the scat party, the attack, the beheading take your time with the next 1 this is worth it! ;)


And i like the ideea of lolis killing mom and son couples, you should definately do more of those! ;)


We need more Lolli assassins, gory minded little girls with thoughts of death and disembowelment on their sexy little minds.


So true!


File: 1492804482064.jpg (839.21 KB, 841x1064, astrid scat 2.jpg)

Granny's nasty green shit


We need more moms and sons here! :P


File: 1498794951027.jpg (981.4 KB, 1126x1080, ciri1.jpg)

Morrigan has returned with her scat harem. A cuntboy, shemale -loli, granny, and shota. Covered head to toe in shit and cum.






File: 1509552430152.jpg (1.35 MB, 1920x1080, link.jpg)


File: 1509552559971.jpg (964.02 KB, 1126x1080, link.jpg)




Oh yeah! Someone needs to attack them now while they shit careless! :P


There is going to be a scene where a Orcess eats Morrigan's son Keiran while she watches. Then when the orcess digests Keiran, the orcess is going to shit in Morrigan's mouth. Morrigan is eating her son, who is now a pile of poop. keep in mind, Morrigan is getting off to seeing her son who is not a pile of shit.

Then when Morrigan digests her son(poop), she poops him out as well. So, her son is a pile of poop coming out of her ass. She got off to seeing her son eaten, pooped out into her mouth and herself pooping his remains out. This is canon to my story too.


File: 1510251962159.jpg (7.14 MB, 3861x2187, poop1.jpg)


File: 1510251988021.jpg (7.03 MB, 3861x2187, poop2.jpg)


Bump, more scat and guro stuff in the future.


I'd love to see one where the Orcess shits out such a long and huge turd you see Morrigan's throat bulge out until she chokes to death... all the while the Orcess continues shitting down her throat, making her stomach swell up until it nearly explodes! @w@



File: 1511275495631.jpg (5.66 MB, 3020x1698, nick.jpg)

After Morrigan eats and shits out her very own son, she adopts Nick as her new son. Morrigan strips buck-naked and invites Nick over, squirting and desecrating his poop remains. Shes getting off over the pile of shit with her new son Nick.




File: 1511568030253.jpg (3.56 MB, 3020x1698, nick.jpg)

Morrigan prepares Thanksgiving feast.




File: 1515541989129.jpg (4.55 MB, 3020x1698, morg.jpg)


File: 1515542025139.jpg (1.77 MB, 3020x1698, morg1.jpg)




Google Wolfdon Pixiv

Got a crap(pun intended) more scat pics on my PIXIV.

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