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File: 1484697159892.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1920x1080, mercy3.jpeg)


I've been dabbling in SFM for over a year now, but decided to turn my hand to snuff! Commission from anonymous. Enjoy ( '-')


Great work!


excited to see more! especially overwatch.


Thanks man!

Yeah, Mercy's healing and rezzing is going to get a lot of use in the near future. I've got plans for Mei and Tracer and Widowmaker and... well, all the lovely cunts in Overwatch. >:3


do you have anywhere where we can see your previous work?


I'm trying to keep my 'other SFM stuff' and 'guro SFM stuff' separate but you can find my 'regular NSFW' stuff on


File: 1486086231159.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1920x1080, hanging.jpeg)

Hi all, here with a WIP.


File: 1486086410248.jpeg (929.13 KB, 1920x1080, samusskullfuck1a.jpeg)

aaaand Samus getting skullfucked. Based off this written in the 'what do' channel of my discord (Credit to Rum Ham for writing it)

You walk through the crowds of the space station, people were always gathered in this hanger because of its reputation for being used by the one and only Samus Aran! It turns out that they weren't the rumors most had assumed when someone saw her ship docked there, the shiny armor clad woman walking out with a small box in tow which upon first inspection appeared to have some strange artifact in it. She recognizes you immediately and nods, "Just the man I wanted to see, I didn't expect someone to pay so much for these things!" She says, her voice faintly distorted by her suit, "Very good! You said you have more, right? I assume they're on your ship so let's go see them!" She seems to sigh at your eagerness to get aboard her ship but given how much you offered to pay for what seem like meaningless space rocks she doesn't want to risk offending you, "I was going to drop this one off first to get it looked at, but that can wait I suppose..." Her tone has a slight annoyance to it as she leads you back onto the ship.

She door closes behind you with a loud clang! and almost immediately she begins shedding off plates of her armored suit, revealing the perfectly form fitting blue suit underneath which left little to the imagination. You see a panel next to the door and fortunately Samus did not have the foresight to put any kind of security on it so with the press of a button the door to her ship locks, almost without any indication other than on the tiny control screen. After the door is locked you walk over to the Amazonian woman, she stands taller than you but not by much, and you did not expect such big tits from someone in her line of work! Because of this it's nearly impossible to hide the throbbing member going down one of your legs, and it becomes obvious she noticed it when she begins stripping out of her blue suit, not saying a word as you see just how perky and daresay balloon-like her tits seem to be.

You waste no time in drawing your pistol, though it is small it does do its job very very well as you shoot a small beam directly into the middle of her chest, nothing lethal but enough to make her fall to her knees. Her eyes go wide but that is the extent of her reaction, the charge that just went over her body like a wave keeping her from moving or speaking for just long enough for you to move beside her, pulling out a knife and jabbing it into her ear! Not enough to kill her, just enough to pierce her skull to make it easier for the next thing you want to stick there...
You unzip your pants and thrust forward as soon as your cock is pointed at the small, clean hole you just made in the side of her head, with sickening crunches of fracturing bone and squishes of brain being crushed and mangled by your fat prick you shudder. This feeling is one no pussy, mouth or asshole could never match. Her whole body shudders as you begin thrusting in and out of her head, every time you push back in there is a gooey squelch that emanates from her slowly emptying cranium, another thick chunk of brain drips out the sides of the hole you're fucking or from her not visibly damaged ear or even her nose. Her eyes cross and her body keeps shuddering, at this point she can speak again but the only words she can utter are single words, not even ones that make a solid phrase just pleads and eventually curses. As you near your climax you toss a small puck ball from your pocket, pushing it into the dying bounty hunter's gaping maw and after a few seconds it slips down her throat.

You try your best to keep from cumming for as long as possible, at least long enough to see the fruits of your labors going to work inside of her. The ball was a small creature you had collected on an old journey, it was an egg that became alive when in contact with acid, in this case stomach acid, it grew tentacle-like appendages and within seconds bulged out her toned stomach, the effect increasing by the second as it begins wallowing in her stomach acid which for the creature is a delicacy. As it consumed it grows to the point where she could pass for someone about to birth twins, her belly red, taught and grossly stretched, the sight of which is enough to push you over the edge and make you blow your load inside her skull, cum squirting out every hole it can for a few seconds before you know you need to pull out.

After you do you quickly cut off a piece of skin from her cheek, then unlock the door and watch the birthing process commence from the safely of outside her ship. From what you can see outside looking in the creature has burst out of her stomach and is now stretching most of her torso, growing bigger and bigger until... Splat! She reaches a breaking point and splits apart, spraying blood and other fluids all over the interior of the ship. After you watch that scene unfold you begin walking back to work, unsullied piece of flesh in hand as you call your boss, "She's gone, but I think we may not have seen the last of her~"




Oh god yes


File: 1490094472342.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1920x1080, laraslash.jpeg)

Dumpin' more request fills. Lara's throat getting slashed


File: 1490159364977.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1920x1080, gaigeskull.jpeg)



An Overwatch execution pic that got posted in OP's thread.


More Borderlands would be great.


There is already a ton of Overwatch would be cool if it was something else.


Maybe :) If you catch me when I'm handing out requests, you can request more borderlands (or just commission me. I'm pretty cheap XD)

Most of these are request fills. ^^ And yeah, I love Overwatch so :P


There is never enough overwatch


that is epic looking but where are the vid links?

on this site most of us up to megasync or other sites like mixtape for users to view the content.


These are all stills. None of these are animated (yet?)


Where can i view commission prices?


$5 for a quickie - two characters, minimal blood/gore, no animation
$10 for a 'standard' pic - four characters max, no animation
$20 for a quickie animation - minimal blood, two characters max, looping animation
$30 for a 'standard' animation - blood, three characters max, looping animation


You're better off finding me at my discord so we can talk over the details:


File: 1490447728531.jpeg (488.6 KB, 1920x1080, hanging1.jpeg)

Forgot to post the finished version of the hanging WIP I posted earlier. Enjoy!






Witcher succubus getting used for target practice.


This lizard girl thought she was going to make it big with this adventuring party. Unfortunately, when supplies began running out she found that she wasn't just their scout and spear-woman.

She was their emergency rations.


A commission done for Badviper :) Enjoy!


Damn, that's really nice!


what happned to the overwhatch beheading u posted on the other thread?


Thanks! ^^

Gurochan won't let me upload dupes. So I linked to the post but it won't let me repost it here, sadly. :<


Err, that was me btw. Forgot to put my name in :P


File: 1491473561333.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1920x1080, massacre1.jpeg)

Team 3's attempt on Agent 47's life was a massive failure, leading to the death of the entire team. Project V2 has been set back by the loss of these invaluable assets, not to mention the loss of several rare and specialized firearms that had been issued to them. Recovery of bodies and any recording equipment has become the project's top priority.


File: 1491473631432.jpeg (898.17 KB, 1920x1080, massacre2a.jpeg)

Team leader.
Cause of Death: Internal bleeding and organ failure from multiple gunshot wounds. Standard issue sidearm was found lodged inside throat and is presumably the weapon responsible for death.


File: 1491473667810.jpeg (956.2 KB, 1920x1080, massacre2b.jpeg)

Second in command. Marksman.
Cause of Death: Suffocation due to broken neck, caused by impact with bedpost. Bruising on the back of neck consistent with kick/stomp.


File: 1491473729398.jpeg (973.2 KB, 1920x1080, massacre2c.jpeg)

Social infiltration specialist.
Cause of Death: Fireaxe to the chest cracked ribs and lacerated lungs. Blood filling lungs caused suffocation and eventual death.


File: 1491473824893.jpeg (913.69 KB, 1920x1080, massacre2d.jpeg)

Medic/toxin specialist.
Cause of Death: Broken neck from blunt force trauma (postmortem indicates her left arm was used as the weapon). Lower abdomen also shows a considerable amount of bruising.


File: 1491473856181.jpeg (936.32 KB, 1920x1080, massacre2e.jpeg)

Information specialist.
Cause of Death: Exsanguination caused by knife to throat. Post-mortem also reveals crushed pelvis and cracked ribs leading to fatal trauma of organs from impact with wall.


File: 1491473906566.jpeg (895.69 KB, 1920x1080, massacre2f.jpeg)

Close combat specialist.
Cause of Death: Knife to throat severed several arteries and windpipe. This makes it difficult to determine if cause of death was blood loss or suffocation. Knife found lodged in spine would have caused paralysis.


File: 1491473932821.jpeg (835.39 KB, 1920x1080, massacre2g.jpeg)

Cause of Death: Have a fucking guess.


Image set based on a) watching the Samurai Jack episode where he slaughters the Daughters of Aku, and me getting some new Hitman models of Victoria with several hair styles, so I decided to frame this as a bunch of her clones being sent to assassinate Agent 47.

Of course, his would be assassins having the face of his pseudo-daughter wasn't a distraction for the consummate professional. If anything, he was a little more brutal in his self-defense than necessary.


This is awessome. I really enjoy daz3d guro. Sadly my pc can't handle the rendering otherwise i'd be one artist myself. Thank you for sharing!!!



This is great! Good work!


luv it all, but rely want beheding if u can


Lead allergy?


File: 1492745469800.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1920x1080, drowned.jpeg)

Made while waiting for commission-related material to redownload (Fuckin' hell, Steam Workshop)


Motion's a little jerky but I'm not complaining. When I used to do similar with poser it used to take me ages to get things done animation-wise.
Thanks for sharing!!


that is amazing, love the eye use! so rare to see but you pulled it off in spades.


Yeah I was really rough with her, so to speak ;P Like I said when I posted her, its a quickie that I did in maybe 2 hours while I was waiting for other things to redownload :I

hey you should share some of your stuff too! I've got a discord: that you can use to send me stuff or just make thread here on gurochan

Thanks, buddy! Its hard to find things that other people don't already do and better (like OP in his thread), so its nice to see that I've hit a little niche there >:3c


Hey could you try reversing the motions of this gyf? I just want to see how thatd look.


Its actually in the options in the Gfycat viewer:


Damn, I did a good job offing team 3.


Would love if you did another Mercy pic!


Hey man, can you please murder Femshep? There's something so hot about seeing your favorite heroine not getting a good ending.


Wow, can we please get more Overwatch snuff? Love what you're doing to that angel!



I'm planning on doing more OW. Love those sluts.

In the meantime, have a Vindictus chick getting snuffed:


Good shit but probably should have a better angle to see her face next time.
Didn't even know it was Vindictus until you pointed it out



Yeah I might make a second render later tonight. We'll see how it goes.


It's been a while, eh?


Please to be explain what SFM is meaning?


Do you take requests?


source film maker


Aaayup. For the longest time I couldn't post on this. Then again I've been busy as fuuuuuuck IRL too.

Source Film Maker, the program I use to make this.

Sometimes, no guarantees.

Give this man a cigar. >:P


I hope this marks your comeback!
Not the guy but I'd request some Dva or Widow, body and head separated.

But please do whatever you feel like!


File: 1555056438911.png (1.7 MB, 1920x1080, preview.PNG)

About that…


Wow, glad we share the same interest




Oh yeah, I made this while gurochan was down and never actually posted it.

Guillotine with a Go Pro:


And here's a Titanfall themed quickie


any progress with dva?


I'm glad you asked.

Here's the second WIP :)


Why not make a big one,1-2 min perhaps.

 No.28780 animation is promising, just make it a bit smoother and you're g2g


Because that takes a lot more time.

Mhmm, working on it :)


Can I ask for something w/Brigitte?


got any more updates for us?





Any further progress to show?




pls finish this

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