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Here I will post my first image series.
First picture is from the middle of something like 30 in total.

After quite long delay I made some pictures. I hot to use powerful GPU card for some time, so rendering is almost instant now.
Current series are somewhat related to one of KillerX ancient works when he was under different name because I really liked that girl character. I wonder if anyone will be able to guess them.

Unfortunately needle bulge morphs are insanely hard to do because of deformer problems in daz3d so pictures look somewhat plain.


File: 1484588879971.jpg (191.35 KB, 1600x1333, sc16.jpg)


Kool...RIP REP...that was a good home for a long time


What do you mean?


Great! Maur please...


Great! we need more well made 3d loli guro!

Do you take suggestions?


It will never hurt to make suggestions, but keep in mind that not everything is doable in 3d so ideas are often limited by technical issues and available models and you have to optimize your ideas for implementation specific if you want more pictures.


File: 1484678243508.jpg (135.72 KB, 1200x1000, sc00.jpg)

Here is first batch of images.
Maybe someone will be interested in writing story(captions) for those series?

I decided to add red marks on the skin using PS for better look.


File: 1484678288969.jpg (136.24 KB, 1200x1000, sc02.jpg)


File: 1484678316296.jpg (122.6 KB, 1200x1000, sc03.jpg)


File: 1484678441776.jpg (160.16 KB, 1200x1000, sc04.jpg)


File: 1484678484731.jpg (264.53 KB, 1600x1333, sc05.jpg)


File: 1484678564045.jpg (282.5 KB, 1600x1333, sc06.jpg)


File: 1484678592158.jpg (513.21 KB, 1600x1333, sc07.jpg)


File: 1484678630732.jpg (416.35 KB, 1600x1333, sc08.jpg)


Oh wow!


Well for starters, a willing and consenting victim is great, it adds a lot to the surreal situation and I really like what you did with that.

You seem to have had a hard time with the way the needles are supposed to stretch the skin, but it looks more than fine to me. Since you're not using SFM you're already miles ahead of many 3D artists even if some of them are quite skilled with it.

As for suggestions, you could push it even further with those needles (they're more like big nails to me) and use them on her thighs, belly and more sensitive places.
Unusually deep insertions OR insertions in unusual places are a big plus to me but I dont know if you have any toys models.
I know that wider insertions are hard to do in 3D, but how about fisting?

And finally this is more of an advice, work on what you want to work. I've seen too many good artists leave because people asked too much of them.

TLDR: Your works looks great, welcome!


File: 1484701907726.jpg (442.45 KB, 1600x1333, sc09.jpg)

another batch


File: 1484701937758.jpg (395.17 KB, 1600x1333, sc10.jpg)


File: 1484701976770.jpg (441.98 KB, 1600x1333, Sc14-1.jpg)


File: 1484701989568.jpg (460.48 KB, 1600x1333, Sc14-2.jpg)


File: 1484702003985.jpg (456.48 KB, 1600x1333, Sc14-3.jpg)


File: 1484702013757.jpg (437.67 KB, 1600x1333, Sc14-4.jpg)


File: 1484702024861.jpg (199.67 KB, 1600x1333, sc15.jpg)


File: 1484702054071.jpg (402.2 KB, 1600x1333, sc16.jpg)


File: 1484702073423.jpg (396.69 KB, 1600x1333, sc18.jpg)


File numbers are not uniformly sequential, but there is nothing missing

This is not really a suggestion...
And yes, those are actually nails not needles I was wondering what to use here and decided on nails because I had some other intentions in the story.
What needle style you think is better flat moderately bulged or exaggerated bulging?
Now I solved that problems in other way just made some morphs for this purpose so next pictures will be slightly different.

Fisting probably is possible but there is a question it will be possible to spread pussy enuogh for some super insertions, I may need to make morph for that at first. and I wonder how it will look like.
This is usually required for all new ideas, as they cannot be implemented easily but special "technology" has to be developed.

Also if you really want to give suggestion you have to suggest which technology to use what morphs to make.
or alternatively if you dont know 3d modeling at all think about some simple short picture story ideas, because If I make some work it should have some story behind it and I especially like to have logical justifications for actions.

Currently I have some ideas on my own.
But i wonder what fisting story and what toys you had in mind
Now I have pretty much every prop model available on internet


Wow, in SC18, is the teacher inviting the girl to puncture her breasts...or her labia? Or both?


Puncturing labia woud be quite hard to do technically especially with that huge piece of metal

Originally I wanted to do it more loli style, but lolis have no boobs what severely limits possibilities.


If i understand well, by needle style and bulges you mean the way her breasts are reacting to the nails? I think that the skin should only bulge slightly in that situation, just like you made it, it seems more real.

And well in your story, the younger girl seems to be showing off what she can handle to the older girl, which is a really hot idea that you could expand on.
Maybe have them play with each others and the nails like >>9140 mentionned.
And it could get more intense as it goes, maybe introduce a rather long dildo or fisting as I talked about earlier.

Also I dont have much knowledge about 3d modeling so i cant really help you with the making of it.


Is it hard to simply make models clip through? like a nail through the labia? It might not look best but at least it could work.



REP=Real Eden Place. That is where I posted until it shut down. Thus the RIP=Rest in Peace


File: 1484767376160.jpg (145.72 KB, 1600x1333, Sc21-1.jpg)

Last batch of pictures for now.


File: 1484767398942.jpg (151.21 KB, 1600x1333, Sc21-2.jpg)


File: 1484767425867.jpg (155.53 KB, 1600x1333, Sc21-3.jpg)


File: 1484767455422.jpg (152.83 KB, 1600x1333, Sc22-1.jpg)


File: 1484767479245.jpg (153.55 KB, 1600x1333, Sc22-2.jpg)


File: 1484767522348.jpg (162.78 KB, 1600x1333, Sc22-2a.jpg)


File: 1484767539263.jpg (377.55 KB, 1600x1333, sc22-2b.jpg)


File: 1484767559936.jpg (153.92 KB, 1600x1333, Sc22-3.jpg)


File: 1484767606598.jpg (156.7 KB, 1600x1333, Sc22-4.jpg)


File: 1484767753513.jpg (154.89 KB, 1600x1333, Sc22-5.jpg)


Really like the both of them.


wow! awesome series


File: 1484836313734.jpg (221.05 KB, 1600x1333, sc23-1.jpg)

So this is the end for now.
I am not sure about continuing this further, because I want to make another story as well and I am also not sure how to copntinue this one.


Work with what's on your mind, it's what makes the best content.


How to continue it? I can wax perverted a bit.

Some of those implements on the desk could cause some real damage. Have the girl visit the teacher at her ranch to try them out. On a ranch, there are even more dangerous implements to cause damage.

Then maybe they decide to see how much damage they can take and still survive.


Excellent work. I would like to see you continue.


Those tools on the table seem to be more than enough to have a nice sequel without dealing too much damage.


Great job! Will the girls move onto mastectomy (debreasting), genital mutilation (culminating in them sewing their pussies shut), or cuntbusting (culminating in them using explosives to blow away their pussies)?


I think it will be nice if those two first cut their nipple in halfs, then their tits.
Another game: they pull a strong fibre through their tits and fix there a heavy wight. So havy it will cut their tits in halfs.
Another game: stick an long needle into theit tits an make it glow with a flame.


Cutting something in half is not that easy in 3d, because you need to modify 3d model for that purpose and splitting such tiny thing like nipple is even less possible even in real life.
so cutting will be reserved for later time.

This "debreasting" thing will be featured in another series,
while cunt busting can be done easily even up to the animation, so I will do it but explosions are too hard to doo.
Only question is how to make that cuntbusting dramatic, because in the picture it will look just as if feet is touching crotch.
Sewing looks cool too, but the problem is what to do when it is done?
So this needs separate story where sewn pussy would have some more showtime.

Very serious mutilations(mostly amputations) are also in my plans but I want to do it in happy and humorous way so if you would like to see that sooner invent some interesting funny scenario which could be told in pictures to deliver that content.


Very serious mutilations(mostly amputations) are also in my plans but I want to do it in happy and humorous way so if you would like to see that sooner invent some interesting funny scenario which could be told in pictures to deliver that content.

I really like that idea...


This is gold. I love the girl teaching the adult her kink...


It really is!
I dont know why this isn't more of a thing...


File: 1485182265139.jpg (561.13 KB, 1600x1333, ClumsyGuard100.jpg)

Here are other series, with something different and more extreme

A boy finds mysterious ruins guarded by clumsy guard who is trying to kill the intruder.


File: 1485182286119.jpg (1.1 MB, 1600x1333, ClumsyGuard110.jpg)


File: 1485182306392.jpg (799.23 KB, 1600x1333, ClumsyGuard120.jpg)


File: 1485182345905.jpg (796.13 KB, 1600x1333, ClumsyGuard130.jpg)


File: 1485182381505.jpg (686.76 KB, 1600x1333, ClumsyGuard140.jpg)


File: 1485182405049.jpg (845.27 KB, 1600x1333, ClumsyGuard150.jpg)


File: 1485182421363.jpg (674.99 KB, 1600x1333, ClumsyGuard160.jpg)


File: 1485182437368.jpg (975.94 KB, 1600x1333, ClumsyGuard170.jpg)


File: 1485182503678.jpg (268.07 KB, 1600x1333, ClumsyGuard180.jpg)


File: 1485182527799.jpg (243.58 KB, 1600x1333, ClumsyGuard190.jpg)


File: 1485182682862.jpg (617.68 KB, 1600x1333, ClumsyGuard200.jpg)

The boy locked the gate and she can't get in to reach him. What will happen next?


Any chance of a debreasting or cunt mutilation?


Any chance of a debreasting or cunt mutilation?


In fact yes , but no "cunt mutilation"
I am just thinking how to make it happy ending after all that ;)


Why such gory bloodthirsty kind of stuff? I remember once seeing very good 3D series involving much simpler and imaginabler scenario's like humiliating a girl by stripping her naked in public to be punished, spanked, for all I care whipped. Cutting into breastmeat and other such gory stuff is for me at least an erection-killer.... Am I the only one to feel this? Does anyone have some really erotic things involving n/c stripping and sexual punishments of a 3D girl character like the one this thread started with (or younger)?


Hmm why are you complaining here?
Also there is not even anything gory posted yet LOL



I had to smile while reading this. This is either quite refined trolling, or the poster has accidentally fallen into our midst (meaning GUROchan) without a clue... ^v^


Amazing stuff, Onix. Really excited to see your debreasting / breast torture artwork! Keep it up


I will post next batch when someone will guess what will happen next :)


maybe she catch him and cut off his balls for that


She has to catch him first :)


Well, the idea that comes to me, judging from how she has her hand and the sword through the gate, he knocks the sword from her hand. When she lunges to get it back, her other breast slips through the gate bars. With a quick thrust, he plunges the sword through her breast trapping it with the bars and blade. Just a thought.


File: 1485466005445.jpg (704.92 KB, 1600x1333, ClumsyGuard210.jpg)

This is extremely unexpected plan LOL
But I think more obvious way to get in is to climb the fence.

She is sticking sword though the gate just for dramatic effect :)


File: 1485466030502.jpg (671.1 KB, 1600x1333, ClumsyGuard220.jpg)


File: 1485466044387.jpg (157.41 KB, 1600x1333, ClumsyGuard230.jpg)


File: 1485466055267.jpg (367.02 KB, 1200x1000, ClumsyGuard240.jpg)


File: 1485466128813.jpg (366.28 KB, 1200x1000, ClumsyGuard250.jpg)

Unfortunately she slipped (as expected)


File: 1485466142118.jpg (363.63 KB, 1200x1000, ClumsyGuard260.jpg)


File: 1485466155339.jpg (361.81 KB, 1200x1000, ClumsyGuard270.jpg)


File: 1485466177101.jpg (361.16 KB, 1200x1000, ClumsyGuard280.jpg)


File: 1485466191077.jpg (360.2 KB, 1200x1000, ClumsyGuard290.jpg)


File: 1485466229939.jpg (359.3 KB, 1200x1000, ClumsyGuard300.jpg)


File: 1485466246195.jpg (360.45 KB, 1200x1000, ClumsyGuard310.jpg)


File: 1485466285698.jpg (359.86 KB, 1200x1000, ClumsyGuard320.jpg)


File: 1485466311115.jpg (359.38 KB, 1200x1000, ClumsyGuard330.jpg)


File: 1485466358451.jpg (358.51 KB, 1200x1000, ClumsyGuard340.jpg)


File: 1485466386802.jpg (515.9 KB, 1600x1333, ClumsyGuard345.jpg)


File: 1485466408138.jpg (356.88 KB, 1200x1000, ClumsyGuard350.jpg)


File: 1485466424413.jpg (714.32 KB, 1600x1333, ClumsyGuard360.jpg)


Thus she get stuck again but proud warrior is not going to give up.
What you expect next?


By the way I rendered series as quasi animation so see fall in in motion.


Great series and while my idea was unexpected to you, yours was definitely something I didn't see. Now, for what happens next, um...Well based off the boy now having a mace, I'd say the warrior tries to swing her sword at him. But due to her predicament, she slips further and the boy easily knocks the blade from her hands.


You know this is guro not swordfight series. LOL

The boy is not willing to fight her. He is just passing by and got attacked LOL, so he would just leave her there as there is no point to approach this crazy bitch LOL


You mean he's not going to take advantage of such a golden opportunity? He's a very silly boy then. :)


File: 1485559333636.jpg (525.34 KB, 1600x1333, ClumsyGuard370.jpg)

Well ok. Here is how it goes:


File: 1485559378056.jpg (477.78 KB, 1600x1333, ClumsyGuard380.jpg)


File: 1485559408340.jpg (717.33 KB, 1600x1333, ClumsyGuard400.jpg)


File: 1485559480467.jpg (878.81 KB, 1600x1333, ClumsyGuard450.jpg)

How she was successful to climb the fence, but no picture was made for that :)


File: 1485559513690.jpg (491.65 KB, 1600x1333, ClumsyGuard460.jpg)


File: 1485559541140.jpg (591.44 KB, 1600x1333, ClumsyGuard470.jpg)


And now she has to either give up or continue chasing that boy for more misfortune :)


cute series, this guard is terrible XD


This series "clumsy guard" series is great!

Cute, funny, and hot!

I hope the guard continues trying to chase the boy - slowly getting more and more injured. Of course, at the end, she should die and the boy should have some fun with her hot dead body. ;-)


Love the breast torture images. Is the clumsy guard going to get the spiked mace shoved up her cunt or ass next?


That is very good work with the debreasting. Did you do that with post work or do you have a morph or something?


File: 1485600093871.jpeg (112.39 KB, 677x958, 3c6c479ebc3b2fcd98a2e021a….jpeg)

Actually debreasting was taken from this picture:
I used it as texture and displacement map.

Actually this is quite a good way to reuse other content and works better than post processing.


Amazing work on that last part, the debreasting look good.

I was confused at the earlier parts of this set since the injuries didn't leave any wounds, is there a reason?


If you talk about sword wounds then there are no wounds just because I did not knew how to add them at that time. LOL
Now they can only be added using Photoshop.


File: 1485643729635.jpg (572.23 KB, 1600x1333, ClumsyGuard480.jpg)

Ok so the story ending No.1 is:
Her rage went down and she noticed what foolish thing she did.

Alternative ending probably will be made if I will find another idea for more misfortune when chasing that boy.


Maybe he injures her cunt? Or she manages to do herself somehow?


The boy is not supposed to injure her deliberately only if that happens accidentally, because I expect them to get along in the end.

So The question is How that should happen? In what situation I should put her to injure her cunt.

also If you have some idea you can suggest another story



Have her throw her sword at the ground in rage. It could bounce back and slash her between the legs.


She continues chasing after the boy, trips, and drops her sword, which bounces back and stabs her in the cunt (as >>9504 suggested). The boy stops, comes back, and treat her wounds (sewing her pussy shut, to stop the bleeding). The two make up, but the clumsy guard, having discovered her masochistic tendencies, decides to become the submissive in a BDSM relationship with the boy (cue anal rape, with the clumsy guard begging for more).


That's too stupid and it will not look good, I will better make another dedicated story for pussy mutilation lovers and also I will add dick mutilation as well for another half of audience.


File: 1486004489289.png (1.41 MB, 1000x833, Doctor 000.png)

By request I made another series:
Lara came to the clinic to get her pussy removed by professional doctor.


File: 1486004527226.png (1.5 MB, 1000x833, Doctor 010.png)


File: 1486004569837.png (1.38 MB, 1000x833, Doctor 020.png)

Usual chekc ups.


File: 1486004666508.png (1.37 MB, 1000x833, Doctor 030.png)

Injecting anesthesia.


And like always make a guess what will be next. How doctor will perform this delicate surgery?


File: 1486390569088.png (1.33 MB, 1000x833, Doctor 040.png)

Always use proper certified medical tools.


File: 1486390640731.png (1.41 MB, 1000x833, Doctor 050.png)



File: 1486390723232.png (1.37 MB, 1000x833, Doctor 060.png)


File: 1486390757685.png (1.38 MB, 1000x833, Doctor 070.png)


File: 1486390802506.png (1.44 MB, 1000x833, Doctor 072.png)

All done


File: 1486390880161.png (1.43 MB, 1000x833, Doctor 080.png)


File: 1486390907962.png (1.34 MB, 1000x833, Doctor 090.png)


File: 1486391032843.png (1.51 MB, 1000x833, Doctor 100.png)

Some strange stuff came out there


File: 1486391164829.png (1.45 MB, 1000x833, Doctor 110.png)

Doctor: don't worry this just push it back
and don't use bath for 3 days


File: 1486391292061.png (1.52 MB, 1000x833, Doctor 120.png)

By the way, how about breast removal procedure in our clinic? We will make big discount.


A pity we don't see the girl get the surgical wound sewn up, but the series still has excellent artwork.


Very nice, reminds me of SuzyQute series


Wow finely someone noticed.
Yes, you are completely right, my intent was to make sequel for SuzyQute.


File: 1489462819669.jpg (1.06 MB, 1200x1000, test1.jpg)

Here is preliminary version of my next project, with characters based on well known manga. ( I wonder if you can recognize which one I have in mind here)

This picture is a failure in terms of lighting setup and textures.
But characters came out very cute.


Niice! XD XD
Can't wait to see it!!


Nice debreasting, i get hungry.


File: 1489542665284.jpg (207.87 KB, 1050x910, gm010t.jpg)

I decided to start another easier series as well, with less gore (or at least less detailed)

Kids are alone at home and have nothing to do.
Currently, we have sister, her older brother, and their friend Asian girl
other characters can be added if necessary.

I already have some story in mind, but if you have some requests, suggestions, character looks, story concepts now you can post them.
But the rule is that any request must be placed in some context you can't just say "cut his dick" or "stab her in the belly" you need to say why the are doing that. (of course, you still can make any request even ignoring rules LOL)


Referring to gm010t.jpg, Do their insides look the same? So they decide to play doctor on each other and compare organs.


My proposal:

The green haired say that she found a blue pill at the bathroom. A "viagra" pill for boys.
The boy is courious and swallow it and his dick get hard.
The girls are playing a little bit with it and then the green haired say that it has to stick in her hole between her legs, she saw that the other night at the bedroom of her parents.
The boy fucks the green haired (a litte blood because of the defloration would be good) and after it he fucks the other girl, but he is clumsy and got at her ass instead.

Both girls bleed a little, have pain and are angry about the boy.
One of the girls (does not matter which one) cuts the penis of and she insert the servered penis at the ass of the boy.
After this he is angry about the girl who cut his cock off and he cut of two fingers of the girl and stick one finger at every girls ass.

After this the girls are curious about the eggs of the boy and they decice to look good at them.
Every girl sucked later at one of his balls and one of them bite it off (little girls are clumsy too). She spit it out and apologies at the boy, but the other girl insert the ball at her mouth and she ate it and swallow it.

She then tells "taste good" and she asks if she can eat the other ball too.
He agrees if he can fuck both of them with his arms and he insert his arms at the girls pussies untill the ellbow (with a deformation of both bellies if this is possible).

I have a few other real gory things in my mind after this, but you stated you would use a little bit less gore at this serie. But if you change you mind i can give you a few ideas if you like.


This is more suitable for other series or for the ending.

I will take some of your ideas into account, but your mood does not really fit my story narrative, so I will not do anything of that literally. It will be useful as starting point.

I prefer to start with something easier and use more casual playful tone.
There are going to be few pictures not related to gore at first.

What I am more interested is not so much in usuall final scenes , but in the process of getting there and what fetishes can be included along with that. It is not a big deal to make one picture of girl holding severed penis, but that won't be much fun and nothing new.


File: 1489981288708.jpg (215.41 KB, 1050x910, gm011.jpg)

Those series will start slowly before there will be some serious guro, because I do not want to soil everything is few pictures. So be patient.
Since English is not my native language corrections are welcome,
also say if you have better idea for different text in general because it is hard to make up something what is not extremely stupid.


File: 1489981315924.jpg (203.69 KB, 1050x910, gm020t.jpg)


File: 1489981341826.jpg (683.61 KB, 1050x910, gm030.jpg)


File: 1489981376246.jpg (696.63 KB, 1050x910, gm040.jpg)


File: 1489981395209.jpg (275.57 KB, 1050x910, gm050t.jpg)


File: 1489981420567.jpg (235.57 KB, 1050x910, gm060t.jpg)


File: 1489981455983.jpg (778.3 KB, 1050x910, gm080.jpg)


File: 1489981515701.jpg (803.13 KB, 1050x910, gm090.jpg)


where are you from Onix?


Why do you ask?


Seems the gray (green?) haired girl enjoys the pain of being kicked...


You are right. And she will get chance to enjoy more pain later as she will be main character here. Black haired girl is more into getting attention but does not mind pain either.
And the boy does not like pain but he can cum from pain.


File: 1490045555626.jpg (259.45 KB, 1050x910, gm100t.jpg)

Next batch


File: 1490045597321.jpg (192.8 KB, 1050x910, gm102t.jpg)


File: 1490045632470.jpg (202.31 KB, 1050x910, gm105t.jpg)


File: 1490045697124.jpg (665.52 KB, 1050x910, gm108.jpg)


File: 1490045733895.jpg (198.19 KB, 1050x910, gm110t.jpg)


File: 1490045886117.jpg (211.97 KB, 1050x910, gm120t.jpg)


Great, slow but great.
But what is with the missing Pictures? The last one is a litte bit ahead of the Picture before it.


There are no missing pictures. What exactly you found wrong in their sequence? If you refer to the names it is more related to the production method.


File: 1490148193154.jpg (638.89 KB, 1050x910, gm122.jpg)


File: 1490148212246.jpg (174.07 KB, 1050x910, gm122t.jpg)


File: 1490148228285.jpg (160.42 KB, 1050x910, gm125t.jpg)


File: 1490148251116.jpg (592.43 KB, 1050x910, gm128.jpg)


File: 1490149503075.jpg (693.67 KB, 1050x910, gm130.jpg)


File: 1490149620993.jpg (699.89 KB, 1050x910, gm163.jpg)

I was thinking a lot what text to put on those pictures but did not managed to come up with anything decent
so maybe someone else will get some idea


File: 1490149643571.jpg (698.55 KB, 1050x910, gm165.jpg)


File: 1490149710487.jpg (201.39 KB, 1050x910, gm168t.jpg)


File: 1490149803567.jpg (199.19 KB, 1050x910, gm170t.jpg)


thats all for now
I am still thinking how to continue it and especially how to connect all events logically.
One of the later plans is to do plastic surgery stuff of the green girl but it is not very clear how to justify that.


How about, after they pull out the baseball bat, boy become a patient, and girls check his balls and decide to remove them because balls too big after ballbusting with scissors, and after will play with them and crush it with the baseball bat or hammer.


Cutting balls or other stuff is pretty obvious, already seen a lot and this will ruin all further possibilities. I want to do something more original.

Of course it will eventually come to cutting too, but I guess it will be more fun to cut off his dick(which actually causes me problems by obstructing the view) and leave the balls for more torture.


Cutting balls or other stuff is pretty obvious, already seen a lot and this will ruin all further possibilities. I want to do something more original.

Of course it will eventually come to cutting too, but I guess it will be more fun to cut off his dick(which actually causes me problems by obstructing the view) and leave the balls for more torture.


At # 10696 there is the black haired Girl that has a Baseball bat and is behind the Boy, at the next Picture at # 10697 the Boy has the bat and rushing after the Girl and the other green haired Girl has semen about on her Body?

Is there really not one or more Pictures missing?
How got the semen on the Girl? Why have the Boy the Baseball bat and is chasing after the other Girl?


# 10734
Green haired girl: Wow, it is real deep in her tiny ass.
Boy: Not deep enough.

# 10735
Boy: Should i insert it all the way in?
Green haired girl: that would be nice, the tip of my tits tickles thinking about it.

# 10736
black haired girl: insert it deeper like this?

# 10738
boy: What for?
Black haired girl: i cant move the bat forward or backward, it sticks at my belly.

The next they trie to remove the bat and doctor "boy" make it and remove the bat from the ass.
After it the other "doctoral assistant" girl ask the "doctor" to stick it in her own ass next and they stick it real deep in her.
The other girl even sticks her hand at the boy doctors ass too.

After that the green haired girl propose a "pill" from the parents drawer (viagra) and the boy swallow it and then fucks the green haired girl at her virgin pussy (with the bat still at her ass).
He cums into the pussy, but because of the viagra pill his cock stays hard and then he fucks the other girl to an the green haired girl removes the baseball bat of her ass and sticks it in the ass of the boy while the boy fucks the other girl.

After he cums into the other girl too both of them let the boy eat his own sperm out of there pussies.

After that either go little bit more into guro, or they get a visit from her grandpa that was asked to look after the kids or anything similar. The 4 of them plays a little more with eachother and then eventuelly a littel guro will start.


The grandfather can be the Bridge to plastic surgery. He propose that every "big" Girl has to do it and he can assist the "doctor Boy" about it.

If you don´t like the "an adult is with them" he can even go after this proposal, he is either to old to get hard or dont care about fucking Little children.

Like "i leave you now, you should Play with each other and not with old guys like me".

Or even the Boy propose that their grandpa says that every Girl has to do plastic surgery if you dont want do implement him at all.
Because they have no idea what real plastic surgery is a lot is wrong and get messy or a Little bloody.
Start like: The Boy only knows that it has something to do with cutting the tits of the Girls and stick something in it....


File: 1490200225469.jpg (678.61 KB, 1050x910, gm112.jpg)

Damit, you are right, I missed most important picture when uploading.
here it is.


Thx, for text maybe:
black haired Girl: Egg Punch!
Green haired Girl: what lunch? (She misheard it because of the scream of the boy).

Next Picture ( # 10697)

Switching the text of the green haired girl to:
Ohh, is this White thing like icecream? Yummy, i love ice cream for lunch.


I think your text version is pretty good. I will use it.

Considering guro topic, I want to do some needles, guro style "titfucking" , feminization, some more dickless ball torture.

Plastic surgery will be limited to some injections to make her tits biger so that there would be somehting to play with.

doing stuff related to blood is somewhat hard because if I want to keep it reralitic, blood patterns must change depending on actions, like if you touch something with bloody hand it must leave some trail or sm

I am not going to include adult men here because that will require adding different kind of models. Adult women pose no problem because they are all same models.


File: 1490205070711.jpg (623.96 KB, 1050x910, gm173.jpg)

here is the rest of what I had


File: 1490205096172.jpg (660.22 KB, 1050x910, gm176.jpg)


File: 1490205121286.jpg (672.98 KB, 1050x910, gm178.jpg)


File: 1490205147967.jpg (622.2 KB, 1050x910, gm180.jpg)


File: 1490205183980.jpg (614.52 KB, 1050x910, gm183.jpg)


File: 1490205214216.jpg (649.34 KB, 1050x910, gm186.jpg)


# 10762
Green haired girl "Yes, it is stuck at her belly real good"

# 10763

Green haired girl "Doctor, can you help her with it?"

# 10764

Green haired girl "Wow, you cured her so fast, you are a real good doctor"

# 10765

Boy: "Yes i am, but you should help her too. Please examine the ass of the patient".

# 10766

Green haired girl "Please relax, i will examine your ass now"

# 10767

Boy: "Very good nurse, please go on".


And guro style titfucking sounds great.
Like making one of the tits bigger with a Little injection, then sticking a large needle through the bigger tit.

At removing the big needle a hole is visible at the tit and the doctor says that he will insert a new toy in it (his cock).

He then fucks the tit. The other Girl examines it curious and maybe ask if she can stick the big needle through the cock or one of the balls of the doctor.

If you like i can give you a proposal for dialoges for this Scene.


Or (my Imagination gets crazy now), the doctor sticks his cock at the hole of the tit and the other Girl sticks her finger from the other side and then the finger gets into the cock and both of them stick at the tit.

The Boy remove his cock from the tit, but because of the finger that is stuck at the cock the whole Hand is forced into the tit and the complete Hand Comes out at the other side of the tit.

I am sure nobody has drawn such a Picture yet :)


You are not far off of what I imagined.
I probably will change that idea a bit to give some action to both tits at once but in general it is interesting.

Also your dialogues are pretty good too.


Good job on the shota and lolis. Will they break out the knives next, and start "surgery"?


File: 1490667328303.jpg (608.37 KB, 1050x910, test1.jpg)

Since this actually is transition form one body model to another and I have to decide on poses and locations as well it is taking a bit more time.
But here is preliminary version of what will happen later.

You can post suggestions how to make this look better in terms of what adjustments I should make or what poses, emotions and clothes to use.


Wow, great.
There is only text missing.
Like from the Boy "The tits are fine, no problem feelable after the injection"

Maybe stuffing the Baseball bat in the pussy before they "examine/fuck" the tits?

And before they stick the cocks into the tits the Girl can ask if the doctor can check the inside of her enlarged breasts with his Special tool?

"Doctor, can you please check the inside of my breasts, they tickle a bit after the enlargement"

"Sure. Nurse! Can you please help me with the other tit?"

And since this is gurochan, my i suggest that they cut of one of the breasts after it to "send it in the lab for further inspection"

There are a lot of good dialoges with it.


Boy: "Could we send one of the tits for further inspection to our lab?"
Girl: "No Problem, is the transport or the cutting expensive?"
Boy: "No, this is without charge, the insurance will cover it"
Girl: "Perfect. You can cut my tit off now"
Boy: "Thanks, this will be a huge step at science" (the Boy removes the tit at this picture)
Girl: "Can i have the tit back after the inspection" (the Boy has the severd tit in his Hands at this picture)
Boy: "Yes, please write your adress on it" (the Boy gives the servered tit back to the Girl at this picture)


This was just test picture.
He cant just stick his dick into her breast.
Before that, they have to make a hole using knife or something.
My plan was to make it as the game where they skewer each other with various objects until finally if comes to that.

Cutting tits is a bit too early (unless this is just picture unrelated to the story). I have better stuff to do with them than just cutting and throwing away, so that kind of stuff will happen in the end only.

If you want that so much I think black haired girl could lose one of her "nipples" because I also want to do Nanashi style loli breast bondage
and then it will be technically simple to do go further without any loss.

Or I could suspend this story and do something about previous one with maids. which is supposed to be far more gory and more than just tits are going to be cut. (but it will still take some time to get to the gory stuff)
I wonder if anyone recognized my attempt to create 3d version of Mai-chan :)


I like May-Chan, she was the one that gets me into the guro side of the world :)

Slow is good, if it gets harder later it is no problem that it is a slow beginning.
Slow start with hard ending is a good thing, but slow start with a soft ending is a waste at my opinion.

It don´t really matter which series you make, i like to see both of them (and any other that came into your mind).

But if it is possible, please do not make two or more series at the same time and only a few Pictures for each and then jumping between the series back and forth.

This will confuse your fans, better finish one of it and then start the other.
You can always make a "2nd Part" of a Story if you have another ideas. But the first part of the Story should have a worthy ending.


File: 1490918247493.jpg (694.79 KB, 1050x910, gm187.jpg)


File: 1490918268298.jpg (707.61 KB, 1050x910, gm190.jpg)


File: 1490918293574.jpg (690.14 KB, 1050x910, gm200.jpg)


File: 1490918321975.jpg (681.47 KB, 1050x910, gm203.jpg)


File: 1490918344697.jpg (664.03 KB, 1050x910, gm206.jpg)


File: 1490918431421.jpg (658.78 KB, 1050x910, gm208.jpg)


File: 1490922244993.jpg (685.61 KB, 1050x910, gm210.jpg)


File: 1491100491826.jpg (687.7 KB, 1050x910, gm213.jpg)



File: 1491100562387.jpg (687.41 KB, 1050x910, gm214.jpg)

oops, previous image is wrong.


File: 1491100581970.jpg (700.93 KB, 1050x910, gm216.jpg)


File: 1491100605844.jpg (717.7 KB, 1050x910, gm219.jpg)


File: 1491100624778.jpg (679.05 KB, 1050x910, gm220.jpg)


File: 1491100652506.jpg (715.34 KB, 1050x910, gm223.jpg)


File: 1491100672727.jpg (679.79 KB, 1050x910, gm226.jpg)


Good job on the loli's breast augmentation.


Awesome, I have the feeling this whole series is gonna be great.


Onix where are you???


I am a bit busy with my job and some other stuff, since summer is coming.
There are few more pictures almost ready and it will be probably last batch before doing more hardcore stuff.


File: 1492685506471.jpg (687.8 KB, 1050x910, gm230.jpg)

It becomes a bit too hard to make at least somehow logical plot so now it is going to get more silly.


File: 1492685550681.jpg (693.99 KB, 1050x910, gm233.jpg)


File: 1492685575804.jpg (679.28 KB, 1050x910, gm236.jpg)


File: 1492685612500.jpg (697.65 KB, 1050x910, gm238.jpg)


File: 1492685861449.jpg (667.41 KB, 1050x910, gm240.jpg)

That's probably will be all of softcore pictures.
Things will be more serious now.


Wow , so excited


Wow , so excited


Wow , so excited


Wow , so excited


Wow , so excited


File: 1492909330683.jpg (652.31 KB, 1050x910, gm242.jpg)

Only 2 pictures this time


File: 1492909542476.jpg (635.9 KB, 1050x910, gm244.jpg)

And the question what we do next: cut off black haired girl titties now or do something else with them?


It just a suggestion, but maybe the boy could get some "soft" torture/mod too before we get into the real harder stuff.

I can think of a lot of things: banding his dick and/or balls, vacuum pumping, injection to make his balls bigger, squeezing his dick in a vice or maybe just using some of those needles on his sensitive bits.


Titties being cut off could be good! Then we could move onto the girls getting their pussies tortured! Like... having their clits removed or something and then later the boy can have his cock and balls removed as well! Preferably willingly! ;)


Yes, of course, he can get some action too, it is just that i wonder if audience still has patience or they want blood now. LOL


the boy might wonder what it feels like what they did to the girls. So give him one tied nipple with needles in them and one tit. Then start the cut off.


I was thinking about something similar, but boy with tits will not look very good in with that hair. and it will requires separate scene.
putting some needles in his nipples is possible and I probably will do it a bit later, however doing that kind of bondage is not currently possible for just one breast.

Since I got some requests for some more softer torture I will make few more pictures with the boy.
Pussy mutilation will definitely happen, but we should decide what will happen first: Pussy or breast mutilation.
Also, what else besides clit removal could be done?


File: 1492976342682.jpg (680.62 KB, 1050x910, gm250.jpg)

As requested by >>11322


File: 1492976371616.jpg (774.74 KB, 1050x910, gm252.jpg)


File: 1492979827600.jpg (653.32 KB, 1050x910, gm256.jpg)


File: 1492979912033.jpg (759.25 KB, 1050x910, gm260.jpg)


Ooh! You could always put a needle in their clit too! I'd say some pussy torture needs to happen next! Her breasts got a decent amount of torture! Now onto the boy getting his balls and dick full of needles! Then after that we can get the clit stuff! ;)


Ok. Lets do some pussy torture now and then continue with green girl breasts.
It will be something more extreme than just sticking needles,
like competition on who will get to cut boy's dick.


File: 1493075101266.jpg (740.62 KB, 1050x910, gm278.jpg)

last picture from this scene.


File: 1493167307203.jpg (607.33 KB, 1050x910, gm262.jpg)

Opps looks like I forgot few pictures.
here they are:


File: 1493167352443.jpg (676.07 KB, 1050x910, gm268.jpg)


File: 1493167374491.jpg (563.44 KB, 1050x910, gm270.jpg)


File: 1493167437745.jpg (704.08 KB, 1050x910, gm272.jpg)


File: 1493167469863.jpg (617.46 KB, 1050x910, gm274.jpg)


File: 1493167651661.jpg (644.23 KB, 1050x910, gm280.jpg)

And here we will do a show for:


They definitely need to lose their genitals at some point. I'd say the guy needs to lose his cock and balls and the girls lose their clits


All that will happen, but you cant lose stuff more than once.
In this next scene ,which I am doing now, one girl will lose clit.
I just wonder how good it will look because clits are tiny and there are not many morphs available to control it.


Maybe stuff the black haired girls cunt then use the bat to push it in her cervix until she looks way pregnant!

And yes Onix I´d like your help! I kinda gave up because it never looked good. So I concentrated more on writing again. But I´d like to give it another try!

xo xo


Fantastic work!


File: 1493247365771.jpg (787.1 KB, 1050x910, gm282.jpg)

Can you guess what will happen next?


File: 1493249489551.jpg (711.66 KB, 1050x910, gm284.jpg)

Doing clit torture is a bit problematic it is so small it is barely visible in the picture.


File: 1493249575463.jpg (534.03 KB, 1050x910, gm286.jpg)



File: 1493252136753.jpg (641.68 KB, 1050x910, gm288.jpg)


Keep up the genital torture on the girls and the boy! Looking good!


Great stuff you have here, by the way! Nothing beats kids eagerly torturing themselves as if it's the most fun innocent and childish game.


Speaking of which, since they now have hooks in their clits, will they also put some weight on them?


I was thinking about weights, but since we have 2 girls they can do something more interesting. ;)


lol tie a rope between the hooks and play tug o war? Until one rips out? The winner gets to cane the looser? That would look hot I think!


ooh, that would be fun to see, though id rather winner gets to take the boys cock


File: 1493325300863.jpg (637.57 KB, 1050x910, gm290.jpg)

I wonder if you notice what is wrong with this picture


File: 1493325343409.jpg (566.8 KB, 1050x910, gm292.jpg)


File: 1493339700236.jpg (625.19 KB, 1050x910, gm294.jpg)

Everything ready.
Place your bets.


I'd love to know how the kids' parents will react once they find out what happened. "You naughty boy! As punishment for leaving that rubber band wrapped around your pee-pee until it dies off from lack of circulation, we're not taking you to the doctor to get a clone replacement, meaning you'll have to learn how to pee like a girl!

"And you two! I'll have the doctor clone little Suzie new breasts, but we're not letting you get new clitties! Hell, maybe we should have you circumcised, so you won't play around like that anymore!"


At the end they all should lose their tender bits one way or another I'd say! So regardless who wins the other should still lose her clit at some point and the boy should lose his cock and balls! ;)


I'd say the girl with stockings. She looks like she'd be happy if she lost her clit anyway. She might even let the other girl win simply because she wants to feel what it's like! She might even orgasm from it! ;3


They could always both lose... It'd be hot if they both lost but they orgasmed from their clits being removed!


aslong as they both lose clits that sounds good


I agree. All of them losing their genitals is a must. It will make things much better.


I'm still waiting for the strap on to be used in the boy as well! If anyone gets to fuck him with it, I'd say the nurse in the stockings should get the honor!


File: 1493516215736.jpg (585.44 KB, 1050x910, gm296.jpg)

And the winer is...


File: 1493516260213.jpg (523.36 KB, 1050x910, gm298.jpg)


File: 1493516296355.jpg (611.74 KB, 1050x910, gm300.jpg)


File: 1493516358898.jpg (543.92 KB, 1050x910, gm302.jpg)


File: 1493560731077.jpg (597.27 KB, 1050x910, gm304.jpg)


File: 1493563889447.jpg (629.42 KB, 1050x910, gm306.jpg)


Awesome series! Thank you


Wow, great.


Awesome job! Anymore planned?


Yes there will be more
But I am thinking about doing other series with other characters as well.

it is just that there are so many requests for various stuff and it is hard to decide what to do first.


Maybe she cut off his balls first then dick?


I think it will be better to cut his dick only and leave his balls for more torture or complete destruction.


Put a metal sound all the way down his cock. Slice his cock at the base and slowly slide it off the sound.


I agree, whatever you do should leave the character in question capable of having some more fun instead of (sexually) incapacitated. At least for now.

As such, slicing his dick lengthwise with a sharpie sounding depth probe is an awesome idea. It will slice it open, but leave it otherwise functional.

Castrating him would basically turn the trio of 2 girls and 1 boy into 2 girls and one asexual piece of meat. Although that's a great idea in the long run (for all 3 of them), I think theres still too many things to be exploited beforehand.


...and the girls? Cut thair little tits in halve!
Stick a needle into the nipples und heat the needle.
Take a nail und gore his cock. Fix a heavy weight at it. Heavy enough to cut his pecker in halves.
Open his scrotum, take his little nuts und nail it onto the table....


I'd Love to see, when his nuts are finally removed, one of the girls being opened up to 'compare' the ovaries to nuts.


This will be a bit hard to make in 3d and it will add too much of complexity in the story, making 2 scenes dependent on each other
also it contradicts with another method which I have in mind now.
So you probably will have to wait until next time with different characters.
Cutting tits in half is also not really possible now. since it would require lots of redesign.

>>As such, slicing his dick lengthwise with a sharpie sounding depth probe is an awesome idea. It will slice it open, but leave it otherwise functional.

What exactly do you mean here?
How that should work?

Now you can expect some more attention for the girl who lost competition, since that was the point, and then we can move to the boy.




> What exactly do you mean here?
> How that should work?
I think they're talking about "bisection", something that you may find on extreme body modification forums. It consist into dividing the penis in two simmetric halves according to the length direction. If everything... "works", the two halves should still be able to get an erection. It seems they would bend into divergent directions, though.


I'd say the guy needs to lose what's left of his genitals now. The other girl too! Just nullify them both! No clits for the girls and no cock or balls for the boy! ;)



Actually I was't thinking about splitting the penis entirely in two (although that's also a great idea!) but only to open it up on the bottom.

You know, the uretha, or pipe, runs close to the bottom of the shaft, so if you cut there (from the inside or the outside but from the inside with some sort of hook pulled out by a string is more fun) the dick gets sliced open on the bottom, and anything - pee, semen, blood, ... would come out right at the base. What previously was a pipe running on the inside would now be on the outside. Yet it would be otherwise intact and still erectable and firm. And the blood would make awesome lube, too.

Clear enough or should I make a drawing? ;)


This looks good , but the main question is what exact procedure must be performed to get that result
if I use hook the result will be 1 picture with the hook 2 picture of bloody penis.
it is not even clear how if should look when split



I say do whatever interests you personally rather than trying to please the masses ;)

If someone wants something specific (and you're willing to do it), they can pay for a commission. Browse the comments for things that inspire you, but it's your work in the end. I think it will be a better series and you'll be happier making it if you just do what you want with it.

Well now I'm 2 cents poorer lol. I really like the series thusfar and hope you continue...with this or anything else.



Ok: exact procedure:

1. You need a hook which is not just sharp on the tip but it's entire inside curve is a cutting edge. Hooks like this are used by tailors to open threads in fabric (the tip hooks under the threads across a seam, then when you pull the hook along the seam, the thread slides over the sharp inside edge and get cut - effectively zipping the seam open.

Most of them are of a pushing variant, which isn't useful for our purpose

but there's also the pulling variant which can be inserted into things and then cuts when pulling back out

This might be best suited for the task

2. You insert that into the uretha, then you penetrate the penis at the bottom at the base of the cock.

3. Then you pull, "zipping" the penis open

4. As to what that looks like: Heat a sausage until it's nicely under pressure, but not yet bursting. Then take a knife and cut the skin along its length.

5. It will split open.

6. Except, unless you use a blood-sausage, the penis will be more red.

This is only an idea, not a request. If you would want to give it a try, I guess you could get away with one single image, where the hook is "half pulled out" - as such has split the penis open from the base to halfway along the shaft while the rest up to the tip is still instact. (with the sounding hook still half in)
Would probably be fun to play with body pose and face expression of the boy as one of the girls is pulling :)


I will not do that in those series here, but I will do it later with other characters.



Great news :-) I'm looking forward to both :-)


when you post new pic??


Onix you here or you dont know how use tor?


Gurochan is back, but now it's summer time and I have lots of work to do,
so updates will be fall less frequent.


Onix i am understant, you very busy right now but just say when you post new pic?


I cant say when i will post something because I don't know when I will have some more free time and this thing requires several hours of work.

The best you can expect is next month, as I should finish most of urgent stuff by that time.


Onix when?


Its nice to see that you do not forget me, but I still have no time for this, even if i did most urgent jobs already and now I at least have time to visit gurochan again.

I still cannot tell when i will make more pictures, but lest say that by the end of this moth I will try to post at least one or two.


MaN its august allredy you still so busy???


File: 1503083758572.jpg (635.82 KB, 1050x910, gm307.jpg)

Some new pictures for the fans.
Just to show that I am still alive.


File: 1503084080801.jpg (633.68 KB, 1050x910, gm309.jpg)


File: 1503098239130.jpg (594.85 KB, 1050x910, gm312.jpg)

Tasting the blood.


File: 1503100608054.jpg (651.34 KB, 1050x910, gm320.jpg)

This will be last for today.


File: 1503277048302.jpg (675.52 KB, 1050x910, gm325.jpg)

Some more


File: 1503277159647.jpg (631.99 KB, 1050x910, gm328.jpg)


Excited to finally see those tits sliced off~ Piece by piece, hopefully!


File: 1503323894213.jpg (672.95 KB, 1050x910, gm330.jpg)

This time there will be no slicing off, but I hope you will like it as well.


File: 1503323940371.jpg (688.89 KB, 1050x910, gm331.jpg)


File: 1503324892305.jpg (487.73 KB, 1050x910, gm332.jpg)

I hope results are adequate for this very simple method.
As unlike Sapik I did not used any 3d remodeling on ZBrush.


great picturers, Onix!
Next the right tit will part in 4 parts?
And the penis will be cut in 2 parts? Or cut off?


Hi nice work can you put the knife through the boys ass cheeks too, both cheeks


Wow, this series is getting better and better.
Please go on...


Really great work. How did you do the pumped up and then tied off shape for the dark haired girls tits? A lot of D-formers?


This is the combination of different things: mostly StrictBondage with few additional deformers, breast form morphs, and scale tweaks.

But it did not worked as good as I wanted.


I think it looks quite ok, really, and might be even better on a bigger titted girl. But strict bondage is for V4 no? will it work in daz studio with a genesis 3-girl? Because I would really like to do a tit hanging one day.


It is ok in general, but I wanted it to be something different.
It looks good on the big titted girl and very easy to use but my intent was to make this flat chest bondage as in nananashi pictures.

Yes strict bondage is for v4 however you can use genX to convert it to anything you want. If you want I can upload g3 morph somewhere for you. I would like to see your tit hanging pictures too.

By the way those characters are also K4 converted into g3 but now regret my decision as they do not work well. I need constantly adjust eye positions.


Thank you for your tips Onix! I will download GenX and try out strict bondage on my gen3 characters. I think you have made the best "soft body" effects here.

And even if my preference runs to the noncensensual and (at most) darkly funny side, I find your pictures very sexy and an inspiration.


And we seem to have one thing in common: I too am seldom really satisfied with how the things look that I have created.


File: 1503708684602.jpg (705.32 KB, 1050x910, gm335.jpg)


File: 1503708784793.jpg (649.25 KB, 1050x910, gm338.jpg)

Preparing for something more serious


Oh my ... gut her



...and now he fucks her tit!


She about to get cunt stabbed or have her tits cut off? Any chance of the boy losing his dick too?


Yes, the boy will definitely lose his dick, but now we need it for something like >>14060 said

All t cutting stuff will be in the end


File: 1503790877399.jpg (628.63 KB, 1050x910, gm340.jpg)


File: 1503792492470.jpg (670.57 KB, 1050x910, gm342.jpg)


looking forward to seeing the dick come off :)


wow, cant wait for more, thx onix for this wonderful serie


File: 1503830764120.jpg (640.49 KB, 1050x910, gm344.jpg)


File: 1503830802788.jpg (548.86 KB, 1050x910, gm346.jpg)


File: 1503830903107.jpg (598.08 KB, 1050x910, gm348.jpg)


File: 1503834011555.jpg (605.86 KB, 1050x910, gm350.jpg)

Now I wonder what to do next should I end those series by cutting off or destroying everything or something more should be done before the end?


if you like cut off the boys ass cheeks then his entire dick behind his balls after splitting his dick in half


File: 1503838394789.jpg (698.38 KB, 1050x910, gm352.jpg)


i think his cock should be bitten off whole by one of them and then used as a dildo by the other


I don't think it is possible to bite it off in that position.


File: 1503843217507.jpg (633.5 KB, 1050x910, gm354.jpg)


File: 1503843250477.jpg (639.92 KB, 1050x910, gm356.jpg)


Slowly cutting the glans off will be really good.


I just installed Daz myself. Where could I download more free stuff?
(besides piratebay and the actual official daz site)
One of the things I'm lookin for is monsters. Oh and the Callie model.


There are plenty of web pages with Daz content
you can try or (you can find Callie there) or just search what you need on google.
I don't use monsters, but it will not be a problem to find some.
If you will need something, else I will try to help.


File: 1503876280803.jpg (667.59 KB, 1050x910, gm358.jpg)


File: 1503876374703.jpg (698.73 KB, 1050x910, gm360.jpg)


File: 1503876514271.jpg (635.4 KB, 1050x910, gm362.jpg)


File: 1503877084470.jpg (635.4 KB, 1050x910, gm362.jpg)


I've been able to install some stuff and to get it working. Most archives I got from Topgfx have, however, a folder named Templates. I can't figure out what it does. It usually contains some jpg with what looks like a mesh.
Any idea?


You can throw templates them away. They are just a reference map for editing textures.


Real Good.
The green haired Girl that licks her lips, is she hungry?
Would love to see her eating the dick after slicing it in her tit.
Maybe eating the remains of her tit too? Or the Boy or the other Girl?
Maybe the black haired Girl then fucks herself with the knife or the Boy into his ass?


@ 2017-08-28 13:46:38 №14128
this would be nice...
Or cutting his penis in 2 parts... nailing his nuts upon a table... slice the tits of both girls in strips...


Now I am thinking how to proceed next, while somehow incorporating those requests.



tie the boys hands together in front of him then tie his legs then cut off his ass cheeks then his entire dick behind his balls


Tying hands is quite a lot of work
But I think I have some ideas.

What I am more interested in the story itself as of why they do all that.


File: 1504046094004.jpg (628.28 KB, 1050x910, gm364.jpg)


File: 1504049763352.jpg (691.43 KB, 1050x910, gm366.jpg)


File: 1504053767288.jpg (652.67 KB, 1050x910, gm368.jpg)


File: 1504053815938.jpg (660.25 KB, 1050x910, gm370.jpg)


they are bored and they are trying something new, also for tying the hands how about having the green haired girl hold his hands while the other girl cuts off both of his ass cheeks


I am not talking about the general idea but about every action in specific as in how it proceeds from what happened before.
If talking, in general, Green girl likes to be tortured by the boy but she does not get enough of his attention. Boy does not like pain but does not mind that too much. Black haired girl is using that to tease and provoke him. She is not enjoying pain as well, but she likes being chased and getting attention.

I am trying to fit into this story narrative.


the black haired girl is trying to trick him into thinking that having his ass cut off. that pain is a part of life


File: 1504103811452.jpg (627.19 KB, 1050x910, gm374.jpg)

There will be no cutting for now but I hope this is somewhat close. LOL


File: 1504104839992.jpg (678.85 KB, 1050x910, gm376.jpg)


nice thanks


Ummm, wow! Is his left butt cheek at risk?


No, this is as much of abuse as his butt cheeks will get for now.
But I wonder who can guess what will happen next?


File: 1504142380739.jpg (653.58 KB, 1050x910, gm378.jpg)


File: 1504142415255.jpg (665.13 KB, 1050x910, gm380.jpg)


File: 1504142540951.jpg (673.31 KB, 1050x910, gm382.jpg)


File: 1504142582407.jpg (695.61 KB, 1050x910, gm384.jpg)


File: 1504142680540.jpg (617.79 KB, 1050x910, gm386.jpg)

Can you guess what will happen now?


off with the breast then dick split


It seems more like he cut the Hand of the Girl and let stick it in his ass.


Is he going to cut off his own cock? He wouldn't bleed out because of the band at the base of his cock. However, her chest with the breast containing his cock is not protected from bleeding out. A red hot skillet would take care of that bleeding out risk if he cuts off her breast.

Maiming seems to be the order of the day, not bleeding out and dying. They need to keep giggling as they maim and probe each other.


I can only assume he's cutting his own cock off


It looks like he's going to cut off his own dick just to get unstuck. And it's so hot seeing him do so with such a smirk.


File: 1504276687091.jpg (641.55 KB, 1050x910, gm388.jpg)

Yes, You are right. Now that he got unstuck the girl will get what she deserves LOL


File: 1504276727539.jpg (588.2 KB, 1050x910, gm390.jpg)


File: 1504276776782.jpg (691.25 KB, 1050x910, gm392.jpg)

Now she can't escape.


Escape? No, she probably wants to escalate what they are doing. The black haired girl seems to be the instigator of things to do to each other.


Yes, the other two have been hurt and maimed. Now its her turn. Like she wanted to be kicked first, she wants something more done to her now, pushing the limits. Maybe the three have no limits. Besides, its all in good giggling fun, right?

So what that he lost his cock. Are his balls next? Butt cheeks from one and all? Nipples? Tits? Pussy filets? Whats next now that maiming has really started? Do they start cutting off body parts to see how long they can last?

Do any of them know how to cook?

Will parents intervene? Or join them in their cutting away fun?

Ah, I've started waxing perverted again...


Well like I explained before she is not exactly so interested in getting hurt as she just wants to get attention
This is something similar as it was in my childhood when girls were teasing me just to make me chase them even if they did not like that much to be caught and getting punished.
So here I am trying to make it as a form of competition/game where girl and boy are trying to "win".

I guess what will happen next is quite obvious LOL, but considering my principles I want to make things funny too, so that something happens or fails in the predictable but unexpected way.


s neterpeniyem zhdem prodolzheniya!
look forward to continue!


This thread is trash!

Close it already.

Send it to china


If you don't like this type of stuff then don't read it just move on.


File: 1504355431745.jpg (634.26 KB, 1050x910, gm394.jpg)


File: 1504355467097.jpg (619.66 KB, 1050x910, gm398.jpg)


File: 1504355512835.jpg (632.87 KB, 1050x910, gm400.jpg)


File: 1504355598307.jpg (593.92 KB, 1050x910, gm402.jpg)


I hope he does some damage to her cunt~




she can still rip off his prostate gland or quick crush balls


File: 1504395995735.jpg (668.52 KB, 1050x910, gm404.jpg)


File: 1504396028224.jpg (640.31 KB, 1050x910, gm406.jpg)


File: 1504397005286.jpg (684.61 KB, 1050x910, gm408.jpg)

She got what she wanted already and gave up for now.

But now looks like the boy cannot stand from that position and claim his victory.


It looks like see might cut off his balls next


"see" should be "she"


Is she looking at his balls and grinning? And...has everybody missed her hand bulge on his belly 'cuz her arm is still up his butt almost to her elbow?

And where is the other girl? Diddling herself watching the other two getting maimed?


File: 1504488318282.jpg (717.03 KB, 1050x910, gm409.jpg)


File: 1504488354364.jpg (640.5 KB, 1050x910, gm410.jpg)


File: 1504488388234.jpg (619.2 KB, 1050x910, gm412.jpg)


time to take the rest of the package, stump and balls


That would be too plain.


File: 1504534338672.jpg (623.34 KB, 1050x910, gm414.jpg)

This is the better idea.


File: 1504534374484.jpg (648.73 KB, 1050x910, gm416.jpg)


File: 1504534439660.jpg (644.07 KB, 1050x910, gm418.jpg)

Now he has new dick LOL


Oh jeez, the knife between his balls and now she's cutting the sack in half? And he is smiling? Will each girl claim a ball to play with?


Hands on his raw testicles? Okay. Will he, or they, get to play with the girl's gonads, hands on?


nice work so far, waiting for more


Def...Def...Definitely waiting for more...


perhaps a masked men with a bag come in and startet to help them.


File: 1504816148272.jpg (677.9 KB, 1050x910, gm420.jpg)


File: 1504816193988.jpg (709.6 KB, 1050x910, gm422.jpg)


time for some anal sex


The fact that they don't look like they're in pain is super hot.
I think you should bring the severed parts back somehow, if only to show them lying on the ground next to the bed.
Maybe show green girl sitting on the bed/her chair in the background, playing with the parts?


By the way, somewhere near the top of this thread, someone mentioned an image series called "SuzyQute" or something like that.
Could someone post a link to that, please? It seems to be relevant to the topic of this thread.


I do not see those series available anywhere anymore. Maybe I will post them here later.

Playing with severed parts is not that easy as it looks like because, in reality, they are not separated from the body at all. LOL


At the most interesting point.



What do you mean?


I think they're afraid you're not going to finish thie




Hi Onix did you get hit with the hurricanes at all?


No, I live on another side of the globe
I just got some urgent work to do.


I would VERY much love to see the other girl have her nipples then her large tits cut off with a knife or maybe even have the other girl and boy bite her nipples off!


File: 1505773319851.jpg (632.16 KB, 1050x910, gm424.jpg)

Blue haired girl decided to show one trick.


File: 1505777024764.jpg (628.94 KB, 1050x910, gm426.jpg)


File: 1505778158442.jpg (682.37 KB, 1050x910, gm428.jpg)


File: 1505778277883.jpg (612.21 KB, 1050x910, gm430.jpg)

something interesting should happen now


balls split in two


File: 1505900331803.jpg (637.64 KB, 1050x910, gm432.jpg)


File: 1505900374177.jpg (644.28 KB, 1050x910, gm434.jpg)


File: 1505900443975.jpg (597.71 KB, 1050x910, gm436.jpg)

You are right.


and now the knife deeper inside like riding on it?


now the green haired girl should pull out the knife and cut the black haired girls ass cheeks off


I would like her getting the sweet pussy fucked hard with the knife. All the way in. I just love how eager they are and enjoy those nasty games.


Ok, please share your ideas how that should happen.
As I also think about it but have trouble to put it in some context


Blue-haired girl cut off cunt! first lips and clit!


File: 1505951848410.jpg (642.95 KB, 1050x910, gm438.jpg)


File: 1505952127618.jpg (607.62 KB, 1050x910, gm440.jpg)

So, what next:
1 she falls down on the knife
2 green haired girl comes back and pushes it all the way in as punishment for being ignored all that time


2. the green haired girl comes back and push it all the way inside including the handle deep inside the little girl and would be hot to see the knife from outside how deep its inside and where and whats happen to the little girl


Maybe it should go out from her belly then?
Otherwise, it is a bit hard to make it visible and it will just disappear.


yeah thats right :) maybe 3 or 4 pictures from different positions if its possible to make them


I would like to see scene 2.
Maybe with a close up of the handle sticking out just a little.


Well, the green haired girl has been masturbating all this time but she might be considering helping the two have more fun. So she walks up to them and grabs the dark haired girls shoulders and pushes her down all the way, embedding the knife. All three react excitedly, especially when she pulls the bloody knife out.

You pick the 'she' in this case...


File: 1505990895441.jpg (556.8 KB, 1050x910, gm442.jpg)


File: 1505994946856.jpg (630.22 KB, 1050x910, gm444.jpg)


File: 1506032184611.jpg (700.93 KB, 1050x910, gm446.jpg)

I had to modify your idea bit to make it look a bit more interesting because stuffing all knife inside is not as graphic as this.
and also it creates some logical problems because the girl can die if she gets impaled on that monstrosity and if she doesn't that will look a bit stupid.


File: 1506032267995.jpg (636.43 KB, 1050x910, gm448.jpg)

Same from the different angle


File: 1506032333807.jpg (676.4 KB, 1050x910, gm450.jpg)


Damned good job u've done. looks really great and now I will be surprised what will happen as the next


If I might suggest something, if this leads where I think it leads ;)

What has been done to his dick and also to her nipples -- aka binding them with something to prevent blood flow -- could also be done to limbs - arms or even legs. And/Or in turn to the blood vessels within once the skin is opened.

Would pose a bit of a rendering challenge, but it would be kinda cool to take the boys or one of the girls legs away - completely - at the hip.

That doesn't necessarily have to be the next step, theres very creative other things yet to be tried out, but I think it would be sorta a logical step on the path chosen, wouldn't it?


yeah u'r right and its a great idea :) and when I know how to make small video of this story til now I would make but I haven't tryed to make a video so maybe other can do it ;)


File: 1506033897017.jpg (697.44 KB, 1050x910, gm452.jpg)


File: 1506034090897.jpg (701.79 KB, 1050x910, gm454.jpg)


holy shit that looks damned good and great :) what a surprise :) now I`m excited to see the reaction of the darkhaired girl what she will do with the knife and so on


I did not decide what will happen next yet. |I have some ideas but I wonder how hard it will be to do them and how silly they will look like.

While this is no problem at all from the rendering perspective. Severe amputations do not fit this story idea and they will be too bloody to maintain.
I still have plans for another series similar to what Sapik did, where much more extreme and very bloody stuff will happen without the need to follow any kind of logic like here, as it essentially will be "May Chan show" in 3d where this kind of stuff will happen in the more suitable setting and pretty much everyone's requests may be fulfilled.

The question is if I should be doing 2 series in parallel or just continue this without the extreme deadly stuff?

making the video of some simple actions is mostly related to rendering time since it takes nearly 10 minutes to render one picture even on my gtx1080
Another problem is that in the video you have to do much more posing or else it looks horrible


continue without the extreme deadly stuff focus on one story at a time


Yeah, no one needs to die. At least in this particular story.

Also, there's still the green-haired girl's boobs, the boy's dick in one of them and his balls to deal with - that should last for at least another few pictures. c:


I think the green haired girl wants to try that trick too, only with a twist. In her bum, out her pussy.


File: 1506052327605.jpg (200.84 KB, 378x890, BlossomSkewered10.jpg)

put the knife through both of the green haired girls ass cheeks in one cheek then out of the other cheek


Ok, this idea somewhat fits the story now and can be done, but do you have some specific fetish for the knife in the both butt cheeks or it can be something else?


Anatomically this is not possible, but I guess it may look good.
Wel then, there will not be anything too "extreme" what could limit mobility of characters :)


the greenhair becam a cut on her dam between ass and pussy, than the hole is big enough for double fisting. the boy get the uterus out the green girl.


yes I have a fetish with the ass cheeks just like the view. keep up the great work


You did not really answer my question because this time quite a lot of stuff should happen with green haired girl's ass cheeks But I plan to use some other tools than a knife.

Also where that picture is from >>14845


the more the better, extremly is a small grat between hot and ridiculous but this is gurochan we are here because of extremly input.
i love very strong stretcht holes.

torture the bladder, fill the green girl with chestnuts, double fisting is good but deep


and your story and the pictures are very hot


it does not matter if you want to bring in other stuff to do things go for it, and I found that pic on DGF


@ 2017-09-22 18:53:15 №14863

more fun: fill up the bladder with 80% alcohol :-) :-)l


I doubt if this is a meaningful idea. as there is no way to tell a difference in the picture anyway.
But you gave me another idea related to that so maybe I will try to do it in the other series (since children are not supposed to drink alcohol LOL)


hope u will continue with this series :) coz ur work is damned great and I still waiting to see some more of u :)


File: 1506544156823.jpg (695.93 KB, 1050x910, gm456.jpg)


File: 1506544214270.jpg (710.45 KB, 1050x910, gm462.jpg)


File: 1506544248251.jpg (731.36 KB, 1050x910, gm464.jpg)


File: 1506544295668.jpg (773.37 KB, 1050x910, gm466.jpg)


holy shit is this little girly naughty and nasty. wish I see her ridin the knife again or the other girl usin the baseball to ramm it again inside


File: 1506547479653.jpg (725.07 KB, 1050x910, gm468.jpg)

Repeating the same thing would be quite strange considering that there is more stuff to do.
Now another girl is going to get more screen time and enjoy some suffering (or rather more pleasure)


yeah I know and have thought about that nothin more ;)


File: 1506557915870.jpg (721.1 KB, 1050x910, gm476.jpg)

Some more "revenge" LOL


File: 1506557945547.jpg (704.95 KB, 1050x910, gm478.jpg)


File: 1506558035776.jpg (770.46 KB, 1050x910, gm480.jpg)

Looks like she found his weak spot


File: 1506558084632.jpg (718.98 KB, 1050x910, gm482.jpg)


nice it looks like he is going to find out what his own dick feels like up his ass


File: 1506594490127.jpg (755.26 KB, 1050x910, gm484.jpg)


File: 1506594520781.jpg (662.03 KB, 1050x910, gm486.jpg)


File: 1506594651381.jpg (728.08 KB, 1050x910, gm488.jpg)

yes, and some more.


File: 1506597662493.jpg (757.53 KB, 1050x910, gm490.jpg)


File: 1506598081029.jpg (713.68 KB, 1050x910, gm492.jpg)


Great!!! Great story!!! Girl in white socks adds sexiness and innocence


nice, while the boy is in this position the black hair girl can cut off the rest of his junk


File: 1506644343438.jpg (727.12 KB, 1050x910, gm494.jpg)


File: 1506644788587.jpg (682.36 KB, 1050x910, gm496.jpg)


bump for more


Bump for more? Okay, BUMP!


It's nice that you do not forget me, but I have some work to do until the weather is good.


I`m lookin forward what will be happen and which surprise do u have :) but as I said always.. damned good work u made :) thumb up for u


can't wait for more



Please stop bumping without content. It won't make Onix or any other artist actually faster, it just makes everyone think there has been an update, only to realize, no, it was just yet another impatient fool saying "bump".

And to encourage artists to post, almost anything you could say is more encouraging than just mindless one-word-nagging. If this was my art, I'd delay my next post by another 2 days anyone does that, just to make a point >:>>>


File: 1507304606704.jpg (652.26 KB, 1050x910, gm500.jpg)

I got some time, but I ran into some problems with the story itself as how to proceed next. since it is hard to find a good pose where both ass and tits are visible.


Onix 2017-10-06 15:43:26 №15380

let the boy cut the girls (with the green hair) tits into halves!



That sounds like a technical issue solvable with a mirror.

A full size mirror is a great idea to have storywise since it allows the boy and girls to look at themselves, although it might slightly increase rendering times ;)


It is not exactly this problem (but yes using mirror may be a good idea in other renderings.) I can rotate camera around at some degree if needed.

The problems is how to do that physically.


It looks like it's time to drill and skewer the ass cheeks


Yes this time god heard your prayers.
They will have some fun with her ass cheeks(except cutting)


May our god also hear my prayer:

is it possible for you to somehow give the greenhaired girl a "flower tit" by splitting it up horizontally and vertically, then pinning the ends of each part to the surface of the skin so the inside looks kinda like a flower?

otherwise: really good work, the rendering has quite the good quality


The problem with cutting is that 3d models are completely empty they are not real thing. To do your request I would be required to actually create new 3d model for those splits breasts and then paint them.

In fact, I also would like to make picture like that but unfortunately, it is quite a complex thing to do which need serious preparations


File: 1507398700049.jpg (729.02 KB, 1050x910, gm502.jpg)


File: 1507398734561.jpg (702.82 KB, 1050x910, gm504.jpg)


File: 1507402679036.jpg (733.22 KB, 1050x910, gm506.jpg)


Meat hook and tit. A perfect combination!


File: 1507411448710.jpg (704.88 KB, 1050x910, gm508.jpg)


File: 1507411479801.jpg (705.46 KB, 1050x910, gm510.jpg)


File: 1507411592216.jpg (703.58 KB, 1050x910, gm512.jpg)

Also, good way to add mobility LOL


What modeling/rendering tool do you use?

I think the most complex part will be the uv unwrapping and painting of the newly created parts, but doing the split should be easy. At least to my basic knowledge of blender.

But go your way, i like your stuff either way!


I am using daz3d, which does not allow any 3d model editing at all, unlike blender which seems to be far more flexible in that regard.
And not only that, as even if I try to do editing on some external program like zbrush I cannot change the number of vertices in the mesh.

I can overcome some of those limitations with displacement maps or in other ways but this is why extreme body alterations are very hard thing to do in comparison to simple posing.


File: 1507419175771.jpg (685.67 KB, 1050x910, gm514.jpg)

Last picture today


>>15459 I have to second Onix on that. When you want to create guro/gore with Daz Studio or Poser it is more about finding out what is possible than just want you want to do.


And of course Onix is one of the best at finding out what is possible.


File: 1507562010311.jpg (756.62 KB, 1050x910, gm516.jpg)


File: 1507562239442.jpg (636.82 KB, 1050x910, gm518.jpg)

How about some mechanic work?


File: 1507562274517.jpg (686.04 KB, 1050x910, gm520.jpg)


Will the boy's dick make a return?
Just curious.


Ending is not yet decided, but at some moment they will have to visit a doctor to get fixed LOL

But maybe you are talking about different way or "return"? :)


File: 1507639208691.jpg (675.88 KB, 1050x910, gm522.jpg)


File: 1507639239902.jpg (630.51 KB, 1050x910, gm524.jpg)


File: 1507639286490.jpg (628.52 KB, 1050x910, gm526.jpg)


File: 1507639387340.jpg (675.63 KB, 1050x910, gm528.jpg)


File: 1507646036356.jpg (662.08 KB, 1050x910, gm530.jpg)


Should definitely try to cut her tits off while she is being hung! Maybe start by cutting off the nipple, or better yet! Have the other girl and the boy both chew on her nipples and eat one. One for each~


Well, Ok, this time it will happen.
she will get one nipple chewed off (Or maybe both), and another tit cut off.

Also, that impatient anonymous ass fetishist 15392 will get his fix too.


thank you (patiently waiting for ass play)


File: 1507725729752.jpg (674.22 KB, 1050x910, gm532.jpg)


File: 1507725799177.jpg (693.39 KB, 1050x910, gm534.jpg)

Other girl also wanted to see how it feels to get tits drilled


File: 1507725850372.jpg (702.96 KB, 1050x910, gm536.jpg)

That was quite intense.


File: 1507725988464.jpg (663.59 KB, 1050x910, gm538.jpg)

Turn her around and hold her tight


File: 1507726073100.jpg (716.43 KB, 1050x910, gm540.jpg)



ready when you are. 1 skewer per ass of each one green hair girl black hair girl and boy


File: 1507740531659.jpg (729.51 KB, 1050x910, gm542.jpg)


File: 1507740557243.jpg (644.96 KB, 1050x910, gm544.jpg)


File: 1507740576226.jpg (707.95 KB, 1050x910, gm546.jpg)


File: 1507740612942.jpg (713.88 KB, 1050x910, gm548.jpg)


File: 1507740694180.jpg (681.86 KB, 1050x910, gm550.jpg)

He got another idea


Don't be too greedy LOL


Man oh man. Is he going to 'spit' one of them, ass to mouth, with that broom? Over the top...


nope he's going to skewer her ass where he drilled


File: 1507763215090.jpg (726.47 KB, 1050x910, gm552.jpg)

You made right guess.


File: 1507763331519.jpg (695.47 KB, 1050x910, gm554.jpg)


File: 1507763420751.jpg (703.18 KB, 1050x910, gm556.jpg)

Now turn her around


File: 1507763548911.jpg (682.08 KB, 1050x910, gm558.jpg)


nice now drill his ass the same way, then black hair girl can skewer her breast where she was drilled then the boy can skewer his ass. ass, breast, ass


I think that's enough of ass drilling for those series.
When I will do another series I will let you direct one scene just as you like if you will manage to make a decent script.




They don't /have/ to visit a doctor or get fixed, necessarily. As long as they don't walk around naked, no one but them will ever know what happened.
Also, with "make a return" I meant that it was kinda anticlimactic to just have his dick disappear up his butt. One of the girls could have eaten it or something.


Forgot to put it in the first post, so heres a second one:
Just have them slap on some bandages at the end of their play session and optionally do a short "x months/years" later sequence with all of them healed, but sans breasts/dicks.
(and by optionally I mean oh god please do that)


Glue his dick on the girl with super glue


Well, they need to get fixed to be able to do that again LOL
and it is not going to be a simple fix but something more interesting.

Considering his dick coming back, if you talk about that kind of return, yes, I was thinking about it as well.
Maybe, in the end, they could try to cock those parts or something. I did not decided that yet.

As for that last thing, permanent mutilations would severely contradict my preferences and even basic logic since all that happens because it is like a game which has no serious consequences and it is supposed to be funny.
Your request could be done in theory as the story arc, but it will require a bit too much of work just for one or two pictures if I have to do all those scars.


File: 1507856280795.jpg (690.53 KB, 1050x910, gm560.jpg)


File: 1507856330649.jpg (664.71 KB, 1050x910, gm562.jpg)


File: 1507856366379.jpg (656.12 KB, 1050x910, gm564.jpg)


File: 1507856395445.jpg (724.65 KB, 1050x910, gm566.jpg)


File: 1507856450036.jpg (704.46 KB, 1050x910, gm568.jpg)


that's a different approach.


File: 1508012968070.jpg (703.3 KB, 1050x910, gm570.jpg)


File: 1508013001681.jpg (701.24 KB, 1050x910, gm572.jpg)


File: 1508013041928.jpg (718.73 KB, 1050x910, gm574.jpg)


File: 1508013094417.jpg (683.1 KB, 1050x910, gm576.jpg)


Love your series, Onix. Isn't it about time for one of the girls to retrieve the boy's cock from his own ass? My guess is it's shoulder deep by now :)


Thank you Onix. The hook, the drill through tits and ass. the bitten off nipple, they are all really well done. While consensual and funny guro is not my preferred thing, this is a close second.


File: 1508016953085.jpg (687.46 KB, 1050x910, gm578.jpg)

That is a good idea, but what to do do with it later?

I hope other pictures may be even betetr because I finally moved from deformers/coliciosn modifiers to using ZBrush
unfortunately, there is another problem that Genesis3 is an extremely low poly model.


File: 1508018575254.jpg (707.51 KB, 1050x910, gm580.jpg)


before cutting off the tit you might want to get her back on her feet first


It's been a tough day for all three. They could use a nice snack.


File: 1508032125742.jpg (712.67 KB, 1050x910, gm582.jpg)


File: 1508032215672.jpg (702.04 KB, 1050x910, gm584.jpg)

To late.


Oh-hoo-hoo! Look what a nice thread we have here!


File: 1508110637396.jpg (752.37 KB, 1050x910, gm586.jpg)


File: 1508110672438.jpg (708.06 KB, 1050x910, gm588.jpg)


File: 1508110699155.jpg (713.17 KB, 1050x910, gm590.jpg)


File: 1508110728284.jpg (699.08 KB, 1050x910, gm592.jpg)


File: 1508115423204.jpg (716.99 KB, 1050x910, gm594.jpg)


time to cut the ass in line with the broom handle to take the handle out of her ass


You are too straightforward, LOL
Cant, you think something more interesting?
It should be something with a twist what would not be too obvious. :)


sorry that's just who I am, straight to the point.


I dunno what's the best idea with the broom handle, theres a few things that can be done with it...

I was just thinking, to not get her sister bored. if that hook was to be hooked through the hole above her pubic bone, it would come back out through her pussy (or the other way around) and since its pre-cut it'd be really easy to put it through there without additional damage. Then you could hoist her from the pussy.

I dunno what that'd be good for yet, other than to watch the world upside down.

One could also thread both girls on the same broomstick somehow - either by using some of the already made extra orifices, or by making a few more.

Maybe the pussy hook should be applied to the green haired girl.

Then afterwards, both have the same type of hole in their lower belly, so they could be threaded on the stick pussy against pussy (with a 90 degree twist between them for a nice scissors effect)

just some ideas


How's things going?


File: 1508445941928.jpg (678.08 KB, 1050x910, gm596.jpg)


File: 1508445969182.jpg (761.08 KB, 1050x910, gm598.jpg)


File: 1508446020296.jpg (740.87 KB, 1050x910, gm600.jpg)


File: 1508446052123.jpg (689.35 KB, 1050x910, gm602.jpg)


File: 1508446093092.jpg (725.99 KB, 1050x910, gm604.jpg)


File: 1508446143186.jpg (708.81 KB, 1050x910, gm606.jpg)


File: 1508453578200.jpg (632.32 KB, 1050x910, gm608.jpg)


File: 1508453620232.jpg (631.14 KB, 1050x910, gm610.jpg)


File: 1508453651533.jpg (688.4 KB, 1050x910, gm612.jpg)


So sexy. But maybe such big nails would draw some blood running down her ass?


Realistically, blood is not supposed to show until nails are inside only if they get removed. (even If I agree that this would look good.)
But bigger reason with is that doing all that liquid physic is too much effort.
One picture is easy, but when you have series you are supposed to track all drips and touches with bloody hands, update textures to simulate blood flow

But since now I started to use Zbrush all that may become possible when I will manage to find out how to do texture editing.


This is looking incredible, Onix, absolutely amazing work. An additional request would be to have one of the two eat the other breast in bloody chunks. If you'd rather not, maybe have them cut the breast into pieces. Looking forward to future updates - keep it up!



I actually prefer it with the blood at a minimum. I know for some a messy bloodfest is what really pulls their trigger, but in my opinion sometimes less is more :)


>>Maybe have them cut the breast into pieces.

I think it will be enough of eating for now, as they already chewed off the nipples as you requested and they are not so hungry to eat raw meat. But what exactly you mean by "cut into pieces"

I just got an idea that since it is Halloween there could be some of that topic as well.


Hmmm Halloween....
The theme of Halloween involves a bit of gore and spooky etc.
A lot of things spring to mind: a Joker smile, dangling limbs, as theye have been using nails just recently made me think of pinhead. Maybe let them decide for each other what kind of gruesome costume they will get?

They might start playing a game saw style...


well, it not necessary has to be spooky.
I prefer it to be on the cute side.
they are quite messed up already, so maybe not many improvements are necessary.


I do not completely understand what are you trying to do.
If you are trying to link to the other threads this may work but I never did that
You probably could create another as the index of your works if you want.


I think you get the idea. I am going to put it together and see how it works. The threads will fade away, but the contact by the "Index" thread will remain. We'll see how it works.


File: 1508723632871.jpg (655.04 KB, 1050x910, gm614.jpg)


File: 1508723690385.jpg (667.35 KB, 1050x910, gm616.jpg)


File: 1508723769009.jpg (680.79 KB, 1050x910, gm618.jpg)


File: 1508723817929.jpg (648.1 KB, 1050x910, gm620.jpg)


File: 1508808425753.jpg (129.49 KB, 1050x910, gm622.jpg)


File: 1508808471102.jpg (610.67 KB, 1050x910, gm624.jpg)


File: 1508808668746.jpg (706.06 KB, 1050x910, gm626.jpg)

I changed lighting setup a bit so not rendering is considerably faster

Now it is time for this girl to take her revenge :)


yes, but let him take revenge on black-haired


She did nothing to the boy so no reason for revenge, but more importantly she already lost her breasts.


Don't forget, his cock is still stuck in his guts. One of the girls should go get it. Should be shoulder deep by now.


Yes, but the main question is what to do with it.


You can get it through the incision in front


You could stick it into the dark-haired girl's incision, making it look like her dick for goofs.
After that, I'd let the boy use it like a necklace. Thread a string through the dick's base and let him wear it for the rest of the pictures


Are those cuties going to die eventually? =3


also, it it isn't too much work wrt modeling, have someone reach into dark-haired girl's cut above her pussy and pull out her uterus. She's already lost her breasts, might as well finish it


I was considering that idea, but it is not that good because there is no point sticking served dick in her belly. And this is not going to look good.
Instead of that I am thinking about "sex change operation" to turn boy into girl LOL

I think it is quite obvious that they will not die.

I was thinking about that as well, and this is not even too much work to do that.
But again I need some story context

I think they could move to the kitchen and do some cooking since they collected quite a lot of meat.

I could do almost any of the requests as a single picture but if you want more it should be integrated into the story somehow.

Also how about introducing more characters like older sister or mother Maybe she should be Futa?


Add more characters that will be excellent and the cooking, I really love your Story


I see that you have the numeration of your renders not continued is there some plase that I can see all the images?


Numeration is not very regular. There are no missing pictures here, I uploaded everything I have of those series. I usually upload everything immediately when it gets rendered.


Back to the Halloween theme. Would be cool if a friend / sister comes over to get ready for a costume party. She wants to be a pirate. So the three decide to give her a stump by cutting off one of her legs. Or they play Twister to see what will come off...


This may be a good idea, I will just need to think some kind of story how that should happen.

if the friend comes and leaves the will be no problems but if it is going to stay together it will somehow complicate everything


I like the idea that she only stays for a bit.

She arrives and says how cool. "I was planning to go go as a pirate. Can you help me with my costume." Then the three say: sure no problem but you have to role a dice to see what exactly we are going to do to you. Maybe she has to role a dice first to see how many changes she has to undergo. Ranging from a peg leg to multiple chopped off limbs. Once her "costume" is finished she leaves and the three pick up the idea and start to design their own costumes...


OK I will try to do something like that but instead of playing done, it will be easier if she just comes dressed as pirate but does not look too convincing so they help her to fit hook and peg
but since nobody walks alone two guests will be better than one.
Another girl will be painted like Frankenstein monster but I wonder what could be done with her as well.


Frankenstein is about putting together a body with different parts. So it would be logical to put the leg from the one girl on the second one. And maybe an arm from one the original girls. To make it more visible it would be cool if the Frankenstein girl had a different skin type. Maybe she is a black girl? As the leg wouldn't work they would need to use screws to fix it to the Frankenstein girl...


That kind of operation will be too hard to do so I guess we will have her just for decoration when she will come with the pirate girl, unless there are some easy ideas.

Yes her skin will be quite different from normal. Not back but somewhat blue with stitches.


Dear Onyx. Draw whatever you want, as you want. The main draw! We are waiting for new drawings!


File: 1509149198471.jpg (635.36 KB, 1050x910, gm628.jpg)


File: 1509149231349.jpg (661.22 KB, 1050x910, gm630.jpg)


File: 1509149264164.jpg (733.6 KB, 1050x910, gm632.jpg)


File: 1509149342385.jpg (680.65 KB, 1050x910, gm634.jpg)


File: 1509149469858.jpg (680.73 KB, 1050x910, gm636.jpg)


File: 1509149523024.jpg (672.64 KB, 1050x910, gm638.jpg)


File: 1509149631851.jpg (651.82 KB, 1050x910, gm640.jpg)


File: 1509149665937.jpg (656.87 KB, 1050x910, gm644.jpg)


File: 1509149724318.jpg (666.62 KB, 1050x910, gm646.jpg)


File: 1509206730783.jpg (669.97 KB, 1050x910, gm648.jpg)


File: 1509206770405.jpg (685.31 KB, 1050x910, gm650.jpg)


File: 1509206817854.jpg (666.35 KB, 1050x910, gm652.jpg)


All the girls have to do now is to shove him off. :)
They should get rid of his dick stump while they're at it.


I agree remove the rest of his junk


Ok, let's do some voting then
should his balls be ripped off by pulling him down or slashed off with ax or knife?


>>16518 Cut off with a knife. Boy cums for the last time as a male as the girls do it to him. Each girl gets to eat one of his testicles right off the nail.


Both should bite them off..... Squeeze till it really hurts


It is not possible to bite them off while they are nailed


sliced off with a knife


Rip the of like u did with the knife ..... If not possible maybe boiling water.... He need to feel a bit;)


With a knife......slowly. (I think i smell butter melting in a frying pan.)


If you cut them of and do the other things later he will feel nothing of it


Interesting choice, because cutting is quite a primitive thing and much easier to do.

If only there was a way to "do it slowly" in the picture LOL
But lets see how it will look, like


Ripping the balls off is the way to go. I think the girls' other remaining breast should be ripped off / cut into pieces.


There was already enough cutting. Let's do some ripping for a change.


cutting is easier then ripping for kids, not enough strength to rip out.


File: 1509404380011.jpg (651.23 KB, 1050x910, gm654.jpg)


File: 1509404450300.jpg (650.34 KB, 1050x910, gm656.jpg)


File: 1509404515790.jpg (658.96 KB, 1050x910, gm658.jpg)

It is not as easier for them as it is for me LOL


File: 1509406500305.jpg (642.96 KB, 1050x910, gm660.jpg)


File: 1509414952682.jpg (654.76 KB, 1050x910, gm662.jpg)

doing everything slowly...


File: 1509414998863.jpg (615.46 KB, 1050x910, gm664.jpg)



File: 1509419447691.jpg (681.74 KB, 1050x910, gm666.jpg)


Perfect! I love that they're enjoying castrating him.


File: 1509565673946.jpg (667.6 KB, 1050x910, gm668.jpg)


File: 1509565962027.png (1.56 MB, 1050x910, gm670.png)


File: 1509566016620.png (1.61 MB, 1050x910, gm672.png)


File: 1509566219321.jpg (680.71 KB, 1050x910, gm674.jpg)

Now he lost his last ball.


WOW! Now they are going after the girl's ovaries?


File: 1509569862013.jpg (705.49 KB, 1050x910, gm676.jpg)

Maybe, but not in this room


File: 1509571434673.jpg (677.17 KB, 1050x910, gm678.jpg)


time to take the last breast off the green hair girl then she can lose her ass cheeks to get the handle out


I have better plans for the breast.
it is kinda Halloween now


File: 1509574817120.jpg (691.61 KB, 1050x910, gm680.jpg)

Getting dressed
but the boy has no suitable blothes


File: 1509576536477.jpg (615.67 KB, 1050x910, gm682.jpg)

How about doing some tricks


bump waiting for tricks


are looking forward to!


File: 1509754560424.jpg (700.28 KB, 1050x910, gm684.jpg)

Preparing for tricks


File: 1509754610792.jpg (676.27 KB, 1050x910, gm686.jpg)


File: 1509754639839.jpg (709.88 KB, 1050x910, gm688.jpg)


File: 1509754935153.jpg (706.38 KB, 1050x910, gm690.jpg)

Only found lumberjack costume for the boy but it should be ok


For those who are waiting for updates, this will take some longer because action is moving to another location with more characters.


OK thanks for the update, keep up with the great work


Thanks for the information. When unable to log into gurochan for the last few days, I thought I had lost the suggestions. Now I copied them down.


I love your series I cant wait to see what happens


I am new here and am sort of having a hard time understanding how to make an account or whatever it is that links my e-mail address to my name, if I were to have one.

I wanted to say I enjoy what Onix has done with a few things I wanted to discuss. Do I just make a comment using this system and being Anonymous? Is that how it's done?

I tried to title this with a name and e-mail address. I'll see what happens when I press "Post".


Yes! Very much waiting for the continuation!


I know how to do this now and understand how it works.

Hello Onix,

What you call "My first series" is f***ing genius! She has the face of a little devil. I swear. Whoever ends up being her boyfriend had better watch out she doesn't do incredibly humiliating things to him for her mere pleasure.

Your story is very original. I've never seen anything like it and your renders are very well done. Also, it is very erotic and we believe we are being allowed to enter the intimate world made by the girl with the pigtails. I love the teacher's response to it all and her inevitable recruitment.

The body development you gave to pigtail girl is also very realistic and her breasts are like a lot of 4th or 5th grade girls I knew. You did that perfectly.

I look forward to more of your work!



If I understood it well, this is how you request me to make more pictures like that :)
Glad that you like it as it was my first work without any knowledge of how to use the software.

But I would not say that it was that original as it was supposed to be sequel/remake to snarkmaster's SuzyQute
I also like pigtails as they represent a mischevious playful character.

Unfortunately, Daz crashed before I managed to save it so I lost some progress. So you can use this time to suggest what kind of new characters I coud introduce.


I would introduce one or more "redshirts"
we all love our existing characters to death, yet are dieing for some snuff. needs some disposable characters/clones ;)


I actually don't mind "redhirts" in general But here everyone is supposed to be immortal as there

Clone idea is interesting as a form of immortality. Did not thouight that before, as it is a good way to reset them as well as have some more fun.
Lest see what other people think about that.


clone sounds a perfect idea so u can do anything with the boy and the girls :)


New characters,boy and girl who come over to play and unwillingly gets sex change operation.


Could you elaborate on what suzyqute was or maybe even post the images in a thread? There's nothing on the (public) internet about it



I will post them there


Hi Onix,
Your series are fucking awsome!!!

I cant wait for the continue


Onix! Return to the topic! Tired of gay pictures. :(


Will it continue?


I am somewhat stuck with making new characters and deciding on what they will do so I can't just start popping pictures like before. But more importantly, I currently dedicate less time to 3d and more to RP to have some change.


Please Onix give us good news show us any update


Hi Onix just wondering how things are doing with this series?


File: 1513182822594.jpg (664.46 KB, 1050x910, Gmtest1.jpg)

Ok, since you ask so much I will give you some news and preview picture, not yet decided what to do exactly since I current choices will considerably define future choices and each has own benefits and problems.

Here are new characters that are going to be introduced in the next scene So you can try to tell me which Frankenstein girl looks better as one of them is Genesis 2 another Genesis 1 , pirate girl is Genesis 1 , other (characters are Genesis 3)
I am still thinking about adding some adult character and how it should look like.


I like Frankenstein girl on the right better. Awesome characters!


I like the right Girl too!


Interesting, I was planning to use the left one but they still need some adjustments of proportions or now they look extremely big in comparison to other characters


I like the frank girl on the left and the pirite girl too. also a adult male with a 8" + dick to fuck the boys ass after the boys dick is removed from his own ass


I don't like masculine males in most settings but I have nothing against futas if big cock is needed :)


I'm really looking forward to the continuation of the story! So far one of the best I've ever seen !!!!!
Futas? You mean a girl with pussy AND a cock?
pls no .... :(
Do not like invented beings.
It can also be a petite boy with a relatively large cock!

Keep up the good work ... that's great ... :)


18356 yes I'm for that too


If it's a futa, they should have a nice set of balls to go with said huge cock.
I'm also more of a fan of the girls winning and doing some nice cock guro to the boy(s) or futa(s). But that's just me and my twisted mind!


No futas please,there are way too many in this world as it is ?


No futas! No!


You kinda sound like a toddler LOL

Interesting opinions but if you don't like futas I think you will have to live without adults with cocks. A boy with oversized cock is possible if there will be an appropriate context to introduce such character.
I see futas more like women with strapon which can cum. Prety much same thing can be done with plastic dildos but if it a real cock you can kinda cut it off.


Since I prefer to renounce the adult men than the futas ruin the story.
My opinion.
Then better other boys with little cocks :)


I hope you're not upset that nobody wants futas. The boy was a good guy after all. Since you can work well with it! Looking forward to more boys and girls as they have been shown so far. Are very talented!


No, I am not upset. This is not that important to me, but I just do not like manly men so I presented you with that kind of choice. As if you want adult with the dick it also must have tits :)
Also, there is no limit of the size of the cocks on the boys.

However, I am a bit confused by this kind of reaction. I expected that it should be more welcome, because people with extreme tastes on flist most often prefer shemales and anything else but males.


Shemales are not Futas! :)

Futas are surreal and dont exist. Thats the problem.

Shemales are ok.
But nothing Monster... Tentakel.... and so on .......

I'm waiting expectantly for the next pictures.
Keep the course and keep it up.
I hope that 5,000 pictures are still in this story! ;)


This is even more confusing now. There is no technical difference between shemale/herm and futa in how they look like, besides that shemale is a realistic derogatory term, as if it is a man with tits who wants to be a woman. Futa is a universal term, neither man or woman, free of any bad connotations and usually even implies superiority over plain people.

So it is not about the looks but about attitude and character.


File: 1513723874631.jpg (771.63 KB, 1050x910, gm700.jpg)

So here is the first picture in another location
For some reason, it took quite a lot of time to render entire 30 minutes, so I may do some changes later. Previous pictures could be done in less than 10 minutes and it is prety bad if I need that much time for every picture.
I hope adjusting lights will fix this problem.


Oh ... we have different views on Futas or Shemales!
For me, a shemale is a man with breasts (mostly petite of the figure) and a Futa (Futanari) a person who has both a vagina, breasts AND a penis!
I hope you understand what i mean :)


well, it is not that different, because futa can come in different flavors.
as long as it is a female body with the dick or super big clitoris, ignoring other details.


File: 1513738278957.jpg (801.91 KB, 1050x910, gm702.jpg)


Alright. I'm looking forward to seeing what you make of it!
A kitchen ... very good choice. Lots of possibilities for burning, cutting, squeezing and much more.

Have fun drawing.


File: 1513824949532.jpg (731.16 KB, 1050x910, gm704.jpg)

Discussing their costumes.
What do you think they are saying?


the boy might be telling the new girls that he doesn't have a dick and balls anymore then hopefully they all strip to start some more fun


They could discuss if it would be cool to have the Frankengirl actually cut into pieces then sewn back together (and maybe it will magically work?)

also: good to see you back!


I can not think of any of the costumes. Only that they should be moved out sooner or later :)
and then the others are sure to ask why the boy is no longer a boy .... and where his penis .... and the other girls could then show the new one and get him out of the butt. and the game may begin :)


Looks like there are 12 dotted lines and 12 articles of clothing so Frankengirl invites them to cut along and through each dotted line for each article of clothing they remove.


Oh .. is that so? Now there are still puzzles in the story :)
We will see if you are right!


They discussed pirate girl would look more convincing if she had a hook hand and peg leg.


This Frankenstein girl was more supposed to be a decoration but who knows, maybe she will also get some action :)
Now that you mentioned magic I wonder what do you think about cloning magic. :) I was planning to use sci-fi setting in the laboratory later but magic may be actually more convenient

One question would be how to dispose dead bodies if we get into that?


I didn't tell you that, didn't I?
as this is exactly what will is their plan :)


a way to get rid of any bodies could be a grinder


the grinder is a bit too bulky solution :) I am more thinking about how to do that in the easier way I guess I may just change locations leaving dead bodies behind. or make then fade away when offscreen

still, the problem is that it takes much more time to render those pictures now


Getting rid of bodies? Show'em a furnace intended for body disposal to excite them. Then have one volunteer get in to show 'em how it works. Then toss in remains as needed...


File: 1515023724096.jpg (801.62 KB, 1050x910, gm706.jpg)

Some new content to revive this thread
But look like my magic idea is not working that well without text in the static images.


If you have to add some text to make it work, go for it


God damn, Onix. This is some fucking awesome work. Is there any chance of you putting all pics into a zip file for us? Holy shit, that would be fan-fucking-tastic,


File: 1515068181509.jpg (839.01 KB, 1050x910, gm708.jpg)


File: 1515068213970.jpg (812.05 KB, 1050x910, gm710.jpg)


I hope you make 5000 Pics this Year ;)


Hi By the way Onix, Happy New Year


File: 1515076555706.jpg (818.25 KB, 1050x910, gm712.jpg)

I did an upgrade to my PC now it has 20GB ram instead of 14GB but there is not as much improvement as I expected.
LOL Do you think I am afraid to add text? No, I just got lazy about that ;) And I have some trouble to decide what to write.
Not sure if this is useful because it is still getting updated but I am thinking about putting my works on exhentai for archiving purposes.
If those series will be finished I will upload them in one zip file somewhere


File: 1515076641512.jpg (828.22 KB, 1050x910, gm713.jpg)

Same picture with different expressions on the faces. from the different angle.


Little warning about exhentai: they forbid realistic 3d lolicon.
I experienced it myself and found it in rules afterwards.


Amazing work, I look forward to seeing more of this series.




File: 1515757712474.jpg (833.31 KB, 1050x910, gm716.jpg)

Finally some more stuff


File: 1515757768882.jpg (835.76 KB, 1050x910, gm718.jpg)

Magic undressing LOL


File: 1515757804076.jpg (854.78 KB, 1050x910, gm720.jpg)


File: 1515757842194.jpg (845.36 KB, 1050x910, gm722.jpg)


File: 1515757946821.jpg (843.54 KB, 1050x910, gm724.jpg)

Those pictures should work somewhat like a low framerate animation if you view them sequentially.


File: 1515757985114.jpg (852.32 KB, 1050x910, gm726.jpg)



Hooray! Welcome back


File: 1515775164916.jpg (835.97 KB, 1050x910, gm728.jpg)


File: 1515775218982.jpg (837.1 KB, 1050x910, gm730.jpg)


File: 1515775268352.jpg (842.48 KB, 1050x910, gm732.jpg)


File: 1515775527414.jpg (813.01 KB, 1050x910, gm736.jpg)

Now, time for the boy


Onix you are a genius
thanks thanks thanks


File: 1515808623242.jpg (805.65 KB, 1050x910, gm738.jpg)

More magic tricks


File: 1515808754057.jpg (810.33 KB, 1050x910, gm740.jpg)

what else can you expect?


File: 1515808883918.jpg (822.43 KB, 1050x910, gm742.jpg)

magic undressing and dick disappearing act.


File: 1515809176582.jpg (791.27 KB, 1050x910, gm744.jpg)

Now, who can find it?


File: 1515809244511.jpg (823.41 KB, 1050x910, gm748.jpg)

You think it is there?


File: 1515813332793.jpg (799.27 KB, 1050x910, gm750.jpg)


File: 1515867882230.jpg (815.05 KB, 1050x910, gm754.jpg)


File: 1515867927052.jpg (798.76 KB, 1050x910, gm756.jpg)


File: 1515867958660.jpg (820.6 KB, 1050x910, gm758.jpg)


File: 1515868033924.jpg (818.87 KB, 1050x910, gm760.jpg)


File: 1515868128176.jpg (818.5 KB, 1050x910, gm762.jpg)

what to do next?


Fantastic as always but where did the dick go during the last image?


WOW Excellect i cant wait for the next


File: 1515897702953.jpg (811.54 KB, 1050x910, gm764.jpg)

They decided to improve authenticity of the pirate girl


File: 1515897935833.jpg (826.18 KB, 1050x910, gm766.jpg)

The dick is on the table just obstructed by other characters. (you can see it a bit.)


File: 1515898007585.jpg (795.2 KB, 1050x910, gm768.jpg)


File: 1515898108873.jpg (812.24 KB, 1050x910, gm770.jpg)

Not strong enough. He is not very experienced woodcutter.


File: 1515898242429.jpg (825.24 KB, 1050x910, gm773.jpg)

Second try.


File: 1515898358944.jpg (837.79 KB, 1050x910, gm774.jpg)

This time success. (but not very good in terms of the picture quality ;)


File: 1515898429056.jpg (830.87 KB, 1050x910, gm776.jpg)

Now take it away


File: 1515898514390.jpg (888.44 KB, 1050x910, gm778.jpg)

Good work


nice work, next everyone strips after her peg leg is on


Don't you think it is sexier when they are clothed for a change? you had like hundreds of pictures of everyone naked ;)


With only one hand and not succeeding, the boy must me related to "George" from Drabok


Yes, that part did not go well in terms of quality since I forgot to make more pose changes but on the other hand, I wanted him to fail ;)


A Combination of suffering from the pain and enjoying the suffering would Bring more life in it , don't you think? :)


19223, the peg leg girl wasn't nude yet so to be fair they all should be nude. Also so they don't get too much blood on their clothes


Actually yes. If you did not notice, the boy and black haired girl do not like pain and do suffer a bit while green haired girl enjoys it.
So I am actually trying to do that just not sure how well it all goes.;)
the reaction of other characters is not yet completely decided but I got some ideas for Frankenstein girl character.
Since she is supposed to be a pirate, she can't be naked but I hope later we will find an excuse to take off her clothes ;)


File: 1515943308250.jpg (819.47 KB, 1050x910, gm780.jpg)

Now attaching the peg.


File: 1515943360443.jpg (858.69 KB, 1050x910, gm782.jpg)


File: 1515943409428.jpg (826.77 KB, 1050x910, gm784.jpg)


File: 1515943507304.jpg (817.84 KB, 1050x910, gm786.jpg)

Something is not quite right yet it may fall off.


Oh, and an amputation. :) How did you do the incision on >>19216 and >>19218?


Pretty much same way as you do stuff, just used collision smoothing modifier with the invisible object to push the flesh
Considering wound itself I designed "sticker wounds" that can be applied with the same collision modifier tool. (it is just plain with wound picture on it along with transparency mask at displacement map)

But from now on I started to use Z-Brush for most of those things. Collision modifier is just for the very quick and dirty way to do it.


File: 1516035058220.jpg (785.75 KB, 1050x910, gm788.jpg)

Easy and effective way to hold things together


File: 1516035108486.jpg (784.17 KB, 1050x910, gm790.jpg)


File: 1516035797107.jpg (833.84 KB, 1050x910, gm792.jpg)

Strangely, the girl looks more concerned about nails being driven in her stump than her leg chopped away LOL


File: 1516036341563.jpg (769.93 KB, 1050x910, gm794.jpg)

One more nail just to be sure ;)


File: 1516036473026.jpg (842.13 KB, 1050x910, gm796.jpg)

Now she looks like a real pirate.


File: 1516036600864.jpg (836.95 KB, 1050x910, gm798.jpg)

Frankenstein girls also seem to be missing something can you guess what?


hmm.... Nails or Screw in the Head?


File: 1516045445643.jpg (837.6 KB, 1050x910, gm800.jpg)

You are right


File: 1516045512001.jpg (837.81 KB, 1050x910, gm802.jpg)

But hammering things in the brain can be dangerous


File: 1516045605036.jpg (824.42 KB, 1050x910, gm802x.jpg)


File: 1516045689724.jpg (813.6 KB, 1050x910, gm804.jpg)

Something went wrong. ;)


Frankenstein was a man ... so they could sew the penis to her vagina :) first remove the labia and everything else and then rebuild it;)
but that's a bit of fantasy, right?


I like this Story sooo much ^^ please never end !
Comes a new Boy later?


well, removing everything is a bit too much of the surgery and quite pointless. But giving her his dick is possible. I just need a good way to attach it there ;)


stick the dick into the vagina then use magic to make it work


LOL'd way to hard at that


File: 1516061392970.jpg (816.43 KB, 1050x910, gm806.jpg)


File: 1516061477954.jpg (759.8 KB, 1050x910, gm808.jpg)

brain damage ended with strange reults


File: 1516061533050.jpg (780.62 KB, 1050x910, gm810.jpg)


File: 1516061707640.jpg (750.04 KB, 1050x910, gm812.jpg)


File: 1516061752310.jpg (762.83 KB, 1050x910, gm814.jpg)


File: 1516062108264.jpg (807.28 KB, 1050x910, gm816.jpg)


File: 1516062154680.jpg (746.23 KB, 1050x910, gm818.jpg)


File: 1516062750137.jpg (755.55 KB, 1050x910, gm820.jpg)


File: 1516062794577.jpg (747.62 KB, 1050x910, gm822.jpg)


File: 1516062937628.jpg (790.21 KB, 1050x910, gm824.jpg)

Finally everything back to normal
(just wanted to try ahegao expressions in 3d, I hope it was good enough)


looks good! ;)





File: 1516320024388.jpg (771.35 KB, 1050x910, gm826.jpg)

They got another interesting idea


File: 1516320078576.jpg (819.28 KB, 1050x910, gm828.jpg)


File: 1516320127005.jpg (909.92 KB, 1050x910, gm830.jpg)

Let's do some tit carving.


File: 1516320166737.jpg (779.13 KB, 1050x910, gm832.jpg)


File: 1516320216343.jpg (878.22 KB, 1050x910, gm832x.jpg)

version with blood


File: 1516320256426.jpg (826.46 KB, 1050x910, gm834.jpg)

Almost done


File: 1516320307130.jpg (801.31 KB, 1050x910, gm836.jpg)

Looks good enuogh


Looks very good !


Onix... are you ok? Miss you :)


>>19431 Let's take off the black-haired girl and hit her a pumpkin head in her brook, eyes and nose (missing breast and navel) are already there, only the mouth is missing.


Interesting idea, probably not going to do it for this girl now but may be useful later
now I don't have that much time so updates will be a bit infrequent


Sad to see no updates :( Hope you have time soon.


I cant wait for new updates


File: 1519432108292.jpg (769.85 KB, 1050x910, gm838.jpg)

Here is some more for you but now I am kinda out of ideas on how to continue this
probably I will do something similar to what >>19722 suggested.
but I want to get out from the kitchen somewhere in the open space for faster rendering


File: 1519433674595.jpg (770.68 KB, 1050x910, gm840.jpg)


File: 1519433721123.jpg (761.5 KB, 1050x910, gm842.jpg)


File: 1519433783573.jpg (805.7 KB, 1050x910, gm844.jpg)


I think torturing would be nice ..... Like boiling or Drilling in Bones after the Amputation ..... Maybe leaving some of them in pain for a while


Frankenstein girl /has/ to completely come apart at some point, with the kids trying to put her back together and misplacing some limbs. I mean, the sutures are already there, it's the logical thing to do.


The girl that had her leg cut off has adjusted quite well to that insult to her body but the eye patch she is wearing, is that part of her costume or did she lose that eye?

And if the eye patch is part of her costume, wouldn't that group including her think losing that eye would be appropriate given her costume and peg leg?

Just a thought...


Guys, while it is nice to receive responses, but it would be much nicer if you not only ask for pictures but also think something about the story itself as of how and why that happens.

But considering all those requests, I got an idea that they could meet a witch somewhere in the cemetery or another similar place.
I assume that this witch may be not very pain tolerant so there will be some chance to show more real suffering.
Here you have a chance to decide how she should look like.


OK, maybe in preperation for some kind of Party they could go from room to room to get ready for it and in every room one of them will get treatment...... It could be painfull and they Love to be in it ? and after this they Play with each others altered Bodys


Black hair girl is a magician, maybe she can do a trick or two and make something disappear?


How about a friendly game of spin the prize wheel and win some candy or fall on the uh-oh prize and loose something. Or some kind of betting game.


I would build on existing games. Sawn of leg, Magician, this really calls for the saw trick. Either have one of the girls sawn in half or completely disassembled - and then possibly reassembled.

At least for the zombie girly it doest seem to be the first time anyway. Would be neat :) And it would work very nice in a sequence.


>>20236 an following.Those pics look really god , but were they actually easier /faster to do with zbrush than with dformer in daz studio?


This practically cannot be done with dformers at all because they only work on the default pose.

I took like 3 minutes with ZBrush to make those morphs.

main problem is the fact that Daz designers are idiots and they made genesis models very low poly for absolutely no reason so it is quite hard to manipulate them well you literally have to move one vertex somewhere it looks like a spike on zbrush then it gets smoothed into something else in Daz You also have no freedom to select position of the morph


>>20582 Just three minutes? Wow, I will definitely have to try out Zbrush then, especially for more advanced changes of geometry.

About the low-poly-problem. Have you ever tried to increase the "subdivision level" of a character? It can help when working with d-fornr or mesh smoothing, but I do not know if it works with Zbrush too.

And just for those who do bot have Zbrush: It's relatively easy to do simple indentations or bulges for any pose with D-former too if you use a weight map instead of the d-former field.


Increasing subdivision level will not work here because morphs can only be created for base resolution. If you export reimport your model at another resolution you will have to keep it as the entire new figure D-formers also only work on the base resolution
In fact, this was one reason why I was unable to use ZBrush as I was trying to use subdivided models

However, I found a way to solve this problem with resolution as you can just export figure in the new resolution and then transfer morphs and rigging data from the old figure and finally just fit your new figure onto the old one I think that way it is even possible to replace desired body parts with something higher resolution than usual. but It makes everything a bit harder to manipulate because now you have 2 figures on top of each other
I did not use that method much but it should help to solve some problems

as for using weight maps for deformers, this is somewhat similar to Zbrush, but Daz is crashing all time when I try to use weight maps.

now I think that problems with deformers I had earlier may be related to the low resolution of the models and when you are trying to manipulate things with very strong and tiny deformers it is pretty hard to get good results as I had no problems to inflate belly but making a small dent was next to impossible.


>>20646 Somewhat disappointing. I think I will stay with the original daz studio tools D-former, mesh smoothing and push deformer for changing a characters geometry then for now, mostly because I do not have much time for my hobby, and I do not want to invest it into learning a new software yet. At least, d-former with weight map does not make Daz studio to crash at all for me, so that's a positive.

Thank you for your always instructive information, because even after using daz studio for about one and a half years now, I still feel like a beginner. (Well, I used poser on and off for about ten years before that and leaned some general principles about 3D software, but much of the specifics I learned about doing my kind of stuff is now useless.)


File: 1521248382277.jpg (778.03 KB, 1050x910, gm846.jpg)


File: 1521248448379.jpg (813.5 KB, 1050x910, gm848.jpg)


File: 1521248491221.jpg (736.71 KB, 1050x910, gm850.jpg)

Time to bring the dick back


File: 1521248519892.jpg (719.57 KB, 1050x910, gm852.jpg)


File: 1521248550036.jpg (822.26 KB, 1050x910, gm854.jpg)


File: 1521248589546.jpg (814.39 KB, 1050x910, gm856.jpg)


File: 1521248613527.jpg (771.37 KB, 1050x910, gm858.jpg)


File: 1521248637003.jpg (718.94 KB, 1050x910, gm860.jpg)


File: 1521248707849.jpg (795.01 KB, 1050x910, gm862.jpg)


Excellent update


Nice, first one to get fucked will be the boy up his ass


fantastic work keep it up


I guess you are right this dick must be tested LOL

But what do we do with the rest of the severed body parts cook them?


you can or wait till you make more parts available


File: 1521342028193.jpg (782.59 KB, 1050x910, gm864.jpg)


File: 1521342075409.jpg (793.91 KB, 1050x910, gm866.jpg)


File: 1521342103826.jpg (777.52 KB, 1050x910, gm868.jpg)


File: 1521342140966.jpg (738.71 KB, 1050x910, gm870.jpg)


File: 1521342180521.jpg (775.62 KB, 1050x910, gm872.jpg)


File: 1521342222120.jpg (832.5 KB, 1050x910, gm874.jpg)


nice thanks next the rest remove their clothes


File: 1521426505473.jpg (787.46 KB, 1050x910, gm876.jpg)


File: 1521426556377.jpg (884.11 KB, 1050x910, gm878.jpg)

Taking all meat and going outside


that was a nice idea! I like the way you think :-)


File: 1522118226673.jpg (1021.32 KB, 1050x910, paige10.jpg)

Here is a test render of new G8 characters


File: 1522118258352.jpg (919.83 KB, 1050x910, paige11.jpg)


File: 1522118336448.jpg (860.47 KB, 1050x910, paige12.jpg)

Those are kinda random pictures but they still fit into the story


File: 1522118357293.jpg (889.63 KB, 1050x910, paige13.jpg)


File: 1522118380291.jpg (893.72 KB, 1050x910, paige14.jpg)


File: 1522118468903.jpg (931.51 KB, 1050x910, paige15.jpg)

And the last one of those, maybe they can do some BDSM play as well


File: 1522118655283.jpg (746.8 KB, 1050x910, gm880.jpg)

Now back to the main series.
Here is a picture with some secret twist :)


Sorry that I don't comment on the work of others often enough, and especially yours, because I am grateful for it. I should mention that your very first series here with the blonde pigtail girl has partly inspired me to take up my long left stuff again, like the Sabrina series, and then to begin to post here.

Your work in the last months is also an inspiration. Our content or our fetishes may be very different, but it's always helpful to see that something can be done, and very good at that. For instance, the cut off nipple and the blood and blood smears on the green haired girl look fantastic. >>19182

But as I said on my thread before, I find criticism helpful too, so I hope you don't mind: I don't know how a cut off tit would look like. The cut off right tit looks ok, but less convincing. Maybe because it's still bulging a bit and the texture is too uniformly red. (or is it only supposed to be only skinned?)

The beginning of the "carving" >>19427 is very good again. I also admire the way blood runs into the deep cuts afterwards >>19430 But the zig-zag edges of the wounds take away a lot of that. But still, kudos for trying! By the way, did you use Zbrush or a displacement map for that?


>>21619 To be clearer: Kudos for trying something that is very hard to do with 3D-Software.


I would not even treat it as criticism because when someone makes some remarks about what they don't like or see it wrong it is actually nice that someone noticed as most of the time, those choices have some reason and just need to be explained. Sometimes I just do not notice some quirks before picture is half rendered and just do not bother to re-render it again and it is interesting if anyone will notice and if it is even worth bothering about that :)

Considering the cut off breast, that was a bit hard to decide how to do.
I actually examined how it looks for real and my picture is actually quite realistic here. If you cut off a breast, you get pretty uniform red bloody wound just like that with almost exactly that amount of blood.
my previous breast cutting attempt was here >>9431 which may actually look better but it is not realistic
There should not be any bulge left, but probably something went wrong with the displacement map since Daz has some strange problems with negative displacement values.

As that carving stuff, I admit that it is not very realistic and practically impossible to do but here I just reused some experimental design from the earlier time when I was testing displacement maps. It is actually taken from this picture
and I did not draw anything myself ;)


Interesting. It looks like the strange case of the Immortality Syndrome of Planet Onix. Through a process not even understood by themselves, the first settlers quickly developed a strange relationship with pain, lost almost all ability to bleed, and if they do actually die, they respawn in a shower of sparkly lights in a body that has a random physical age of between 5 and 25. Many locals delve into decades of daily cycles of mutilation, cannibalism, death and respawning.


Hi Onix,
Please continue this master piece




please more .... i wait so long ...... :)


File: 1526611313669.jpg (771.49 KB, 1050x910, gm882.jpg)

let's cook all that stuff

You make me feel bad for not making some new content. ;)
so here is just one picture so far, to keep it alive an celebrate gurochan coming back.

I am still a bit uncertain how to continue but I hope it will work somehow.

I guess some buthering or spitroasting may be fun


Exactly, very good


Wow, Futanari that cook their own cocks!
But i hope that the left one dont cut her cock so fast, it should fuck a little bit.
Maybe roast it, then fuck a mouth and every one bites a chunk of it before it gets into the next mouth.


So good to see you back here too Onix. Now we can start to enjoy and criticize each other work again...


So I think your series is great .... but ... why barbecue their own cocks?
In the whole series, always another person performs the action.
I would have liked it better if the kids had the Funatari only on the idea to do it.
Let the two join in their game :)
You'll get it done ... I'm sure ^^
Can you still a few pictures before the last insert and push the story in this direction;)


Well, actually they are here just for decoration for the mood, reused from other work ;)
I did not plan to give then any big role in this

You know everyone is having a picnic outside cooking something so those kids also join in.


File: 1526695107873.jpg (769.31 KB, 1050x910, gm884.jpg)

How about a spit-roasted bunny?


File: 1526698166532.jpg (769.32 KB, 1050x910, gm886.jpg)


good job


File: 1526779831998.jpg (685.39 KB, 1050x910, gm888.jpg)


File: 1526784640430.jpg (697.57 KB, 1050x910, gm890.jpg)

Never did any spit roasting before. Where should it go?


pussy and they should use the ass to play with


This looks great! I love girl spitting and roasting!

And a selfish question: That barbecue set look great. Can you tell from which prop set it is from?


File: 1526860480098.jpg (689 KB, 1050x910, gm892.jpg)

It is this one


File: 1526863221401.jpg (688.7 KB, 1050x910, gm894.jpg)


File: 1526868796284.jpg (696.33 KB, 1050x910, gm896.jpg)


File: 1526869604397.jpg (686.18 KB, 1050x910, gm898.jpg)


File: 1526871922126.jpg (691.16 KB, 1050x910, gm900.jpg)


File: 1526872817796.jpg (657.27 KB, 1050x910, gm902.jpg)


This is turning into an awesome series. Can't wait for the next image!


File: 1526896875997.jpg (703.61 KB, 1050x910, gm904.jpg)

Not enough strength to push it in


File: 1526925927388.jpg (707.7 KB, 1050x910, gm906.jpg)


File: 1526925962523.jpg (718.2 KB, 1050x910, gm908.jpg)


File: 1526925997268.jpg (686.25 KB, 1050x910, gm910.jpg)


File: 1526926029239.jpg (692.38 KB, 1050x910, gm912.jpg)


File: 1526926079365.jpg (684.97 KB, 1050x910, gm914.jpg)


WOW Masterpiece


File: 1527013300696.jpg (716.77 KB, 1050x910, gm916.jpg)


File: 1527013327460.jpg (700.07 KB, 1050x910, gm918.jpg)


File: 1527013356007.jpg (690.03 KB, 1050x910, gm920.jpg)


File: 1527013397939.jpg (689.09 KB, 1050x910, gm922.jpg)


File: 1527013434721.jpg (200.18 KB, 1050x910, gm924.jpg)


File: 1527013470080.jpg (697.81 KB, 1050x910, gm926.jpg)


Still great work. Hope you keep it up.


Should probably remove the rest of bunny-girl's clothes before cooking her.


Very nice , would be cool If it stays the way it started ..... Pain and pleasure , both visible in the face .... Suffer and liking it


I was wondering if anyone will notice and dare to say it :)
You know they are not very experienced cooks


It is the essence of this ...... Less suffering would turn it to a simple hentai , If they don't enjoy it , at least after every round , it would be simple gore ..... Maybe it is to hard for her to endure it and the others need to hold her but when it is finished she is happy ;) .....


File: 1527103222649.jpg (59.48 KB, 628x314, n-TURKEY-FRILLS-628x314.jpg)

>>22451 I think those little cuffs and the collar look a little bit like the booties they used to put on turkeys. I think she looks yummy. Maybe they are made of fireproof material?


File: 1527118680968.jpg (693.7 KB, 1050x910, gm928.jpg)


File: 1527118708749.jpg (785.3 KB, 1050x910, gm930.jpg)


File: 1527118768055.jpg (721.49 KB, 1050x910, gm931.jpg)

Ok, let's see how it will work


Suggestion, Render one scene in which her face is visible where she's glancing at something or grimacing (for example as thr grill is being lit)

She's so immobilized right now, one might otherwise think she's dead if she doesn't at least move her eyes.

Showing her in the process of roasting will certainly be fun too, but I can't wait for when she finally gets off the spit :) A living roast: Brown, juicy, sexy and tasty!

What's the plan, will she still be able to stand and walk?


Yes, good idea. It will mess up the order of pictures posted a bit but it will make it look better.

She is not supposed to stay "alive" after roasting because I need to reset everything somehow as they are all butchered too much already.

I will not reveal the ending yet but if anyone has any requests for some kind of violent deaths for other characters, this is the good chance to have it.

Of crouse nobody will die for real :)



I request the other girl to have her heart removed - still beating. Extra cool if she can touch it and play with it, however briefly!

Do you have a heart 3d model?



I would love to see the black haired girl cut in half at the waist, and licking her own pussy while dying by bleeding out ;)


Now that you made some nice suggestions I noticed that I cannot find good context how to do all that while that girl is being cooked.

I have all necessary models, but this does not fit current moment because I just can't find any reason and a good way to take out her heart right there. You kinda need some chainsaw or something like that to open her.

while cutting her in half is a pretty good idea and I really wanted to do that but again It does not fit this moment when another girl is being cooked so this will be left for the next time after story gets reset.

P.S. what is your opinion on the story progress? Should it continue for as long as possible, retaining all mutilations or it should get reset more often and keep same characters or it should change characters as well?


If the mutiliation is not extrem u can use it .... If an arm is cut off u can burn the leftover so it stop bleeding and is a nice treat , Things like boiling water are painfull but leave the body more or less intact


File: 1527219853481.jpg (746.84 KB, 1050x910, gm929.jpg)

missing picture as requested


is she still alive?

the shoes still have to go .... :)


Sure, it's perfectly fine to cut her (or other characters) after the story resets ;)

I hope you will find a use for the two girls cooking their cocks as well!

And yeah, I love how the story progressed so far, I think the story should go on for as long as possible, retaining all mutilations and adding other ones, and then a big nice reset!

Thanks for all this, you're doing an amazing job Onix!


I think we need a new boy. The boy I would anyway first grilled since he already lost the most important thing :) The girls have so much that you can cut and mutilate. What about the labia or clitoris of the sorceress or Frankenstein. So far, I like it all very well. From me you are welcome to hang on a few hundred pictures until the story ends and a new one is started. :) Good luck and I'm really looking forward to the next pictures!


time for the boy to loose his ass cheeks


the black haired girl could cut herself open, take out and cook her internal organs one by one, starting with her uterus.....?


Good Idea but don't forget (i said it earlier) to keep the balance between suffering and pleasure.... If she won't suffer it will become less spicy


"Good afternoon. JJ, table for 2".


once she's down to heart & lungs she could get sewn up & stuffed with big veggies or cooked cock so she's really swelled up (= 9 months plus swelled) then cooked. that way she could really enjoy it for a long time


I think it would be nice to have one of them (for example the black haired girl) lay on her back on the table, then for someone else to cut open her belly and remove her organs. What to do with tjem, well some can obviously be coked others be thrown away, or masturbated over (although that's tricky since all the cocks have been eliminated)
The interesting thing would be to have her all hollowed out, both the abdominal cavity (which would still be short-time survivable and interesting for the curious victim who sees and feels herself all hollow) and through the abdominal cavity you could also finish the job and take out lungs and heart - WITHOUT needing a chainsaw or other tools beyond a knife.

That of course would be the end for the kinky maiden, but not without seeing her heart outside of her body first and maybe have one last climax or something.

Well the details are anyways up to you, but I think that would cater to a lot of the kinks of a lot of people here, and still be somewhat plausible and doable.

Question: Do you have a hollow girl model to make the empty belly happen (with rips visible and all) - or - is that doable with reasonable effort?

of course once you have that, theres SOOOOOO much mischief you can have with it :-)


I agree with the anon and Blackraven. Gutting would be a perfect direction to go in before resetting if you have the capability.


of course you could have an evil nurse come along und put them back together after they've been butchered......


Will there ne more ? ..... I hope so


yes, there will be more just as usual, I got pretty busy again with other work.
But this story should end pretty soon and I hope it will be somewhat good.
I managed to keep daz3d open on my computer for all month with the latest scene open but did not do anything LOL


Hey hey hey no ending so soon ?


File: 1529879186710.jpg (259.33 KB, 1050x910, gm934.jpg)

I am adding text again in a new way with color coding instead of text bubbles since otherwise, it is unclear what is going on

This scene should get pretty violent and gory.


File: 1529879277845.jpg (209.97 KB, 1050x910, gm936.jpg)


File: 1529879446370.jpg (244.84 KB, 1050x910, gm938.jpg)


You know what this needs? Thought-bubbles! She can't talk like that, but at least as long as she's conscious I'm sure she has her own oppinion about what's going on :)

Something like ...I can feel the fat my tits start sizzling... damn, that tickles... someone baste me please... damn that smells great, what's cooking... is that me?


Hi Onix,

Please continue with this master piece



File: 1532740296736.jpg (257.2 KB, 1050x910, gm940.jpg)

Finally came up with some text for those pictures.


File: 1532740332744.jpg (231.28 KB, 1050x910, gm942.jpg)


File: 1532740371725.jpg (229.55 KB, 1050x910, gm944.jpg)


File: 1532740716578.jpg (266.35 KB, 1050x910, gm946.jpg)


Yayy! He's back.


File: 1532798670034.jpg (241.71 KB, 1050x910, gm948.jpg)


File: 1532798721234.jpg (257.52 KB, 1050x910, gm950.jpg)


File: 1532799516589.jpg (233.07 KB, 1050x910, gm954.jpg)


File: 1532799561636.jpg (249.02 KB, 1050x910, gm956.jpg)


File: 1532799644766.jpg (221.96 KB, 1050x910, gm958.jpg)


File: 1532799674091.jpg (226.58 KB, 1050x910, gm960.jpg)


File: 1532799738288.jpg (234.77 KB, 1050x910, gm962.jpg)


File: 1532799810581.jpg (248.88 KB, 1050x910, gm964.jpg)


File: 1532799906732.jpg (296.88 KB, 1050x910, gm970.jpg)



What happend to the futa sisters? I hope that you include them include them in the future


Most likely they won't be back for any serious action soon. They were just guest characters
this part of the story is about to end and then we will see what to do next.


>>24103 to 24175 . Thta is such a funny scene. Kudos for originality!

But maybe you could try to turn on some emission on the grill an make the green haired girl's skin get browner over time? That would make the grilling much more believable.


Yes you are right about grill I screwed up a bit with that but now I am not sure if it would be appropriate to change it once it is all done so I left it as is.
you are also right about skin color but till this time she was supposed to be alive so I decided to leave her color unchanged


File: 1533257586422.jpg (267.88 KB, 1050x910, gm974.jpg)


File: 1533257621539.jpg (248.51 KB, 1050x910, gm976.jpg)


File: 1533257655879.jpg (207.23 KB, 1050x910, gm980.jpg)


File: 1533257689128.jpg (259.71 KB, 1050x910, gm982.jpg)


File: 1533257735795.jpg (641.53 KB, 1050x910, gm984.jpg)


File: 1533257768516.jpg (570.1 KB, 1050x910, gm986.jpg)


Well this is escalating quickly...


You were interesting before you started making gay content. Why artists keep mixing their straight and gay porn in the same place I will never fucking understand.



Uh... wrong thread..?


this needs a bump :)


Onix where are you?


I am still here but busy with some other work.
No time to make any 3d as it takes quite some time.
I still have plans to continue it later when I will finish at least some of those urgent works




Friendly neighborhood bumperino.

Onix, any progress?


File: 1540085480001.jpg (650.25 KB, 1050x910, gm987.jpg)

Ok, here is an update for you.


File: 1540085561410.jpg (252.63 KB, 1050x910, gm988.jpg)


File: 1540086743989.jpg (239.11 KB, 1050x910, gm989.jpg)


File: 1540087158903.jpg (250.42 KB, 1050x910, gm990.jpg)


File: 1540117070035.jpg (234.27 KB, 1050x910, gm991.jpg)


File: 1540120093987.jpg (631.84 KB, 1050x910, gm992.jpg)


can we get more adults


Actually yes, we are currently making a game on this kind of topic with adult babes with big tits.
but here I have to finish the current scene without introducing new characters.


Nice work as always, looking forward for more!


File: 1544807281731.jpg (629.46 KB, 1050x910, gm993.jpg)

Yay! Gurochan is back.

I was already thinking for alternatives where to post my stuff, and did not made anything new.


Hi gurochan is back up and running, hoping for more




As much as I love the children having so much fun. I must admit. The shemales grilling their cocks is one of the hottest fucking things ever.



hoping for more


File: 1547862931092.jpg (601.71 KB, 1500x1300, gm994.jpg)

finally new picture, I hope from now on they will come out more frequently
I was working on some other non guro series so some time also one guro game is on the plan.

I hope cooking process and coals look good now. In that time they got hotter and the girl roasted pretty well. except her head of course.


File: 1547865321474.jpg (385.39 KB, 1500x1300, gm995.jpg)

Looks like this thread stopped bumping for some reason


The cooked skin texture looks pretty good!



File: 1547952826814.jpg (893.99 KB, 1500x1300, gm996.jpg)


File: 1547953249748.jpg (897.22 KB, 1500x1300, gm997.jpg)


off with the half girls ass then head




I think her lower half should be split in half - through the pussy.

Then put both halves on the grill. They can eat that when the other girl is done.

Then chainsaw her arms off, and put her top half on the grill as well.

Or leave her with one arm, and let her eat while she's already roasting.

Only question is, who deals with the boy if he's all alone…


Ah I forgot, there"s the pirate girl and the zombie, too. So thez can all sit around the grill, half girl roast on the grill and eat. And then they could turn half girl on her back (so her chest doesn't burn) and they could sit around her and eat her chest with knife and fork.

She could join in and eat bits of herself, too, until her chest is down to bones and her head is basically separated.

That'd be so hot, half girl having her backside grilled her head lifted slightly higher to stay awake, staring at her roasted breasts and seeing herself eaten right from the source, while having a taste herself.

Then when all the good bits are gone, someone puts a knife in her chest and cuts her head off with their knife, as if carving a steak.


are you going to finish this story


Yes, but I will wait untill admins will fix bump limit.


Very nice – Thanks for posting this pic of "self acupuncture for Lolis"


Checking bump limit


just another bump test :-)


Hey guys just testing the bump limit. I love this comic series. Does the boy and girl have names.



Ok, looks like bump limit is removed so I can continue those series as well.
No i did not think any names for them. Just using color coding LOL


the boys tummy growls needing food, time to slice off the roasted girl ass cheek


bring back the Frankenstein girl with the boy's dick and remove the dick then place it on the grill.



It makes me really sad that the two futas who were grilling their cocks just disappeared…


Thank you for adding futas grilling their own dicks, it's something I really enjoy.


maybe they will come back in another story? LOL

Nice to hears that Without such comments it is pretty hard to know what you like to see more

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