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New series posting here.


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not off to a bad start but but the ridiculous facial expressions kinda took me out of the 'moment'...consider giving them more work before continuing


Always good to se a new artist rise. The 3d section is amazing.
The general posing, the background and the posign where good for me but i agree with him >>8925, some facial expression where too much for my tastes. Thats my constructive critic, unless this will be your style for posing, then i'll have nothing aggainst that.



Meh, V4 has never had great facial expressions. I personally like the over-exaggerated expressions, so that's what I go with now and then. It's not meant to be realistic. Thanks for the comments though.


I see, indeed daz 3d can be very limited some times i tried posing but without the purchase of packs it's impossible to make good stuff. I couldn't. xD. I'm glad that you started posting new content. I thank you for that and hope for more in the future ^^.



Besides, i'm allways happy to se elf guro xD


well if thats what you were going for then I withdraw my critic...and I do sincerely hope you'll continue..especially since your elf is only wounded and not YET dead.


please do more mate or someone continue where redic left off idc..this is both funny and arousing.

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