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All images were made by Donkboy.


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Sorry, his images are so big, I can only psot small size ones.


wow!I like!


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Zarya and Mercy are dirty kinky whores with a huge scat fetish. They are interested in anything that involves poop. Shitting on others, being shat on, eating shit, etc. They are always trying to to come up with dirtier ideas. Mercy particularly enjoys cute or very young boys shitting or being shat on. Zarya is more dirty of the two. She shits a lot larger and more frequently. She doesn't care what or who she fucks.

This evening, Zarya and Mercy decided to bring their kid friend Nick. he also shares their scat interests. They were extremely horny this night so they went to a alley and all stripped buck naked, not caring if anyone will see them.

Zarya begins by taking a huge dump on the floor. She picks up one of her turds and and gives it a blowjob. She is imagining that a homeless black man stumbles upon her taking a dump and starts sucking his dick. She continues shitting while deep throating her own turd while fantasizing about being spotted.

Nick is much smaller and younger than Zarya, but he can take a huge dump as well. Poop begins oozing out of his ass and Mercy makes Nick put one of his turds in his own mouth. Mercy then lifts up her milky white feet and starts giving the turd a footjob. She strokes the turd like shes stroking a dick.

No one ends up discovering their scat party, much to their dismay. Zarya ends up squirting from her solo scat play. Mercy blue-balls Nick. She cruelly teased Nick even though Nick was ready to empty his balls with a huge load.


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Story to come later.



Later on in the week, Zarya and Mercy get extremely horny and decide to call Nick again in the evening. The three decide to do another scat exhibition in a public place. The thought of them being completely naked outside while taking a dump with the possibility of being watched by strangers gets them really excited. Mercy and Nick prepared for this moment days earlier so it can be easier for them to shit. Zarya however, is a natural shitter that doesn't need much preparation.

They arrive at a public bathroom that is known to be frequented by homeless people, drug addicts and other kinds of deviants. Zarya and Mercy begin to strip their clothes without a care of being seen. Not even examining the area to see if there is anyone around or if the toilets are vacant. Nick follows their leads and removes his jeans revealing his his throbbing rock-hard dick. His cock is already twitching just from looking at Zarya's and Mercy's naked bodies. He loves the contrast between Zarya's huge muscular frame and Mercy's snow-white angelic body.

Zarya doesn't waste any time and immediately begins to take a dirty stance, lifting her right leg in the air and placing her hands behind her head. Nick gets a great view of her vagina and asshole puckering up. Not having masterbated in two weeks, he rushes over to Zarya and mounts her while shes still in that position. Zarya remains balanced on one leg while pushing her shit out out her ass and being pounded in the vagina by Nick. Long, huge turds begin pouring out of Zarya's ass. Thats when Nick pulls out and climaxes all over her vagina while logs of shit being to pile up on the floor.

Mercy was fingering herself the whole time to Zarya being creampied while taking a massive shit. Mercy holds off on taking a dump and decides to indulge on her secondary fetish, feet. She sits on the floor and signals Nick to come over. She lifts her feet in the air and clamps it around Nick's cock. Nick enjoys Mercy's big milky white feet. Some evenings, he would lick her feet and suck her toes for an hour. Mercy's smooth soft feet begin to tightly stroke his cock. Even though Nick just cummed, he shoots out another huge thick load all over Mercy's soles. Mercy then goes into the most dirty shitting stance that she can - squatting with double peace signs and her tongue hanging our of her mouth. Three logs of shit oozes out of her ass in quick succession.

Even though Nick just came twice and watched two hot girls take a shit, he is more horny than ever. The smell of shit and Nick's semen beigin to fill the bathroom. Nick sits down and lifts his legs in the air. His dick is still throbbing even after he came twice. One long piece of poop beings flowing out of his ass and spirals upwards almost like soft-serve ice cream. Zarya and Mercy pressure him to to jerk off all over his own turd. Nick beings to furiously stroke his thick cock until he sprays his cum all over his freshly-made shit. Mercy jokingly mocks him saying "What kind of pervert boy tries to impregnate his own shit?" Those words turn Nick on more and he tries to squeeze every last drop of cum out of his cock head. Zarya looks at the smelly poop coated with milky cum almost like she wants to try a taste of it.

The three of them leave their mess behind and gather their closes before leaving completely satisfied.


oh good~

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