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File: 1478231856614.jpg (109.03 KB, 752x1063, cookie_and_the_libido_rush….jpg)


I wanna see more of cookie and her insides.


I tried to use her in daz3d but her model does not work properly. so I gues there will not be that much content with her


Oh damn. That sucks heh. But cool tho



I managed to solve problems with Cookie model so I will make some soft guro pictures with her.


Awesome I can't wait to see!!


Instead of bumping it pointlessly Jow about sharing your ideas of what exactly you would like to see happening with Cookie?


All sorts depraved shit heh cookie getting fucked and gutted or fucked In half or her mutilated body being violate. Or little cookie getting chopped up and Butchered for food heh.

I just wanna see some extreme shit happen to her.


My question was more specific because you can't have all that stuff happening at once, unfortunately, you have to choose and it must be doable too.

I am currently working on other series. but if there is some interesting idea I may try it, Just keep in mind that I prefer funny stuff or at least there must be no serious suffering.
Chopping up/stabbing/skewering is relatively easy to do adding blood effects is considerably harder, and seeing insides while they are still inside is hardest.
So you can try to describe some scene or at least some concept what is happening and why, and we will see what can be done

In other words, try to participate yourself in the creative process.


How about Cookie being shot or stabbed in the cunt?


This is pretty easy.
But unless you just want one random picture with the knife stabbed in her pussy, Think about some funny story why that happens to her.


how about spitroasting and eating her


File: 1504563174466.jpg (736.23 KB, 1050x910, Cookie hell.jpg)

Ok, here is one picture.
Let's call if Cookie in hell.
She is not very pleased with that demon. LOL

So whoever wants to help the demon to do her job here is your chance. LOL
However, there is a rule that if you want your request done you must have another name than "anonymous"
Do it in the roleplay format.


This cauldron is a bit too small


File: 1504565743755.jpg (745.48 KB, 1050x910, Cookie hell2.jpg)



File: 1504568196486.jpg (802.92 KB, 1050x910, Cookie hell3.jpg)

Does it count as pussy torture?


These are awesome!!! Is there any chance we could see any sort of dismemberment or disembowlment?


My name is Fuuby. And thank you alot!! :)


Yes dismemberment or disembowelment is possible

If you want something like that, describe what scene you would like to see.


Hm maybe a hard vote scene of a some sort of mutant lobster fucking her (while she is in a swimsuit or nude.) as it tears her arms shoulder blade and some of her ribs out. Basically getting ripper apart.

Or maybe some. Some sort of masked killer chopping her apart or punching her and disembowling her.

How are those ideas? Do that sound possible?

Or what about killer or monster aftermath like some sort of cookie crime scene?


Ok, I got the idea what kind of stuff you have in mind.
I will do will not be exactly what you said because I do not have monsters and it is kind of a waste to spend time on ugly character.

I guess it will be better as fight scene between Star and Cookie Maybe including other characters too.

Or maybe Cookie as fairy getting eaten by someone.


File: 1504884317090.jpg (837.46 KB, 1050x910, cc3.jpg)

Murder scene


Nice heh I like the cartoon bones too.

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