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The first attempt to create an animation, a very interesting process, I want to do it with a certain periodicity.


That's really cool! Keep throwing them at us, when ever you feel like it.


holy shit, ALL THE YES!!!!


Well hot damn. I'm actually having trouble believing this is your first attempt at animating in SFM. Great work!


Very nice. Just make it a bit smoother and it'll be glorious (the loops/renders).


You have my attention


It is a pleasure to read such things, thank you for writing.
I decided to try to make the animation more quickly as possible.
(My english is bullshit, i'm Russian retard: D)

Angle1 -
Angle2 -


wow nice work ;)


These are great


I like~


Freaking awesome man, great stuff. Is it possible you can kill Nyotengu off?


File: 1476478179525.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1920x1080, poster.jpeg)


Well that's pretty brutal. I love the motion she's still got. Necro's all well and good but just barely-alive is the best!




File: 1476555127640.jpeg (1008.04 KB, 1920x1080, poster.jpeg)



Ooh wow!


I have the weird urge to smash the toy to the hilt into her head... damn


I asked you to kill Nyotengu off and I just want to say THANKS AND THATS awesome af. Very creative having him saw her wings off and fuck her eye with a purple dildo. Thats awesome.


Yup, that's pretty much exactly what I'm talking about! Great details!


Amazing work, would you do something with Palutena?


Are great, you can try to eye rape or Brain rape


YES! rape these noble bitch, until they brains overflow


File: 1476875883942.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1920x1080, poster.jpeg)


I loved it.


That is incredible. Brain fuck Kat right in front of Lady's eyes, forcing her to watch while making her wet with a dildo. Thats hawt that they are making Lady cum to her friend being brain fucked. Once Lady masterbates to Kat getting brain fucked, what is the guy going to do with Lady?

Have you seen a brainfuck blowjob? Its when the dick goes through the brain like this, but out of Kat's mouth and into Lady's mouth. Its like Lady is making out with Kat's corpse while also taking in the dick. That would be hawt, Lady is forced to make out with her dead friend while also sucking the dick.


Awesome work! Please keep it up! :-)


woooo..this cool!


File: 1476962835443.png (1.15 MB, 1920x1028, image00120.png)

Awesome stuff dude. Can you do some Hitomi next?

P.S hope you enjoy my crappy XPS pic



Who are these two?


File: 1477072641140.jpeg (1.74 MB, 1920x1080, poster.jpeg)

Palutena & Tentacle

Angle1 -
Angle2 -
Angle3 -

The first attempt to work with the tentacle, I do not like the result, but spent a lot of time.

>>7362 Ok, Hitomi next.

>>7370 Side characters "Devil may cry"


File: 1477091487878.png (1.04 MB, 1920x1017, image00641.png)

Cheers bro! Although everything you've done so far has been fantastic, I'd like to have Hitomi be clearly dead or go from clearly alive to clearly dead in an animation. If that's too hard to do for any reason, then do whatever you come up with.

P.S Another crappy XPS pic incoming showcasing the kind of expression I like


I think they look really good! I've heard animating tentacles in SFM is a pain in the ass though.


Yeah, the tentacles are a bit of a pain in the ass. A billion bones and any turn that isn't perfect turns them into lumpy sausage links. Still, good stuff!


Great brain play would love to see this with some of the fighter girls maybe from the fighter games. your work is awesome !


Awesome, thanks! Next time I would like to see the eyes though, the expressions they make as they struggle, eyes rolling to the back of their head, etc. are usually my favorite part. Otherwise great work, love the tentacles, I look forward to more.


Wow!! Awesome stuff! I'll second the vote to see Hitomi snuffed.

I'd love to see her skull fucked and beheaded. Once her head is off, have her body gang raped while her head is used as an onahole. The final shot would be of her broken body and cum-filled head thrown in the trash. :-)


I'd love to see something of that Mercy Witch model from Overwatch, maybe have her getting raped, or snuffed, or necro fucked by dogs or some kind of monsters? Especially if one of them was fucking her decapitated head or skullfucking her some other way.


File: 1477185362671.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1920x1080, poster.jpeg)


Angle1 -
Angle2 -
Angle3 -
Angle4 -

True story - My girlfriend saw what I was doing in his spare time, not saying anything she packed up and went to her friend, my first thought - I'll have more time for the animation, the second - more money, of course.
How can I explain? :D

>>7420 Thank you, Hitomi served at the table)

>>7419 Thank you, I will take note)

>>7415 Thank you, Everything is for you)

>>7405 I hope that it is quite dead :D


I'm sad to hear and glad for knowing the way you think. I like your art and i hope you get doing it.



Actually, when my girlfriend found out i like guro first she was scared but as time went on she realised i'm not dangerous in anny way and now we are ok. Just don't give up man!!!!


Awesome work! Would you please more Palutena guro?


Animation done great! To the point proposal, the upper body can still be alive, looking at their lower body was XXX better ~



people are too quick at judging i feel bad for you man :/


Awesome! Thank you!!


beautiful work ... thanks man


Amazing work! I especially dig the fact that you're not shy about making eye penetrations while the girl is still conscious.

Say, I wouldn't want to sound like a prick, but there is something I'd really like to see, if you're running out of ideas.
I liked that death animation in one of the Resident Evil where a zombie forced something in the character's mouth, and after a few seconds, the character started to convulse, the head would explode, and some creature came out.
Do you think you could think about making something similar? Like, a (naked) girl being conscious, on the ground, suddently having spasms, and then having tentacles popping out of her eyes/ears/nose/mouth/pussy/ass/nipples/navel/whatever. She'd try to struggle a few seconds before giving up and dying.
Or maybe just a half-dead girl having her entire body infested with tentacles, still trying to struggle, if you're more comfortable with loops.

The guro world needs more sudden deaths caused by the body being suddently taken over, with tentacles exploding out of every orifice, the girl being confused, trying to struggle as she lost all her senses and slowly giving up, as her brain is getting ravaged by tentacles until her mind disappears and leaves an empty shell, shaken by residual reflexes triggered by the infestation.


File: 1478081377790.jpeg (865.45 KB, 1920x1080, poster.jpeg)

No Mercy


>>7610 Thanks! I can think of something)

>>7428 No problem, I was too crafty and cute to just walk away from me)

Thank you all for the kind words)


I like this face!



Good job but she's too cute for fuck her head only, any chance to get witch mercy fucked with her entire body intact?


OMG. Mercy Head fuck. This is amazing!!!!



Amazing work, its surprising how there hasnt been any SFM guro done with her yet. Also, I second with other guy that you should do something with her full model, perhaps in the original outfit if youre doing more.


loving your work. Great headplay here, would love more like it.
Would you consider a loop for this to upload that is the same but with her head just getting pushed down and moved around? Noticed the loop has 2 movements. One thrust and one push down. Maybe loops of both could work without having to change anything?

you rock bro!


File: 1478542092452.jpeg (664.99 KB, 1920x1080, poster.jpeg)

Life is Strange : Part 1


Finally figured out the Particle Systems, will be more fun)
Thank you all for your kind words)


Wow, nice, that is brutal. What do you mean Part 1?
Part 2 should be:
He should slice Chloe's head off and insert it onto Max's headless body. Then fuck Max with Clhloe's head, that would be grreat.


>>7700 bump


this is awesome would love to see max brain or eye getting done by a guy!
your work is awesome!


Hey Skda

If you're still doing requests, can we get more Doa girls? I've not seen any of Lei Fang on here.


File: 1479848961115.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1920x1080, poster.jpeg)


Wow amazing! Forcing Clhloe to watch her headless best friend being fucked. Also, shes drugged, the drugs probably make her cum and super horny. So shes unwillingly cumming to her headless best friend being neck fucked.

When he puts Clhloe's head on Max's body, can you please put a dog's head on Chloe's body? Its a reminder that shes just a bitch. That would be amazing.


This is great! thank!


File: 1480503871103.jpeg (447.49 KB, 1920x1080, poster.jpeg)



Hello, I wanted to practice with the tentacles, and kill someone from Overwatch, any suggestions?

>>7983 I do not like animal abuse

>>8045 Everything is for you


Tracer please


i think you should go for Zarya next, because her raw body strength makes it especially interesting.
would be awesome to see some thick tentacles raping her eye sockets and pulling her legs apart while her arms are already torn off.

also, if you don't mind it, i'd suggest futanari, especially with Zarya, giving her a nice big set of balls and a large cock that's also ripe for tentacle abuse (especially if a tentacle would torture her peehole and dig down to her balls)


Love the through and through on those tentacles!


I'm gonna throw in a vote for Mercy.


I would say Mercy as well, or since you do two characters a lot. Mercy and Zarya.



Mercy please! Symettra would be great too, probably the only character I havent found guro for yet.


File: 1480706683746.jpeg (912.75 KB, 1920x1080, poster.jpeg)



Hello, have time to work on animations, I can not choose between Zarya and Mercy, let it be a surprise, I guess.

>>8065 I have not worked with futa, it will be interesting to try.

>>8104 Interesting.

>>8108 Symmetra after Zarya and Merci)


Also, please make Mercy buck naked. She has a amazing fat white ass.


Femshep plz


this cool!


wow some many new animations and alot of overwatch themed this is great :D keep up the good stuff and don't worry ot take it up a notch in forms of brutality :D (with teh tents...)


File: 1482543567153.jpeg (575.28 KB, 1920x1080, poster.jpeg)



The first try to work with futa, it was interesting, next Mercy and Life is strange 3\3.

>>8137 I love Mass Effect, I want to make an animation with my favorite characters. (And Femshep too)

>>8280 Thank you)

>>8578 My small knowledge of the English language was not allowed to read this comment: D
Anyway, thank you, I will try.


Wow, this is nice!
BTW the angle of the preview image is also attractive, could you add an gif from this angle?


Oh do not like FUTA, look forward to your new work ^ ^


Great Work! Can you do Zarya non-futa version pls? And what about some Warcraft chars?


Great! Refueling~


love the head play ones !


File: 1488061929978.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1920x1080, poster.jpeg)


Holy shit SKDA, That was some of the best mass effect guro I have ever seen! Would be super happy if you continued to snuff out the crew of the normandy.


Woot. Woot ^_^

Great stuff.


I support this idea.


Holly shit its really nice. But where is femshep?




i really love the sniper using kasumis head as a hand puppet


That Mass Effect one.. Amazing job dude.


Would you do something with sailor mars or belldandy. Anything brain. Brain sex, eating or good ole mindflayer


не могли бы вы сделать работу с Тиной Армстронг из DOA?


love your work!!! How is the computer doing? You mentioned it like burned out?

Love the headplay stuff in this and the Zelda one, there just isnt much out there sadly. Tons of tent stuff though :P

any chance seeing any of the KOF girls getting it in their eye or from the back of their head or even using their neck on their head if that makes sense?

MAybe the angel in this one if you like? not sure what your into but its a pretty hot model, if not maybe I could dig for something that fits?


this is great making her watch while the other is brained, this would be great with that pair from life is strange!!!


Your work is definitely the best! Really love your neck guro SFM




Mass Effect one is fucking awesome! Does need a FemShep though!


Do you ever plan to do another work with tracer?


File: 1492233879648.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1920x1080, ChunLi&Juri.jpeg)

Juri & Chun Li


Hello everyone again, very glad that there is activity in my thread, thank you for your support and kind words. (Sorry for my English)

>>10052 Soon I want to finish off the remainder of the Normandy women's team.

>>10151 А что бы вы хотели увидеть с Тиной?)

>>10167 The motherboard was burned, it was successfully revived, unfortunately the computer began to work at 40-50% worse, Source filmmaker crashes 3-5 times per hour, this is the reason for the big pauses between the new animations.

I have never played KOF, there is no particular pleasure in doing animations with characters that you do not know, but everything can be.

>>10300 Unfortunately, all previous work was lost, if there is animation of LIS, then in isolation from the previous parts.

>>11155 Just wanted to return to the characters Overwatch.


Planning any D.Va animation?


great work and welcome back


Love your stuff man, keep it up, and your English is great


THis is amazing!!!! would love see bayonetta girl if possible getting skulled or maybe through ears from 2 guys at same time?


any chance of re upping this ? LOve the miranda eye fuck but its kinda dark, any chance uploading that one shot of her in loop with an added light source to see her better? The rest of the clips are great and that one is still awesome!!!


Приветствую, SKDA!
Не планируете что-либо из Варкрафта? Там есть куча персонажей для подобных сцен, на мой взгляд.
PS Спасибо за прекрасные работы!


can you do something starring 2b from nier?


File: 1493103537841.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1920x1080, Pharah.jpeg)

Pharah part:1


Hi all again, what's interesting to do with Pharah?

>>11238 Thanks, Platinum Games in line.

>>11239 Unfortunately all previous work is lost, maybe I'll do it separately.

>>11258 А какие у вас есть идеи?) 100 сообщение, можно сказать юбилей, так что следующая работа будет по Варкрафту)

Thank you all for your kind words, if someone has an interest in my little thread, I will continue to make animations and develop in the work with the SFM)


phara looks cute that color


А вот с идеями не очень хорошо, если честно.
Просто подожду очередной великолепной работы *thumps_up*


She looks cute in that situation too ☺☺☺


this is a effen work of art!!!!

thanks bro for your hard work pulling that off, its def worth it!


I love your ow works! Thank you so much!






Let genji fuck her dead body while widow is kissing her




with bayonetta coming to steam would love to see her get brained through that ponytail on top. I cant be the only one who thought of this right?>




OP, you die? Lol




If I am correct are you not Fractual sun as well? If so are you ever gonna do movies again?


Sorry that is not where I mean to post that.






Miranda eyefuck

Modified version of the old animation, at the request of the anonymus)


>>11411 С варкрафтом не вышло, ничего путевого не выходит)


Беда, беда. Я ж 3 месяца ждал годноты :D


В смысле по варкрафту.
PS Новая работа - великолепна! С возвращением.


Wow, SKDA is happy to see you again, the new animation is great



amazing thanks bro!


Wow these are some of the best guro animations I have ever seen. You have a gift for this sort of thing :D
Would you be interested in creating "bad endings" for Witcher 3 women? Shani, Triss, Yennifer and the rest.... Just giving you some ideas :)

My personal tastes (feel free to ignore this part):
In guro, I am not a fan of beheaded or torn in half women. Just my personal preferences (I like them whole)


can someone please tell me where to get the bloody stumps (gunshot/decapitation wounds) blood particles, etc. from?


Not an expert in sfm but think you could check out



thanks :)


File: 1506787420143.jpg (37.71 KB, 1024x576, Raven.jpg)

Raven Headfuck

Hello everyone, I'm back (If anyone ever noticed that I was missing: D)
Any ideas for the next animation?

>>12537 Извини дружище, совсем я далек от Вов, если бы можно было пилить гуро по Heartstone, я бы нарисовал как меня джейд друид разъебывает, а так, совсем не идет, может что-то выйдет, не надейся слишком сильно)

>>12553 You can try it, if it's still relevant for you, sign below, I'll give you my mailbox.


Welcome back! I like the way Raven's eyes are moving as she's brainfucked. Can you make an animation with Yuna from Final Fantasy X?


Something went wrong, there are strange waves on the animation, I will not re-cast, if you do not ask.


I noticed and i miss you so hard! :D
Yup - i have one idea, that i wanted to share with OP, but since you're asking, im gonna write it here :D

How about necromancy? I saw one work from Pestilence using Yennefer, but it was kinda lame/low gore. How about using magic on dead bodies (im thinking about dead harem). For example making girl with head cut in half doing cowgirl position on necromancer or another girl doing something like blowjob, but with her eye socket. A lot of possibilities to be honest, maybe you will come out with something extreme.
I'm also always hungry for some 'trapped and breeded' in a hive or mindflyers - these are kinda rare last days. Same for death in process.

Nice to see you back :D


Да и черт с ним, с ВоВом. Главное вернулся :D


Never thought I'd live to see the day. Finally some Raven action. I wouldn't dare to ask for more. You made my week sir. Thanks a lot


Can you please do more of life is strange


Well, I do request this one alot but only Pudzuz has actually managed to completely construct and execute it well. But, I would like to see what you can do aswell since you looking for ideas.

-Jax performs MKX Fatality on Mileena where he crushes in her arms snaps the top part of her head open, exposing the throat/teeth etc, then proceeds to throat fuck and cum in her throat {pulls out to show cum (cum starts dripping out before then)} then rips remaining body in half tit fucks upper portion (cums on tits), fucks both vaginally and anally the bottomportion of the body cums* {cum shoot out intestine part of bottom half (some intestines fall out too)} .

*As a bonus scene you could have jax rip off her head and skull fuck her {fucks mouth hole cum seeps through head (some out eyes/nose) , but inparticular seeps out neck. And one where he goes through the neck hole and out the mouth hole, but this time when he cums he gives the head a "volcano" facial and when hes done with the head he uses the body (throat) and cums there too.

Trying not to give too many ideas away trying to preserve for pudzuz but that one is free for all and has been on my list for a long time. Longer than black Darth Vador skull fucking Sheva;)


this is great would love to see something like you did before with max getting brained while sam has to watch


А что собственно не получается с варкрафтом-то? идей нет или просто реализовать тяжело?


Yay, he's back. You should do a lot more behead/decap/headless ones. Robots, girls, all the fun stuff.


these are great! loving your stuff, really great shots of her getting brained.

do you still have it to make a version of angle 2 where the camera isnt moving all over? I dunno why but it kinda makes me seasick.


fuggen amazing !


File: 1510345033831.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1920x1080, Mavis.jpeg)

Mavis Brainfuck

>>15197 This interesting)

>>15210 Bless you!

>>15214 We will see)

>>15320 Да я сам не знаю, обычно само идет, а с варкрафтом никак)


Great animation, exciting!


those eyes!


Holy hell, I havent checked this board before. What a find. Excellent work! eyefucking is such a hard fetish to find stuff for. I really enjoy the simi-alive movements made by the girls in your animations. I spend most of my time here lurking the lit board for non-lethal guro because the thought of shrugging off a life ending sexual injury is really hot for some reason.

I have loads of photoshop image manipulations of this kind of stuff but I dont know where to share it...


dam that is good making the other watch, would love to see this with elizabeth bioshock clones.


please no, there is too much elizabeth already


this good!





Where? and there is never enough, most of it sucks.

Whats great about this author is they put in good lighting so we can actually see whats happening which is a huge game changer.


Elizabeth is never enough!


that is awesome! big fan of brain stuff and this is just right! Hope to see more in the future so few do it and do it right.


Please reup mavis brainfuck


That, and Elizabeth isn't good enough. She has just gotten loops of a one thing. There needs to be a full animation for Elizabeth!


that looks amazing, can you throw it on mega, the mix died :P


Are you still alive SKDA :o Big fan


can some kind anon put these on mega, the mixtape links are deded :P


this looks awesome!!!! love the lighting! thanks kind anon for revision request!


Can you do lina from dota?


They aren't, just change the "my" to "track5", if that doesn't work, try 4/6/7/8/9



IT WORKS, That's actually huge since there are a lot of mixtape works considered lost (for example in OP's thread).

That advice should have it's own topic in order to reach more people IMHO


very nice work to see.

would you consider render in HD and up to dropbox or mega for us? Sadly due to file size it is all blurry and you work to hard to be cheated by render!



Love the prgoess you made


Thread is dead?


File: 1566084715146.jpg (730.42 KB, 1920x1080, tsuyu.jpg)

Hello gurochan!
I continued to make animations to diversify your expectation of new OP work.


привет, давненько тебя не было


aw crap mavis is gone!

someone plz mega so we dont miss out on such glorious work.


Very nice! More character variation is appreciated!


Do you use MMD model? any chance of doing a Roll Caskett guro if there is an open source MMD model of her?


this method doesnt appear to be working anymore.

If anyone has the mavis files plz up to a mega for us xDDD



File: 1575728603995.jpg (1.03 MB, 2661x2100, 8.jpg)


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