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First hard guro animation I've ever made. Any suggestions/requests with the Mortal Kombat Girls? I have Sonya, Cassie, and Kitana.


Well you can make one of them a futa to fuck the other and then make Goro or whatever come and bash their heads and rip their guts! It the new trend around here! ;)


Kitana please!!

Great job on your first one btw!


I like what you're already doing. Goro adds a fun twist with his arms. Kitana mainly would be my choice, probably.


Love it!! You sir are talented :)


This is seriously fucking amazing.


how about guro's inhumanly long cock going through all 3 of their skulls in a skewer?

amazing work btw!


Any suggestions as to what is happening to our poor Kitana? I was thinking of having Baraka fuck her throat, but then I thought you she wouldn't be recognized. Would you guys like that?


Jade. Miss her


Kitana getting skullfucked from behind as she dies. Nobody has done that before


A story from DeathStalker. I really enjoy reading his story. Probably you can make one for Jade?

Kitana’s impotent words were met with laughter from Shang Tsung and Quan Chi. The white-skinned sorcerer twisted Jade’s head from side to side a couple times before ripping her head free from her body. A bloody length of her spine tore its way free as well, dangling from her head like a gruesome bone-tail. Jade’s headless corpse remained perched on her knees for a moment before falling forward to land heavily on her large breasts, squishing them flat underneath the weight of her muscular body. Quan Chi turned to face Kitana, holding Jade’s head out in front of him. He tore her blood stained face mask away so Kitana could get an unobstructed view of her friend’s slack, lifeless face. “So much for your dearly devoted defender,” he said with a chuckle as he freed his cock from his pants and stroked it to hardness.

Lowering Jade’s head, Quan Chi’s ethereal magic poured into the woman’s severed head, manipulating her dead nerve endings back to some twisted form of life. Her half-lidded eyes blinked slowly, freeing another set of tears to roll down her damp cheeks, although it was clear her eyes no longer saw anything, even the hard, white-skinned cock of the sorcerer as it dangled an inch in front of her slightly parted lips. Her jaw flexed, forcing her mouth open further, and her bloody tongue pushed free of her lips, wiggling enticingly. Quan Chi pulled Jade’s head closer to him and groaned as he continued to manipulate her flesh, forcing her tongue to lick the tip of his prick.

While Quan Chi enjoyed manipulating Jade’s head, Shang Tsung hooked his hands into the dead warrior’s armpits and lifted her back up into a kneeling position. He tore away the front of her outfit, exposing her tanned tits. A quick check of Kitana ensured that the ice holding her in place was still holding her solidly so he stepped towards Jade’s corpse and slipped his erection between her breasts. Letting the woman’s body lean against his thighs, he took hold of her soft tits and pushed them together around his cock, driving his member through her cleavage. He stroked his thumbs over the dark flesh of her nipples, feeling the hard nubs pressing against him.

The mixture of blood and sweat covering Jade’s chest helped to lubricate Shang Tsung’s strokes and it didn’t take him long to tit-fuck the dead woman with quick pumps. He shifted her breasts up and down around him then, pinching down on each of her nipples, he guided them separately, moving one mound of flesh upwards while forcing the other down. The fresh sensations drew a groan of pleasure from deep in Tsung’s throat as he savored his defeat and defilement of the powerful woman. But as nice as Jade’s cooling tits felt shifting around his member, he knew it would pale in comparison to finally putting an end to Kitana once and for all.

Jade’s re-animated lips suckled along the length of Quan Chi’s cock as he guided her severed head back and forth against him. Her bloody spinal column twitched wildly, mirroring the pleasurable excitement the sorcerer felt as the dead woman’s mouth teased his erect dick. He influenced the woman’s eyes so that they opened wide and stared up at him, moving to maintain eye contact with him as her head shifted back and forth. The illusion that she was still alive, watching him as he forced her to suck his cock, furthered Quan Chi’s pleasure. His heavy balls boiled with cum, ready to spew freely into the dead woman’s mouth and drip its way down what was left of her throat to drain to the floor below. But he held off, wanting to savor the manipulated ministrations of her lips and tongue for a while longer.

Although the ice surrounding her body had melted and weakened gradually, Kitana’s entire body felt too numb to move. Part of it was due to the physical reality of having been contained within the ice for so long, but there was a large part of the numbness flowing through her at the sight of Shang Tsung and Quan Chi brutally violating her friend and bodyguard’s corpse. The tears running from her eyes showed no signs of stopping as she softly muttered about how they were both sick monsters, her voice too low for the two sorcerers to hear her. When Quan Chi finally pulled his glistening, bloody prick from Jade’s unnaturally living mouth, she thought the horror might finally be drawing to a close. To her further dismay, she quickly discovered that it was not.

Dropping Jade’s head, Quan Chi released his magical hold over that particular part of her body. The woman’s face twitched a few times before it returned to its previous lifeless state. Still sporting a raging hard-on, the white-skinned sorcerer poured his magic into Jade’s headless body. A green glow surrounded her form and a moment later her arms jerked to unnatural life. One arm reached out towards Quan Chi, wrapping her delicate fingers around his girth and beginning to stroke along his length. The other slid towards Shang Tsung, slipping between his legs to massage his testicles. The two sorcerers shared a chuckle at the way the dead bitch’s body was being forced to participate in her post-mortem rape.

Shang Tsung stepped back from Jade’s body enough so that her hand could slide up to grip his dick, jerking him off as she was Quan Chi. It took only a minimal amount of Quan Chi’s sorcery to force the headless woman to shake her exposed tits for them as her hands pumped away, gradually picking up speed. The two sorcerers came within moments of one another. Shang Tsung fired his hot spunk over Jade’s tanned, jiggling breasts while Quan Chi aimed for the woman’s bloody neck stump, managing to get a few shots of jizz into the gaping hole of her torn esophagus. As their orgasms ended, Jade’s hands fell away from their wilting members and a moment later, her body slumped onto her back. Like her head, the body jerked awkwardly for several seconds as Quan Chi’s magic worked its way out of her muscles.

Quan Chi turned back to Jade’s severed head, planting his foot on top of it and making sure that Kitana was watching as he pressed down hard. The dead woman’s head managed to withstand the growing pressure for scant moments before her skull was crushed underneath Quan Chi’s foot. Her eyes shot out of their sockets, followed closely by pulped brain matter. Bones crunched and flesh squished, leaving behind nothing that even vaguely resembled the once beautiful warrior’s visage. Quan Chi scrapped the gore of Jade’s head off on the throne room floor, leaving a bloody streak in his wake.


Sonya being 1st fucked by monsters in ass and mouth /spitroasted. And then being ripped in half and fucked again! Or anything including her ass/anal i love her ass!


Neat Story Kelvin. Know where I can find the rest of it?


not a fan of intestines,or animations loops without endingz(just feels incomplete and dissatisfying),
also cant tell whos being destroyed in this loop,like,no idea.
BUT,the animation quality,is SHIT FUCK AMAZING.must've taken some work for sure,great great talent and attention to detail,but i'd rather see a complete segement like a 50 sec animation with a start and an ending a month from now than a new 2 second loop every day,its just that dissatisfying when its just a loop.
anyway deepest thanks for the effort.



Oh god, yes please. Kitana! Kill Kitana in many ways. As many as you want. As many as you can handle!

Anything with Kitana is fine, but of course, but I for one would love to see Kitana being raped after being torso-ripped. Maybe have her body cavity being fucked? Tit-job on her corpse?


Oooo one of the girls being slowly lowered into acid, her naked body squirming as she screams in terror and pain. She is submerged for a second only to be pulled back up to be revealed as a decomposed slab of gore and bone


Or maybe being slowly swallowed alive by a nasty creature to be horrifically digested alive



Baraka throat-fuckign Kitana would be fine. If you're into Baraka as an aggressor, another suggestion might be Baraka doing his "Blade Lift" fatality on Kitana, using the blades to hold her in place as he fucks her corpse in various positions.

Your model, what does it look like? It would make it easier to tell what's going on, and I would personally prefer, if instead of a fully nude model, you used one where she's still wearing her mask, boots, and gloves. At the very least, so long as Kitana's got her mask and boots on, I think we'll have no problem making sense of our animations!


Is this the same deathstalker that used to post on adultfanfiction the ongoing Resident evil crossover from long ago cause I will always remember those?



Probably. There's only one Deathstalker, and he's done a lot of Resident Evil work. Check out his forum! Sign up and chat with the guys; they're a great bunch of sick fucks.


Jade or cassie, fucked hard, stabbed in the chestboob couple of times, continous fucking until he gets insane, rips or cuts her head or and countinue to fuck her until she is in pieces


agreed, cassie or jade or mileena. Fucked hard and killed and the fucking continues until he rips her apart


Kitana. Kill and rape Kitana.


Your work is amazing! I'd love to see Goro brutalizing some DOA girls. :-D


Dark Raiden, just defeated Kitana. He sits her on his lap, so that our heroine is riding him cowgirl style. It is difficult, mechanically-speaking, to perform a Rapeality in a female-dominate position such as that one, but fear not, friends! Dark Raiden has a plan! The evil bastard shoots electricity into Kitana, wave after wave of concentrated lightning that causes her body to involuntarily buck and spasm, riding Raiden's dick in unwilling agony. The more electricity he shoots into her, the faster our poor Princess grinds, jackhammering her evil assailant like a cheerleader on PCP! Head whipping, arms flailing, screaming behind her mask, the once-proud female ninja cannot take this punishment for long, and as Raiden starts to climax, cracking light and acrid smoke begin to pour from Kitana's eyes and ears. They explode together: Raiden with a mighty orgasm fit for a god, and Kitana with a horrific fatality, fit for a bitch who just got rekt.

Her entire upper body, blown away in a shower of blood and minced fuck-meat. Dark Raiden cradles whatever is left on his lap, relaxing and enjoying the sticky warmth of what-used-to-be-Kitana. It's good to be a fallen Elder god.


I'm a bit old-school myself. I like to see girls get their stomachs bulged out...then start to swell from cum...and finish off by getting blown in half as their bodies can't handle the strain.

No particular girl in mind, though.

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