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Laura is going to the party, but she is not satisfied with her flat chest, so she decided to fill her boobs with water.

Inspired by Killer X, I decided to start making my own works.
and here is my first example I made now and I hope there will be series of images with some kind of story continuity.

If you have some ideas or requests I can try to do them, but keep in mind that it has to be doable without too much work and props have to be available.
To save time on rendering ligting setup is not ideal, maybe I will do better versions later.


Keep on brother man. Learning is a process. If you need guidance I can give it to you. I can throw you some props too if needed.


Thanks, tor now I got quite a lot of 3d stuff but unfortunately no time to do any more serious work now, because there are several urgent projects in my job.

If you have any interesting props that could be useful, please list them because I mostly focus my ideas on what I have available and how I can use that.


clothspins,needles, knives, shock equipment. Plus I can make props too. If you had specific things in mind throw a couple out there and I will bag em tag em and put them on rapidlizared


I already found all that and more. so when i will have time I will realize some of my ideas.

But if you are doing your own props I think you could make just simple raw meat ball with textures and everything so that it would look like piece of severed meat.
Something what looks like this but bloodier

this prop would have lots of uses in our works as it could be used to make severed body parts by simply hiding what is unnecessary and placing that prop where wound is needed.

Tor example if you want severed penis just take plain penis with all remaining body hidden and stick that ball to the severed part and it's all good.

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