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one of the best


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Wow, those are beautifful, and thank you for sharing so manny. All i knew before was that set of the girl in yellow dress. I wonder where did you find those? Does there have more of these?



Nice art! Would you please make some crime scene that someone cut off a girl's nipple? Please~!


OP is not the artist, he only shares his work now on

You have to register, but it should be all there. Lots more than what's been posted.

An FYI, hieronymous himself probably is nonplussed that this stuff showed up on another board, as he's paranoid about that sort of thing.


well that's sad. He posts these on his own.

I found a lot on the artofdarkness blog.


SOry but i can't find much, what am i doing wrong?>>722


heir noticed that a bunch of new members signed up, he probably set new members to not be able to view everything. like i said, he's really paranoid about how popular his work is and doesn't like it showing up in other places. if you want to see stuff, you have to post a bit on snuffboxstudios, perhaps introduce yourself, and then he'll probably let you see the galleries.

Worth it IMO, he's the best 3d snuff artist out there, by far, because it's his *only* focus. prefers strangulation and a lot of rape, but also does stabbings and occasionally shooting. You can also find similar artists/art at which is the forum he used to post his work to but then migrated it to his other board that's exclusive to him. Heir runs both boards.



What happened to his site? It has been down for a long time now. Is he posting any new material somewhere else?



Would like to know. Does anyone have some information?


as far as I can tell he has not posted anything anywhere in a fairly long time


Nice work!

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