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Just a series I've been experimenting with. Comments, criticisms, and tips welcome. I know, I suck at lighting, no idea what I'm doing there.


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Laptop picture by KeeperofDreams595. Forgot to ask permission first, I hope it's ok!


Excellent work. Please give my compliments to KeeperofDreams595.


Nice work, It does not look natural but I just got started with 3d too and I see that it is not so easy so cant complain.

But I think it could be a bit more balanced if you used more cartoonish characters to make that very unrealistic gore less contrasting with very realistic character.

also could you list what models and packages you used here?


Thanks for the comments. I used V4, i13 office, Endless III dress, Ivy skin texture, Davo's gorepack, and my own custom morph for the debreasting.


Also, what looked most unrealistic to you?


Since you ask:

Most unrealistic was breast skewering scene because it look like skewered plastic doll while in any sensible reality breasts should move under pressure
If someone attempted to do that in practice most likely skewer would exit close to the nipple of second breast
so for realistic image she should be either supporting her boob with second hand or they should move.

Debreasting suffers similar problems with physic and also it is unnaturally clean and has sharp edges if she sliced some birthday cake.
at least she should be pulling that skewer down, not up.
Those breast stumps are pretty strange.
I think it woud be better to remove breasts entirely just make her flat chested or even inverted breasts and put appropriate texture in that area which resembles wounds.

Finally, those severed breasts also look too firm on that skewer.

Harakiri part is probably as good as it can be, maybe just blood could be darker.

Currently I am also trying to do similar renderings, but so far i am just installing software and collecting libraries.


Could someone do futa Clara Lille sticking a knife down her urethra and sliding it in and out before having her jerk off and cum blood?! That would be sweet! ;)


Great, i hope you will do more of this.


Do more! Maybe with her masturbating and then cutting off her erect clit!


How about she cuts off a limb then uses it as a dildo? Or have her start taking the organs out of her body and tearing them up or eating them or something >.>


she tears her heart out of the gaping would then licks it and shoves it up her ass @w@


I wonder if you are serious , but this is actually quite easy to do

specific character like that are out of question in 3d but you idea may be worth doing.
I think I will do some futa mutilation next week or a bit later


I'm serious, I think that'd be hot as hell o.o maybe she puts her heart up her ass then has an intense orgasm making her anus clenches tight resulting in all the blood being squeezed out and leaks out of her asshole as she lays dead >.>

Dunno how you'd pull it off but seeing that would give me quite the happy fap xD


I think if she manages to stuff her own heart in the ass she is not going to die that easily because she probably did not needed it anyway LOL

I will see what I can do next week


What happened to this? I was looking forward to seeing more screens with this crazy bitch @w@


File: 1489872638733.jpg (462.45 KB, 1142x862, 016.jpg)


That was actually Onix hijacking my thread. However, since you've asked, here's three extra images before her demise.


File: 1489872664401.jpg (490.31 KB, 1142x862, 017.jpg)


File: 1489872686903.jpg (475.91 KB, 1142x862, 018.jpg)


File: 1489872711089.jpg (176.38 KB, 1142x862, 019.jpg)


I thought that you already forgot this thread since there were no updates.




Could you do more?! Maybe with clit cutting?! :o


Well she already cut her clit in half when she gutted herself.


I was meaning her clit being cut without her dying immediately lol.


This seriously needs more! Its one of my fav gores. You gotta think of some new ways for her to fuck herself up. Make them like "Alternate Takes" or something.

-Cutting her limbs off
-Stuffing her heart up her snatch or ass when she pulled it out
-Doing stuff to her face
-Swallowing dangerous stuff like needles and razor blades
-Tearing her asshole apart

Seriously, I'd love to see more from this, ploz! <3


i agree some pussy mutilation could be nice too


Why no new works? Busy? Uninspired? Theses pics/stories are awesome!


I have been looking all over for this ever since I got a new computer. It's exactly what I'm into. Awesome work. Any possibility of a future debreasting work to be done on an unwilling victim? Like thrashing about in pain and shock at the loss of her boobs. That'd be excellent. Great art.


Still here, just busy, uninspired. I'm currently working on a large comic with lots of stuff, but it's slow going and won't be out for a while.

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