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After watching all animations over and over, you motivate me to create my own with SFM. So this is my first try, more improvements will come and all suggestions / comments for helping me are welcome.

(as usual, replace the "xx" from "hxxps" but tt)


Not bad for your first attempt.


Tracer guro is aways good!


That's cool! Like a little more blood


Nice! really good for a first attempt, do a zoomed out angle too


that is awesome!!! look forward to seeing more skull and eye play, its something noone does sadly.

any chance more angles that are steady? the moving all around makes me seasick :P always a good idea grab like a bunch of angles and a POV of same animation so people can see it in all its glory because your work is great!

HUmble request if possible would you consider for practice doing maybe in the ear or back of head this kinzie model?


dam that is awesome!

gotta throw us more angles after all that hard work! would love to see this with a Harleyquinn model or Juliette starling?

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