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I guess I will be posting my creations on the 3dCG board from now on. I will be showcasing all of my projects and even have little stories consisting of Guro, Ryona, Necro, Lolis, Shotas, basicallyu everything a pervert would want lmao!
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Nice! Can't w8 4 the mom&son!

 No.24999 do you get the Skyrims to do it and remain decapitated?
Mine tend to put their head on again.........


Make sure sexlab mcm menu has strip clothing slots unchecked. If checked they take off decapitated head =)


That orc sure know how 2 make a mom and son happy! ;) Excellent can't begin 2 describe it! Can't w8 4 the rest! Staying brutal! ;)


Moms and shotas definately deserve more attention! i would love to see more of this kind!


Oh yeah...that's only the beginning...they will be "bonding"a lot more lol


Lol I agree =3


"EXCELLENT SERVICE" (PART ONE) (Futa guro, Yaoi shota, Orc/mother/son incest rape)!m7QlBAxK!g10JecPV_rPUiMLiMxzOS15JMkZui32HLq4T7E467S0


I ca't seem 2 download it from mega, and i was rly w8ing 4 this 1! Can you post a wemb link pls?



If you mean convert the vid into webm I think its way too long to be converted into webm sorry. The mega link works just fine for others so maybe try again? :)


Works now, awesome stuff!


The link didn't worked for me either at first.The problem was i've set my computer date a few days back to acces the site and the mega refused to load.To see the videos you must copy the links and acces them after you set the computer date back to normal.We might have a real problem here in the future thou.Could mediafire work as an alternative upload source?


update, it seems to work fine now!


Excellent stuff!


bump! :)


where do you get the facial effects from, e.g. blood and bruises ?


File: 1536907451942.png (3.04 MB, 1680x1050, do.png)

How long before this beauty ends up in this lovely place?
Slipping of that blindfold could be fun.. wink wi- lol.
Great works, keep up the brutal streak. req: more alternate angles & speeds from slower increasing to fast.


Where can I watch the complete CORYUS series? the google drive links are dead.
Can someone reup them somewhere? :/



Slavetats mod =)


She's my new favorite I definitely plan on using her corpse soon. =3




I couldn't get "THE BOND" to Download with gfycat... Please repost it with Mega


Really nice. Please make this into a machinima.



what pack ?


Oh you have get creative. I opened them up in gimp and created them then replaced the textures of the slavetats mod.


good to be back!




File: 1549460686060.png (2.71 MB, 1920x1080, Elder_Scrolls_V_Skyrim_Scr….png)


Nice, can't wait to see more from you.





gfycat work perfectly for me, mega has restrictions on larger files please continue to use gfycat and if possible zippyshare!


Welcome back btw, you were missed and some artists like EVMC gave you serios competition here!


Loved it, there isn't enough ShotaXMom rape around here! Great stuff!


Hey man, glad to have you back! Are you still working on the Sims 3 guro mod?


Is there a guro mod for Sims 3? Any links?



Give us more, you make gr8 stuff!


I loved your MomXShota rape videos, only wish there were more.Perhaps you will make one with a guro ending someday! Looking forward to see more from you!


Allways imagined a sims interraction where a guy instead of joining snuffs the woman or the couple.I don't think its hard to make! Will you do this?


Hi, your work is cool)) Do you plan to make a vore sfm? Think it aryion ll be fun & brute)






Is allthefallen down like Sadpands?

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