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Started sfm a few days ago. This is the second animation I made.
Anyone have any tips on how to make the whole thing look better? Besides the lacking animating ofcourse.


This is your second animation? It's so good! Well done!


Anyone got any ideas for an animation?So I have something to practise with?


yeah it's nice definitely waiting to see more (and more gore :^) )


you have the physics down really nice, next up is making the lighting more complex as it adds so much to the scene


Wow really nice quality work for just beginning! I was thinking a blowjob/deepthroat death if you need an idea? Thanks for your time great job again lots of potential


Really nice, maybe have someone slice Quiet's head off for a guro animation. I don't see much Quiet guro, glad your using her.


looking good anon should consider in future posting more angles if possible to show it off? love it!



Stop bumping dead threads you Dickhead. Been 3 years. Is your whole mission in life to post with no text just to keep your shiny bauble of the moment current? And then in some where there is plenty of activity. There may be more than one of you. Still Dickheads.


Hey man I think your animation was nice its a great start hope you continue

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