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Kinda felt like I was taking over the beheading thread so I thought that I would start a new one just for requests. the first several are in response to a request from Ykvr on the beheaded thread.


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Some other stuff also


Very nice indeed. Do you think it would be possible to upload a video to youtube of this?


Not sure which girls you have avaliable so I'll just list a bunch and see what comes from it. Aside from Femshep which I will always want, I'd like to see Harley Quinn, Star Wars girls like Ahsoka, Leia, Padme', or Rey, Bioshock's Elizabeth, Game of Thrones girls like Dany, Margery, Sansa, or Cersei, some Dragon Age girls like Leliana, Cassandra, Merril, Isabella, Morrigan, or Sera, and others. Again, not sure what's possible, but just throwing those out there


yes! yes! yes! yes!

Sequences are AMAZING. Thank you very much to make the time for me to get a fonv installed and modded.



This is awesome. Can you make a series of Images or image of a naked Quiet(from Metal Gear Solid V) getting a head sliced off and then her head is put on top of body, on her back with her face facing the viewer. Thx.


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I tried to find some of the requested models but I couldn't find any adapted for any Fallout or Skyrim game. I will try looking again and if that fails I may just take some from sfm or something and import them into fallout. I also made a Youtube video of some of these deaths I will be posting a link to that as soon as it finishes uploading.


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Here is the link, it should be finished uploading in a few hours.


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Might Help if I actually posted the link...


Hey, you are back, i thought you wouldn't post anny more images. If i may, i'd like to ask you what body type are you using in those images, i looked for the dimonized type 3 model but it seems the author hid those files



Oh! Neat thread! I enjoy the gore in the Fallout games. There is some amazing work in this thread. My favorites being:


Shame that the YouTube video doesn't work. I don't have a request, but I just wanted to say thanks for sharing the images.


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