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Hey Gurochan, I'm starting work on a comic where a 'Monster' jumps into a house and starts abusing the family. I've got some real dark shit lined up, that I think would fit right at home. I'm going to post the entire comic here when it's finished, but I need YOUR help to get through the rest of the comic!

The basic gist of it is that the 'Monster' has been following the family for several weeks now, and has gathered a lot of information about them. So it decides to bring all their secrets to light through various torture methods. An example of a torture would be the Father.
A few weeks beforehand, the Father cheats on the wife at a bar. So it asks him if he's cheated, and he lies. So the Monster gives the wife proof that he's cheated, and then has her remove his cheating eyes.

So what I want from you, is suggestions of various secrets and tortures that follow. The family is two daughters, and two parents. A father and a mother. The rest is up to you.

(Image related; one of the daughters.


It would be interesting to see the monster catch them in the middle of incestual sex and punish them.Father-daughter.Mother-father-daughter.Also it would have been perfect if one of the brats was a boy so we could have mom and boy incest also! Well the rest is up to you, good luck!


My suggestion is for the daughter. I would recommend that is it caught have gone through an abortion behind her parent's backs that are very conservative.

The monster's exposes the abortion through some pregnancy test she was hiding. As a death sentence the monster makes the parent's prolapse and rip out their daughter's genitals (ovaries, vulva) and eat them in front of her as she dies. She bleeds to death and dies in horror as she watches her parents/parent eat her reproductive organs. So in a way her punishment for aborting is to not have any ability to reproduce again before she dies. What do you think? Too gruesome or tasty?


Well the two children being daughters is dead-set, so I can't change it there. But there will be plenty of incest.
I really like this idea, and will definitely use it. However, I'll be toning it down a bit because their methods of death are pretty specific. I'd think having to live with the fact she can't reproduce would be more horrific.


Can't wait to see how this turns out! Great ideea for an interactive comic, this could be the begining of something great!


So my ideea is for a family orgy, the father watches a daughter and her mom put on a show with dildos and stuff and the other daughter masturbates.After a while she goes to pee and the the monster appear and threatens her to kill them.After some "persuasion" she accepts to kill daddy "favorite" daughter, her mom and the father who is not paying her enough attention.You can use gun, knives, acid and a trained dog, who was fucking her in secret! :)


Yeah, kill them while the have steamy sex with the father!


What kind of monster it is going to be? Some tentacle monster who assaults and rapes mon and son while they have incest sex? LOL

Or this is going to be invisible ghost ? what essentially means that all family is insane and kill and torture each other, because of some hallucination or paranoia.


I like both ideas, allthou i would prefer a tentacle monster who can eat the corpses afterwards.Unfortunately the author doesn't want a mom and son, just a family with two daughters, a good ideea, but a mom and son pair would be fantastic!


What I meant was that before even talking about what this monster will do we should know what kind of monster it is.
If this is ghost/imaginary monster it will not be doing anything at all so it will be very different story than actual monster who assaults people.

I find this topic a bit strange, because if this is physical monster why the hell it is collecting information about some family? it should just jump from the closet and rape everything what moves including family dog and hamster, but instead of that it presents evidence of its free detective services.

so this should be something like ghost/imaginary thing. but in that case why does it bothers with collecting evidence ? Is is porn or detective chronicles? or it is some evidence collecting fetish?
it is even more fun if for example daughter (not real daughter) attacks her stepmother because monster told that she is planning to murder her.
or there can be any other combinations. like wife decides to torture her husband because she is suspecting that he is going to leave her for another woman. Or one of the daughters decides to murder another because "monster" told that she is trying to seduce her boyfriend.

But in this case monster is pretty much irrelevant and only acts like voice in the head.


You've actually got a decent bit of the idea behind the monster. The attached file is our friendly monster, I'm a personal fan of man being the real monster in these things, but that's not to say the monster isn't slightly supernatural. A lot of the ideas I've come up with so far are based around the Saw movies, where the 'Monster' doesn't do so much of the damage, as the family does to each other. The Monster's a serial killer in the loosest term, and has done this before. But you've got the right idea where the wife murders the husband, or the sister attacking the other one because of jealousy, that's the exact kind of shit I'm going for.

I've also held off using a son because I use a pretty limited program and it only has two, not so great models for younger males.


Too bad about the son,maybe next time eh? But I like where youre you want to go with this story.I can't see any file attached thou! Can anyone see the file?


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Aw shit, I went full retard. My bad guys,


That's exactly how i picture Satan! Good work!


Wow It's been almost a week since I posted here. Sorry for no updates! I've been working on some prologue stuff. Here's an example of the typical quality stuff I do though. This is what I think might be the beginning of the comic, assuming it starts how I think it will.


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Wow I don't know what's wrong with all of my images lol.

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