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Hey there, first day of using SFM properly, I'll be posting here when I add more!

For my first animation, I have Heather Mason from SH3 throatfucking a nurse.

Tell me how it is! I'll be working more on it to give the nurse some responsiveness, but apart from that, I hope you enjoy it!

If you guys like it, I might start doing more and go by my normal nickname.


Cool first animation we need more animators up here


Very nice! Keep it up!


Nice, the angles aren't that good (easy to fix I guess).


Hey guys, just started up my Tumblr, going to post all my new stuff there!

Working on a new animation right now, I think you guys will like it.


Hi there! With a bit more practice, you can be good! Don't give up on that :) Anyway, where did you get the nurse model?


It's finally done, I've spent a long while trying to make the animation as seamless as possible, hope you enjoy it:



I got it off SFMLab, You can get it here:


Wow this was really amazing, oral associated deaths are my fav this one's def a keeper. Great work LG hope to see more!


Great. You should do with femshep too


Damn that was really good! Great job!


be nice with a hot nurse head lying face up like she is watching? nice work anon!


Hey! Glad you all like it, hopefully I'll be making more very soon, thinking of remaking the Heather animation completely after a while if that's something you're all interested in, just currently trying to find a good map to set it in right now, but in the meantime if you guys have any suggestions, fire away!

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