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File: 1466271335864.png (1.35 MB, 1879x1010, Fading Out.png)


cool! thanks!


These are awesome got any more?


Not a big fan of this particular female body model but beside that AMAZING ANIMATIONS! And with sound!


Good stuff, hope to see more


Is there anyway you can post a link without mega?like Dropbox lol idk or something mobile friendly, mega doesn't work well with phones. The "fading out" animation looks hot really wish there was a way to see it


you are good!


good stuff arcane, look forward to seeing your next projects ^^


The werewolf one looks the best to me. All of them are at least decent.


Thx guys. Sorry Anonymous I won't post it anywhere else, but there's even a mega-app for smartphones, I don't think the site works that bad with smartphones.


Wow awesome stuff arcane! Maybe you can make a forced deepthroat that comes out the back of the girls head?


do you got a tumblr account or something


it's infinitely better than the ridiculously oversized boobs models used by some other artists


More with this model please m8. Was fantastic.


would love a scene like this with a harley model if posssible?




Hey sorry for the recent inactivity here, pretty damn busy in rl. I am working on a new animation but since my time is limited and I don't want to look it too noobish, it may take some time.


It's all good. I always prefer it when artists take their time with their work. I'll be waiting to see what comes next! ♥


the model in fading out would be a perfect spit roast to cook, i bet she would even volunteer to spread her butt for the spit


File: 1473022891262.png (938.76 KB, 1855x859, MarieRose_Grinded.png)!A8M12QQI!eQqobbJUbUdcjSlkN9tPl_S6XDDq6AgZLeiQf4wCzYs

Hello guys, here's a little something I was working on latetly. Not perfect by any means but since I will start a new project soon, I though I'll share it anyways. Marie Rose grinded by Walrider, better watch out when you're alone in the dark! Have a nice week!

BTW WARNING: There's sound in it, maybe volume down first.


As long as you are doing snuff and necro i can wait month for single animation! Its worth it!




File: 1473096497865.png (710.27 KB, 1855x859, MarieRose_Grinded_.png)

I've done some small changes on Marie Rose grinded, please download the new version here:!ootWGJqQ!_6QCDovD-ph1GHPmQDxWjyXKVdcQF5nwDz1-rWty818

I've deleted the other version.




File: 1474834591352.png (1.52 MB, 1679x929, Walriders_Snack.png)

Hi guys

Here we go again. Walriders are having fun in their cave with lifeless female adventurer. I guess they've chosen the wrong place to explore!
The scene features two Walriders while at this point I've only added sound for one yet since you barely see the other one from this perspective. I will add more perspectives and sound for the second Walrider soon.!J11lWSzD!qGBji7HTvvFziWbJqx_zqkdcETNHwNP4Gip0-9Ul3dM

!WARNING! There's sound in it, maybe volume down first a bit.


Fuck yes, her lifeless body being fucked is so hot!


Fuck yes, her lifeless body being fucked is so hot!


Fuck yes, her lifeless body being fucked is so hot!


Fuck yes, her lifeless body being fucked is so hot!


Fuck yes, her lifeless body being fucked is so hot!


Fuck yes, her lifeless body being fucked is so hot!


Fuck yes, her lifeless body being fucked is so hot!


Fuck yes, her lifeless body being fucked is so hot!


Thank you, but telling me that once would've been enough! =) Just joking, the "website-reaction when submitting a thread or an answer has confused me often enough too :D


Great animation there! Any chance of a different camera angle? :) pov doesn't really do it for me haha


Hey Emikochan, yes I will add more camera angles and the sound for the second Walrider pretty soon (most likely this week). Cheers


File: 1474927748494.png (1.35 MB, 1671x943, Walriders_Snack_All.png)

Hi guys, I've added some stuff to the Walriders scene. It's a perspective where you see everything I've done so far. Enjoy!!slESQLyS!8rv3bihqCYw4EMMXKK4swJMfVu9F0IywTAby4H8I8Go


wow! cool!


Can anyone do a sexy assassin, she could have long blonde hair and dressed in a nice tight bodysuit (maybe purple colour)? She would be all tight up upright maybe. She could be the type that has a lot of confidence and not showing fear easily, maybe show that she still has a cheeky smile even after being raped and tortured for hours.

Then stab a knife into the side of her belly, and she will slowly show fear... But still acts tough. Then amputate one of her arms, maybe up to elbow length. So they can still hold her arm and squeezing it hard to make her scream more, while doing her ofcourse.


Please it would be amazing if you could make it mymixtape because Mega is a bitch for me lol


Looks like quiet is waiting for her turn, hope you make something with her soon, great animation


I will post some more animations very soon which mostly aren't finished unfortunately. I had some weird bugs on my favourite animation so far and I am not able to render it without SFM being shut down.. So I was a little bit tilted and just messed around, but maybe some may like it anyways =) See ya later!


File: 1507427068015.png (846.08 KB, 1304x731, Samus_Throat_Slit.png)!YgEliICQ!Iem_oPlfGOyV4IZ0DFospBn_BvBC6WqISWhYPytVfrs

Hello, here's a lttle something. I will render it in better quality soon and share it again, also I'll share it in POV.

Samus assaulted at home!


Hey i loved the Samus animation! Good job m8! Was she banging someone b4 the black guy came in and snuffed the guy? I saw a corpse near! Is there a longer version? I think its great!


Hello Arcane,

Great animations. Brutal and creative. Can I ask how you manage to recreate realistic fucking motions? Do you use rootttransform or pelvis to move the characters? Also may I ask the gore particles and slit throat prop for the Samus animation.

If you have time I'd be really grateful if you could check my thread out and see if you can give me any pointers on my animations, thanks. Great work.



Samus was in her apartement with a friend of her having a good time. Unfortunately they forgot to lock the door.
A stalker thought about dreams becoming true and decided to break into Samus' apartement. He killed the black girl first while Samus was unconscious at the floor.
The stalker dumped Samus' friend dead body in the bathtub and had a good fuck with her sexy ass before he stuffed it with a wooden slat. He waited for some minutes and took Samus when she was not unconscious anymore. It was the stalkers' best fuck yet, but more might come...

Here's a POV-version:!8kFx2DCa!5XmlFQrWgJLLgB0s1IuyDEfMW8rWURuh7BqnsIOtDGc


>> 15472

Hello Shiver

I like your work, everyone starts form 0 first.
Im trying to improve over time too, I don't always have time to animate and there's alot of potential since my animations are nowhere perfect yet. Still I will try to point out 2-3 things I noticed:

Movement: A move has acceleration itself. When you drop something for example, it needs time to reach its max. speed. Now when you look at your animation, you will notice that your movements are basically all the same speed. Try to slow down at the start of every motion and accelerate while the move is happening. Sometimes slow down at the end of the motion again, depending on what follows next. Just think about real life. You can for example slow down with the "in"-slider when you select the start of your motion or just select the frames you want and press "alt" (when I remember correctly) while pulling it to the right. But be aware that pressing "alt" while pulling will chance all the done work further, so just do this in process, not at the end to correct motions.
There are some tutorials on youtube and stuff.

I often start with the pelvis first and then move on to the other extremities attached. In your video alot of their bodies is like frozen, but a body always moves a little bit. So there's actually motion at nearly every body part at every time. One of the problems I run into myself very often is that all the movements start and stop at the same time, which of course is nowhere realistic.

Another very important thing is the lightning. You should use better/more light: watch some tutorials about this. Also about camera settings for Rendering.

And to come to an end: It just needs time. I got like 250 hours in SFM yet and I'm pretty sure that when I hit 500 or even more, my animations will be way better. Same for yours!


File: 1507469524970.png (1.22 MB, 1251x707, Hulk.png)

Here's another little animation. I wanted to continue working on this some months ago but decided to move on to other projects. So this was done really fast, don't expect too much animation wise.!011FBR7Z!v2hp6Xn-ZNjBJmgcMo5nQN2-X5elQ3Ab6XffVTml-E4


File: 1507470581839.png (243.37 KB, 1270x715, Deepthroat.png)

And another old animation I found. It's pretty much from my beginning I guess, maybe still some1 enjoys it :)!RgtwHAJZ!rFteWpFY4UEHTWVXs3meZLzaPjpOoN9-YhV-EOAMWk4


Wow I love the Hilk animation! We definately need more couples stalked and brutaly interrupted! Good job! The stalker can do it too! ;)




Moar! I loved the Hulk 2!


Your work is really improving, the details in the models movements are gettin better and better!!!!


File: 1516413481714.png (1.19 MB, 1917x1075, abducted_and_abused.png)


So, I've started to work on something new lately (1-2 other animations will come soon too) and I thought it might be cool if you tell me what should happen next. The clip is only some seconds right now, dont observe the animation (I will correct some things). The only reason I post this is because I'm excited if you guys are having some cool ideas maybe. Keep in mind that not everything is possible to do, so it should be something that actually can be animated within 2-3 weeks or so (I'm pretty busy with others things too).

I hope you guys have a great day, cheers!!l51GCJ7Y!IYXFzUY0eYEpwjrW9yl6JmPLhBSaSOZhXM6pkQ6f_uc


*Headless Fuck/Throat Fuck - most requested so far (head pulled off with body both fucked then head crushed (after like if your last video))
*Fucked to death- dick impale with guts coming out mouth (then cum overflow)
*Cum Explosion (Stomach explodes with entestines/Whole Body cum explosion (super favored-near god teir)/Cum Overloads Body and flows out)
*Dismembered and fucked (no arms/legs - maybe even no head or head rest on torso while body being fucked and the head is fucked too(maybe even with 2 guy models fucking the holes and one with the head))
*Random Hole Generation (like say a drill or gunshot wound which is then fucked)-meh
*EyeSocket Fuck (showing both eyes removed first/probably even through brain then cum )
*Eye socket( with throat slit and or jaw missing altogether) shove dick through slit and through mouth and fuck with 2 dicks in both eyes sockets and one dick coming through roof of mouth with cum explosion creating "cum volcano facial that falls on her face"(or down throat with no jaw and she is still livingchocking and when you cum her eyes roll back and she coughs up blood and cum)--very, very nice
*Woman Body split in half damn near entirely except almost right at the pussy (shown in clip being done by killer(probably some strong like Jax)). The guy fucks her and as he does you can see her uterus moving (the uterus on his dick) and when he finishes (cums) he rips it out and mounts her body on a spike then her used uterus upside down so the cum spreads down her split body
(Jax and Mileena Concept) (Absolute Fucking God Teir- actually meant for someone else however if you could pull that off not only would it have been damn worth it, but you'll be one of those people I gave ideas too.)

I can say more but I'm saving them for a special few someones. these are some pretty hefty unseen (pro/creaftful) ideas though and should keep you busy if you choose to do them (or just 2 of them>:D)


File: 1526911356900.png (2.84 MB, 1733x937, Slaughtered_And_Abused.png)

You can imagine what happens when a lonely Walrider Encounters fresh female flesh. The moment he spotted her, he jumped on top of her, grabbed her head and has bitten through her neck. She was screaming in fear and pain, trying to breathe. He had bitten her mercilessly, again and again, as finally her head wasn't part of her corpse anymore. Silence came in. Of course he won't waste that warm, beautiful corpse without having some fun.!xpFgSSJZ!0SjYvmKlvSrOWojQsctXajBNDx8z-6Pg4oukWA-3dLc




Lovely to see some new animations >:D


Thats really good. What models did you use?



I used Sarah Samusaran and Walrider (characters) for this one besides a dozens of props.


Hey, what are you up to now?


Hi there, I've got 2-3 animations I am working on, unfortunately I didn't really have time past months. Now as I have holiday I might be able to continue and bringt some stuff to the table. ;)


Looking forward to em!


just saw this in an archive awesome!

any chance of seeing it in a variant with samus suit on?



Hey, I'm currently reworking the Hulk animation which was pretty poorly done. It's nearly finished. Since the model is Samus too, I might be able to render another variant with the suit on if you want. Unfortunately I don't revisit the other animation again at the moment.


File: 1550411718893.png (1.8 MB, 1705x949, Hulk.png)

Hi there! I've done some work on an older animation which I pretty much rushed back then. It's not perfect, but I think it's alright and I wanna move on ;)
If there are wishes for another variant with suit on I could render a second instance.!cstQwCID!CuMr8pgGrC2sAlFRA1DEqTusBOOYEATkh0pvVAh5aXc


Neat, would like to see one with the zero suit on! Also what's your next proejct?


Wonderful vid and concept >:D Nice way to pull it off aswell. All thats needed now are textures >:) Very welldone job with the cum flow BTW. Not many others pull that off correctly.



Yes, verry good an I liked the concept! I think it's verry hot 2 interrupt sex and snuff the girl, can you make more like this 1?


Btw, I liked how u made her butt jiggle 2! ;)


holy shit lol


Hey guys, thanks for the feedback - glad you like it ;)
I will render the animation with the zero suit hopefully this week, I'm pretty damn busy as always unfortunately… I've also noticed some strange lines at the beginning of the clip, maybe I'll address this too.

Can't really tell what my next project is, I have like 3 animations ready to be worked on. Most likely it will be the one with Harley Quinn. If you have realistic wishes (realistic animationwise) you can tell me - although the animation is nearly done I might be able to adapt or change some things.

Have a good day!


I love your work and I love everthing that involves sex interrupted by monster or killer like in a slasher movie, followed by snuff, the Hulk animation was gr8, I hope 2 see more like it! Keep up the good work m8!


That was hit, but in my opinion the interruption occurred too quickly

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