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let me know how it is. Or not. XD


Thumbs up for you. You need a name!


I think that if this is your first animation it's a promising start, but there is a long way to go before making the animations seem smooth. Anyway, I'll give you a solid 8/10. I also have a few questions.
1.Do you intend to do loops or sequences?
2.What's your area or interests (or do you like to animate)?


Thank you,

I think I'll grab a name when I have learned to animate in a smoother fashion haha.

1: I'd like to work on loops for now, until my work becomes smoother. Sequences would be fun once I've gotten a good couple of cleaner animations under my belt, and some more practice.

2: I would say my interests are everywhere. Really it comes down to my whims, or whatever is most interesting (My add doesn't help that).

I'm posting to gurochan because where else could I really get feedback on these types of animations, and I know that if I do make something decent people here can appreciate it.


File: 1466284462489.png (769.23 KB, 1280x720, gif7000000.png)

Angle 2

Angle 3

Let me know how these turned out as well. Decided to see if some different angles would be fun. I thought they were decent enough to throw out.


Here's 2 more from the rest of the same scene.

Angle 5

Angle 6


The last two are kind of good. The lighting is kinda poor, but I suppose it was your wish to go for a darker setting.


Yea, was aiming for darker lighting, however I guess it came out iffy. Either way going to move on to another loop scene.


I think the main problem causing the jerkiness might be that your not smoothing out your keyframes enough. That might take some practice with the motion editor. Still, your stuff is solid otherwise.


You know? I never even touched the motion editor, everything so far was in the graph editor. Nor did I realize the motion editor could even do that haha. I'll have to try smoothing everything that way and see what happens. Thanks for the advice.


Well bad news is I accidentally deleted the 1st scene, so no need to waste space rerendering anything. I wonder what my next loop well be...considering necro or a skull/ear loop, but maybe a redone neck loop would be better? Hmmmmm.


Just some constructive critisim, when you look at natural motion there is generally 3 points, not two. so instead of constantly going back and forth, try adding that 3rd point and it'll make your animations look a lot smoother :D


I really like them! I hope you'll post some more!


awesome work hope to see more in the future! any chance getting a nice side angle?

these are awesome on the bed any chance getting it where the head is facing the camera?


You need to work on the jerkiness just like everyone said. I'm not in SFM right now but advance the scene forward a few frames using the hotkeys then rewind it back. Then keep repeating that to spot and jerky movements. Look up some tutorials too and see if you can pick up any tips.


File: 1467673772388.jpeg (839.43 KB, 1920x1080, FL1.jpeg)

Been working on life things for a while but I finally got around to making this. I think it came out alright, let me know if jerky motion is still an issue. At this point I think it's just practice creating the animations, keyframing them, and smoothing them out. (which will come with more practice).


Granted the lighting is dark, so I can edit that, since I always seem to fuck up the lighting haha.



kinda like this one. keep it up.


>leaf thingy clipping through guy's leg
>girl looks more annoyed than in any kind of pain
>arrows hard durable enough to pin her hands to stone

Otherwise it's bretty guud. Instead of making the entire scene lighter, you could darken the background and put a torch or campfire near the models; that way, it's be a night scene.

But yeah. Either way, keep it up. ♥


Thanks for the feedback, I'll work on the expression, especially since it's not getting the proper message across. She's actually pinned to a tree, it looks like a boulder doesn't it? I'll have to replace those buggers with something else. This is why I should never post my work at 4 am in the morning without a final check. Either way, this constructive criticism is exactly what I need.


Making an animation is one thing, but backtracking and fixing a screwy animation is 10 times harder. I think I will reuse the linkle model, but I'm going to build a new animation with her, from the ground up, while taking the previous suggestions into consideration.


Dude much better! only advise is that she looks more inconvenienced than in pain, keep it up :)


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