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Because of your thread not bumping I didn't realize all the new stuff you've done, great to see it all now, look forward to more as well. Any chance of more Queen Nualia/Marie Rose/Midna stuff?


great work as usual


Thanks OP for you're amazing work! Hands down the best skullfucking you've done by far. Her facial expression and that bouncing rack are really hot. Keep them coming plz


Would be pretty cool if you did something with Mercy from Overwatch.


I'd love for you to do something with the girls from RWBY, maybe a warewolf?


great work


nice job nice job nice job


Just out of curiosity OP why do you do Shota but not Loli?


OP, have you archived your animations anywhere?


File: 1465394964418.jpg (156.44 KB, 1920x1080, image.jpg)

no rig for this one. Can't even find the model. Tsk.


The first image in his original thread was loli, but there aren't a lot of good loli models other than marie rose whos borderline


welcome back sir!


There are a few

Sarah & Ellie from Last of Us
Natalia Korda & Sherry Birkin from Resident Evil
Rachel from Wolf Among Us
Sunny Emmerich from Metal Gear Solid
Little Sisters from Bioshock
Katey Greene from Dead Rising
and a Young Ciri from Witcher 3 is being worked on now


I did not think Midna counted as loli and I was referencing a post OP made


Gifs are getting boring cant you do full scenes?


full scenes requires much more time and work it means much less update and new clips .
i rather to watch more characters in pain and death raped than have 1 long ass video pumping just one character . i know you want narrative and it has own satisfaction but you can find narrative other places . in here these solo artists work their asses off for just creating these little moments that you and me watching it for free .


lolis are ew


Damn, really loved that morrigan aensland finally getting the D, but can you do one where she gets it through her pussy, succubus deserves getting it there a lot


Can you make like a continuation of the skullfucked succubus with her wings either ripped off or stabbed into the table while fucked


i agree


Sometimes it's good to sprinkle a cum scene or 2. To me it's a never ending hell with the loops.


File: 1465691489550.png (732.36 KB, 1280x720, Ryuuko_Preview.png)

Snuff Shooting

Ryuuko finds herself as the star of a psycho's snuff film.


Camera footage:

Potentially, been thinking of doing another Zelda themed animation.

Something's in the works with her.

Maybe, not a big fan of the models that have been released.

Personal taste. Don't have the shota there necessarily to focus on, for me it's always about the girls. Personally just not a fan of loli at all tbh

What A_01 said. I prefer doing quick, easy loops to cover more characters and subjects. Longer scenes require a lot of patience and talent, and if I had a patreon or something I would understand expected longer scenes, but I do these things for free, and always will. I still will do the occasional longer scene, such as this one here, but only if I have the time and inspiration to do it.

Maybe I'll make a continuation.


OP man...stop giving me reasons to call you god



I know what you mean about the RWBY models, they look dead already.


thanks man for new clips but the links are dead . upload in gfycat if you can.


Aaa-ha-ha! "This account is generating too much traffic" You did it, man!


It looks really could, but could you generate a new link? The file is inaccessible. Thanks!


thanks.. can you upload your new clips in gfycat? or in wemb format?
mp4 sizes are too larg for my shitty interent to download


Really like the Morrigan one. I would definitely like to see more of her.


LOL "This account is generating too much traffic" on your dropbox link

I wonder how many people lurk this site without ever posting.


Here's a mega link with all the Ryuuko files. Prefer uploading them so theres no need to download it but seems dropbox isn't viable anymore.


File: 1465960494456.png (976.8 KB, 998x561, Ana.png)

Have you ever been tempted to try something with Ana from Killing Floor 2? It's a crime there isn't much porn of her and there's no snuff so you should be the first!


is there a link for all your work from the previous thread? maybe on MEGA too.


what happens to gfycat? 340 mb is too big for downloading . or maybe you can convert them to lower overal bitrate mp4 .. you know! Pestilence did it with his latest releases.


yea.. as mega have now a month limit of downloads i dont feel like downloading a 10/15s loop animation that is 300+ mega. I think you can upload animated snuff to some pornsite. Motherless is ok with snuff.


Hey OP I asked on the previous thread but I guess you didn't see it, but what happened with your thread on /art/?


God, that Ryuuko one is fucking hot


Could Cassiopeia get the kind of treatment Viper got please? <3 she has a nice snake ass!


Love the Morrigan animation, would you ever do something with Palutena?


You. Are. Amazing!!!

Really would love to see some DOA girls getting brutally skullfucked and dismembered. Kasumi, Ayane, Lei Fang, Kokoro, or Honoka would be a dream come true.


File: 1466183841880.png (831.65 KB, 720x1280, Barbara_Preview.png)

Barbaric Gangbang

Animated remake of one of my drawings on my art thread.

--Part A--
Angle A:
Angle B:

--Part B--
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

--Part C--
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

--Part D--
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Maybe, a lot of KF2 models just got released on the workshop.

GFYcat doesn't allow uploads longer than 15 seconds or clips with sound; the Ryuuko clip isnt a short loop, its a sequence with sound. I'll post dropbox and MEGA links next time in case my DB links get suspended again.

Decided to delete it for personal reasons, but I have started reuploading some of the drawings in the /g/ thread.

I would love to do some Cassiopeia, but sadly the model isn't too good for my kind of animation, almost no face-posing, eyeposing, low quality textures, etc. Might do what I did with Barbara in this animation; mash some models together to resemble Cassiopeia but with better quality.

I most likely will eventually.


This shit is just getting stupid....


this is just kind of funny. floating dicks everywhere!


If i would request something it would be ANYTHING that have a fully nude model. Like those babes from Overwatch! There are some amazing models of them!!!


Any chance of warframe guro?
Since the warframes are just disposable bodies I think you could do a lot with them lol


any doa kokoro content?


Maybe I'm just thick, but I haven't sen any of your art on /g/. Mind posting a link to the thread(s) you posted it in?


Wow this is amazing stuff! Great work as always. Stay brutal ;)


Still planning on another deepthroat death like you did in your old thread with Piper OP? It was one of a kind and i wouldn't care if its months from now I'll wait patiently as long as it's confirmed that we get to see another vixen suffocate and drown in cum. I can't think of another animator willing to do that besides you lol thanks for your time and hard work!


WOuld it be possible to get a character having been beheaded, her head impaled backward on some fat phallus, while being fucked, her lips either meeting her own pussy, or her face being mushed between her own asscheeks with every thrust into her? Kind'f the ultimate "Double Penetration" sort of thing. Doesn't really matter which female character is the victim, but some ideas include Sonya Blade, Sheva, or Chun-Li. Maybe even a POV from the severed head's POV of the sexual carnage, maybe still barely conscious and aware of being forced to either eat herself out while simultaneously being forced to literally give head, tongue inadvertantly slapping at her own clit or asshole?

Thanks in advance!


I think that most requests that posted on gurochan sound stupid and unrealistic but the one posted by Anon #5332 sounds pretty original. Decap head, mouth held to the pussy, dick penetrating through the neck, out the mouth and into the pussy. It would probably have to be something big so that the length of the dick can go all the way through.


If you saw his old thread you'd know he's done stuff kind of similar to that like chun li's decap head getting face fucked and neck hole plowed lol


how about Samus Aran strangled with her own hair and eye-raped?


Bayonetta decapitated with a sword and skull-fucked?


any cloaked/hooded character from games being screwed?




I have a few requests/ideas if you wouldnt mind entertaining the thought of doing them:
* Quelaag Dark Souls have her lower spider half cut off and burning in the background and have a sword stabbed between her eyes or through her open mouth while her corpse gets tit fucked

* Quorra from Tron Legacy tits out, Light Disc lodged in her stomach and her throat slit, getting violated with her light sword


additionally maybe do something with Cortana involving the index, an energy sword or just Master Chief fucking her corpse that would be even better


File: 1466554354212.jpg (159.19 KB, 1359x1100, pokemon_9.jpg)

Surprised we haven't seen some pokemon yet.

Misty, Jessie. All those bitches. Must be model for at least some of them


quelana of izalith or sirris of the sunless realm.....dark souls 3...
dammit, i know a friend who will make you the rigging but only in blender. Tsk


shotgun rape
he puts shotgun in her mouth
fucks her
boom, shotgun goes off
short and sweet


Reminds me of that Bible Black episode piut the shot gun in the girl and had sex with her partner pulled the trigger when he came


I hope theres Red riding part 4!


I would like to suggest Bayonetta, in her second game's style, being cut in half and gut-fucked by an angel, or maybe even Dante from Devil May Cry.


OP answered last thread that red story is over but the hunter maybe back again.


yep. that rocked.


Just went through both of the threads... But what do I call the folder?

I skimmed through the comments in both threads, but I didn't find a moniker you go by (except "OP") - did I miss your name, or have you not given another?

Also, your animations are spectacular. Thank you for making such enjoyable content for us twisted spectators.


Since this is the only guro SFM artist I follow, I just called the folder 'Guro' for lack of a better term since I haven't seen anything like a name for the OP.


File: 1467148122680.png (890.99 KB, 1280x720, Tracer_preview.png)


File: 1467149257966.png (1.23 MB, 1280x720, Lara_Impaled_Preview.png)

Lara Impaled

Lara Croft impaled and used by a stranded group of pirates.

--Scene A--
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:

--Scene B--
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:

Wait, it's only just starting to get stupid? I thought it was past stupid back before I even made SFM animations.

Definitely have stuff in mind, but there are few models good for detailed animation.

Only reposted a few things so far, so it's not you lol. Some drawings can be seen back when I posted them originally in threads such as necrophilia and brain threads. The only stuff I've recently uploaded have been alterations to other images.

Actually have one in the works, not exactly a death by dick suffocation, but close enough. Should have it posted sometime soon.



All some pretty good ideas, I'm particularly keen on the Samus suggestions. I would love to do the Queelag suggestion, but I don't have any models of her, however there is a very similar one available.
There's plenty of decent Pokemon models available, but almost none of the trainers I'd want. Even the ones currently available are mostly bad MMD and Gmod playermodel ports.

I prefer not having a moniker for personal reasons, OP is just to when I ever post something in my own threads.


I'll second Samus and Cortana. Maybe some Liara if time permits?


Lara and Tracer look amazing.

Makes me want to try and learn how to do these.


aww dont outright have them ded, OP is prime example we need tons mroe


Amazing work like always keep up the great work OP


Mr op. I like your work! I think in particular the Death of wraith to be a wonderful work!do you have any plans to wraith death from now on ?


Anything for D.Va in the pipeline?


i understand that you don't want a moniker, but would you ever consider posting somewhere else? somewhere more permenant


Cheers love the cavalrys here! God i love when anything overwatch makes it here! Thanks OP reminds me of your old scene with lilith from borderlands


I am very pleased definitely looking forward to what you got cooking thank you!


Any chance for the shota male character to return?


i'd like to see another manual decap, like the old sonya one. that was one of the best.

also, really like the lara impaled head.


Will you ever do someone with a hood? No?


Uh oh! looks like someone crossed the league of shadows for the last time!


Uh oh! looks like someone crossed the league of shadows for the last time!


File: 1467559858219.jpg (485.4 KB, 902x1200, 1467402507671.jpg)

I saw you made guro for Widowmaker some time ago. Any plans on I saw Ayaswan already doing it.

Btw, some inspiration for you :D
All credits to Ayaswan.


Keep D.Va's pretty little MLG whorish head intact if you do this one OP...maybe her Mech turns on her and impales her through her pussy/ass and into her stomach or someone else jacks it and fucks her up.


Where did you get this image of ayaswan? I have him in pixiv but there is no new pics there.



Maybe try his thread on Gurochan?


How do you get your blood to look the way it does? Do you use barbell's cumball? Or something else?


Hey man can you do more snuff or nerco with Alyx Vance? maybe even with evil ash's Alyx model


unreal and amazing any chance of the lolipop chainsaw girl juliet starlet getting brained? or her head used and body used in same shot? maybe thats too much work?


what about one of that max girl from life is strange with her head twisted around being used from the back and fora beej?


File: 1467867742666.png (1.05 MB, 1280x720, July4th_Preview.png)

Fourth of July Extremists

A young slut is caught by two psycho's on the Fourth of July. Tied to a flag and shot to death by her captors, they don't hesitate to enjoy their new fuck toy.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Her mouth overflowing with cum, the two psychotic nationalists decided to light up their fireworks early; an illegal firework stuffed with colorful high explosives was shoved in her mouth, and the fuse was lit.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Her sweaty corpse was coated in blood, her soft breasts shining in the sunset. Unable to resist, the other hillbilly sat on her stomach, thrusting his cock between her tits.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Once finished, the murderers tossed her corpse in a nearby river, the water stained red as the headless body drifted away in the stream.

Didn't finish in time for the holiday, but two days late isn't too bad.


No it's fine, it feels like a video that got uploaded, it only make sense that it was only found a few days after the holiday.


Hey OP, the link for the first Angle B is the same as Angle C.


Love your work man.


Fantastic new set. Love the part where her head is blown.


Hey whatever happened to that set where there was an invisible superhero schoolgirl being fucked by her villainous principal who flooded her transparent skull with cum?


can i just say that you have improved so much since you first post. The latest animations have been so smooth! I hope you continue because i cant wait to see what you come up with yet.


i love your work op, i really do but i gotta be honest, this stuff has gone downhill hard since the last thread. you do you though, what do i know.


OP! Keep up the good work!



Any chance we'll get to see something like this again? It's still one of the hottest concepts you've had.

Also, good work on the Fourth of July and Lara animations.


i think the op needs to find a better site to handle this stuff.this site seems t be going down a lot lately


New to these boards. OP, you do a lot of really impressive stuff.
I had an idea for a scene or theme if you're interested.

What do you think about this?:
Girl gets caught in spider web. Spider rapes her and lays eggs inside her. Later, the eggs hatch. Baby spiders cover her body and eat her.

Thanks either way.


Does anybody know of any sites that features real snuff like this or at all????


That's not good dude, in my opinion fantasy is good if you can draw the line between real and fake. Please see somebody who absolutely wont judge you about your fetish. Something that will just to listen, even if it is your pet, and if you have violent thoughts about people you are close to in life, please see a psychiatrist about that, leaving out the fetish part. Talk like that could get this place shut down and OP to stop creating.

By the way OP please dont stop making this I think its very sexy


Real Snuff like this? No, there are fantasy sites but not real. Keyword: Fantasy. You could take a dive down the Deep Dark Web but I heard a lot of those are scams and fakes


For real i hope he was just joking cuz that's just morbid.. Fantasy stuff like this through Sfm is awesome plus takes quite an imagination and skill. Don't bring any reality stuff around here plz


just go for newspaper then. They are releasing graphic imageries and violent narratives at an alarming rate to childrens.
Religiously charged, privacy breaching and at times sexually offensive, if you find that turning on, you definitely belong in the real world.



That's not my thing but i check it from time to time. Just don't post it at Gurochan



seeing those bullet wounds are hot anon, they look just the right size! if possible would not mind seeing that all!


that throat hole looks ready for some fun there


File: 1468675942314.png (1014.58 KB, 1920x1080, 1466225105145.png)

It's possible to make animation with beheading and headless neck fuck or smth good without head with this pic?


And maybe possbile to do it with facehugger fucking her face or headless neck?


Thats a great idea!


File: 1468791475660.jpg (546.32 KB, 1920x1080, nalu.jpg)

here is original with head


But sht, with bare legs she is sex bomb


I agree. More headless video's required, i have seen little to no headless action on this thread and i for one am dissapointed


Great work. You're one of a kind when it comes to quality.


First, I'm a fan of your work. You ever thought about doing a morgue series in which famous VideoGame females are fucked on a slab in a morgue (actual fucking)?


Oh the disappointment... Lara is not beheaded with a knife...


File: 1469272993913.png (523.58 KB, 767x1000, image.png)

Part 1 of 2 of a brain fuck comic the OP might like


File: 1469273054421.png (633.82 KB, 767x1000, image.png)

Part 2 of 2


OP, would you consider a Mass Effect execution-style scene? Beheading, headshots, something like that?

Love your work, thank you so much!


I'll second that sooooo much


what going on no more animation :( ?


Wow, this channel is turning shit. OP, are you there? Need help?


Lol we should change this thread's name to "Discussed and debate about SFM Animations and Scraps Continued With actual animations interspersed throughout.


pretty sure op abandoned thread


he is probably busy with real life and is waiting till he has something to post


File: 1469407499072.jpg (244.98 KB, 1500x844, Preview.JPG)

==Quarian Overdose=
A Cerberus raid on the Normandy leaves most of the crew dead, leaving only the captured few alive. Tali is dragged into the cargo hold by one of the soldiers. Her mask filter was ripped off, leaving her mouth as a living fleshlight. As the merc's cock choked her, his germ ridden flesh began to infect her. As she finally neared her end, her mouth was flooded with his sperm. Gagging from both the sperm and her fatal exposure, the satisfied soldier watched her wither on the ground with satisfaction. As bubbles of cum escaped the porthole, Tali's eyes rolled back as she let loose her final desperate gasp for life.!wh43GIwT!ayEXUU90XydkiwPe-C0wtw

Not dead yet, just a longer animation rather than a quick loop and lots of time being taken by personal things. More animations still to come.


Fuck yeah OP!
Tali bites the dust at last


Awesome stuff. :D

The eyes are a bit too bright imo though.


Gynoid Guro

One of the benefits of skullfucking a robotic woman is their central processor's durability, even when wet.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:


...never thought i would ever see Tali here...being such a turn off.

That eyes and her mask...such terrible combo.
Maybe she should have been unmasked....but then i had no problem with illustrated works...

Still, good job with the body motion, very realistic as always OP.


I must agree i love Talie but this animation was quite a turn off. Nothing happened in it and the eyes inside the mask were creepy as fuck. Sorry man i know you worked hard on it but it just didynt work.




Well....not exactly what we're used to but thanks for the animations ☺



Yeah the eyes were a little intense, but I imagine that was done for the sake of clarity. I enjoyed regardless, thanks for the hard work OP :)

Would be nice to see the rest of the crew, even if it's just short loops.


I love your work. I hope you do huuuge titty variations more. There's not enough guro with giant titties.

Also, if you ever do anything involving breast implants, that would be absolutely amazing and would make my entire year.

But I understand that that's a very unlikely thing, so really I just want to see more huge bust variations of these. The Jessica Rabbit, Soria, and XCOM MEC soldier ones were fantastic. Seeing something like that KLK snuff animation but with a girl with oversized tits would be lovely.


man you guys are so picky and crabby, i'm just happy that anybody is making this content at all. Hope you continue OP!


fucking stupid


fucking stupid


maybe... let's unmask Tali? That'd be an extra work i guess?


Nah fuck those haters, I thought the Tali one was hot, loved the spasms. Thanks for your hard work OP!


Hey op, i love your art and your animations are getting better and better. The lighting is incredible in the tali set. Amazing.

I find sad that peopple come to this thread to discuss stuff as if there where not a place for that in gurochan but i gess this is a result of your sucess.

thank you very much for sharing

Cheers man


I thought the point of a thread is to discuss and request stuff?

Great stuff OP! I think Tali would look amazing without her mask version, as of now, great animation!


Holy shit OP, that was well worth the wait. The sounds add so much to it, and the sight of the cum bubbling up under her mask is one of the hottest things I've seen. Keep at it, whatever you choose to do going forward.


There's a difference between constructive criticism and acting like an entitled brat. I'm not a fan of the xenomorph/elite/alien fucking but I don't personally insult the OP because every little thing doesn't go my way. He/She has a life and is sharing these for free.


tx man. they were suffered so sexier than they are when they got fucked!


but one more thing , if it's possible for you plz upload smaller size files too (lower quality)
many guys dont have high speed internet . tx again..


File: 1469555100115.jpg (304.87 KB, 1500x844, MIA_Preview.jpg)


The UNSC was unprepared for the Covenant assault on the research base, resulting in severe casualties. Rumored to be among those casualties was a Spartan, however there has been no confirmation. Public information regarding the alien attack is lacking, however rumors state that the Covenant refuse to lose their grip on whatever they have contained inside. What the military actually knows is the horrors befallen the female soldiers inside. Releasing such morbid information would be bad for soldier moral.

--Part One--
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:
Angle F:
Angle G:
Angle H:
Angle I:
Angle J:
Angle K:
Angle L:
Angle M:
Angle N:
Angle O:
Angle P:

--Part Two--
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:
Angle F:
Angle G:
Angle H:
Angle I:
Angle J:
Angle K:
Angle L:
Angle M:
Angle N:
Angle O:
Angle P:

A remake/upgrade of one of my older animations. Plan to remake a few of the lesser animations I've done before, like the Bayonetta skullfuck.

Regarding the Tali animation, I can agree it isn't the best animation but it was made in response to the request for more deepthroat kills and mass effect characters. The idea of Tali, an alien extremely vulnerable to the most basic diseases, dying as a result of her rape was something I've had in mind for awhile. The eyes are a bit jarring, but her eye movement was an important part of the scene to express her emotion. A maskless model of her doesn't exist, at least I have been unable to find one. Even still I personally prefer her in her suit, since that's an important part of her character. The eyes on her actual model were too difficult to see, the pupils were barely distinguishable, so I merged another model's eyes instead. If I had to pick between the original eyes or the ones I replaced, I'd definitely stick with the choice I made.


One animation with liara and I'll love you till the end


Wow such an awesome job OP! Guess they couldn't handle the game on Legendary haha looking forward to your remakes and other animations to come! Your throat and skull fucks are the absolute best! Thanks for your work!


>>5787 I will also agree with that. Liara getting killed in anyway and then having her corpse fucked would be fantastic.


Woot one big animation. :D Awesomeauce.


I just started browsing the thread yesterday night. It was a deep hole but it was worthwhile. Thanks OP!


Op, what a good way to end a terrible conversation. The ammount of gifs is superb. Thank you very much.
In all my noobiness in sfm, i hope i can make a small suggestion, when animating arms it may bit more realistic if the arms moved a bit different from each other.

Now, since people are talking about mass effect, i'd suggest an animation of skull fucked decapitated female shepard.

Cheers man. Thank you for this awessome set.




My vote goes towards Liara, with a preference to some asphyxiation thing


Second on the vote for Liara


Why don't both? Femshepard and Liara. My body is ready.


femshep is my vote


op, do what you think will make the best animation.


More Tali, Op?


so many links dead:


The request could not be satisfied.


They're not dead.
When you open them, they look like "http://www.gfycat"-whatever.
You gotta change those to "hxxpS://GFYCAT"-whatever.
So, instead of hxxp there should be hxxpS and you have to cut the "www." part. Then they'll work perfectly fine.


OP, pls make more animations with Mistral. Keep up the great work.


Can you do animations in VR?
Not the 360° rotation ones, the split screen ones that can be done with SFMVR_STITCH.


where would I find models for injuries? Like cuts and such. The MK gore pack didnt have much in that respect and it was all i could find


Love this one, OP. Red Riding Hood, the Fourth of July extremists, Ryuko, and this are my favorites so far, and you're only getting better.

Angle O is pretty great (granted that I have a bias toward short-haired redheads), especially with parts A and B opened side-by-side as a sort of before-and-after.


Outstanding work on that last animation, OP! I can't imagine how long it took to animate all those models. Hope you do more halo animations, especially with the elite/sangheili.


and yet again the site goes down over a weekend and takes forrever to come back up.theop needs to move to another site that is not always going down


File: 1470794044351.jpg (251.72 KB, 1280x720, MidnaDoggyPreview.jpg)


great work as usual but i cannot download it in my country it is illegal to download. stupid laws




First of all, great work, aside from one or two artist you are literally the only one updating regularly with the genre and you are good at it, fuck the hates, ignore them.

Favorite work so far is the falllout 4 bj neck snapping.

I wish I had your talents as an artist, I would do this stuff too.

Keep up the good work!


Any chance to bring the shota character back?


Wow, classy!


What kind of illegal? They actually care about your sex life? Or is it just noisy?


>>5892 i second that


Should make a throat fuck like the halo elite and Spartan one but when he cums it shoots or drools out her mouth


bestiality is illegal in my country


can i pay to get what i want to see i need some femshep


Well, by loading it up in your browser you have technically downloaded it already. You may as well go all the way.
Btw. I think bestiality is illegal in MOST countries, I believe. Save Kazakhstan, perhaps.


Hell, I'm still re-watching that Tali clip. Holy fuck.



The act of actually doing it, or creating a fictional content of it?
Like, fucking an animal vs masturbating on pixel animal?

How does it count?

Does your tax get wasted on free worker tracking down your impulses in your personal space?


That's not how you make a puppy mill, silly.


Here's a kind of random one, how about something from tangled -shrugs-


OP, how about some WoW guro. Maybe a night elf priestess and her companions got ambushed by horde, The fallen Night Elf priestess gets skulfucked by troll, while her two female guards get ass and brainfucked by orc wolves. in the background.


OP, do you do custom work for pay? If so, let me know how to contact you, your work is freaking amazing!!!!



I know I'm a bit late, but I just wanted to say you do great work, OP. Not enough busty SFM guro for my taste. And Tina's one of my favorite girls. I see, though, your first set has Angle B and C as the same link. You still have Angle C's link?


I know it was on the other thread but on that viper model had did you add breasts?


Your skull/brain fucking animations are the best, would love more of them


nice work, but not enough huge breasts and more interesting to strip the prey, and why not spit roast them and eat them


Wow! This is the first time I checked out /3dcg and I immediately fall in love with your work. I especially like the first one, Morrigan brainfucked while she's still alive, simply amazing. Thanks so much for sharing your work, hopefully you'll make more with theme like Morrigan's.



This is actually his new thread. The older thread no one bumped so he made a new one instead. Here it is if you are interested (change x to t)


Thanks so much for the info, I'ma go check it out right away.


Can someone please make some shemales fucking dead or beheaded females... I'll give you a cookie


I second the request


My Request: It doesn't really matter what the characters are used. (preferred high quality models) I just really want a big gang bang, boob fondling, vaginal, beheaded, fucking through the neck hole through to the mouth, neck fucking, and that's really about it. Also nude of course.


Moar Frozen stuff!


Specifics for Frozen request:

Both Elsa and Ana in a group gang bang. Elsa is on a table on her back with a knife in her throat pinning her down on the table (squirting blood from the neck with each thrust would be a nice touch). One guy is fucking her mouth through a hole in the back of her head and another is fucking her missionary vaginal, also he's groping one of her boobs. She can be either alive or dead.

On the floor, Ana is taking it in all 3 holes with her hands pinned down with knives or a long spear. Could be pinned to floor or hands are higher with the spear. One guy is under her thrusting into her vag, one guy is either in front or next to her face shoving in her mouth deep throat, and last guy is behind her thrusting in her ass. The last guy also has a knife in her back that he's holding on too. Preferred she'd be alive but not super lively. Also, she's looking at Elsa and crying.

Last but not least, just want to make sure these are busty models like the one with Sub Zero animation, and jiggle physics are on point. Also, aggressive fucking all around.

If something doesn't work out well, you can change it to fit.

Hope I'm not too demented lmao.


Specifics for Frozen request:

Both Elsa and Ana in a group gang bang. Elsa is on a table on her back with a knife in her throat pinning her down on the table (squirting blood from the neck with each thrust would be a nice touch). One guy is fucking her mouth through a hole in the back of her head and another is fucking her missionary vaginal, also he's groping one of her boobs. She can be either alive or dead.

On the floor, Ana is taking it in all 3 holes with her hands pinned down with knives or a long spear. Could be pinned to floor or hands are higher with the spear. One guy is under her thrusting into her vag, one guy is either in front or next to her face shoving in her mouth deep throat, and last guy is behind her thrusting in her ass. The last guy also has a knife in her back that he's holding on too. Preferred she'd be alive but not super lively. Also, she's looking at Elsa and crying.

Last but not least, just want to make sure these are busty models like the one with Sub Zero animation, and jiggle physics are on point. Also, aggressive fucking all around.

If something doesn't work out well, you can change it to fit.

Hope I'm not too demented lmao.


Also, to clarify. The jiggle physics for the boobs* doesn't have to be perfect, but just a little extra effort for those would be wonderful.

(And all of the angles xD)


Also to clarify, Ana is in doggy position. Heh


Well I was going to say that whole thing was so ridiculously specific that you seem to think OP is on your payroll or something, but then you mentioned that the jiggle physics didn't HAVE to be perfect and I found myself overwhelmed with your obvious generosity.

I mean, compromising what is pretty clearly a deeply-thought-out artistic vision like that? I don't know what they saint people for nowadays, but I'm sure there's a category for acts of selflessness like this.



Don't forget if something doesn't work out well he can change it to fit.


I'm always down to donate if there's a way to.

I don't think I've seen anywhere in the threads where requests can't be specific. If it can't be done or he chooses not to do it, then it's fine. There's no harm in asking for something specific.


Eh, I don't see an issue with his request. If it's ridiculously specific then whatever. OP can do whatever he wants. It's not like the guy demanded it. A request is a request.


ana looks like a man bro.


love it when they have gunshot wounds getting railed, any chance doing the model of dr harley quinzel? its epic. noone makes the gunshot stuff or ear stuff so hope to see more if possible! thanks anon!



Yeah, his request was really specific. How about we simplify that?

New request: Frozen's Elsa and Ana gang banged dead or alive.

Boom, simple

My request though: MOAR RED RIDING HOOD PLZ!


I forgot if you said no lolis but if you didn't what about a headless Penny Gadget and/or Jade Chan of Jackie Chan Adventures being necrofucked in both the neck and pussy?


this threa's been quiet


Can I request stuff from Vampire The Masquerade bloodlines?

Since it is vampires impaled on a pole or a cross and being fucked would be awesome.

Since it is vampire she can still be alive during the process.

Can re request Margaery from Game of Thrones?


Holy shit dude if I was OP I'd just stop this thread cuz of all the dumb fucking request, he doesn't take request how many times has he said this! He does whatever he feels fit during his spare time holy fuck, and the content is free! On a side note he hardly post anymore which is just as lame as all the request


File: 1472089929883.jpg (120.2 KB, 1500x844, Puppet_Preview.jpg)

Puppet Show

They say strange things happen during the night shifts at Fazbear's Frights, but nothing would have prepared you for the night's events.!RkxkCBxK!Us8fo9_0ZKwxeczVoK3zeF7AAqM8ULUQuO_zVQZluFM

Enjoy some mildly scary and mildly humorous fucked up porn.
Sorry it's a download link only, it's my longest clip yet and won't convert properly into a webm. If someone would host it on a website like Motherless I'd appreciate it. (I'd do it myself but I'd have to make an account and profile.)

Would love to if I had a model. Might try and headhack a Forzen model to give it a go.

Sounds like a likely request.

Regarding requests; I don't mind getting all these requests. A lot of them are good ideas for new animations, even if they don't follow the original request. I dont mind specific requests like Elsa and Anna but the more specific something is the less likely it is I'll end up doing it.

Even if I did that kind of stuff there isnt a model for either of those characters to my knowledge.

Been very busy lately with IRL stuff. This animation is one of many I've worked on during the downtime but won't upload everything for awhile.


Holy shit, this is absolutely amazing stuff, OP! You really should make a H-Foundry or a Tumblr for all this stuff!


omg this is so my fetish <3 wonderful work OP :)


Awesome job, OP. The sounds, animation, and scenes were top notch. Keep up the great work! ;)


The ending suggests a wonderful sequel. Return of Kieran?



Holy shit. You've said before that Patreon would be off the table, but you should find -some- way to market this level of skill. That was fucking amazing.

Perhaps you could consider opening one just for those that want to contribute? It might not be many, but I'm certain some would be willing to shell out some cash for no more reason than to show their appreciation for this incredible level of content.

Then again, there are plenty of ways to reward Patreons that doesn't violate your preference for shorter loops. Put a short time gape where Patreons get to see goodies a week beforehand, or get to vote on characters, or any of a dozen other similar possibilities.

I wish I had something better to suggest, but all I can say is that you do incredible work to a niche audience. There's quite a few of us that would love to be able to show our appreciation.


been following these threads for a while, your quality is skyrocketing. great stuff! also requesting more deepthroat death scenes



and that is why I call you a god, amazing work sir!


File: 1472170998734.jpg (739.94 KB, 1920x1080, Strangled_Preview.jpg)


File: 1472442270185.jpg (418.89 KB, 1500x844, Ciri_Preview.jpg)

Riverside Robbery

Ciri is robbed by a bandit near a small creek. Soon the thief realized he wanted more than just her gold and weapons from the woman. Her struggling began to grow tiresome, and worried her screams would draw unwanted attention, her face was pressed into the shallow water as the bandit continued his rape.
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:

Despite her best attempts to resist, the heavy weight of her attacker kept her face beneath the surface. The bubbles stopped as her tense muscles finally loosened, her limp body slowly flowing to the stream.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:

Raping her asshole wasn't enough for the bandit. After all the trouble and screaming she caused, he lusted for her mouth. Dragging her wet corpse from the water, the bandit slumped her against a rock and parted her mouth. Her empty eyes stared blankly ahead as her throat bulged from his cock.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:

Finally satisfied, the thief quickly cums over his victim before tossing her into the river and escaping with her valuables.

Angle A:


Holy crap! Looks like that girl definitely got her wish. Nice costume too!


Can you make any POV from the victims view? Something along the lines of getting fucked than killed? (neck snap, gunshot, etc)


Wow the strangled one is actually awesome and the Ciri one is gold! Great job OP your work continues to improve and impress with each post! Would love to see some more Harley or Widowmaker getting skull/throatfucked


OP, I have no words to say but thank you for your hardwork! I have no requests, just do what pleases you. Cheers!


Isnt Ciri also naked in the game? no nude model?

Amazing set for the rest


Got my hands on Black Ops 3 recently (Discount naturally) Wondering if you could do something involving the class Battery. Thanks for the tangled one btw :)


And one other, A gta v one perhaps? Don't know if I've seen one in both threads.


Wow! Loved the one with FNAF! Really liked the setup and her costume was nice as well!

Do you still plan to do something with Mileena from Mortal Kombat? Would love to see a nice skullfuck with her!


Really love the FNAF animation

Speaking of FNAF, any chance you'd like to do a scene where the security guard turns the table on a Sexy Foxy? I'd love to see another heart-fucking scene, especially if she is still alive for the big finale

model link:


disapointing nice models with large bust but almost no topless scenes, great animation work, can't believe that none of these rapist didn't at least get the prey topless or even try to cook them and eat them.


File: 1472523896357.jpg (178.57 KB, 1920x1080, Borderland_Bang_Preview.jpg)

Borderlands Bang

Animated version of a scene by MrMisery.
Original image set here: or here

--Scene A--
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

--Scene B--
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

--Scene C--
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

--Scene D--
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Not really something I'm into, sorry.

There is a nude model (and also two DLC clothing sets with this model) but it would take way too long to render all of them. Decided to just go with her normal outfit instead.

If you can find a model of her sure.

Havent done any GTA V scenes yet, and most models I've seen are fairly sub-par in quality.

Had some more complex scenes with Mileena in mind but none really came out well enough for me to want to complete it. Eventually her brains will be fucked.

Only real FNAF related female models Im fond of is the puppet. Considering the things I've worked with before (and things I will release in the future) I know it seems picky but Im not a fan of the other animatronics female models. Maybe if anything a beakless Chica.


The futa version would be extremely hot. Any chance?



The videos dont play at the link






Wow, you've been releasing a lot of animations recently and they're fantastic! Great work as always OP! ;)

Also, do you have any plans for more female monsters/aliens in future projects like the wraith or viper?



Well I'm a fan of any heart fuck scene you'd consider doing

Btw none of the new borderlands bang links work


Oh my. That was a pretty good recreation of that set. Hats off to you. If you ever feel like animating any of my other images, go right on ahead :)


Fuuuuuck dude, these are amazing.


Dude, this is freaking amazing!


I second this, moar heartfuck plz


Damn dude really love how you worked in the camera swapping and static from the games for the scene transitions, made it feel more authentic I think and of course all the necro fucking was great.


Any chance OP of doing a Cammy and Zangeif animation? Zangeif is standing and has Cammy in a 69 position getting facefucked. He does a spinning piledriver and his dick goes all the way through coming out her pussy, or just snaps her neck from the 69 piledriver idk whatever would be easier for you to animate or think of. Thanks for your time!


The borderland links aren't playing!


found a great model of Dr. Harleen Quinzel

would love to see her with head removed and throat used on body maybe head too would be nice?


a good idea


love your skull fucking animations, anychance doing that girl from chainsaw massacre?


My favorite story brought to life and snuffed out



File: 1472783051633.jpg (338.53 KB, 1080x1920, StarsSkullfuck_Preview.jpg)

STARS Skullfuck

Despite her best attempts, Jill could not shake Nemesis from her trail. Cornered in the sewers, she fired her pistol desperately as the mutant drew closer. A single swipe tossed her aside into the wall and sent her handgun across the room. As she struggled to rise, it's hand pressed around her skull, dragging her aside as she tried to pry herself loose. With it's other hand, the monster tugged down on her top, tearing her shirt and exposing her breasts. The monster's cock emerged from it's robes, the head grazing her hair. Suddenly the fingers around her head pressed down. She screamed and struggled, clawing at it's fingers as it's grip tightened. It's fingers pierced her skull as it's cock pressed against her ear, her screams of pain echoing through the tunnels. It's erection pressed harder as it's hand pulled her towards it's pelvis until her skull finally gave way. It's erection piercing out the other side, the mutant moaned in pleasure as her painful screams quickly turned into retarded moans. Her eyes rolled up and her tongue hung loose from her gaping mouth. Drool spattered on her breasts as her head was pulled back from it's pelvis. The tentacles in it's hand shot out from it's palm, wrapping through her brain and around it's cock, piercing it's way down her body. Her internal body was violated in inconceivable ways, the tentacles pulsing through her mouth, throat, lungs, and ribs as her skull was used as Nemesis' cocksleeve. Tentacles pierced her skin, some through her mouth rubbing against her tongue, others through her stomach and pressing itself between her breasts. Once finally satisfied, the mutant's cum shot through every tentacle, practically drowning her in spunk. Her hollow head slowly pulled from it's cock as the tentacles retracted, the hole ridden body slamming against the floor as blood and cum pooled around it. The STAR soldier's corpse was left to the zombies as the BOW continued it's hunt.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:

No chance. Futa isnt my thing.

Dunno why they arent working, they work fine for me in all my browsers and laptop, and apparently works for some other people too.

Glad you like it, and I definitely plan on animated some of your scenes. In particular though, what models did you use for the Fallen Angel scene? Planning on making that one animated next.

Definitely going to be more monster girls in the future.

You can expect something of Harleen Quinzel soon.

Do you mean Juliet from Lollipop Chainsaw? I have something in the works with her.


Hello Mr.op.! Your animation is always fun and looks! I support you. Do your best! Is there a chance to see Bayonetta ?


Any chance you could do some stuff with Haydee? Or maybe remaking more of your art/earlier animations?


Any chance you'll do a Miranda Lawson animation, or any other Mass Effect themed ones?


OP I feel your skull fucks could be trademarked they are the absolute best. Thanks for your hard work and consistent posting recently




return of a classic


Speaking of ideas how about some Alien: Isolation...

Gotta get that facehugger/chestburster action.

I watched a few gameplay vids but the scenes where you get caught by the alien are basically just jump-scares, and I'd rather see a reenactment of my headcanon regarding Lambert's fate (that is, getting brutally pussy fucked by the Alien's tail, with impalement following soon after).


Intend to do some Haruhi Suzumiya guro? There isnt much guro of her


Not sure if anyone even made a model but if you could, Could you do a Mikasa one from Attack on Titan? It's fine if you can't.


Definately! Actually seeing this scene has been one of my dreams.
Raced in the game to get there in time just to see it, until I realised it was just impossible, and scripted...




Everything about this is incredibly amazing! Well done OP so realistic looking and the tentacles are a nice touch, also her own hand on her head makes it better. Any more deepthroat deaths in the making? Doesn't matter who honestly those are just purely awesome


Any chance of doing Mercy or Symmetra from Overwatch? Freeman did some great stuff with Dva and Widow, but some 3D Mercy/Symmetra action would be awesome.


Can't download the app that allows for downloading files above threshold and I really do want to see this. Don't suppose there's a torrent somewhere?



is there anyway you could do this with dick popping the skull, instead of already being there? your lightsaber one is one of my favorites


I second that I'd love to see the actual act of penetrating the skull and their face go retarded afterwards. plz consider OP


I don't think it's happening, OP mostly do loops, it's a shame but it can't be helped I guess. OP has already put in facial expression in some of the skullfuck animation, for something exotic as you'd described you'll properly look for a proper commission from another artist.



What about Haruhi Suzumiya? Some guro of her?


File: 1473051326241.jpg (460.53 KB, 1920x1080, Ada_Preview.jpg)


That would be a nostalgic fap


would love to see juliet something about her being a blonde just would love seeing her tag team skulled from either side or whatever?


sometimes things are too busy and it makes it hard to like ya know keep up :P is it just me?


File: 1473053612168.jpg (288.61 KB, 1920x1080, Rachael_skullfuck_Preview.jpg)

Seasick Skullfuck

Agent Foley was captured by two of the infected members of the ship's crew. Her arms held back, one injected her with a sample of the new virus. She began to spasm as the virus began to take control, a slow and painful process. Her suit torn down below, one infected laid down as the other forced her on her knees over the one on the ground. She moaned in pleasure as she was raped, her ass rippling with each thrust. She almost began to enjoy her predicament before a sharp paine merged from her skull, then quickly she became numb. Her brain was smashed by the zombie's cock, becoming blended and churned as her weak body attempted to fight back. All she could do was endure her horrifying rape until both would be satisfied.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Unfortunately for her, the two mutants seemed to show no signs of finishing with their fuck toy any time soon. Her body began to deform as the virus took control, her head splitting in two forming a new mouth. Even as her mutation continued, the rape continued. Spreading her limp "mouth" open, the infected pulled his cock from her upper half of her skull and penetrated her fleshy maw. Even after her infection was complete, the rape did not end until several hours later, the new mutant Rachael a wet, cum soaked monstrosity.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Something with Haydee is nearly finished. Just need to add some finishing touches and render it.

I already did one of Tali, but I do have one of Miranda and Liara in the works.

Funnily enough I am working on a xenomorph animation, but it's kinda the opposite. It's the alien that's getting fucked.

There's a small chance, there is a model of her in gmod.

There is one that should be finished soon.

Not sure about Symmetra, but there will definitely be some Mercy action in the future.

Sadly no, but if someone would post it on Heavy-R or Motherless I would be fine.

I mostly do loops because of how much easier it is to animate and render. Every once in awhile I'll do shorter segments (like the Cammy necksnap in my first thread) or longer animations (like Tali or the FNAF puppet.) I do have a few ideas for animating the actually skull popping, and there's something fairly similar in the works, somewhere around the length of the Tali animation.


>>6271 I cant wait for the Miranda and Liara thing you are talking about. I have my cum bucket ready.


nude nude???


Is there anywhere else we could post your stuff? As much as I love your animations I don't want to have to sift through all the (often literal) shit on Heavy-R or Motherless to find it.


File: 1473098122310.jpg (591.69 KB, 1920x1080, Haydee_Preview.jpg)


File: 1473099541485.jpg (121.83 KB, 1920x1080, AngleA_moving.jpg)

Cock of Steel

As Superman's regime reigned throughout the world, acts of insurrection continued to rise. In order to hurt Batman's insurrection's moral, he took Batgirl to a back alley to make an example of those that would defy his rule.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
POV (download only, files too big):!44AzgSRS!eJy2fQYS500yNw_n6M-7zJvp0Ssfzx_r53R1kiOCpx0


File: 1473100058829.jpg (178.68 KB, 1920x1080, AngleA.jpg)


Wow, 5 animations in 1 day! I take it you've been working on these for a while. Well, outstanding work OP! Your animations are superb. ;)


it's like Xmas!!


Love it! Was a surprise to see Tifa, haven't seen any SFM stuff of her before, are there any good Yuffie SFM models around? Would love to see some of your animations with her.



This is the one I've always wanted!

Thank you!


Oh my fucking gosh OP you have officially blown my mind... And by the looks of it batgirls as well haha the cock of steel animation is one of your top works, its up there with your fallout 4 Piper deepthroat death if not better because of how visually realistic and stunning it was. I'm at a loss for words it's just waay too good to be true. The Lockhart lung fuck was absolutely incredible as well! I love how in both animations we witness the girls' deaths as it happens. The cum spray out of Tifa's mouth is such a lovely touch, I bet the bird was in heaven when it exploded into her heart lol thanks again so much OP the other 3 animations are amazing as well seriously too much to handle, I'm sure we all weren't expecting so many animations at once. This here solidifies that you indeed are the best guro animator there is and probably will be. I can't thank you enough OP, looking forward to every bit of work to come! Only request I have is to make an animation with skull/throat fuck and lung fuck at the same time with whomever sexy vixen deserves such a masterpiece. Not to mention cumming both at the same time or after another. Thanks again for your time OP, congrats on such talent with this stuff


This is the best start of the week i have ever had I thank you so much


Puppet show is pretty damn sick, excellent work 4 sure!
Actually I like most of your animations and I love the fact that you upload that much. Keep going, sir!



all great animations, OP!


holy shit, a new best! thanks a lot for the return of the deepthroat death. they are, without a doubt, my favorites.


I already did one of Tali, but I do have one of Miranda and Liara in the works.



I already did one of Tali, but I do have one of Miranda and Liara in the works.



Had an image of their heads popping off and then getting double-skullfucked! any chance you could do something like that?
makes me wonder, how many skulls could you get on a really long monster cock? three, four? that would make an awesome scene, don't you think? some monster jacking himself off with like 3 or 4 girls!


Man, I would love to see you do something with Lulu from FFX. Maybe a scene of her getting DP'd or spitroasted while being strangled to death with her own braids?


More Haydee please. That was definitely one of the best. Just curious, what is that um, thing doing to her head? :O


>xenomorph getting fucked
good taste op


Op if you don't mind me asking what female model did you use in puppet show?
and where did you get that batgirl without the hair ?


Amazing work on Tifa, I'd love to see more like that.
Having anyone of them getting fucked with something too big and still live through it (or die at the end) is amazing.


File: 1473227120031.jpg (505.61 KB, 1920x1080, Alien_Asphyxiation_Preview.jpg)

Alien Asphyxiation

Weyland Company research on their new xenomorph species reached a halt when the most successful experiments grew more feminine features in the adult stage. The sexual allure caused far too many scientists to abandon their duties. Firing the employees responsible for this misconduct would have left the enormous project almost completely unmanaged however. As more statistics and more security footage was uncovered, an overwhelming majority of the research staff had a hand in the sexual assaults of the experiments. Rather then let their research go to waste, Weyland Co instead repurposed the branch to a new goal; selling the aliens as sex-slaves.
Due to the hazards associated with the creatures, production reached a major roadblock. While building restrictive sex chambers for brothels was a potential and rather expensive option, the research team began to look at alternatives. Simply killing the creatures in their adult stage and using their corpses would make marketing and selling them much easier, as opposed to simply renting them.
Due to their acid blood of course, asphyxiation is the safest way to snuff out the sex-toys. Using a new, more energized breed of facehugger, the scientists test both the potential effects of a facehugger impregnating their new breed and the effects of asphyxiation while under sexual stress. A lucky scientist was chosen as the variable. The xenomorph's leg's were spread wide open, her arms and legs restricted by robotic claws. The dangerous tail and back spines were held down in the specialized chamber, effeciently subduing the dangerous monster. Several minutes into the experiment, the facehugger was released, specially engineered to only be attracted to females of any species. It's elongated tail wrapped around her neck, squeezing tightly. As the subject gasped for air, the facehugger extended it's erection. Gasping too desperately for air, the xenomorph would hopefully be incapable of biting down on the cock stuffing her second mouth. The creature's vital's skyrocketed, the moniters flashing bright green as the creature panicked. Desperately struggling, the subject clawed towards it's face, attempting to halt her soon to be fatal blowjob.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:

After a few minutes, the creature grew still, it's vitals finally dropping flat. Cum squirted from her limp mouth, the facehugger falling off and withering on the ground. Unsatisfied, the scientist removed the locks from the creature's limbs, turning her face down on the table. The enlarged breasts squished against the table, her round ass spread and inviting. Once the scientist was finally satisfied, the creature's corpse was moved to a chamber for analysis on the success of it's impregnation. Hopefully it would make great strides in the research to humanity's new exotic pastime.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:

--Alternative Alien--
(Some angles wouldnt render the models poperly on this one, some angles missing.)
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:

Rubbing her smooth face on his dick. Considering her head is all machine and fucking the neckhole full of wires is obviously dangerous, I found that to be the next best thing to do with it lol.


The FNAF model I used is the puppet/marionette from this model pack
The batgirl model is this one It has a hair bodygroup so it can be toggled on or off.


A female xenomorph and death by blowjob asphyxiation in the same animation! That's my fetish! :D

Truly outstanding OP, you have great taste! We could always use more female monster guro, because there's isn't enough.


lol a xenomorph with tits. :D


Brother we meet at last I too love this fetish


i really hope theres more where that came from


one of the best works ever


where did you get the female xenomorph model?


Hello OP, can you make something with girl with nice body + facehugger fucking her face?


Finally understand how the message! "Oh," your work is really great! I love it!


Do you have a tumblr or other home right here sometimes unable to access it is very worried


File: 1473317996898.jpg (273.92 KB, 1920x1080, Fatality_Preview.jpg)


Animated remake of Ayaswan's picture set here:

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:
Angle F:

Both are models from AVP merged in SFM to add the sexy bits. For the first model I used parts of the Wraith from Evolve to get a more rough look closer to the xenomorph. Second one uses a human model so it's smoother looking.




hey OP, i'm dieing to see some decap scenes. pretty please?



Can i ask for something very simple? Remember that catgirl eaten by mimic from Dungeon series? Her limp dead body with one or two arrows in her , being fucked in the ass and in the mouth. That's all. Just a simple necrophiliac rape of a cute girl with all that sweet bounce and shine!









This is the sexiest thing I've ever seen on this website, and I've been here since almost the beginning. Mind if I ask where you got Kitana's mutilated-torso model, how I could find it, or, if you made it personally, how I could make one myself?


Also, I hate to look a gift horse in the mouth, but any chance you might expand on that Ayaswan Mortal Kombat scene? I'd love, LOVE, to see some alternate sex positions, the lower body fucking Aya drew, and/or some before n' after shots - like those three bitches getting bisected, being fucked in their arm holes and torso holes, or even days later, their corpses rotting on the poles, like you did with the Borderlands chicks?


This is totally speechless. This is the best morning in my life.
Never wondered that my old piece could turn into a modern art.

Absolutely fucking hot!

Thank you OP , I tip my hat to the greatest 3D artist. And proposing for the next target


Any chance for some lesbian stuff? like a sorceress having some fun after sacrificing a princess, or a couple schoolgirls escape a zombie outbreak but one of them got infected and she starts turning while they're fucking.


Incredible work OP, any chance of Palutena from Kid Icarus or Lana from Hyrule Warriors?


them skills, need more alive skullfuck/eye


You can go to apply for a, AyaSwan pages I have been to, where to allow such contents, but I also want to support you ^^


File: 1473438246989.jpg (102.17 KB, 500x691, bPtcq14.jpg)

Damn OP, your STARS skullfuck piece reminded me of one of my favorite works...thinking of it animated, man, that'd be something!


Alright. Those artworks were what made me realize I can get hard to mutilated women, way back then. And now it's animated. Good job.


I've aways wondered who is the artist of this image, do you know?


moar xeno please!


i used to know where the artist's site was but that was many years ago and i think it is gone now. from what i saw he never did anything else like that.


My favorite artist and my favorite animator this is a glorious evening


File: 1473584767496.jpg (371.81 KB, 1920x1080, Juliet_Preview.jpg)

Starling Skullfuck

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:
Angle F:

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:

Been planning on bringing those characters back for another mini series, probably wont be for awhile though.

It's a mix of models. Scaled down her lower body and arms and added a ton of gore props to all of them. There are some gmod models of Sonya from MK9 with most of her gib/gore bodygroups though I found on gmod.

Wow, glad you liked it so much! I'll have to decide on what I should do next based on your drawings

Not a fan of pure lesbian stuff, but could do a zombie threeway.

Good chance for either of those if Im ever in a Smash Bros or Zelda mood.

Though I appreciate it, I dont ever plan to make any sort of money off of these animations. Prefer to think of it more of a hobby than a job.



Holy shit OP's on fire lately, 10/10. Any chance for the shota character to return?


great one. just wish the floating dicks were not in it..any chance of just donig it without the floating dicks..just the 2 guys.


Holy shit OP you high or something? Not that it's a bad thing. :D
Keep them coming (pun intended)


Hello, big fan here. I love your work so I made your Deadpool clips into a short film. Enjoy !


I like to spell something out for ya! A.W.E.S.O.M.E

Why cant we get more animated movies like this?




sweet animations dude, did you see >>6437 and >>6438? if you could do something like that for your deepthroat deaths series, that would be the icing on the cake!


Anyway you can reupload these ones? The site doesn't seem to work for me.


>>6493 They work for me. The videos are a bit larger or the site is slow, not sure. You just have to wait for a bit.



You know that makes me think of more stuff.

Like having the cum shot be the method of execution. Blowing out the back of her head, or shredding her chest, or blasting open her guts....



that is amazing with juliet! thanks for doing it up! any chance of making a vid without the one D by her face? from some angles it blocks the view a bit? the d on her cheek specifically seems unneeded? but love it this is awesome to have a clothed version too since the outfit for many characters is what its all about!


the floating penises are a real turn off...


File: 1473973696809.jpg (127.77 KB, 1920x1080, AngleA.jpg)


Of all the pokemon that exist in the wilderness, non are more sought after by pokephiles as the Gardevoir. A human figure often with a sizable bust, many trainers aim to catch them during and after puberty. While of course their mouths and pussies are more than suitable for entertaining these young trainers, many desire the supple breasts to pleasure themselves. However, the sharp crystal in their chests make this quite difficult. Some trainers have these crystals filed down and rounded off, making it safer and possible for the trainer to pleasure themselves with. However there has been an alarming increase in a quicker, fatal solution. An untrained wild Gardevoir is relatively weak, making it possible for the common trainer to remove the crystal in it's entirety. Of course, this inevitably leads to the Gardevoir's death. This has led to a rise of violent murders by experienced trainers looking for a quick means of pleasure as opposed to ones that wish to capture and bond over a longer period. More trainers have been asked to raise awareness of this issue, and police have sent more patrols in hopes to halt these acts of murder, but little has been improved upon the situation. Perhaps it's best for these trainer's violent behavior to be exerted upon the Pokemon rather than people.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

There's always a chance, but only when he'll fit

Wow, good job! Must have been hard making those 2 second gifs into a video that long lol

Could probably do something like that eventually.


really nice! you could do something else on the subject ? one of the jobs that I liked more especially the fact that she closes her eyes as dies > . <


I must also ask more with this! It was amazing! Now use her to giv him blowjob or assfuck her! Damn best animation !


WTF? I NEVER thought my favorite guro animation would be about Pokemon...I'm fucking amazingly brutal. I loved it...WOW.


Now you need to have one where he fucks the girl through the back of the head and cums out her eye!
Both of these are great by the way!


That was very creative lol amazing work!


File: 1473985312302.jpg (691.2 KB, 1920x1080, Cia_Preview.jpg)

Spoils of War

A swift arrow to the head brought a quick end to the enemy commander, her chest bouncing as her corpse hit the ground. As work began to clean the corpses from the battlefield, soldiers noticed the enemy commander was nowhere to be found, nor was their hero...

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:



at times like that I like to be a hero


fantastic work :D


Could you perhaps expand on this wonderful work? Like add more positions? It's a waste on a perfectly good corpse to only have a boobjob... It is after all titled "Spoils of War" ;D


Agreed with the guy above me, it'd be even better if some of the soldiers, or maybe even wildlife comes in and it ends up being like four or more guys or animals fucking her corpse?


Oh yeah, I like the wildlife ideea.Maybe then can eat her too after they are done fucking her! Or attack the commander and take over the corpse! :)


BUM! head shoot. nice work ! :)


So who's staring in Cock of Steel II? Wonder Woman? Catwoman? Harley Quinn?


is that supposed to be funny or do you have a pokemon fetish?


This was beautiful any chance the others watching might get a turn with the body while she is still warm?


I am a lover of necro head but a necro titfuck is always welcome


Damn OP your necro stuff is brilliant. Wouldn't mind to see some sex with a living victim before she gets killed and used but even without those love all those necro and skull fucks you come up with. >>6595 had me laughing so hard it hurt and i have allways been a fan of ayaswan so seeing >>6348 was a dream come true.

Keep it up.


I would love you forever if you could do something with the one of the licker models from this (Replace the xx's) like a licker doing something with a victims exposed brain like maybe Marie Rose's , Morrigan or re-use Rachael Foley from Seasick Skullfuck? Also with tongue's like those It's like their begging to violate someones head.


THe Juliet Starling is great would you consider releasing a vid with her clothed in the same position and everything just without the 3 extra dicks? Just the guys? Can those be ticked off in sfm does it work like that?

Plz consider if possible from a big fan! thanks!


Any warframe ones maybe?


Would love to see zero suit samus being gut fucked


Or nipple fucked, or skullfucked, or all of the above.


or heart-fucked


Zero suit samus deserves a lung fuck like Tifa with cum squirting out her mouth, Ridley could get the job done


Looking forward to Haruhi Suzumiya guro ;)


Or maybe for once ass and mouth fuck? :3


File: 1474429954706.jpg (184.38 KB, 1920x1080, Bayonetta_Preview.jpg)

Bayonetta Brainfuck

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:

Much needed remake of an older animation.

Was planning on doing multiple scenes and release them at once, but decided to just release the titfuck when it was done. I'll continue on to that scene later.

Both? Pokemon fetish isn't the word I'd use, but anything with Pokemon I'll do will either be a trainer or a more humanoid pokemon like Gardevoir. TBH theres actually really no other pokemon I find as attractive as her, so who knows. Maybe a heavily modified lopunny...?

I usually dont go back and re-render animations once they're done, so it's not likely.


Samus getting lung fucked by Ridley is a pretty good idea. Not like his dick would fit anywhere else.


This guy right here does Samus Sfm but obviously no guro. Just wondering if you would like to do a guro version of it :D


>> 6711
This sick bastard prefer heart-fuck personally, but lung would be alright.

Or even better, do both. Both would be good


Could you do anything with the female operators from Rainbow Six Siege?


Perfect buildup, now make a monster come in and kill them both! That would be fucking awesome!


Man I would love to see a monster or a killer interrupting their sex!


>Samus getting lung fucked by Ridley is a pretty good idea. Not like his dick would fit anywhere else.

Ridley's not trying hard enough then.


>>another nice remake OP!

If u do the samus lung fuck it would be cool possibly in x-ray like your old thread Gow Sofia Hendrik animation


The fact that it wouldn't fit anywhere else is the best part, just have him split her pussy in half, his cock would probably shred everything from there to her chest.


I'm down for heart fuck samus aswell


still waiting for femshep


File: 1474512773708.jpg (301.35 KB, 1920x1080, mikasa_preview.jpg)

Cruel World

With the chaos caused by the Titans, no one would question any fatal accidents caused by failing omni-directional maneuvering gear, not even from the best recruit from 104th training corps. Two desperate recruits took advantage of this, following the 104th's prodigy. Once she was distracted, they cut her wires, causing her to tumble into the rubble below. She rolled to land on her back, hoping to survive the fall. Unfortunately, her neck landed on a small piece of rubble. A sharp crack ripped through her skull and spine, killing her instantly. Luckily for her killers, she fell in a small courtyard, no one else in sight. Quickly ripping her clothes away, they wasted no time enjoying their prey. They had to be quick afterall, Titans were still nearby...

Based on by lostunicorn

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:



OP I love your work, but can you slow down your animations at all

The fast-jerking just looks silly, could you maybe tone it down a bit? More like slow meaningful thrusts rather than machine-gun humping?


Wow was waiting for some AoT guro for a while awesome. Keep up the great work OP looking forward to samus lung fuck!


You are on fire man! I love how fast you upload content. It's insane lol


I would love to see Samus killed while she's giving a blowjob along with her partner!


Holy fuck the textures are 10/10.


To be entirely fair, in the context that the animation was made, they had better be fast or they wouldn't survive the day.


Hehe, I would love to see a Titan come in trash them and eat the corpse! :)


Hello OP i'm a great fan of your works,i don't know if you still accept free commissions but i'll try:
Here's the ahri model from league of legends:

I'd love if you could do some work with her,you can make her naked through setting body groups, my only request is if you could use her skin n.3 since it is the closest to her model ingame

I'd love if you could make something similar to one of these 2 works you already done: can use her foxy ears there :D)

Ofcourse you can make everything since i'm sure i'll like it regardless ^^
I hope you read my message


File: 1474587238902.jpg (141.42 KB, 1920x1080, ZS_AngleA.jpg)

Bounty Hunted

--Zero Suit--
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

--Varia Suit--
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

I can definitely do something among those lines, linking the model really helps. Only one other decent LoL model out there I can find, this makes two.


This is top notch great work OP! Lungfucking just seems so hot and samus expression is nice! Just wish she was alive and then died from the cumshot haha maybe in a future animation? :)


This is top notch great work OP! Lungfucking just seems so hot and samus expression is nice! Just wish she was alive and then died from the cumshot haha maybe in a future animation? :)


This is top notch great work OP! Lungfucking just seems so hot and samus expression is nice! Just wish she was alive and then died from the cumshot haha maybe in a future animation? :)


omg soooo nice


Wow, this Terrific


Can consider doing Resident Evil jill nude zombie bite dismembered GAME OVER scene, it must be very exciting


Can consider doing Resident Evil jill nude zombie bite dismembered GAME OVER scene, it must be very exciting


Zero suit samus has never looked better great job OP! Only thing that would've made it more perfect was if we would've saw her struggling and facial expressions of pain during the lung fuck. All together tho one of my fav indeed. Any chance of a future lung fuck where the girls alive and endures a couple thrust before she dies? Thanks again OP


Zero suit samus has never looked better great job OP! Only thing that would've made it more perfect was if we would've saw her struggling and facial expressions of pain during the lung fuck. All together tho one of my fav indeed. Any chance of a future lung fuck where the girls alive and endures a couple thrust before she dies? Thanks again OP


Zero suit samus has never looked better great job OP! Only thing that would've made it more perfect was if we would've saw her struggling and facial expressions of pain during the lung fuck. All together tho one of my fav indeed. Any chance of a future lung fuck where the girls alive and endures a couple thrust before she dies? Thanks again OP


Top notch animation, OP. Well done!
I think that lung-fucking is quickly becoming my new favorite.
I want to take a moment to applaud both your quality and quantity of animation. This is the fourteenth animation since the beginning of the month! That's amazing. Great job!
Oh, and thanks for including Samus. I've been waiting for her and you didn't disappoint.


Yay we definitely need a league of legend video :D


This is too good lung fucking is perfect the placement just seems so right! Great work OP would love to see more in the future. Possible lung fuck partners: Bowser and Peach, Fallout Elizabeth and Deathclaw, Killer Croc and Harley Quinn, Venom and MaryJane, Roadhog and Tracer


This is too good lung fucking is perfect the placement just seems so right! Great work OP would love to see more in the future. Possible lung fuck partners: Bowser and Peach, Fallout Elizabeth and Deathclaw, Killer Croc and Harley Quinn, Venom and MaryJane, Roadhog and Tracer


>>6762 Yeah i did you m8, and I think he should let them fuck around a bit, like those gifs with Samus giving a blowjob and a titjob, and then the monster could come and lungfuck both! :P


OP, please do dis!


Love the mascara smearing and looks like your wounds are starting to look better now too, good job man!


OP you a boss


I would give anything to see Ellie Langford from Dead Space 2 getting eyefucked


I would give anything to see Ellie Langford from Dead Space 2 getting eyefucked


I would give anything to see Ellie Langford from Dead Space 2 getting eyefucked


Can you make you chars have some normal sex first before the monsters come rip them, lungfuck them etc?


Something that could be cool along these lines would be a girl stumbling upon a monster's lair and thinking she's gonna die. Only the monster starts fucking her instead and as she starts thinking she's gonna be okay, it starts killing her


Been playing Dead Rising 1 on steam, Im sure everyone who is playing it is thinking that Jessie the blonde DHS girl would be a great model to use. Dont think it exists yet as a model but be great to see her getting skulled from the back of her head or maybe like Tali death by BJ then from the back of head?

love your work looking forward to more!


Question: can models be swapped in and out using what your using to make them but the animations remain? Would love to see Juliet starling if possible done like the nurse.


You inspired me to create these animations for skyrim. And I thank you for opening my eyes to some brutal shit.


These are great, it looks like the couple was starting to have sex when the futa/monster lady came and fucked them up! Good job, i would love to see a longer version of this or something similar!


Hey OP, awesome work. Would you be able to do an animation with Palutena? Something with a theme of her getting defeated in Smash or something would be cool. Here is her model and her sounds if that would help.

Maybe something similar to your Shygirl animation

Or this one except a focus on suffocating her instead when the guy cums?

Something with neck snapping would also be good like this one.

Or skull fucking like these would also be cool.

Thanks for all the hard work OP, keep it up!


I'll second the fallout Elizabeth and Deathclaw (Deathcock?) suggestion.


Thanks for all the great animations, OP.

I was wondering what some of your (and anyone else's) favourite works were. Any that you thought were better than others, or any with favorite subject matter?

I'll go ahead and reveal some of mine:

Stormtrooper >>3324 and >>3349
Piper >>4502
Room Service >>5037
Cock of Steel >>6282
Bounty Hunted >>6745


Hey, OP. How about a parody of your "Closing Night" animation, but with all of the girls from Super Smash Bros.?


How about a marie rose heart fuck?


Her beating heart getting fucked and covered in splooge would be good yes


Hey are these animations available for download?
Also, any possibility of something like this in Fallout 4?



Pure win, love the bulges, killed it!


where can we find your /art/ OP? it's not in /art/.


Red Riding Hood Stories >>3704 >>3722 all the way - top tier animation with brutal idea. Model was great, love that gapes in clothes, the only issue i had with it was too big tits.
I also like all parasites/mindflyer animations, i wish there would be more details.

>>4234 great idea (and oh god that description), but animation seems to be made in hurry. There is nothing that would draw me back to this.
2nd one is with Dark Elf >>3204 It's has better quality, but its dark overall and not to much to be seen.
Anyway, if i could ask for an animation it would be high quality mindflyer stuff with sucking brain from skull. Just love it.

I also had an idea... it can be really hard to animate, but i will try to share it.
What about cumming with acid on face, which will burn to skull killing the object? Maybe cum in mouth and burn through the throat or inside, to burn a hole in the back/stomach? It would be so hot.


File: 1475374951796.jpg (158.72 KB, 1920x1080, AngleA.jpg)

Backstreet Performance

Desperate for allies, Harley hired Clayface to act as her bodyguard. With both Joker dead, Batman gone, and Red Hood on the loose, every step for her was a threat. Her old gang had lost faith, many plotting to rape and kill her. Hoping since they worked together before, Clayface would be able to protect her from danger and serve loyally. Maybe even disguise himself as her late beloved for extra. While he did agree to act as Harley's muscle, he was quickly reminded him why he had avoided working for her before. Her endless droning and nagging about her revenge plans and how much she missed Joker, along with her high pitched voice, drove Clayface insane with annoyance. Reaching his limit, he decided to terminate his contract, and his old boss.
Disguising himself as Joker with her back turned, for a moment she believed it was actually him. As she placed her hand on his chest, Clayface took his true form, engulfing and trapping her hand in his mass. She struggled in futile, tugging and punching him in attempts to free herself. He bellowed as her struggle fueled his erection, tightly grasping her head with two fingers. Her head was dragging ear first towards the head of his penis. She screamed in confusion and his cock reshaped itself, slowing piercing her ear canal. As she finally realized what he was doing, her brain was punctured through to the other side. Now that his cock was fit through, it morphed back to it's original size within her skull, pressing her brain out against her cranium. Her screams had turned to silence as she let out a pathetic, soft pitched moan. Clay seeped from her ears, engulfing the sides of her head in the thick slime. Bubbles of clay popped as gas leaked from her cranium. The shapeshifting cock began to slide back and forth, her head occasionally giving a sharp twitch and soft moan. Cars passed by, either ignoring or indifferent to the back alley murder. Despite the circumstances, her body had yet to become fully limp, her body trying it's best to stay alive. For once Clayface missed her voice, her screams and final means echoing in his ears with pleasure. Her body began to grow limp as the shapeshifter prepared to finish her off.
Finally reaching his climax, he pulled his cock half-way through her skull. Semen filled her skull rapidly, the pressure shooting it through her ears. Clay began to seep from her eyes and nose before his second load burst through as well. Her frantic struggling had stopped by the first load, her final gasp for life escaping as what was left of her brain stained with cum. Finally releasing her limp body from his grip, she fell before catching sharply on her still engulfed hand. He released his hold, her hand slipping free as her corpse flopped to the ground. Clay and semen began to pool around her as Clayface walked away. Morphing into a puddle towards the sewers, ready to look for new job opportunities.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:

There's a pretty good chance I'll have them alive next time I do a lung-fuck animation.

Wow, surprised I made that many in just one month. Glad you like them.

There's a League of Legends animation in progress. Model looks great but has some terrible function issues causing some delays.

If I ever do an animation of a couple getting interrupted they'll either be lesbians or the guy will participate in guro fucking the girl. I dont do any gore that's male-related.

Not really. Different models have different bones, proportions, flexes, etc. Not a simple copy paste unless the models are variations of each other (like costumes) or use the same base. Very rarely will different models like Valentine and Juliet come even close to working together.

Wow, glad I'm the one that inspired that! Funny cause a lot of your mods inspire me. Here's to inspiration!

PS more necro titfuck, skull and lungfucks pls

Thanks for providing the model and some references. Might not do Palutena for awhile but I'll get to her eventually.

Marie Rose is cute but not nearly busty enough for my tastes. So a maybe?

Removed my art thread for personal reasons. Some of my drawings are scattered in some of the /g/ threads.

I understand the mind flayer animation looked rough, animating tentacles is a bitch and I didn't animate it as well as I wanted too, but was too far in to consider starting over. (the Drow Ranger one before was even worse)

Personal favorites of my own animations or other people's work here on gurochan?

My favorite works I've done myself (in no order; and there's a lot) would be:

-First Shygirl animation
-The first skullfuck Harley Quinn animation.
-Valentine's Earfuck
-Clover's interrogation
-Elsa and Sub-Zero
-Viper and Sectoid
-Fucking an Empty Shell
-Fourth of July
-Seaside Skullfuck
-Quarian Overdose
-Closing Night

My absolute favorites are:

-The Red Riding Hood and Dungeon Crawl
-Beep Block Highway Shygirls
-Gym Practice and Snuff Shooting (Kill la Kill)
-Skullfucked Succubi
-Puppet Show (definitely my best work IMO)
-Borderlands Bang
-Bounty Hunted
-Backstreet Performance (This one)

When it comes to other artists, there's not too many drawings an animations to list, so I'll list the artists.

-Anything Goes
-Mr Misery



Will we see some Haruhi Suzumiya guro?

Please... maybe a nude hanging with necro fuck?


Best work so far instinct fav! Been waiting for more Harley stuff OP thank you! Youre best scenes are when the girls alive first like this one


You made my day bro. Thanks


He should have used her body as well


I really like that the last few aren't crossovers. I like when it could make sense that there is a story behind what is happening. When its just two random characters from different IP it can still be fun to watch but doesn't have the same impact.


Great work again. Lovely expression and sound.


If marie rose bust is too small then how about morrigan aensland for the heart fuck?



great work, OP. i especially enjoy Harley's facial expressions during the scene. you keep getting better and better. this and Bounty Hunted are destined to become some of your best, i think. and Puppet Show was excellent.

you've fullfilled several of my most-wanted scenes. in fact, Bounty Hunted made me want an all the way through animation (you almost did it right there!). that would be my suggestion for another scene.

anyway, well done and i'll definitely keep watching and waiting for more!



really good animation,also i really appreciate you're working on a league of legends animation even if the models are awful ^^


00:24. That's the moment. I'd like to see an entire animation where the prey is gasping and twitching as the cock is killing her, piercing her throat, eyes, brain, whatever. It doesn't really matter, as long as she's doing the cries, gasps and twitches of death, the scene rules. You're the master, OP. No one else does what you do. No one.


Catwoman beneath.
Killer Croc atop.
He puts his cock under her chin.
Her face -- horrified.
He presses into her throat, breaking through flesh and cartilage, bone and brain -- and bursting out the top of her skull.
Her face goes slack in death.
His killer cock takes her head that way.
Her sightless eyes roll -- her slack face twitches -- her dead throat gasps.
He speeds up and comes, shooting his seed into her skull, where it oozes from her eyes, nose and lips.
He withdraws -- leaves her beautiful in death.


That was fantastic


The amount of content you put out in such a small amount of time is amazing!!! keep it up!!!


for the love og god op! xeno on human blowjob!


Since you seem to be remaking some of your older animations/making old drawn anims in SFM would you ever consider making the Valentine (And maybe Parasoul too) skullfuck animation you had made? It was a personal favorite of mine and I can't help but think of it every time I see the Valentine earfuck animation.
Newer, more realistically textured Valentine model, unfortunately it has no nipples and looks very off IMO, so I vote you use the old model again and just add some nice big breasts to it the way you did before.


OMG that animation was so damn smooth! That means a lot to me OP...the next few sets of my animations WILL be "Gurotitfuck" (right through the fucking nipple lol) , "guroskullfuck" ( inspired by your latest masterpiece), "gurospinefuck", and "gurolungfuck"...I should have them done before the end of the week (Wednesday ) keep'em coming man these are soooo damn brutal.


omGGGG that Harely animation is AMAZING, i love how her face acts <3


Where did you get the drow ranger model that you used in the previous thread with the mind-flayer?



it should be already included in SFM if you downloaded Dota 2 since it's a valve model,otherwise it should be in the Dlc options somewhere


Hey, OP, would it be possible to get a beheading and subsequent skullfuck? Doesn't matter who's on the chopping block, I just have a itch to see something like that.


Been lurking since abit before I made a couple requests awhile back and I've gotta say I love what you've made since especially the female spartan bodies getting used . I hadn't thought though in the interim between then and now if you had the other 2 models (Quelag aside which you mentioned in a reply) So I took it upon myself to find a ink for a SFM
Cortana model:
my original 'suggestion'


Good idea, all except the "bursting out the top of her skull" thing. Without it the pressure of the cumshot would force it to come out from her eyes, nose and ears. plus she would stay alive for longer, which is always good.


I recomend the artist tsurugi9000


Your animations are great, and I like that you do them from so many different angles and even POV. Have you ever thought about, where suitable, including the girl's POV? Personally, I would find that suuuper amazing!



Would you be willing to do animations with resident evil nurse and femme pyro?


just wasted $15 on haydee, so if op could fuck up that robot bimbo a little more i'd love that


Great animation anon! any chance of more with some cosplay and some loops of the after? great slow insertion and reaction!


Any chance maybe of a miss pauling in an office chair with a gunshot to the side of her head getting brained by hmmm the scout? maybe sniper guy witth the gun on the desk smoking?

this model has an open shirt version which keeps the outfit of the character but is lewd so makes it that much better, also alot of comments for rigging that could be helpful?


love the harley one, could you do a loop of when she is upright getting brained for us? love your stuff its amazing!



talking about this? >>1958



OP just did.


File: 1476078651641.jpg (121.55 KB, 1920x1080, AngleA.jpg)

Stallion Stress Relief

"Pa' told me Ace needed to have his weekly stress release. Told me he got me a new toy in the stables to help me so I could finish the job by sundown and make it for supper. I love it when Pa brings me presents! Made sure to bring the bucket this time, no point lettin it all go to waste. Just gotta remember to put my new toy away when Im all finished."!hsQ2iShb!93geX6MbnGj2aLrsugQL1DB6ovRkzudzdFyjbn_tZ5s

Another long one, unfortunately too large to stream. Might break it down into two parts tomorrow for those of you that dont want to download it. This one isn't as gorey as most of my animations but if I ever make a part two that won't be the case.

The models Ive found of her aren't very good, but I might try and make a quickie soon.

Not a bad idea. Would make for a good continuation of Skullfucked Succubus.

Glad you've enjoyed it. Been trying to put more effort into more quantity over quality. Might do a tentacle "all the way through" animation soon.


The new model is certainly amazing (even without nipples) but I wasn't planning on remaking the Valentine skullfuck. There's an animation Ive put on hiatus for a long time with her and I hope to have finished by Halloween.

You certainly remade the animation fast! All your new animations sound like they'll be great, especially the nipplefuck and the spine fuck.
By the way, what female and male body mods do you use? Almost none of the animations are alligned properly, even when I enable the auto-rescaling. Really dont want to have to go through and adjust all of them one by one and hoping it's just the body mods I use. :P

I've had some ideas for Cortana and Gravemind even back when I posted drawings. Animating tentacles is always a major pain, so it's been offputting. Might just do a simple skullfuck with Chief soon, but hopefully I'll get around to doing a more quality scene for her soon.

Agreed. Definitely a good follow up after Harley's most recent encounter. Just need to find a decent Killer Croc model. One I have has fucked up textures, why his animation with Copperhead was mainly the background for Batgirl's first animation.

I personally dont care for victim's POV, and for most of my animations they wouldn't show much anyway considering how many skullfucks from the sides and behind I do.

Do you mean the Silent Hill nurse? Not sure of any RE nurses. A decent model was just released so expect something of them soon.


Quick question how come i never see some double penetration Necro going on (>.<)


Dope. No necro though, what a shame.


holy shit OP that was awesome! Personally i would love more bestiality necro stuff, especially horses.



Necro of my fav DOA character? Nice OP


please, Chief and Cortana, never seen this duo here (or anywhere else...)!


Oh yes my bad, I meant silent hill nurse. This link is for a good model.


How about a Morrigan kill into necro


Hey guys. I made a compilation PMV of gore SFM with the clips uploaded here.
I made it for my personal uses but I'll share the link in case anyone wants it.!oYskiRTL!rJ2Ka1TpMqDYscBNcRfotGrR23XjMb_2SQvRFEHxFzw

All the rights of the animation goes to the artist who made it and I always appreciate your awesome works.


Just a question - do you think you'd be able to reupload the animation for >>4502 ?


Just a question - do you think you'd be able to reupload the animation for >>4502 ?


The fixed link is right here >>4505


Nice job! ;)


File: 1476413587214.jpg (115.35 KB, 1920x1080, AngleA.jpg)

Eye Appointment

In it's never ending tormenting lust, Pyramid Head stumbled upon two Bubblehead Nurses in a bar. Disposing of them was an easy task. One was impaled to the floor with it's sword. The monster struggled to pull the massive blade piercing her sternum, her desperate thrashes jiggling her breasts and draining her blood even faster. The second was knocked to the ground with a mighty punch, it's knife lost from her grip. As she struggled to gain her senses, her body was lifted by it's head and forced on her knees. Stripping it's robes away, Pyramid Head's erection stroked against her bandaged, disfigured face. It found it's way to her lips, ajar in her daze. It's hands wrapped tightly around her head, pressing her mouth over the head of his member. Her webbed malformed face refused to open wide enough to fit more than the tip. Frustrated, the head rubbed across her cheek to the place where her eyes would be. Pumped to the brim with blood, it pulled her head against it's erection, the skin parting and the socket collapsing. It's erection burst through her skull, her tongue now loose as it gave a final distorted gasp of terror. Her shoulders tensed as a cock shaped hole filled her brain, her corpse twitching every few thrusts. Within a few minutes the monster was already pleased with itself, a flood of semen filling her skull. As cum began to overflow out her skull and into her open mouth, the monster stayed erect, already thrusting again. He continued again and again until nothing was left inside her skull but it's endless load of cum. Even still, he would continue to fuck her skull until he was satisfied. It's gazed averted to the first of the nurses, who bleed out hours ago. Once he was finished with this one, she would certainly be next.

Tried something different this time, just a short ten second loop with only one angle. Tried some other angles but they didn't offer much else from the original angle. Got another Bubblehead Nurse animation in the works that will have a lot more to it. Going to try to have the Stallion Stress Relief broken into two parts soon hopefully.

I think a better question is how you missed all of these. All of them have one chick getting more than one dick at a time.
>>5371 >>5498 >>5743 >>5786 >>5877 >>6267 >>6271 >>6281 >>6348 >>6388 >>6731 >>7152

>>7156 necro? You realize the animation is about a hanged cowgirl being used by another cowgirl and a horse, right?


good job i hope you will be here for the life Op i love your work idk who can replace you :) you the best


Great job OP! Can't wait to see the other Bubblehead Nurse animation.


Fucking genius once again :D


Why are their boobs so big? the original model would've been perfect :(


Different strokes for different folks. I like the boob sizes he's been doing a lot.


OP has stated numerous times he prefers and uses busty models, of which i highly approve.


I see your point and understand. Should be have versions with normal and big so everyone is happy


lmao, this guy really wants a yang animation


File: 1476674412206.png (139.82 KB, 554x350, head.png)

Hello, I've been following this thread for months now, maybe even close to a year and its all awesome work. I don't know which requests you pick because you have overwhelming demand and support but its worth a try to make a request.

Can you make one of Nyotengu(from Dead or Alive) buck naked.

Basically recreate this scene? Nyotengu's head is on her body like that and Keiran is fucking her through the back of the skull and his penis is coming out through his month. basically the pic I posted. Thank you I really appreciate it, I think that pose looks pretty good.


coming out through HER mouth I meant to say


Is it just me or does gfycat compress videos?
I mean when looking at the mixtape alt links, they always appear with less artifacts.
Why do people even use gfycat?


You have to remember that he's doing this for free.
Unless you're paying him, he doesn't really owe you anything.


OP, your animations are damn good. I don't know what else to say, really - does anything else NEED to be said? They are damn good, and I will monitor this thread for any new work you might make.

It does. People use it because it's fast, easy, and because the site doesn't trigger virus alerts in certain browsers and with certain extensions. It's also nice for people who want to save a lot of videos, as it decreases filesizes. In its early days, GfyCat's encoder also had a habit of cutting frames at the start or end of files, but it's become much better at not doing that.

That said, I, personally, prefer the quality provided by sites that host files without converting them.


This is a bit extreme, but I don't suppose Roll Caskett from Megaman Legends can be done?


Either one for a Cortana animation would top notch, I hadn't even considered the possibility of Gravemind violating her. Whatever you do and whenever you do it though don't skip on the backstory reading those is as much of a perverse joy as watching the animation. Also if you're open to further input/suggestion maybe for MC a lethal tit fuck but Chief accidentally angles down after a thrust and impales her with his massive Spartan dick then decides to keep on going.


I'd love to see you do something with Lulu from FFX getting raped and executed. Her body-type definitely fits your preferences, and I don't think there's been any guro of her.


Works are great, you are my favorite SFM producers


Very like big tits,
and fuck brain is very cooooooool,
OP you're so exciting!!


Goddamn! I would love to see more of that Nurse!
Can i request a version where she gets nipple-fucked or raped and snuffed by multiple guys?


File: 1476982727321.jpg (139.54 KB, 1920x1080, AngleA.jpg)

BOW Brainfuck

In the sewers of Raccoon City, a female licker takes a rest after a long hunt on the streets above. The stench of fresh corpses led her to throughout the tunnels to a maintenance room. Two fresh human corpses were piled in the corner, but still full from her last meal, the BOW decided to rest there until she was hungry again, her next meal already secure. What the monster failed to realize is what killed these victims, nor how his scent would be covered by the corpses. A small creak in the wood pallet behind her caught her attention before two hands clasped her head from behind. Four fingers dug into her exposed brain as her hand swiped desperately. It's other hand tightened it's grip, scratching the metal surface of it's seat. After a short struggle for survival, her assailant lifted her head and pulled back violently. A long object pierced her brain from behind, her body quickly becoming stiff. The shape slide deeper and her body gave another twitch before going limp. Amazingly, the BOW was still alive, even with a cock half-way through her brain. It's breath was weak, the mutant unable to resist and disabled by her morbid rape. Steam valves burst as her attacker slowly fucked her brains, his fingers squeezing tightly with each thrust. His thrusting began to speed up, his erection piercing deeper. With a sharp hump the head of his cock pierced through as grey matter and slime dripped from her cranium. Her body inducing to more spasms, her struggle only made him fuck her harder. With a final thrust, the monsters body tightened, it's claws grasped anything it could for help, and his cum splattered on the floor. Satisfied, her attacker decided even a disabled, nearly brain dead licker could still be a threat, or he didn't like to leave a job unfinished. It's most likely though he simply wanted the satisfaction of finishing her off and being there to see it. With a quick twist, her neck snapped. As her body began to grow limp, slime from her brain stuck and stretched from his releasing hands. The corpse's sharp fall splattered blood across the floor, the body giving it's final spasms before becoming still forever.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:

Something a little different than the norm, was inspired by the Halloween Season to make an animation of a licker from Resident Evil. Having those exposed brains makes it all too easy, kinda surprised I havent done anything focusing on them before. Went with a more Monster Girl design so it wasn't too monstrous (plus tits) but I plan on rendering some angles with the original mouth and face (in case some of you would prefer that.)

I used to do that more often early on. Rendering takes a lot of time, especially when a video is as long as my more recent ones. When I do variations, it's usually for a very short loop animation, an animation with very few angles, or both. When I do the classic monster face renders for this animation, it will only be a few angles.

I've never been certain if the compression is from gfycat or my current gifmaking program. There is a definite quality difference between the gifs and webms, but I use two entirely different rendering methods for each. Short loops are gifs because there's this really fucking irritating render bug in SFM where lights in the first two or three frames are really bright and adjust to the set levels or flexes (such as faceposing or body-scaling) start off default for the same duration. I cant find a work around for shorter loops because the light bug is so annoyingly obvious. So I render the frames as images, adding a few extra frames in the beginning. I then delete those extra frames that the program used to render the lighting and flexes then compile the rest into a gif. There's a reason my videos always fade in and out to black. To have my 1-3 second loops fade in and out each time would be really irritating.

There is a definite quality drop on gfycat, but it's the only stable/consistant host for the loop gifs that I can easily manage. If anyone knows a good alternative then let me know.

Dont know of any good models so no.

A new model was recently released of her, so maybe.


What model did you use to combine with the licker?


I'm guessing Sheva?


It looks like a curvy CBBE model. I'm not sure which one though.

Also, great job on yet another amazing animation, OP!


File: 1477010041566.jpeg (424.96 KB, 1920x1080, Licker_Preview.jpeg)

Licker Session Release

SFM session of the licker for anyone that wants to use it.!p1QXETrL!Y9X1FR_O4Q2nMyUpr_R4w3ig0mzSTNxmQC0N95gvECs

Model requirements:
-Raccoon City Licker
-Body Morph Elsa
-MK X Gore Props

Body is a the bodymorph Elsa recolored red and with increased phong boost and exponent.
All the models used are linked above.


Wow OP, I didn't expect you to release your bodyhack session. Thanks! :D


for the love of god someone make this man a Gal Gadot CG costume!!!


Jesus OP. Your latest animations have been amazing.

Actually, all of them have been great. I most enjoy when you do to the kind of storylines you used to do, where you did multiple scenes with one girl. Like the red riding hood stuff.


Love your videos keep going ^^


Hey OP. I love the licker situation, animation and VO. Very hot! But I would love to see a human version of this. Any chance of swapping the model for a human female?

Personally I'd LOVE to see Ivy from Soul Calibur, Morigan from Dark Stalkers, or any of the DOA girls get this treatment.


any chance of brain fking Lilith as well?


Seconding anything with Ivy! I loved her when you used her model for your Ork animation, so I'd love to see her again.


Does OP go by any name?


Not sure but rumour says his real name's Master Chief.....☺☺


He went by the name MessyKid, but that was a long time ago.


Great work, OP!

Got a request, if it's something you feel like doing. I enjoyed your Piper animation, and got to wondering about an alternate ending for the intrepid reporter. Specifically, what if she were captured by super mutant(s), throat-raped and drowned in cum? I can't remember if you've done a cum-drowning yet. Seemed like something you might like, so I figured I'd throw it out.


Just another suggestion for OP, for all those skull fatal fucking scene, instead of having the penis coming out from the other side and cumming on the floor why not have the penis stay and cum inside the skull and watch the jizz flow out from the victim's eye, nose and ears. XD


>>7453 Agree! thats the right way to do it


I'd like to request a short animation with a female Sangheili being fucked to death by getting fucked in the head or being tortured and fucked.


What is it with everyone and these weird alien fetishes??


Define "weird"
Define "fetish"
Define "everyone"


It's curious that you'd come to gurochan of all places to express your dislike of weird fetishes.


Don't know why you're complaining about aliens on a website like this. Besides OP has done multiple female aliens before.


Like 95% of what this artist posts is humanoid women. I'm not even really into the alien stuff but more power to the them and anyone who likes it. Hope OP keeps doing what they enjoy and doesn't get burnt out.


Idea for the awesome OP

A nipplefuck scene where the guy/tentacle/monster fucks her tits too hard, breaking into her chest. Could have him then be fucking a heart or lung, or bloat her chest cavity with cum.




I'm down for this(hopefully with Morrigan from darkstalkers.)




I dont understand how a xenomorph and sangheli are sexy...



Clearly, those aren't for you, then. I'm not a fan of all the monstergirls, but I'm a huge fan of more varied content. And it doesn't get more out of the norm than this.


It's different tastes for different people. I think it's pretty cool that OP is giving monster girls a shot since they really aren't touched upon as much as male monsters in the guro scene. Plus it makes his content more variable.


File: 1477621384133.jpg (264.3 KB, 1920x1080, AngleA.jpg)

Fairy Fun

Link's had enough of his companion's nagging.

There's very little chance. Part of why the animation even works is cause it's a licker with it's brain already exposed lol. It wouldn't be very easy to swap models, I'd have to reanimate it from scratch.

Maybe if I find a good model.

That was a random throwaway account name I made to post those old sprite animations on Gurobooru before I started playing posting on gfycat. I prefer not having any monikers though, just the OP of this thread.

Have a plan for a cum-drowning scene, but not with Vault Girl, least not for now.

That's what happened in the most recent Harley animation. Hard to tell in the lighting but gunk's pouring out her eyes and nose.

Sounds like a good idea. Might do that with Soria since her model is well suited for anything tit-focused.

I'm fairly picky about my monster/alien girls, but the main attraction comes from variety in subject matter and the idea of something exotic or dangerous being overcome through sex and violence. That's my personal view on it. Course I think it needs to have nice curves and a big rack, I don't find just any alien/monster interesting.


I beg you dont use mixtape site. use anything else... i tried to see it on 2 difrent computers and it just send me either a "Site blocked" "or site is dangerous for your computer" message...


pretty please something, anything with cammy!


LOL. That was great! I love how he just snaps her neck and the glow goes away - like switching a light off. The short little squeaking scream is perfect. ;-)

Only one thing could make this better: I would have loved to see him just toss her body away like trash at the end.


Cum drowning scene pretty plz! Can't wait to see what you have in stored OP your animations are number 1 keep up the great work! Anya or Cait from GOW 4 would be awesome idk if they have models tho haa


Cum drowning scene pretty plz! Can't wait to see what you have in stored OP your animations are number 1 keep up the great work! Anya or Cait from GOW 4 would be awesome idk if they have models tho haa



Lovely work. The post neck-snap twitch and the way her glow immediately fades are both nice touches.



Great work again. The sound and animations are awesome.


great job. love to see some femshep from u


Love the belly bulge


Aw, dammit! He killed her first. Where's the fun in that?

Great animation though!


That more funny than anything else XD


neck snaps are hot, my vote goes to more of them
mixtape is great and always up, consider not being tech illiterate


This is easily my favorite so far.


Say! Where can I find the Bubblehead Nurse model you used? I've been trying to track it down with no luck..



Awesome work OP, though to be honest, I would prefer if she was alive when Link was filling her up x3


>I prefer not having any monikers though, just the OP of this thread.
Sorry if it's been asked before, but how will we find you if gurochan ever goes down? Wouldn't be a first


WHAT!? HOW!? WHO!? WHEN!? WHERE!?...FUCK I am speechless...*gives a standing ovation* Bravo!


Love it, only thing I wish it had was cum splurting outta her mouth too


Love it, only thing I wish it had was cum splurting outta her mouth too
this,and its no fun without them struggling as their being filled the kill can come at the end or with thw finishing climax wouldnt you agree it would up the intensity and make it much more glorious ?


Thanks OP for these amazing things.


death -> necrophilia seems to be OP's preference for most of these animations, I personally enjoy it more than snuff during rape


Snuff during rape is my favorite as well I think that came from reading VGBabes vs. The Legions of the Undead by Deathstalker all those years ago

I would kill for any one of the chapters to get an animation

link to his work was floating around and I rediscovered them I am pleased


Lovely work as always OP

Axe and block beheadings would be fantastic, especially during sex or with the executioner enjoying the head afterwards.


to b honest i dont like killing or gore but i enjoy your works anyway,the less gore and more sex related ones


Any chance for a halloween animation op?


Where did you get your Tina Armstrong cowgirl model?


Hey haven't seen an MKX one in a while could you possibly do one with Kitana or Cassie?


File: 1478167136117.png (1.07 MB, 1280x720, 1982007 - Chloe_Price Doct….png)

mother of god your work is great.
Would you consider doing the girls from the life is strange thing in their jean and tights outfits? Even their dorm is online in the lab. Maybe Max getting brained by one guy like this on her knees with chloe in the background getting gut fucked or whatever? Your awesome I know there is something there though I suck at thinking of what to do with chloe :P

Girls dormitory:
Max's room:
Max and Chloe:


File: 1478167515613.png (85.43 KB, 330x330, f1928db92d47bbcd274a397473….png)

Always wanted to see Leia get her brains screwed out through her buns, finally there is a model. Though it needs a rigging script it says... Seeing her head sliding back and forth between 2 guys like that nurse one would be awesome.



considering her violent and precarious line of work I'm abit surprised you haven't done a scene with Evie Frye from Assasins Creed: Syndicate.


Maybe looking for models or such


Can anybody (If that model for her exists yet for SFM) make a snuff animation with Undyne from the game Undertale?




File: 1478456299839.jpg (234.76 KB, 1280x720, LiS_preview.jpg)

Life is Short

Even lesbians occasionally have cocks on their mind.

--Set A--
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

--Set B--
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Chances are it's your wifi blocking it if you've tried different computers and browsers. Mixtape is the best site for me to stream webms since it has a larger file-size limit than other sites, so Im still going to keep using it.

Here's the model link

I had quite a few animations in plan but havent had the time or motivation to finish any of them. I'll release them eventually, hopefully this month.

No models of her for SFM.

There is a rather decent model out now, so maybe.



Actually, I think there should be an Evie Frye model. The artist Pewposterous did some BJ animations with it in march or april this year for his Patreon. I just don't know if it is a private hack of his or publicly available.


love love LOVE the twitchy eye/head shudder!


life is strange was my game for over a year in 2015...

as for suggestions, more beheadings(like that Sonya one)using Ada Wong from RE4(maybe the bikini mod and or the short red dress) and Sheva from RE5, preferable her in her business outfit or tribal getup.

I hated how RE5 toned down the violence.


Please do an animation with kitana being bloated with cum so hard that it basicaly overflows out of every whole in her body , naval/nipples/ears/eyes/etc,i honestly am not into blood and meat , but the bloat could go well with the guro aspect xD! cum bloat finisher! no explosions tough that would just ruin the slow drown with cum from inside aspect.


Will we see a Haruhi Suzumiya animation?



I haven't played it but these makes me want to


A wraith all the way through would be pretty hot


Nothing is more delicious than the bitch's brain.


Give us some Undyne please!


I'd love to see that, too!


I have no requests, no favors to ask. I'm just here op to say thank you. Thank you for the awesome work that you do. All I ask is that you keep doing you, and continue with your awesome animations.


Do some more decapitation stuff please!


File: 1478580450426.jpg (146.43 KB, 1920x1080, Full.jpg)

Titanfall Twist

Two IMC pilots alone on patrol fall prey to a sadistic Militia merc.

--Full Video--!Ux4BASoQ!pzYYp7x05d3CFiKbtPNuOKR1LgS5r32BmYGrR9ynhic

--Two-Part Stream--
Part One:
Part Two:


OP is OP, amazing work as always !
I'd like to see more of those mouth fucking sfm's I haven't seen you do much. Maybe one where they're throated and pass out, then filled with semen and throw it up?


After trying and failing to find one my self I wasn't sure one had been made...i dont know where SFM creators go though to get the models so I might have just been looking in the wrong spots.


the tits in this one are comically out of place






Can you do one with Mileena or Kitana in their Klassic outfits?


The files are too big these days.


# 7716
but their classics dont show enough skin !
this is much better !



yeah mk9 outfits were the best for all the mk girls


Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck yeahhhhhhhh! That was beautifully done! Another masterpiece for the record books...and my collection! :)


Hell Yeah!!! Fucking a girl in the ass while looking at her dead face! That was awesome!

I also love the other one with just her giant tits sticking out of her suit and jiggling around. lol

Great Job, dude! I can't wait to see your next creation!


Well, space is cheaper than ever.


I don't see a problem. I don't think he can do much more without a fully dynamic model or something.


Can you please kill Mercy?

Here is a idea, Mercy and Zarya get beheaded. The Killer Inserts Mercy's head on Zarya's body and Fucks Zarya who has Mercy's head. Then he puts Zarya's head on Mercy's body and fucks her.

It would be interesting to have someone being fucked while having someone else's head.




Mercy plz


dat twitching

Great attention to detail




Wow, a lot of Overwatch fans here. I guess I might as well add my voice to the crowd. It's love to see Mei getting what's coming to her. Maybe struggling in vain as she has an icicle forced through her eye socket and into her brain?


would love a helmetless version of this, no biggie otherwise your work is awesome!


Your life is strange set is incredible! Would love to see more in the future if ever get better models was that the problem with this set?

Sucks how lots of good steam models but so many missing rigging, you make it all work though!


would you mind if later I upped this with audio?
Your just too awesome! Audio was thinking just some squish sounds? or none your call, dont want to ruin this great stuff your making which is godly.


These SFM warcraft models are really good quality.

I wondered if you could possibly do something with a night elf? Possibly fuck a night elf in the ear and make her retarded. Or fuck her dead retarded ass <3

Would also be really hot seeing a dead draenei getting fucked in the ass!

Thanks, hope you like it. World of Warcraft really needs some love. Sadly, can't find an Alexstrasza model


Like ahegao, these worldofwhore brains when fuck.


aww shit. might need to make another thread because the hard drive thing fucked this one up


how so?


nononononononono upupupupupup


lol, something seriously wrong with the date. :D


must have something to do with the site being down for afew days...not that I noticed or anything >_>


OP, I suggest you make a new thread and drop a link here. This one seems to be doomed to 404 because of the harddrive switch


Phew, I thought it was just me. I was getting worried when connecting to this site failed for the past few days.


Must. Save. All. Animations.

good time to do it now!


We got alot to save


Yaaaay it fixed

 No.7870 could you fuck one of these blood elfs when she is dead. the black haired one is nice.

ear fucking would also be hot. love warcraft things


OP come back plz


sorry, found it. there is a nice SFM model of Sylvanas for you to use <3 I like the grey one. Better to fuck a retarded sylvanas or a dead sylvanas?


How about kill her then fuck her back to life then fuck her again make it kinda lore wise thing


Death by throat fucking suffocation sounds so good right now


File: 1479640233350.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1920x1080, Kelly_Linda_Preview.jpeg)

Careful, Chief!

Despite what the UNSC says, Spartans do have sexual cravings. Weeks of non-stop duty often leaves Spartans with little privacy, but when the opportunity arrives, Spartans will seize the opportunity to fuck each other senseless, and in some rare occasions, even to the death.
Security cameras caught one such unfortunate incident. The Master Chief and his good friend Kelly spent their short downtime hidden behind a pile of ammunition and supply crates. Removing her helmet and chest plate, she unzipped her skintight undersuit, exposing her enormous breasts. Literally almost bursting from his suit, the Master Chief's super soldier erection was visible even on the low-quality surveillance footage. These side effects cause by augmentation are common in Spartans, but the UNSC has done it's best to hide the sexual enhancements that come alongside super strength. An unfortunate side effect of super strength is not knowing your own strength. After being pleasured for a short while with a titfuck from his old friend, Master Chief took matters in his own hands. Thrusting himself into her chest, Kelly seemed to enjoy it until he thrusted too far. A quick tap on her chin seemed to annoy her. She opened her mouth to say something, before her throat was ripped open and stuffed with his cock. It seems he was a little too eccentric, it is currently believed that penetrating her throat was not intentional. Even so, it appears he quickly loses control, enjoying the warmth of her bloody throat too much to care for the fate of his squadmate.
Kelly was put in too much of a shock to react, barely attempting to lift her impaled head from his erection. A effortless tug down and her throat opened wider, the bloodloss quickly rendering her unconscious, and just as quickly succumbed to death. Whether it was shock or blood loss that caused her death is currently unknown, as the autopsy has yet to start. Despite the horrors of the crime, the UNSC would mark Kelly's death as an accident, claimed to have tripped and been impaled on a broken pipe. Covering such horrendous acts preserves moral for mankind's hero, and the UNSC plans to continue to do so should another similar incident occur in the future.



--HD Download--!dsB2SZIA!Jgt5SVOc8dXv4G1WaiRop6vJjJssiun5jBL5yCaScyI

Yeah, pretty hard adding tits on a model with a bust like that and without bones. Can't scale them down to make the model hack work well, so it'd either be look sloppy from some angles or just not have them move at all.

Propbably because I'm trying to make more quality videos as opposed to 1-3 second loops.


The models are decent and I managed to find a rig. The characters figures aren't necessarily in my taste, but felt inspired to do something with them based on >>7641 anyway

Course not, go ahead.

If I do something with Elves it'll definitely be an ear-fuck.

Dead or retarded? How about dead with a retarded expression?

Guess this is close...?


OP will u plz make a kitana cum bloat animation , like inflation but spread out not a buldge xd



Another really excellent animation. I love these longer ones that you've been making since there's a nice balance of foreplay and wonderfully twisted shit.


the facial expressions are the best thing about your animations, love those empty looking eyes and blank stares


Another great animation, OP! If I count correctly, you have completed 109 animations (unique posts) over 2 threads!
To sum up, I would list my top three favorite animations as:
1 - Bounty Hunted
2 - Cock of Steel
3 - Piper Chokes on a Pipe
Congratulations on breaking 100, and thanks.


Dead Sylvanas with a retarded expression sounds very fuckable... you must spread her legs and fuck her this!



Some part of me wishes do one with both of them at the same time cause these was amazing


Thanks for another great animation OP


Damn good animation yet again! hope to see more animations like this that are longer rather than just loops but that's just me.


Awesome dude


that is amazing! can you hot swap models? would love to see this with sherry or maybe this model you did before?
My dream would be to see this with tifa >>6283

once again your awesome, stay awesome!


Op you never stop to amaze me. This is one of your best animation in my opinion. The wait is always woth it.

Thank you!



hey, OP. had an idea for an animation I thought i'd run past you.

Explosive Decapitation (referencing Cock of Steel, >>6282)
Dark Superman captures a rebel to his rule (Supergirl, Wonder Woman, etc.) and makes an example of the traitor. he neck/chin fucks her, snuffs her and when he cums, his Kryptonian ejaculation blows her head clean off.


What about a noose hung Haruhi Suzumiya? Who is nude?


Great work yet again OP! I've been watching your threads. But never commented. But I wanted to say two things.

1: Nowadays I love the fact that the files are getting bigger and the time in between posts from you are longer. It simply means that it genuinely excites me for each one because they'll be longer and more detailed. Your animation is amazingly detailed and wonderfully executed. And I cannot wait for what you have cooking next.

And 2: Early on in your first thread, You did a looping animation with Miss Pauling from the TF2 series. I humbly request you do another one with her in any fashion you desire, But a bit more drawn out and detailed. So I may watch her die slowly while she gets violated ;)

Other then that. Thank you for your lovely animations. Im your number 1 fan. Keep up the good work!


Damn that's fucking awesome. Great work.


fantastic work yet hats to you off for the quite ingenious the way you used both Kelly&Linda with Master Chief. Like a few fellow anons though I hope to see Cortana in a future animation. I hope you'll be able to overcome whatever issues you mentioned having with tentacles and pair her up with Gravemind...if not another one with Master Chief would be just a good.


Man I'm loving your work. Don't you have some blog/page with all of your work?


HI there. You did a drawing of Cassiopeia from League of Legends getting fucked a while back.. I was wondering if you could upload it again? It was a great picture!

Would you consider doing anything more with Cassiopeia? Humping her lovely snake ass or something


File: 1479785594303.jpg (839.07 KB, 1920x1080, HarpyHunt.jpg)

Harpy Hunt

"It's the time of year again, a holiday for thanks and appreciation. What more is there to appreciate than life, and what better way to appreciate life than to take it away from something else? While some will settle hunting smaller birds, others crave something a little more human. I am one of those people. Harpies are common prey this time of year, and prove to be too difficult for most to hunt. With most of the population in breeding houses for sex and slaughter, wild Harpy populations have dwindled drastically. Only the most experienced hunters know where to look.
So I hired one of the best Harpy Huntsmen around in hopes to kill one this year. We caught sight of one hunting fish near a lake on the third day. I was eager to shoot her down the moment we saw her, but the huntsman insisted we track it to it's nest. He said this one would be easy to track, her curvy figure and large breasts made it harder for her to fly longer distances. Watching the short haired beauty from afar for so many hours was torture. She was a young one, most likely her third or fourth mating season. As frustrating as it was, he made the right call.

She led us down river to a group of three nests, each with fairly fresh eggs inside. We'd be lucky enough to catch not just one, but potentially three of these things. The one we tracked began to nestle down in her nest as we observed the others. There was one slightly older, with long hair and an even bigger bust. The third, the youngest, had even shorter hair and a small chest. She'd be the most likely to escape, so we targeted her first. Was a good thing we did.
Once they were all asleep, we moved in silently. The hunter creeped behind the youngest one, slitting her throat with a swift swipe. I got too excited as I sneaked closer to the eldest. I lost my footing and stumbled, the loud crunching of leaves quickly alerting the other two. I tackled the eldest as she screeched in panic, wrapping my arm around her throat as I held her down in a headlock. The one we tracked attempted to fly off, seeming to struggle to get off the ground. Seemed the hunter was right, she wasn't the most aerodynamic thing. Unfortunately for her, her figure cost the harpy her life. The hunter drew his bow as I struggled to control my prey, firing an arrow through her chest before she could reach past the tree tops. She fell to the ground into the bushes, the hunter went to grab her corpse. I squeezed as tight as I could on the eldest, and she soon began to finally loose her strength as her lungs gasped for air. She neared losing conscious when I felt confident enough to loosen my grip and snap her neck. The hunter came back and threw his target's corpse in the middle of the nest. Her vacant eyes stared off into the rising sun as he tossed the other two in a pile in the corner of the nest. I quickly stripped my clothes, eager to enjoy the harpy we spent so long tracking. The first part of this year's feast was about to begin."

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:

You want her to inflate but not bulge...? Dont think thats possible

As do I. Vacant, relaxed stares and cross eyed retarded faces are both hot to me

100 already? Damn

That's a definite no, while I COULD potentially swap out the tits easily with Sheva and use her head on a Spartan model, I'd have to redo ALL the facial animations, and I'd rather not do that.

Dunno about completely bursting their heads, but the cumshot going through like a bullet might be possible. That was the original idea for Cock of Steel, just a lethal cumshot, but I decided the cock bursting through first would make for a better lengthy animation.

Originally it was going to be Cortana, but I just saw the Spartan models on the workshop a few days before I made that, and knew I wanted to do something like that with Kelly and Linda.

I don't, and I don't plan to.

Maybe in the future. I've been "redoing" my old drawings in a sense but animated in SFM if I can. There's a lot I'd love to do like the Cassiopeia drawing but there's no decent models of her. Maybe I'll eventually try and hack a model together instead if I feel inspired.


>cumshot like a bullet
Would love to see that on a model, our ideas are awesome!!!! Two models to humbly suggest. The unused so far kinzie, or perhaps it would be great on Mrs. pauling considering the whole tf2 kind of thing.

Wwould love a bonus second scene where the wound is fucked... so maybe a cumshot through the mouth and then from the back of the head with her goofy face moving around? Whatever you think of if that sucks will be great like all your work so cant wait to see if this gets your creativity going.

Miss Pauling (great open shirt model):


I know you might hate them, but love your 1-3 second loops. Their nice and self contained for fapping! why they get no love when you do them so well? capturing that right moment is so difficult but your eyes pull off knowing what works for them. (also love your full vids but the loops of the money shot parts are awesome!


cool man


Any particular reason why these ones are GIFs instead of videos?


THis makes me feel hungry for some reason like I suddenly want KFC drumsticks lots of em


how about a nercro thighjob/assjob OP?


Really great facial expressions and general animation quality, man.

You're the best SFM guy around in my opinion, and I don't just say that cause you appeal to my obscure fetish. Quality stuff


Excellent work! Still craving for some Cortana or Undyne though... ;)


Could you upload the Cassiopeia drawing again please? I can't seem to find it


Speaking of this maybe OP could do something with Kenzie and or Shaundi from the Saints Row games...eventually, ideally hippie Shaundi from Saints Row 2 if i may dare to be more specific.


yay harpies :)


Great stuff! While you're doing bird ladies, have you ever considered doing something with Ornifex from Dark Souls 2? I think Wattchewant made a model for her.


Could you possibly do something with EDI from mass effect? I think a few squirts of cum into her would ruin her AI enough to turn her into a mindless short-circuited sex robot. She has a great ass that needs some cock. Love EDI. Sad she is not used more

Also had a strange idea... Dead Alex Vance with a headcrab on her head getting fucked by gordon

hope you like


File: 1480031919878.png (1.98 MB, 1080x1920, sexyeyes.png)

How about some double eye-fucking, OP?


Hey OP, big fan of your work. Especially love the face work on the Harley Skull-fuck, the dumb and distant gaze accentuated by the twitches is wonderful. I was wondering if you could perhaps make another piece with Harley where she is nude, is stabbed through the side of her head with a knife or sword of some sort, with her hands spreading her ass so you can see her asshole? If possible, having someone sliding her head back and forth on the blade by yanking her hair, causing her face to twitch, and then cumming on her face?

Sorry if this is extremely specific or too difficult to do, but I love your work and have always wanted to see a scene like this, and I think you're the person for the job! Regardless if you do or don't make my suggestion, keep up the exceptional work!

And lastly, more Harley, or Yuno Gasai please!


Oh, I'm the most-recent-anon poster again, I should clarify, I meant the "Backstreet Performance" Harley scene in reference to my last post, but your other two Harley works were just as phenomenal!


Oh, I'm the most-recent-anon poster again, I should clarify, I meant the "Backstreet Performance" Harley scene in reference to my last post, but your other two Harley works were just as phenomenal!


It's best not to get that specfic fellow fan, to much detail in your suggestion might cause OP to ignore your scene idea he has said as much before already.


I thought you were good, but this right here is some next level shit.

OP, you are the best.




I had a request for widowmaker...

On the Halloween victory pose... they have her legs sticking out of the grave

Be pretty hot to see her dead and half buried getting her pussy fucked


Hurrah! Thanks OP!


Hey OP, it would be cool if you did something in the style of an instant loss 2koma, where you show a character acting smug or rude and then hard cut to them being fucked really hard.



An animation with the ornifex would be a great monster girl to use!XQJVxQST!FrfSTjf_gODvv1rNyc_LsMfLNGJfGWa2oDZb6_CPgoM


i urge you to open a patreon,put your content for free as they are now,and add the option to donate,
i would gladly soppourt my favorit author.
your alredy doing work that lots of people enjoy.why not benefit from it,your doing it free eighter way,but people have the option to spend a couple of box to soppourt their favorit author should they wish it.
my guess is a year from now you'd be getting a surplus of at least 1000$ should you decide to act on this idea.


your work is art


Please can you fuck a draenei corpse.. no blood. just one dead draenei and some cocks fucking her. i image a vacant look on her face as the cocks penetrate her draenei holes


File: 1480316741114.jpg (155.95 KB, 1920x1080, AngleA.jpg)

Feral Feast

"A lone bitch from the vaults wandered on our turf today. The busty cunt didn't stand a chance against our ambush. She barely put up a fight when we stuffed her pretty mouth with our cocks. We fucked her for awhile, even considered keeping her. Remembered it meant another mouth to feed. Decided our pet ghoul needed some love too. We cuffed her hands before we threw her into his room and watched from the windows. She fuckin panicked and tried to crawl back under one of the desks. The ghoul just pulled her out. He spent a good while just staring at her tits as she tried to wriggle free. He licked her face and squeezed her boobs real nice and slow. Guess some human bits are still in that rotting brain.
When he finally came out of his trance he dug his claws into her exposed stomach. Bitch squealed just as I thought she would. Before we knew it the thing shoved it's dick in her guts. Gotta give that a try some time with the next one. He shoved his fingers in her screaming mouth, muffling her a little bit. He drooled for a moment before biting right into her skull. Brain bits scattered and blood splattered on the floor. Her last squeals were so satisfying to hear, kinda wish I was in there with them. The sick freak kept fucking her guts as he ate her brain, looking at us every once in awhile. Think he wanted us to know she was his. She still twitched every other moment. When he finally finished, he dragged her in a corner out of sight of the window. Fucker probably doesn't want us to watch him eat or something. Oh well, guess we got a pretty reliable way to dispose of the tramps we capture when we get bore. Dumping them in the pit or diggin graves is too much work."

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:


I'd have to look at the old thread to remember some of my requests but hey you know my birthday's next month and maybe I could get something special with my favorite fetish in it? :)



this is amazing! any form of elaboration or continuation on this in the future would be wonderful to see! keep up the awesome work!




Another great stuff there, wished it was longer. Again, hanks for sharing your work!


This bitch's brain is delicious!


Your old animations on mixtape were deleted (for example: Lockhart Lungfuck, Cock of Steel). Can someone reupload it?


File: 1480571333843.jpg (440.34 KB, 1920x1080, CrazyCuccosPreview.jpg)

Crazy Cuccos

After successfully conquering Hyrule and the Princesses' rebellion snuffed out, Ganondorf decided to execute the Princess in a special way. The new Evil Lord had bred a special breed of Cucco. Like all of these birds, these ones were extremely dangerous when threatened, except the males of this special breed are prone to disturbing acts of sexual violence to any species, including human. The Princess was tied down in a closed off pen, and spectators from all around Hyrule gathered to watch her humiliation. The catch? For every few hundred Rupees, another Cucco was hurt by their handler and thrown into the pen. The Princess lucked out with the first few birds. The first three fucked her harshly, at one point each of her holes was filled, and they didn't fuck rough enough to kill her.
After these three finished, a huge influx of rupees was made by some stranger to the town. His special request was that he would get her corpse after the birds were done. It was a tough call, but Ganondorf agreed. Four Cuccos were dumped into the pen as the crowd cheered. Each scattered trying to claim their hole, the largest claiming her ass all to himself. One of the quickest of the group stuffed her mouth, her throat bulging as she gagged for air. At this rate, it seemed she would choke to death from the relentless pounding of her mouth. It would have been one of the more pleasant ways to go, unfortunately for her, she wouldn't have the chance. The last two chickens, too impatient to wait for the previous ones to finish, decided to make their own holes. They violently pecked her flesh, one digging into her armpit, and the other drilling it's beak into her skull. The flesh on her side was easily pierced, the bird shoving it's member through her flesh and broken ribs. Her eyes widened as she felt it crush her lungs with each thrust. For a moment she swore she felt it touch her rapidly beating heart. She struggled and screamed in agony, her yells muffled still by her blocked throat. As her cranium finally began to give way, mascara and tears streamed down her face as she tried her best to call for help or mercy. She would get neither. The bird's beak had finally pierced her skull as she twitched and writhed in panic and pain. She closed her eyes waiting for her inevitable end as the bird's erection pressed against her exposed brain. Her closed eyes snapped wide open as her cranium was pierced, her finally cries suddenly silenced as her head twitched. Drool slobbered on the ground as her eyes rolled back, her body having sharp spasms from the dick stirring her brain into a soup. Her body finally went limp as her empty eyes stared forward as death came. The last thing she heard was the flapping and crows of birds and the cheers of her once loyal subjects.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:

I never said I hated the short loops. They're much quicker and easier to make than fully fleshed out videos I've done more recently. However I can't deny there's much less quality that comes with the short loops. As with the issues Ive mentioned before about the SFM rendering bug, I have to make lower quality gifs instead of webms since the .movs fuck up the lighting and flexes of the first frames. It's a trade-off of quality and quantity for sure.

Read the above response or one of my earlier posts regarding the short loops being gifs

Definitely something I like, especially thigh-jobs. Have a character model in mind I might use for that

I'll get around to doing them eventually

I have the model, but not particularly inspired to do anything with her yet.

Holy fuck, LeeteRR made that? Shame he didn't animate it, guess I'll have to

That sounds like a funny idea, I'll get around to it.

Might do something like that. Not quite sure I understand the style but I can definitely have a terrible bitch get what she deserves.

I appreciate it, but as I've said before I want to keep this just as a hobby for several reasons I've stated before.

Depends what your fetish is, all your old requests mostly seem to be about Moxxi, and I'm kinda burnt out on Borderlands animations for now.

Mixtape is apparently having some 404 issues being worked on. For me only the second angles of the two ones you mentioned dont work.


Ahhhhh! Horny chickens. :D :D :D



well my fetish is pregnant girls, with a side order of huge breasts. Dunno how much you can do with the former, but you do plenty of the latter already, even if they're not always bared...

Moxxi was just a passing interest anyway.


gif breaks for me about 3 seconds in, probably because of mixtape's issues now. Doesn't play when downloaded either

also what's with the change in format from webm?


The Zelda animation is great. That model is really hot. Could you possibly do some for asphyxiation and death scenes, like the Mass Effect and Fallout 4 one, using this Zelda model, where the girl passes out from cock then dies?


Nice. Any chance of a bare-breasted render?

You seem to have a lot of great ideas, so feel free to ignore this next bit, but I thought I'd plant a seed in your head (pun intended); I tend to get a bit long-winded writing down my ideas, however, so apologies in advance.

Something with a sufficiently rigid cock is forcibly fucking a hot girl's throat (whether she's willing or not, whether she's dead already or not at this point is inconsequential, but I prefer to imagine living and struggling), and when it's about to cum, its cock thrusts the "wrong way"; instead of going down her throat, it plunges through the roof of her mouth and into her brain. As her cranium fills with hot sperm, her body twitches sporadically. However, one final moment of panic flashes over her face, just before the massive amount of cum overfills her head, bursting from her nose, ears, and her eyes (from the tear ducts)...

But it's not over. The thing starts thrusting again, and even though the girl's face is lax from having her brain molested in such a way, the thrusting cock forces her face to randomly twitch and shudder, semen still running from her holes. It isn't long before the thing reaches another peak, and it's even more intense this time; the cum shoots out through the top of the girl's skull, leaving no doubt that she is thoroughly gone...

But even so... Even with her unfocused eyes rolled back in their sockets, even with her body and face twitching in the throes of death, even with cum running from every orifice in her head (even her new one in the top of her head); even as the cock that cruelly killed her withdraws from her half-empty skull...
There's still a smile on her face.
The scene fades to black as cum starts to leak from the corners of her dumbly smiling mouth.

As I said, feel free to ignore my wall of text. Hopefully someone at least finds the idea kinda hot. ;)

Anyways; I'll be happy to see whatever new content you come up with next, OP! ♥


You're a guro god OP!! Can we get some Widowmaker anal? Or just Widowmaker in general? Ty!!!


very inventive, i like it


Hey OP I don't know if you'll respond to this but could you possibly do one with a female Stormtrooper or one with Cassie Cage? nothing special just a quick one?


I approve of this!


Great stuff! Only wished I could hear her death throes.


Good work from what little I get to see before the gif stops loading and an error is displayed.
I don't mean to sound selfish or something because I doubt many others are having that issue, but I feel like using gifs is a huge step back


Ok, I should've actually read your whole post before posting that. Sorry.

I've also done some asking around and it looks like is having some issues, so the issue might stem from that instead.

So pretty much ignore what I said, sorry again


It is always good to have zelda guro, she and samus are by far my all time favorites, thank you for those. Sadly i have the same issue, the gif stops working turning the page blank. Anny help ?


Can you do something with EDI pls? Love to see her sucking some cock


File: 1480745929568.jpg (207.89 KB, 850x597, instant loss.jpg)

Hey OP, here's a picture example of an instant loss 2koma. I'm sure whatever you end up making will be great.


might you by any chance be willing to consider doing another alyx vance animation sometime, the vortigaunt fucking her while her head was being eaten was great...but not seeing her dead eyed expression or any anguish/struggle took away from the scene. D0G could perhaps accidentally "love" her to much or fail to do a 'trick' right to deadly effect.


Morrigan Aensland Boob job into heart fuck?


Need another lung fuck like the Samus animation but with the girl alive at first




File: 1480795766868.jpg (153.9 KB, 1920x1080, AngleB.jpg)


OP you have blessed me these day





Wow, that was a really great one. Thanks very much OP!


Oh my thats a good one, I really like the part where he cums in her skull.

I hoped the bigger dick would get more action too, it would have been great. Are larger penetrations hard to do on sfm? I heard they were.

Anyways thanks again, your work is great.


Ugh...I swear OP is my fucking IDOL. Dude has perfected the craft man. Like WOW.


great animations, love your work, more Overwatch would be awsome


Please do characters from final fantasy 15 for the love of god.


Please do characters from final fantasy 15 for the love of god.


File: 1480879993999.png (184.11 KB, 830x710, IQ_Portrait.png)

Can you get a hold of any Rainbow 6 Siege models? I'd like to see IQ in a guro situation


File: 1480884208260.jpg (119.2 KB, 1920x1080, EE.jpg)

Eilhart Eyefuck

A quickie based on LeeteRR's image.

I considered having Roadhog actually fuck her but decided just to keep the thigh-fucking instead, and yeah, large penetrations can be a bitch in SFM, especially would have been for that animation.


Kinda hard considering the game just came out less than a week ago and nothing is ported that I know of.

Think IQ has a gmod model so I could use that.


fucking goddamn awesome! are you going to do anymore with this?!


Could you perhaps do a scene with D'Vorah from MK?
Like, her heart being fucked through her tits or one or more guys having fun with her dead body?


Did you finish the second part of the animation you mentioned?


That sounds wonderful! IQ is someone I've always thought deserves "special attention"


Would you be able to do thigh fucking but on a hung model? Or even a manhandling loop where a model like tinkerbell gets used like a flesh light?




Where did you get the Philippa Eilhart model?



Holy fuck, that might be the best one to date! A quickie maybe, but damn if that isn't some of the hottest shit I've ever seen.


File: 1480975077139.jpg (90.42 KB, 1920x1080, Korra1_preview.jpg)

Avatar Asphyxiation: Part One

Korra awoke to find herself chained to a wall in an abandoned warehouse. Her arms hands were held and sustained in water held by the water bender that watched over her. Dreary and unable to move her arms freely, she was rendered helpless. Her neck collar was unchained as her water restraints forced her walk and stand to the center of the room. Her clothes were stripped as she grunted and cursed, trying her best to break free. Her kidnapper violated her for what seemed like hours, groping her tan thighs and breasts and pleasuring himself as he rubbed himself against her.
By the time he was finished touching his prize, her face, chest, and thighs were coated in his cum. She expected he would have penetrated her by now, but instead he took a few paces back and simply watched her. He slowly raised his hand, the wet cum vibrating and suddenly lifting itself from her skin. The gunks of cum floated and formed a massive ball, pulsing as it followed the bender's movements. Before she could react, the ball engulfed her head and her water restraints burst into a puddle below. Her freed hands clawed desperately at the cum-ball as she gasped for air, her lungs filling with cum. She screamed as she fell to her knees, her face turning purple as she struggled. With a few final choking spasms, her hands fell to her sides as her heart gave it's final beat. Her purple face relaxed as her tongue hung loose, her empty eyes staring ahead. The ball was slammed and burst into the ground, dragging her corpse down by the head. Now the real fun could begin.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Wasn't planning to.

I haven't.

Fairy Fun might interest you.

The model came from this Witcher character pack


I wish more artists had your work ethic and content output rate, cheers OP. keep doing what you do


Any chance for some ravaging?


This is awesome and sexy as hell...

May I ask for one involving Haruhi Suzumiya?


You like or can make about furry or not?


# 8219 I agree! Don't see a lot of animators who put out a lot of content in such a short time frame and ask for nothing in return! OP is truly one of a kind.



Oh wow, talk about a novel idea. Love the scene.


Awesome! Korra drowning to death in cum is a great idea. He should blood bend that bitch so that how body is extremely twisted. Like her neck is twisted so its completely turned around facing her back. Her arms and legs all twisted into grotesque ways like she doesn't have any bones in her body. Then he places her in that entire fragile box that no way could fit a human sized person.


What about grouping your work somewhere. Mayne just linking all you stuff the next time you start a threa. Just so people don't habe to search through the threads every time for older stuff.


SWEET 2 new animations!? Christmas came early!


That's really creative, and hot!!! I think it'll be even better if you struggle just a little longer before she dies. Again thanks sharing OP!



Part one means there will be more with the body ohhh I am so ready for that


Huh. She should have tried drinking it.


That Zelda one was great. I hope it's not the last time you do something of her.


Would OP ever consider doing someone dying through deepthroat asphyxiation? Or drowning by having too much cum pumped into their mouth?


try ==Quarian Overdose=


Or piper choking on a pipe in the other thread


If the person killing her can control nut butter, then it's safe to assume he could also keep her from swallowing it.


The host is dead...

Can someone please reupload them?


the first two work fine for me. Only the Angle C seems to be missing.


What if you used the nurse model from dead by daylight, maybe if she got gangbanged by the male survivors for revenge?


so hot; imagine if the cum visibly went down her throat


OP, are you on Patreon?


lets get more alive eye/skull fucking stuff like the elizabeth one, artists got skillz.


hngggg that first vid is so hot and so simple, would love to see tifa with those jiggles like this


no this is just a hobby for him..he doesn't have a name or patreon thats why he just goes by OP


This is really fuckin' nice! The only thing that I, personally, think would make it better is that, instead of just going up into her skull, could you redo one or both of these so that MC's dick slides out of their mouths and they choke to death while he enjoys their agonized twitches and flapping toungues on his cock as they struggle for air?

Thanks in advance!


Sure! let him just redo the entire animation process to fit your needs.


File: 1481948368309.jpg (200.82 KB, 1920x1080, AngleB.jpg)

Mungo Meat

"Us younglings livin in Little Lamplight used to just exile adults in some sort of mutual understandin', but as years went on we realized how dangerous Mungos can be. On of our past Mayor lost his older sis to some raider Mungos awhile back, and changed our ways. Now we don't just warn Mungos that come near our home anymore, we shoot em dead. We go out and hunt them instead of the other ways around. Our cavern shrooms sure seem to like it when we pile their bodies in the water, they grow back faster. We almost are never starving thanks to that.
Though we capture some of them girl Mungos for ourselves ever since the Mayor announced our war. We keep the live ones in pens until we wanna fuck em, got em tied and bound real good. Ones that try and escape die sooner, problem was killin them slaves off was always messy. No good way to cut em without bleedin all over the place. We don't mind blood on our fuck toys, but cleaning up after is always a pain. Our smartest resident came up with a smart plan, took us days to build though. Clean ways to kill Mungo whores and have fun while we do it. We built a pulley system with rope and crates to hang em when we please, and I got to see it firsthand when I had myself my first Mungo.
Our hunters caught us some fine whore that wandered to far from the Vaults. Cute freckles, short black hair, and with tits and an ass about to burst from her jumpsuit. We spent a few days with her in the pens before sending her to die, wanted to keep her longer but we don't like to feed the Mungos our share. Like to have fun with em and kill em before they get all scrawny from starvin. We had our girls clean her up before Sam, John and I druggged her and began tying her up on the execution platform. Her hands were tied behind her head on a solid pole welded good on the support beams. Sam tied the noose around her neck, made sure the rope was still good and strong and tied to the weight behind her. She was held just high enough her feet could touch the ground and her arms could support her. She was still wet and sweaty when she was all tied up, could barely resist myself. She started coming to her senses just as we finished tying her up, good thing too. She was a real fighter that one, wrigglin' and squirming all she could. Seeing her topless tits bounce and her sweat gleam in the light was a real beauty of a sight. She must have been fresh Vault-Meat, her body was clean and shaven when we caught her. I fucked Mungos before, but never when they were about to hang, and never one as nice as this. Unable to resist, I buried my face between her tits and squeezed em good as my dick pressed between her thighs. She cursed at us, threatening all sorts of things she'd do to us when she got out. She didn't realize she wasn't ever getting out until she noticed the last Mungo slut we hung next to her. I thought briefly about the last time I saw that Mungo alive, I remembered her polka-dot underwear. She was real fun when she lasted, shame I missed her funeral. I went back to focus on the Vault Mungo. I squeezed, licked, and suckled almost every inch of her before John got impatient, saying I was hoggin' her.
I decided my turn with her boobs was done, and went behind her. Her tight pants were 'bout to burst, the torn cloth squeezing against her exposed ass cheeks. I grabbed her belt and thrust inside her ass. Her angry yells stopped for a moment as she moaned in pain as I fucked her. Sam reached up and squeezed her right tit in his mouth, suckling the milk from her roughly. His hand slipped down and rubbed her vag as I continued to fuck her ass. John groped her other tit and licked her breast and armpit, he sure seemed to love the taste of sweat. Joseph came in to untie the other Mungo, today she became too rotten to keep around, but the perfect time to feed her to the shrooms. As he began to untie her, our Mungo's angry threats turned into bargaining. Caps, money, a Vault to live in, weapons, ammo, treasure, anything she could offer to spare her life. Her pleas only turned us on even more, as Sam bit her tit, causing her to grunt in pain.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:
Angle F:

Joseph untied the expired Mungo and took off her clothes. Could always use them for somethin, but we often keep them as reminders or as trophies of the sluts we've killed. He struggled dragging her body to the water, shooing the bloatflies away. Once she was in the water, he sat on the dock's edge and lifted her limp head from the water, holding her jaw open. He slipped his cock into her loose mouth and pulled down on her head, fucking her lifeless mouth. Was always hard fucking Mungo's mouths, they always tend to bite. Only have one ring gag to share so we can only get blown by one Mungo at a time between all of us. They always said the dead Mungos can't bite. We decided we had enough fun with our Vault Mungo, at least with her alive. She pleaded further, begging for mercy. As John and I grabbed on to the weight, he told her we already had what we wanted, her body. Course we don't need her alive to have that.
We pulled the weight off the table and pulled it under, placing a cinder block to tighten the gap. When the crate hit the ground, her body shot upwards, the noose tightened and tugging her by the neck. Her worthless pleas were cut short by gagging and choking. She frantically reached for the noose, her tied hands unable to reach it. Her arms were unable to support her weight, and her feet dangled just high enough that she couldn't reach the ground. Sharp rusted nails ensured she couldn't lift her feet onto our platform and support herself. It was a sick, twisted way to kill someone, so close to safety. The lucky ones have their neck snapped when the weight drops. As she dangled and wriggled desperately, I stacked two spare cinder blocks on the platform and continued to fuck her ass. John continued to lick her armpit, occasionally whispering insults in her ears. He said her eyes were wide open as her face turned purple. He said she even cried as she choked.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:
Angle F:

Her choking and wriggling slowed, her clenching fists finally relaxing. John whispered in her ear again, making her final moments as humiliatin' as he could. Her clenching legs loosened as she went silent, occasionally spazzing or twitching a few moments after. Sam slapped her lifeless purple face and spit on her chest before continuing to suckle her nip'. Joseph finished his time with the other Mungo, writing a big ol' zero on his Mungo's sign before leaving. They say you're not a true kid in Lamplight until you fuck your first Mungo corpse, and it's always best to do it in one as she dies. I can see what they meant. I finally finished in the Vault Mungo, squeezing her lifeless body as I filled her corpse with my cum. John and Sam would finally have their turns doing whatever they wanted to her, but looking at the other Mungo corpse in the water, I realized that I couldn't wait to cut the Vault Mungo cunt down and fuck her purple face until my balls were drained. It'll be awhile before we find another Mungo with a body like this."

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:
Angle F:

Dunno, nothing's stopped you from asking the past seven times.

Depends honestly. My preferences regarding "furries" kinda depends on case to case.

Could have had her struggle longer, but wanted it short enough so it would be short enough to stream.

Considered doing that, but liked her grabbing at the ball helpless instead of just grabbing her throat.





speak for yourself maing, i wont be able to die happy till this man makes a xeno on human blowjob


Impressive artwork.


the facial animations are very impressive OP, Great work as always!


How about something from Smite?


You must have a sad life, leaving your happiness up to others.

Awesome work OP, as always. Thank you.


Any plans on more overwatch OP?



what gives you that impression? im curious


definitely needs more necro assjob and thighjob


titanfall and halo videos were amazing, you're keep getting better and better every day.
thank you OP for your works and thanks for links , they are much smaller in size so i can download your arts.


<3 their huge dicks. shame they didnt use them. awesome work though, you the man OP. HOT backstory too :)


>>8563 I was happy to be able to see Mr.op's art. By the way don't you think so pharah on "over watch " is sexy ?


Have you ever done All the way through scene? Love those but there isn't much of it!


File: 1482290763666.jpg (157.29 KB, 1920x1080, AngleA.jpg)

Hellish Desires

How did the demons lure the Doomslayer into his crypt? They sacrificed one of their sexiest demons to draw him inside, closing it behind him once within. Trapped, angered, and alone, the Doomslayer's rage was spent on the demoness, her screams echoing through the gates of hell until she was silenced, torn in half with his bare hands. Her corpse would be used to pleasure the Slayer until some day, he would break free.

Part A:
Part B:
Part C:
Part D:
Part E:
Part F:


Damn OP, that was probably your goriest scene yet, i like it. Keep up the good work.


Ok WOW! Thats amazing! This model surely need more "love"! Dat'ass look amazing! Same as rest of it! I hope you will use it again!


Very nice! Enjoyed that, only thing extra I would have liked to see was her going from live demon to severed demon chunks : )


exceptional work OP!Can you maybe do the same thing but with Rainbow Mika from Street Fighter?


Love the zombie look on the Blue dress in these, any chance seeing something with them? would be great maybe seeing one standing facing forward getting brained?

Bioshock little sisters:


your work on this is awesome, would love seeing a continuation of this.

Be great seeing them get their eyes and ears wrecked then torn apart maybe literally until nothing left but their heads maybe getting used?

so much potential with that group and you did an awesome job once again! also merry christmas!


fantastic work OP! I've always fantasised about being torn apart by doomguy XD


Awsome work, would love to see something with juri


widowmaker death and assjob would be epic


Yeah agreed. It adds a lot to the scenes.


File: 1482436085909.jpg (106.53 KB, 1153x692, e1c7cdfe39759e2455f1697f43….jpg)

....... (thoughts of jason - recently has been released the game about me, and on this occasion I ask you to make a series of animations in which I cruelly kill and rape the corpses of my victims, if you do not fulfill my request be ready to my arrival).


I second Jason


This could have been worded better.


File: 1482464899254.jpg (117.26 KB, 1920x1080, SeeingStars.jpg)

Seeing Stars

When the Koopas successfully captured Princess Rosalina, their King used her as a sex slave until he grew bored of her. To gain one final use of her, and the Koopa King threatened to exterminate her kingdom's residents if she did not cooperate. Seeing no choice but to agree, the Princess was chained and dragged to the King's personal theater, forced to be the star of her own show. Her dress was torn and her breasts exposed for the audience to see. She immediately attempted to cover herself, before remembering what was at stake. Remembering her instructions, she looked straight ahead and moved her hands away from her breasts with embarrassment. She did her best to ignore the scantily clad Shy Gals coming from behind her with bright blue signs in hand, staring into the audience.
She only barely noticed the line of Lumas forming near the stage when a cock pierced her ear and into her brain. Her scream was barely audible over the blasting music. She tried her best to comprehend what was happening, this wasn't in the King's instructions. The first luma in the line left a small bag of coins off the stage and floated towards her, penetrating her other ear. Her eyes rolled back as her mouth opened and stayed ajar, drool dripping from her mouth. Gurgles and retarded moans gasped out, pleading for help as lumas surrounded her, one by one. She couldn't see, but could feel her nipples spread as her tits were stuffed with their cocks. Each thrust pressed deeper and deeper into her breasts, pushing up against her hands resting on top of them. Tears began to stream down her face, the braindead Princess' final thoughts being of her own demise being at the hands of her own subjects; the very people she sacrificed herself for. And they were enjoying every second of her slow and agonizing death. It's not known when she actually died, but her expression remained the same for the rest of the show.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:
Angle F:

It didn't take long for the remaining customers to grow impatient waiting for the Princess to please them, and claim the Shy Gals' holes instead. The Koopa King expected this outcome, as signs rolled down from the stage when the Shy Gals were attacked. The signs illuminated a new, more expensive price for the Princess, but cheaper prices for the Shy Gals. Every member in the audience eventually caved in and paid for their turn with one of the corpses' holes. Creatures and prominent members of all Kingdoms remembered that night, the Koopa King forever earning their favor over the dead Princess.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:
Angle F:
Angle G:

Dunno about goriest yet, but it's definitely up there.

It's a wonderfully shaped model, but the breast bones are weird and it doesn't have any ass bones sadly. Hopefully someone will make an enhanced version soon.

Maybe in the future when more DOOM models are ported.

That's a definite no, I don't do loli.

I did an animation with her in my last thread.

Yeah like worded to be a lot less rude. If Jason comes for me how can I keep animating?


....... (thoughts of Jason - Rudeness you say ?, if I was a good and friendly man I would not organize a bloody massacre of the people, and about my arrival to you, I said the conditions of their arrival - if you do not fulfill my request, which means that if you fulfill my request then there is no need to come for me).
And in general I try to roleplay here, so do not take everything I say with hostility.
In addition, english is not my native language, so that it imposes certain restrictions on me, in terms of how well I can play.


Please do a Smite one


Christmas come early!
Great work OP, both your latest ones are among my favorites of all the ones you've done so far


Is anyone else having problems with some of the mixtape lengths?




the last few releases are short loops.


Yeah. Many of them have gone 404 and others only load partially.


I would kill for a Kait Diaz Gears of war 4 one.


Yes, please do a Little sister animation !!!


I would love to see a Haruhi Suzumiya animation


Hey OP! Im impressed! That's best Gurochan tread!
So what about Sylvanas or something from Warcraft? Can't wait for it!


Hey, OP. Could you please do one of those baby aliens from Alien bursting out of Bayonetta's belly?


Shy girls on CHristmas guess I better buy some nintendo this year


File: 1482726508183.jpg (150.4 KB, 1920x1080, CaM_preview.jpg)

Cookies and MILF

A young boy wished only one thing for Christmas from Santa; that Mrs. Claus would deliver his family's presents this year. He had been a good boy all year, so nothing seemed to odd about his request. Mrs. Claus came down the chimney, setting the presents down by the tree before enjoying the plate of cookies and milk left out for her. She didn't expect the milk to be drugged. Once she fell unconscious, the boy wasted no time tying her hands behind her back, and tying a piece of ribbon around her neck. She awoke to the sounds of her own choking, the ribbing pressing deep within the skin around her neck. Within a few minutes, her face turned purple, and her heart grew still. He pulled off her skirt and pulled down her top. He decided he was thirsty for some milk too as her fucked her corpse. Christmas wouldn't get any better than this year, for sure.

Definitely will whenever her model is ported.

I literally just said in the last post that I won't ever do loli. That includes Little Sisters. Big Sisters on the other hand...


Any plans for more overwatch or tracer works?


>>8713 sweet

more angles plx?


Heya OP!Can you maybe do some gore scenes with Moira from RE Revalations 2 with her Urban Ninja costume?If there is a model for that.


another nice animation


Oh, I love anything that has to do with the Nintendo girls.

This thread has been a godsend, OP. There are just so few good quality animated guro material out there. Thanks for doing this throughout the year!


Morrigan Aensland being fucked by a huge demon while being held up only by her wings.


Elizabeth must suffer


Can you do one with Widowmaker from Overwatch?


thats a good one love it bro!


Love this one from lamplight would love to see some bonus clips of the left girl I think its kasumi getting used more if possible. thanks your stuff is the best!


I would love to see a animation of Xian mei from Dead island <3


I would love to see a animation of Xian mei from Dead island <3


File: 1483072262969.jpg (100.66 KB, 900x626, Cammy_White Nure_Milk_Brav….jpg)

In my surfing in the web I found this and though it would give a nice scene. Like two holes in the head and the cum dripping from her nose and mouth as her eyes go out.
Source: Nure Milk Bravo


can you remake the Spoils of War animation but with sound and cumshot? :(



You sir, are a god. I sincerely hope you recognize that.


File: 1483153329243.jpg (579.22 KB, 1280x1835, 029.jpg)

Any chance you could do something like this but with a male/female demon couple using a nun as a condom? Dunno if it would be possible to do the level of stretching needed.


 No.8799 being forced to deepthroat and having her neck snapped as he climaxes


Please do anything involving


this is my first ever time posting. I just wanted to say I really love your work and i hope to witness more~


Thirding this...two counselor's fucking before jason kills them both or Jason banging the corpse of one of the girls while her head hits in the BG impaled on Jason's machete


please a rape of D.V.a or a skullfuck


Great work, sir!
How about something with Triss Merigold?
Maybe a (fingers crossed) deepthroat death?


I think the thread stopped bumping, again.


Seems so


New Thread

Thread stopped bumping, new thread here:


>>6282 The mixtape links arent working


>>6282 The mixtape links arent working




Please can we get a mercy guro or if theres already one created please send :D



HOLY SHIT THIS IS THE GREATEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please tell me you have more?? If not could I request something similar with Black Cat?


really great work and this model seems great and detailed maybe it would be great to see next time you need 2 models for a scene, seems it would be a good side one to go with a main maybe?


love the brain fucking one at the start, dont see alot of these anymore for whatever reason but their amazing if ever think of doing more.

The gunshot ones where the hole was used was awesome, never saw stuff like that if would consider making another like that.


Could you upload this to


I've only just discovered this place and OP's sexy work. Has he ever done a neck stump fuck? Like a decapitated woman having her body's throat railed?


File: 1514924787017.jpg (1.27 MB, 1920x1200, SarynWarframe.jpg)

Hey OP, it would be amazing if you could do something nasty with Saryn from Warframe. Perhaps an Infested gangbang that leads to her getting killed and they continue to fuck her corpse?



love this skull stuff, sucks noone else does it.


File: 1532590641230.jpeg (510.82 KB, 1200x814, 98223f2f3c8fe1c6a008923bf….jpeg)

Hope I can interest you in drawing oral throatfuck and oral know asphyxiation


File: 1532590808713.jpeg (497.24 KB, 686x839, 92ef8f0c6df30a340c0e9cb40….jpeg)

Op I beg of you dude, please make some stuff with a pair of Bobblehead nurses tonguefucking some RE girls' brain through her ears


File: 1532590828448.jpeg (497.24 KB, 686x839, 92ef8f0c6df30a340c0e9cb40….jpeg)

Op I beg of you dude, please make some stuff with a pair of Bobblehead nurses tonguefucking some RE girls' brain through her ears



This is why i hate, i can't watch the other sfms like the rosalina aand the fallout one because its now 404







How about Rem from Re:Zero Necro?






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