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A few text less versions of my new 3D comic.


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Full story here:
Will be updated


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+ Old video of mine.


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When will you finish the Dolcett party story? last update was march


This is the part 2 of that story


Made a new movie

Inside a oven:

And will add my other two old here too.


And this one is linked above too, but has no title so her it is.

Spit roast:


Right and the site may have adds so my tip is use addd block. Can be turned off after use.

Also the videos seem to have gotten black bars on it's side. They should not have that so maybe if you download them you get the original file.


There's not enough guro out there from the victim's eyes. I especially like the oven vid.


Made a little try to copy a Jim Sugomi Raven picture in Poser 3d.
It went, well you see a bit so and so.

Besides that I thought I may as well copy all the links to g.e were you can see my poser stuff in case you missed it.

(Diana party)

(Asphia in the tormented forest)

(The anniversary of Diana's and Roxy)

(The Dare!)

(Tribute of Danielle Dawson by Josiepurr)

(Diana and Roxy spin off)


Ups the image didn't load will try again


Well of course that didn't work either. So here is a link


Does anyone know where these videos can be found? I think they were deleted.

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