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Hello, I'm making an XNALara renders. Actually it's not a renders at all. I'm drawing a lot of details manually. So it's similar to photomanipulations. Actually I'm started to study computer graphics from snuff photomanipulations lol. Not so many renders as I want, I don't own much time for this work. but hope you enjoy it. Usually I'm posting to DA and Pixiv.

My page on deviantart:


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here is my last work.


Cool, very impressive post-work. Thanks for sharing. :)




wow... Good job.


Beautiful. Can you do low blows?


I like the effects you use. The blood looks much more convincing than most renders I've seen. Also, headshots are my favorite shots.

Funny how the guy claims it's nothing personal, just business, yet shoots her three times in areas that would kill her slowly at best before he blows her brains out. Something tells me he has ulterior motives!

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