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Well, haven't do new works for 10 months.
Here's the new one.

It's about some hot slut agents got brutally tortured.
Enjoy it~


File: 1459869804769.jpg (942.54 KB, 1600x900, 2.jpg)

Normal version with sexual effects:
Using a knife to cut the slut’s nipple while raping her.


File: 1459870226311.jpg (946.91 KB, 1600x900, 3.jpg)

Next version:
The slut, Fox, fainted from pain, and the terrorist fucked in her asshole.
Her vulva will soon be cut off.

The other terrorist is stabbing a knife into Agent Choi's pussy while cumming to her ass.


File: 1459870396934.jpg (941 KB, 1600x900, 4.jpg)

With blood effects:
Cutting off her cunt for the proof of bounty.


Nice! What are you doing these in?


Actually, all those sexy agents are from computer games.
Fox is from game "Crossfire" and Choi is from game "Counter-Strike Online 2".

Female agents wearing sexy uniforms for battles? that’s fucking ridiculous.
My pics are about what would happen if those sluts got caught in real game.
Enjoy it~

Here's my artwork link on PIXIV:


Well... Too busy with learning at college.
Forgot to make new pics... LOL


I meant the software you're doing them in, but anyway I'm also kinda busy with learning so I don't think I'll be picking up 3d rendering any time soon.


Pics are done in Garry's Mod (GMod), that's not a professional 3D software.
The original models are shit, took only 20 minutes dealt with and have no shadows or highlights.
All effects are done in Photoshop, draw about 30 hours, 130+ layers...
Anyway, I need to learn some 3D Rendering skills to improve my pics……LOL.


Hey, nice to see you finally joined the party here. Out of curiosity, you wouldn't happen to have copies of the other dude who focused on Crossfire characters, do you? Orchid specifically? I'm sure you've noticed he took down all his art. I saw you had bookmarks of some of his stuff before. If there'd be anyone that would have it, I'm sure it'd be you.



Hi, nice to meet you~
Well, his ryona arts are cool, but aren't about Crossfire, that girl just looks similar to Orchid (as sexy as, LOL)...
Sadly he deleted all files and I only just have one pic of his (cuz I helped him making that debreasting effect...).
Maybe someday I'll put it on Pixiv.


Seems you always like cutting nipples and cunts……Cruel.


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