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I'm just starting to get the feel of sfm, totally an amateur but I'll get better in time as I love using SFM.


here's my patreon if anyone was intrerested


Hey man, your Patreon page looks interesting though =)
Keep going with SFM!


Set up a Tumblr page - way more exposure!


I took your advice! here it is folks


here my first real attempt at a gif
all coach could find was bleach ahaha


Awesome. That's why you and the Ropedart are now my favorite (Although TheRopeDart has disappeared into netherspace unfortunately). I think pestilence is an awesome designer but he refuses to do guro and even his guro is weak.

OP is awesome too but he only does after death stuff, I love the chucky one because it shows the peril and death. Hope you do more.


well done, Freeman! i agree with the previous poster. the Chucky animation was interesting. snuff is my primary interest, with necro secondary.

i understand the anonymity of your work, and i enjoy that sometimes, but i also like seeing the woman's face.

keep up the good work!


Pestilence does loads of guro stuff though


I love it, do more marie rose stuff and it'd be nice to see her expresion but expressions is probably hard work if you're just starting out.


I will be doing snuff, don't worry..there will be struggles ahahaha
don't worry there will be scenes where it's preety much just close ups.. I have a project in the works with handgun in marie roses mouth then painting the wall. but don't worry I'm actually less into necro and more into snuff but it's harder to animate but I've already noticed I'm getting better slowly
>>4486 you will be happy to hear I have lots of plans for her, I took down the animation I had her cause I'm going to stretch it out to be about a 5-7 second gif but it may or may not come out tonight depending on how lazy I get tonight and with easter weekend I won't be pumping out much material over the weekend but I'll be back at it monday hard.
but keep checking up on my tumblr and you'll see more content, again folks youhave no idea how much I appreciate the feedback and I'm also really glad to hear that I have people that actually enjoy the stuff I'm putting out, you guys are the fuel the drives me !
Freeman out


not bad on the new animation, Freeman. looks pretty smooth and the gunshot looks good. i'd like to see sex in it, though. maybe have him force a deepthroat on her, cum on her face and then blow her brains out. or something similar. i always get aroused when the animator goes so far that i didn't see it coming.

for example, i saw the clip you briefly had on where a dude was beating a naked girl's brains out against the floor. i thought that had some real potential. i had never really seen anything quite like that before. her glistening body was so beautiful and he was destroying her head. i imagined that the girl was covered in cum, and that other people were around him, watching the act. it was just a quick flash i had of something really decadent and different.

make your animations EXTREME, and i will be intrigued.


Dude you're the man your animations are great and you crank them out quickly. I love the snuff. I prefer it much more to the necro so thanks. I love all your content.


This is awesome stuff, the part of guro I enjoy is the act of killing itself, the more inventive the better, and personally I prefer it if it's kept separate from sex/fucking etc. Every artist, especially ones on the 3dcg board, seem to want to just make 5 seconds clips of the corpses of different characters getting fucked in different new holes over and over again, it's fine to cater to that market but it gets a little bit dull after a while. I'd say most importantly make what you want to make, but go for what isn't already being done where possible. Stuff like the bleach, smashing in heads and suffocating are really cool ideas because they incorporate different SFM resources and just feel fresh and original, qualities like which mean that the actual quality of the animation could be much worse than it is (which is really good by the way) and the content would still be great.


Very good stuff man.

OP's stuff is nice, but his insistance on always making the boobs oversized gets a little old imo.

Liking the variety you've offered so far.


Update Folks, I want to say thank you first, I didn't expect to get so much positive feedback or much at all for that matter, I hate to put you peeps on the spot so soon but I wanted to let everyone know I met my first goal of 1$ on patreon :D so I thought I might remind everyone if they really enjoy what I'm doing and think it's worth investing in over time, even throwing me a dollar my way on patreon would the coolest and would truly motivate me to get better and spend more time on SFM. so on another note l just wanted to ask if whoever is veiwing this thread wether you are commenting or not if you have a tumblr page and if you do would you mind following me? It would mean soo much to me you have not a clue the exposure would be great. If you are worried about how dark my content is on your personal tumblr page.. maybe make another ahahha and hey if you don't have a tumblr maybe you should consider getting it because my content is always posted there first.. so enough of this pestering you guys, thanks again!

>>4540 Don't worry some of my stuff will be pretty dark, I wanted to you know I took down the animation because I realized I could make it look much better so I am rendering it as we speak and it will be posted tonight, I think you'll agree it's better than it was before.
I might go back to it again once I've got the skills to make it even better with bits of brain and craps coming out everywhere but it's hard to find models that are small enough to resemble that, I took a shot at it and it looked alright but I went with plan b on my approach to the animation. I also enjoyed the idea of just her bashing head on the floor ahaha and I hadn't seen anyone do it so yea, in the not so different future I'll be having part 1 being the snuff bit and part 2 for the necro crowd for most of my animations.
>>4542 dude thanks man, I appreciate it more than you know that you take the time to comment and give the support.. sometimes the going gets tough on SFM and it can be wicked frustrating and sometimes you feel like there really isn't a light at the end of the tunnel so to speak but comments like that make me blitzkrieg through the bullshit :D
>>4544 Glad I can direct this at you, It seems I am now catering to a certain crowd, I love pestilence's work cause quality is wild and it caters to a pretty wide variety of stuff some of it being a little too hardcore for me ahaha but because he has his work cut out for him and his standards are on a pretty damn professional level he's unable to put content out on a somewhat regular basis, I've been on this site now for almost 2 years and I finally just said to myself about 2 or 3 months ago I'll have a stab at SFM and I was awful.. It was a lot to take in at first but it came down to the only way I was going to be able get the content I want see is if I make it and it's been a long go with SFM now I've officially logged 247 hours and I'll keep learning new things and continue to improve.
>>4545 hey dude, you have yourself a wicked fucking day. thanks for the support.


Just patroned you one bone. Great content, after I get my funds set up I will most likely add more.e


cant tell whats happening here, can you upload some other angles?


this is quality stuff but please think about some other angles?


>>4628 I plan to render the animation I've just posted in another angle and I'll post that later this evening

This is one I did today in about 6 hours and it went pretty damn smoothy, I wanted to know if I could pull the idea off well enough for me to consider posting and I did, it's not my best work but certainly not my worst. I spent the past few days on another animation I've put almost 20 hours into, and it's turned out to be 13 seconds in total it also would have been postd by now but I ran into complications with it and had to spend a good chunk of time fixing it and trying to salvage it.. lots of lessons learned the hard way with doing longer stillls needs some smoothing out but it will be posted sometime this coming week


File: 1459644599032.jpeg (532.67 KB, 1920x1080, poster666.jpeg)

here's a still from the animation I just posted


Awesome, as others have said with some different angles and eventually audio these would be top tier stuff


Your animations are looking much better. Now all you need to do is make them a bit longer (or give alternative angles or segments). I like them coz they are just pure snuff/necro without any strange kinks like guttfucking and gigantic breasts. The only issue is they are very short. If you cant make them longer maybe make them in segments 1st animation killing/snuff 2nd part fucking/aftermath. Those are just suggestions. Keep up the good work!



The struggling, then dying - transition is something you capture better than others I've seen. Intense stuff


File: 1459887916237.jpeg (552.05 KB, 1920x1080, poster667.jpeg)

I firstly want to apologize for the short novel I'm posting right now, if you can't be bothered to read it I completely understand the link is below ahaha...Just checkin in and giving all you fine people another update, I figure the people who check up on my content and follow me want to know what's coming next and what I'm working on atm and some backstory, I've been working on three different animations and between those I had to pick one I was going to commit to finishing, all of which were at least ten seconds each, I'll get to the details pertaining to the other animations later.

The animation I'm posting today was finally finished when I stayed up last night and finally hit the render button at 6 am. I got some shut eye awoke from my coma after almost 11 hours and watched the finished product and I had to admit that this was the best animation I've made yet. This animation was going to apply skills and tools I'd already come to learn through attempting different things in countless animations I'd made but make me really try to perfect them.. but I wanted to go one step further and add audio :D
if you listen closely on the radio you'll hear the radio dispatch say " remaining reinforcements report status on high priority fugitive Freeman". piecing the audio together was also pretty fun so I'll probably make that a Freeman standard so to speak from now on so you can expect to see audio in all of my future content, I may take it down briefly to add my Tumblr link at the bottom of the video and I may also do a fade in and fade out., but that's it folks.
there's a new model coming in really soon(as in tonight or most likely today) from LordAardvark on sfmlab that I'm pretty stoked to use so I may just wait for that to get posted before I finish the other 2 animations I mentioned.
anyways folks thanks for reading, enjoy!



This is coming on leaps and bounds, great to see some audio work too, keep at it man


let's all give a round of applause for that last animation with the head stab. I will up the ante and donate more to your patreon than I already have. I think others need to get on board also. This guy makes some good stuff. Even though it's necro at least there is some style to it, it's just some infinite loop of some guy fucking a nipple wound


File: 1459956619616.jpeg (452.08 KB, 1920x1080, poster250001.jpeg)

quickie I made last night for a dude that reached out to me on patreon and supported me! It's not exactly on par with my last animation but I wanted to see if I could bang out a quick one in just 5 hours and I managed
hope you all enjoy!
here's a still and the links below


Love your stuff! You're improving quckly, any chance you could make some more marie rose animations?


Awesome, although I'd prefer it with just the neck snap and not the demoman, funny as it is. Muffled cries from the girl are always nice too, but I'm guessing that requires either a female VA or at least some pitch shifting of a male voice.


File: 1460092013178.jpeg (799.4 KB, 1920x1080, poster98833.jpeg)


File: 1460196511336.jpeg (684.43 KB, 1920x1080, posterhello there3.jpeg)


good job!! I was glad that I could see motoko. ;)




File: 1460488224954.jpeg (883.95 KB, 1920x1080, poster76776.jpeg)


That's awesome, great use of available resources too
I love how every video is totally different from the last, lots of artists quickly get into a niche and wind up depicting the same shit over and over again but you keep everything so fresh. Not knowing what you're going to find every time you see the thread bumped is fucking awesome, keep it up man.


wtb some chestburster action.


nice work.

no oversized boobs = bonus!


Any chance on Mercy or Symmetra animations? The overwatch stuff you do is great so far!


File: 1463342465697.jpeg (708.83 KB, 1920x1080, dva&synth.jpeg)


It looks like all of your stuff got swiped from tumblr.


File: 1463692814251.jpeg (913.01 KB, 1920x1080, posterHOTLINE MIAMI.jpeg)

Hey Folks, Gurochan went down for a while and that was a bummer but in that time I was able to produce two solid animations I've linked the downloads on Mega and shared them on dropbox so you can view them and don't have to download it if you don't want to.
hope you guys enjoy! please comment!
I've also posted a pic from one my most recent animation to give you a folks an dea of what you are in for.

Freeman out


I have to say your animation is getting better. I do have a critique to make.
Stop the flying camera. Stationary shots or angle shifts are okay, but having the camera fly
around the scene randomly makes it hard to focus on the action.

That and maybe work on the lighting a bit more. Scenes are a bit dark. I had a similar issue with my followers
saying my scenes were hard to see, since I was making them on a bright monitor. Don't forget to put dim floor lights facing up to simulate
light bouncing up as well.

Anyways, keep up the good work. The more snuff animators, the better!


loved the femshep one. would be great to see more of her


Femshep one was great. I love the brutality in your works.


Now that you have deleted you're tumblr, is there somewhere else these animations can be found?


love to see the original one with more angles if possible?


Somethin' of Mercy please


love you, man!


File: 1464113761518.jpeg (949.75 KB, 1920x1080, Farcry Toilet2.jpeg)

screenshot from my new animation! go check it out on dropbox!
here's the link!

so before I speil about patreon I just wanna say thanks for all the positive feedback, you guys are awesome, so on that note of you guys being patrons will get a 30 second version instead of the public 10 second version, I felt as though I had to start giving my patrons some special treatment and show some appreciation, I'll eventually release the 30 second version to the public but patrons will always get access to the lengthier animations first

>>4947 I've been asked by several peeps to do multiple camera angles and have them be stationary more or less so I've taken the past few evenings to render 3 different angles for the "Hotline Femshop" animation, I've just finished a new 10 second animation that I'm posting today, I'll have 2 more angles posted maybe 3 in the next few days.

I'm still yet to finish up the Dva with soud becuase her pistol randomly came up as an error in sfm so I have to completely re animate that and if you've seen the animation you know her pistol is an important part of the shot, so stay calm folks.. it'll get done, there is quite the demand for it.

>>4958 if you would allow me, I'd love to re do that animation cause I could make it SO MUCH BETTER.. and it wouldn't be very difficult .. take me an evening.. tops 2!
I'll start work on it before the week is out!

>>4976 gimme some details!

>>5007 I love you too dude aha

please comment and lemme know what you guys think!


Why do people post links on sites that never work??


Hey man, the animation screenshot looks great, but I'm unable to see anything on dropbox. Looking forward to checking this one out! Is it possible to send a new link or repost?


Same I just get directed to the Dropbox main page, '/Freemanproductions does not exist'



nice work Freeman! i particularly enjoyed the Hotline Femshop grouping (mostly because of the nudity. it just doesn't feel right if the subject isn't nude), though both were cool. can't wait to see more.

i wonder what happened to the girl in the cage?


awesome work, man. nightscribe out.


Really fantastic work, its fun seeing the improvement as you go.

There doesn't seem to be a lot of asphyxiation SFM done and your D.Va one is one of the few I've seen so thanks for that! I'd love to see another choking one like that one but with the death during sex like the Hotline one.

Anyways, great work thanks so much for sharing.

P.S. for those unable to get the new video from the link in the post about it just go back to the original Dropbox link on the Hotline post and the new video can be found in the list there as well.


"P.S. for those unable to get the new video from the link in the post about it just go back to the original Dropbox link on the Hotline post and the new video can be found in the list there as well."
^^^ Thanks. Anon tip FTW


just wanted to voice my approval of the various camera angles you are rendering, Freeman. vewing them all gives me a better feeling of the scene and, to be honest, there is always one i like best. thanks for that.

also, i don't know if you are looking for ideas, but i'd like to float the theme of cock suffocation. it's a favorite of mine, and i would love to see what you could come up with.

just a thought. thanks and excellent work!


For those like me who could not find the folder or the correct link. Enjoy!




Anyone have the heacrab scene? I've searched high and low and can't find it.


File: 1467091651766.jpeg (662.84 KB, 1920x1080, Heavy&Pyro.jpeg)

New Animation!
Pyro vs Heavy

It's been a while since I've really had the time to finish up what I've had in the works for for the past month.. so I apologize for taking a while to post anything, that being said I've rendered 2 angles of a shorter animation I'm posting today that I hope you all enjoy! I HIGHLY recommend downloading it to see the proper lighting and quality

The next animation I'm posting is the one I put blood, sweat and tears into .. it's going to be just under 30 seconds ..I hope I'll be posting before the end of the week and when I do it will have at least 3-4 angles

>>5174 don't worry, I put lots of hard work into that animation and there's no way I'm leaving it out.. I'm fixing the lighting in it and will be rendering static camera angles for it as well so need not fear.. this will be done once I've posted the animation I've worked my ass off on. :D


File: 1467156926743.jpeg (800.96 KB, 1920x1080, headcrab.jpeg)

>>5174 as I promised : D

Widowmaker&Headcrab scene refined, back on dropbox! remeber if you want to see full quality & lighting you gotta DL it!


Keep up the good work! Hope to see more Marie Rose scenes


ok, so the links worked before, but now they don't.

do I have sign up for dropbox or something?



The same link to a dropbox folder has been given twice, but the first time some sort of linebreak made the board cut it short. The one in >>5057 works - at least it did last night.



thanks, I couldn't download it on my device, for some reason. just gives me an image, not a video.

got it though.


I don't know if you do requests, but would it be possible for you to do a headless/decapitated Motoko/GoTS footjob or shoejob? Thanks in advance!


File: 1473095250186.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1920x1080, MOTOKO&BATOU3.jpeg)

Ladies & Gentlemen I am back. long story short I had family matters to tend to. but I safely say I am back on the bandwagon and in the coming weeks I will be spewing out content like a mad man, anywho I apologize to you peeps for making you potentially think I dipped for good, I can assure you...that's far from the truth.

here's a still from the animation that gave me a bunch of grief trying to render, 30 hours later of not touching my computer finally paid off. I only have one thing to complain about and that's the lighting.. it's a bit darker than I planned but it is what it is, regardless I intend on rendering about 2 more angles of this animation so I'll crank the lighting up a bit and yes they will be stationary angles so don't worry folks.

so head on over to my dropbox page and look for "Motoko & Batou" anywho I've got tons to finish up so you can expect another animation posted and rendered by the end of this week, if you wanna drop in and see what I'm working on or ask any questions then head on over to my stream at
hope you enjoy the animation!


Glad to see you back man
Love the whole choking to death on dick thing


Welcome back! You should buy a new pc if you had to render this sequence for 30 hours :D
I always was a fan of your animations, keep going!!


welcome back, Freeman!


love the deepthroat death theme, the best of all snuff. excellent work!


glad to have you back and my favorite fetish to boot
tis a good day


Hello, headcrab scene is not opening! why?:(


File: 1473736226312.jpeg (791.45 KB, 1920x1080, posterharley.jpeg)


File: 1473877346128.jpeg (951.01 KB, 1920x1080, poster1111.jpeg)

Ships Been Breached.


Black-No Pants

Full Black

Full White

Exposed White

It had been a good long while since I tried my hand at gifs again and it didn't go as well as I'd hoped but it's the best gif I've made yet and it only took me 2 or 3 hours so I'll be pumping out a bunch of short gifs in the next week or so and the goal here is to get much more efficient making gifs, would love to hear some feedback!



liked it, Freeman. her body doesn't hang right but it's a good attempt. might be cool if she were hanging chained or something like that.


harley was good. I like sex with my violence, but it was good.


this one was great. it's my favorite sexual death, deepthroat suffocation. always want more of this.

what about drowning in cum? that might be sexy. or electrocution, maybe? maybe some good old-fashioned beheading and neck-stump fucking?


YES!!! Masseffect guro is the best. Sad that her head did'nt survive


Wow! it's great


Really nice job, i would love to see more short things.

Two things to point out though, her body doesn't quite hang right, it needs to bend more in the middle, plus the blood moves as the gif loops.
Really great work though!


> 6542

Need more Miri. And where's head? Maybe it should be torn away but not smashed


File: 1474309351840.jpeg (373.19 KB, 1280x720, posterwohooo.jpeg)




this one is fucking AMAZING!
love how he's just holding the fucktoy meat and pounding that neckhole! now you're getting into territory like the OP guy (with the other HUGE threads) and the animation quality is pretty damn good too!


Please, more angles!


File: 1474925785951.jpeg (912.74 KB, 1920x1080, poster71771.jpeg)


Mass effect ftw!!!


oh my....OwO


File: 1475185618399.jpeg (899 KB, 1920x1080, poster81881.jpeg)


I don't mean to be a bother but is it possible to upload your older works on mega? I saw mention of mega links in the thread but no actual links and im having an awful time trying to use dropbox.




I'm loving the speed of these new releases, but some of your new animations feel a bit ridged. keep up the good work anyway dude! :D




this is awesomesauce! Love the extra angles. Any chance of a short loop of him going in and out with her head in frame whoever it is to see her? maybe under the body or where ever?


File: 1477594324489.jpeg (919.72 KB, 1920x1080, poster1991.jpeg)



i like it. good work, Freeman.


The Liz looks as promiscuous as I like


Very hot!! I love the writing on her body and the care you put into the beasts and legs flopping around. The smothered bitch in the background is a nice detail too.


Hey folks ! I leave this message in hopes that people will want to contribute some ideas for scenes.. one of the hardest parts is trying to think of something somewhat original and THAT can be the toughest part sometimes... so I look to you people for some clever ideas.. and please.. BE specific..don't be shy, and if you think for some reason I won't like the idea I'm here to tell you that I may surprise you.. so let 'em rip!

and if for some reason this gets a lot of action and idea's start spewing out left right and center we will do a poll on which ones get done in priority :D

anywho go nuts!


If you have a Saria model (not Soria :P) you should definitely use it.

Death by moblin cock? Not through the head, though.


Hmm...if it's ideas you want, here are two of my most recent fantasies, I call them perilous game concepts.

I really like to fantasize about devious contraptions that turn sexy women into snuff games. For example, consider big wheel about 3.5 meters in diameter, 2 meters in width to which 3 lovely damsels in colorful clothing are strapped. The wheel spins and has a protective bullet proof glass shield that covers the damsels except for a few thin gaps at the ankle, hips, breasts, neck. The game is to launch a buzz blade and hit one of the unprotected areas and then you can decide which part you can take home as your prize, the upper or lower part.

Or maybe 3 girls strapped to pendulums swinging from the ceiling of a shooting range in an unsynchronized manner, with points being awarded for piercing as many of them as possible with a few anti-tank riffle shots.

There isn't really any fucking in these, besides maybe their corpses after they're used :D But I'd give an arm and a kidney to see these ideas animated. Cheers.


Some Mass Effect Liara would be great! Love your work, especially Femshep!


I'm always a fan of deadly or near-death rape, and loli is a plus but I'm guessing from the lack of any in any of your stuff so far it's not your thing.

The Dani model is always a good middle ground, with her looking like the barely-18 type to me.

So for a scene (and a bit of a longer animation) some big monster like the werewolf gets her in a bearhug that snaps her spine, then drops her to her knees and gags her to death, ideally wedging his knot in her mouth. Lots of struggling for the first half and despair in the facial expressions for the second and I'm good to go!


What about the hook Liz is hanging on? You could impale that through her (or another girl's) chest, hang her upside down, then throatfuck her corpse. Just a thought.
Thanks for the animation!



How about a beheading? Rapist A fucks Girl, until he nears orgasm. Rapist B takes girl's head off (or guillotine does). Rapist A and Girl cum together.

End with a quick flash of Rapist B fucking the head!


this looks awesome but the person is out of frame, cant see whats going on here



Really liked this one. A lot of times a straight to guro pic is a bit jarring for my tastes. Some build up is good.



any chance someone can post a link to a working vid for this one? it was on the tumblr but doesnt work anymore


File: 1480609718181.jpeg (548.6 KB, 1920x1080, poster4112.jpeg)

quick one I pumped out for someone I saw commenting on OP's thead..couldn't help it... it was a good idea!

I'm currently working on a huge project with LOTS of moving parts, thus I haven't been releasing much material lately but by the end of December it will be finished and posted..I'll probably pump out a couple quick 2-5 second gifs before then though! thanks for all the positive feedback guys!


Anybody got a link to the Widowmaker head crush gif? Please and thank you!


it's from a weird angle and too dark to see anything, you're a really good animator, dont let things like that block what you've made :)


Looking forward to the major project, Freeman.

Any chance we could see some quickies with Kitana from Mortal Kombat 2 getting raped and killed (not necessarily in that order)?


the hotline miami animation where the cop lady is shot while being fucked is amazing


File: 1480973505819.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1920x1080, poster81881.jpeg)

Hammer Time!

another quick one, I'll be posting some stills from my new big project in the next couple days to give you guys an idea of what you are in for until then enjoy this : D


Why is the angle from the jpeg not animated? that's my favorite :)


I have to agree. That is a great angle.
Please? :)


I don't want to sound ungrateful, but the angles of your animations in your links are not very good. The angles of your previews are a lot much better. Also what I think is the widowmaker one is too dark.


so cool!


File: 1481837913590.png (1.76 MB, 823x1193, 160111-0044.png)


File: 1481837956200.png (1.71 MB, 823x1193, 160111-0045.png)


File: 1481837979925.png (916.78 KB, 843x602, 160111-0046.png)


File: 1481838004906.png (894.71 KB, 843x602, 160111-0047.png)


File: 1481838097607.png (1.7 MB, 824x1180, 160111-0048.png)

Dear Mr. Freeman,
If you like, please update these images. (:


File: 1492274527477.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1920x1080, postershotguntime6.jpeg)

Laughing Wallaby & Quiet had stolen top secret documents & blueprints from Mecha, several days of failed extractions and receiving false intel lead to numerous engagements with FOXHOUND and finally they had exhausted both their ammo & energy .


It seems noone but you will be able to access it since it's a direct link from your URL. Need to provide a share link for others to see it.
Otherwise, the preview image looks amazing! Keep up the good work!


File: 1492276912776.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1920x1080, postershotguntime4.jpeg)

and here's the before shot

there's the gif, but no sound obviously.

for sound you'll have to download it

that link should let you view all of my work and download it.


This is really amazing. It's also scarry that you reproduced the violence of an execution to the detail. But just as I like it, guro is fiction.



brutal! love it!


I'd like also to see tanima RYONA(谷間リョナ)



Hey dude your dropbox is disabled



Can anyone reup the sound version of this somewhere?
Dropbox is gone for being too popular like the last guy said


Just a head's up for the OP. Spotted stills of your latest works on this tumblr:


Welcome back! Great animationm I hope to see more!


great work, would love to see miranda neck snapped like that with her head turned totally around and used for a sweet blowjay!


More of Cassie Cage getting owned! My fave character from MKX and certainly got a mouth on her~

also dropbox link is down?


Fuck dude this is amazing
Please reup a version with sound when you can!


None of the tumblr links lead to anything for me. Are there gfycat links for them?


File: 1492654369030.jpeg (651.82 KB, 1920x1080, poster7666.jpeg)

>>11221 I noticed that, they took OP's work as well and it doesn't look as though they intend on crediting anyone. I messaged them but received nothing. thanks for the heads up though dude

>>11230 Thanks dude, I get stoked when you get stoked brotha
>> 11181 I aim to please.
>> 11229 Oh I'm not done with Cassie

New Dropbox account, I've added my last one and my new one : D

Bandit of R6 was ever so cautious & quiet making his way up the stairs after watching more than half of his team get cut down by sniper fire seconds after leaving the APC, enraged knowing the rest of his team had been decimated after only 4 minutes by some kind of special highly trained individual who had displayed extreme precision with a sniper rifle who reportedly possessed special powers, despite being the last man of his team and being an ordinary human he gambled that losing all of his team put him at an advantage, and just as he thought slowly opening the door she appeared to be caught off guard and feeling safe enough that he was able to slide his glock through and place a perfect headshot.

but he wasn't done with her just yet, and neither was her very angry hostage..

expect an additional scene of Buc and Bandit taking some well deserved revenge on Quiet in the next week or so, I hate to be douchey but my patrons will get it a week before it's public release, but don't fear if you can wait a week and a half ish it'll be in my public dropbox link :D as always I hope you enjoy



This looks awesome! But the link says 'not found'
Did you delete it?


Looking at the old animations, I noticed we can't see what's happening to DVa in the "Widowmaker&Dva getting owned by TF2". No other angles of that one?


Could Freeman re-upload the gyfcat videos and other dropbox videos to the new dropbox link? I came too late and now I can't came


File: 1493853249291.jpeg (803.93 KB, 1920x1080, poster72772.jpeg)

Home Invasion - Liz
new 20 second animation, things don't end well for Liz.
commissioned through patreon.
download for best quality.


Home Invasion - Liz
gifs of the animation to see if it tickles your fancy, obviously no sound.

Angle 1
Angle 2



your best work, Freeman.

hope you do more in the same vein, cause it was awesome!



That DropBox link is disabled due to high traffic. Any chance we could get a Mega link or something else?


Dropbox regardless of the download speed and storage are very bad, their attitude is the worst I have seen, I think Google Drive than his excellent, but now relatively good and safe I think it is


More angles please, i love this one


cool man!


>>11672 Holy hell, that was great! Got anymore like it?


please make her twitch before she dies, that'd be uber cool, i think. :D


Any news about the additional scene with Quiet?


File: 1494359655564.jpeg (846.39 KB, 1920x1080, posterwip4566.jpeg)

John Wick Pt. 1
here's the link to my new dropbox, animation is a loop so enjoy !

>>11837 you can expect that before the end of the month, I got a few commissions to fulfill before I can get back to the stuff I personally make

>>11827 you can expect plenty twitching in my next animation, it will be a decapitation. (commission)

>>11826 I do, it's in my old dropbox account, you'll find a scene called hotline femshop. here's the link to my old dropbox


this is greaT! love the home invasion 1 scene. would love to see a bonus scene where she is shot in the back of the head then shes getting it from both sides from the back of her head and front. Looks like the animation wouldnt really need to change much? The hand already moves her head up and down just would need to uncheck her blinking maybe and have her eyes rolled back?

man this is epic, cant wait to see part 2 for wick!


Are there angles for this well lit version? the ones on dropbox are super dark and hard to see.



Wow, you've improved quickly. Starting to see even some secondary animation in these! Keep it up!


seems when rendered the animations are darker or is it just me? makes it hard see all the hard work went into it, maybe need more lights?


File: 1500756173880.jpg (291.47 KB, 1920x1080, Harkyn&BabeBOOM.jpg)

"No Help For Miles"

Angle 1
Angle 2

Early in the morning T.V and radio stations had shook the town of Greendale with news they hadn’t heard before warning the locals the storm that was coming was not like anything the town had ever seen before, much of the populace of Greendale anxiously packed up and headed south as far as possible, in the midst of the chaos in the town one man in particular knew there was opportunity for his twisted idea. His intentions being
*call fancy escort service
*have fun with the escort
*not pay
*smother the life out of her.
*make sure there is no trace.

Even if she managed getting a hold of emergency services during this severe storm it would amount to nothing..extreme flooding and power outages will mean no help will be coming for a VERY long time, leaving plenty time for him to “clean up”.

I get "it's too dark!" " I can't see anything" all the time and the truth is you need to open it in quicktime, it will look darker in every other program unless you have VLC then you can tweak the visuals to however you like but my animations were MEANT to be played in quicktime, so head over to my dropbox page and download them and open them up in Quicktime to see what it's supposed to look like as the link to the stream is compressed and the lighting in mixtapemoe doesn't serve it justice :D

dropbox link for download

and IF you guys want to support me, here's my patreon



Could you make a stuff by using a model "Zero" from Drakengard 3 ?


Hey Freeman, have you considered doing more deepthroat deaths?

They are high in demand in most threads

especially one with Alyx Vance from hl2, choking on a combine cock to death


File: 1501179706035.jpeg (495.88 KB, 1920x1080, posterFaith2.jpeg)

New 15 second Animation "Local Authorities Got In The Way"

Mixtapemoe is showing it to be much darker than it actually is, thus you'll need to go to my dropbox page to DL it.

as always remember to download and open in Quicktime as viewing it on any other platform doesn't show the intended lighting and overall quality.


I'll second this. Your recent stuff doesn't have much in it that's erotic.


Great work on the lighting and set up for this one, really hope it has a follow up of her body getting used.


I agree! I love how her body is slid away, I patiently await a follow up if there is one. Keep up the good work.


need some erotic decapitation


Yeah, and this guy know about that xD


This has to continue


Cool. Needs necro.


this is great hope there is a part 2 or he grabs her and uses her mouth ?


This is great, but it's quite a shame that there is no sex after the smother...


would love see her mouth drilled as the stuff shoots out back of her head, lol


bump to not forget about this thread


that is hot af cant wait to see how she is used anon! love your work




somebody have this? link is down


hope he drag her out to use her! this gonna be good!


Are you still taking commissions?


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