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Penectomy and/or Castrations
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How could you get those from Negisho, I want to see them so much :((


Wow someone really made a lot of effort to make everything look perfect here.


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I think you meant won't for whone


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File: 1563284219239.jpg (787.84 KB, 1045x1350, Slaves_Art_Tortures_sw03.jpg)


and severed for served


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I wanna see one where it's cut off and then the hole is fucked



Where is this from?



I love women castrate young boys


That's not how human anatomy works. You slice off the external genitalia and there's still a fair bit of solid meat left behind. Unless you cut the root tendons etc and pull out the entire penis, and/or perform at least a partial vaginoplasty etc (or at the very least make a slash in the perineal muscles, paying attention to how the pelvic bone is closed up so much more tightly and to avoiding the many different major blood vessels in the area), there is no "hole" to fuck, not unless you have a literal pencil dick and go in through the urethra.



File: 1565051555093.jpg (169.29 KB, 1250x1250, thumb (5)b.jpg)


More of this or source, I would like to see how s/he lost he/r cock


Look for Adeptus12 . The (short) series is called Anastasia's Torment, but I did not ever find anything else by him.


also recently started a patreon (second account) - still posts free stuff but you could pay for variants of the free pics




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