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hello, glad to see gurochan is back, posting some of my art!


File: 1417648791952.jpg (226.95 KB, 1024x768, Commodore Flockgard - Intr….jpg)

this is art from my current comic, Commodore Flockgard, which is technically part of my other comic La Mouette Noire (it's complicated!) these are sort of "what if" scenes if the enemies managed to infiltrate Flockgard's ship. the comic is basically a parody of the Mass Effect video game, where everyone knows they are in a video game.


File: 1417648878565.jpg (279.76 KB, 1024x768, lmn_06_extra_02.jpg)

some similar "what if" art from the previous issue of La Mouette Noire. LMN is another video game comic, about a pirate-themed video game. the main character is Mara, she is the redhead who keeps getting game-overed in these pictures.


File: 1417648906989.jpg (236.11 KB, 1024x768, lmn_06_00_extra_03.jpg)


File: 1417648955319.jpg (203.91 KB, 1024x768, lmn_06_00_extra_05.jpg)


File: 1417648975481.jpg (204.27 KB, 1024x768, lmn_06_00_extra_06.jpg)


File: 1417894291345.jpg (205.08 KB, 1024x768, Minerva and Mary nude.jpg)


File: 1417894373958.jpg (245.78 KB, 1024x768, COHV - Sword Ninjas.jpg)

this is a crossover between another comic i made, Crouching Ostrich Hidden Vulture (yes weird name i know it is a parody of Joust but with wuxia style) and Commodore Flockgard.


I aprove the new girls!


File: 1419016785738.jpg (242.82 KB, 1024x768, lancetta falling action 06….jpg)

from my Lancetta comic (parody of Bayonetta)


File: 1419016966250.jpg (215.48 KB, 1024x768, lc-qte-05b.jpg)

some ryona of my "Lara Chang" character (parody of Lara Croft)


File: 1420258350564.jpg (477.55 KB, 1054x1581, lancetta-falling-00-cover.jpg)

cover for my Lancetta comic, 6 pages total, gets gory later


File: 1420258381764.jpg (498.97 KB, 1054x1581, lancetta-falling-01.jpg)

page 1


File: 1422158769899.jpg (467.16 KB, 1054x1581, lancetta-falling-04.jpg)


great art as always eyeteeth ^^


thank you :)


File: 1422747346673.jpg (489.44 KB, 1054x1581, lancetta-falling-05.jpg)


File: 1424533959775.jpg (430.31 KB, 1055x1581, 01.jpg)

here is an early SpICE story, called Hostage.


File: 1424533982058.jpg (452.94 KB, 1055x1581, 02.jpg)


File: 1424533996917.jpg (444.66 KB, 1055x1581, 03.jpg)


Hey Eyeteeth. I'm a long admirer of your art. I loved La mouette noire, I can't spell right, and manny others image sets. But latelly your art seems to have changed. Before the focus of the scene was simpler. Now there is too much to be seen that you kinda overcome the guro or snuff of the scene. For exemple the last Lancetta set or the Spice set. There are fantastic guro scenes in those but the image have too much.

I'm here as a admirer and a fan of you and I'm just expressing myself as best as i can in English so i'm sory for anny mistake.

Now the positves. Your characters are amazing, their resenblance to the originals are fantastic and with you personal touch they get memorable. Your storyes are creative and original, you are one of the few artists that I care to read the story. I i could I would support you immensivelly but sadly i can't in the momment.

I hope i can be of use and I will alweys look forward for new content.



File: 1425173891242.jpg (365.29 KB, 1055x1581, 04.jpg)

hello ykvr! with my comics i always struggle between making the guro art and telling the story, it is hard to strike a balance. with this SpICE story, it is actually very old art, from maybe five years ago. i have really stopped making SpICE comics because it is so much effort to do all the interface things and they end up getting in the way of the art anyway.

thank you very much for the feedback! artists live on feedback :D


I'm glad that you replied. Thank you!
Your art was one of the first guro related that i've ever seen and I hope to see some more.



File: 1425853570340.jpg (401.57 KB, 1055x1581, 05.jpg)


File: 1426282016684.jpg (431.79 KB, 1055x1581, 06.jpg)


File: 1427086135584.jpg (503.42 KB, 1055x1581, 07.jpg)


File: 1427680903636.jpg (464.71 KB, 1055x1581, 08.jpg)

last page!


File: 1431498745922.jpg (507.58 KB, 1054x1581, cc6g-vind-01.jpg)


File: 1435502952033.jpg (646.61 KB, 1054x1581, lmn-08-11.jpg)

i didn't like pages 11-12 of La Mouette Noire #8, so i made new versions. here is the old version of page 11!


Is that lilith?
Gosh i wish i had boght your comics befor, now i'm really considereing doing so. THank you for sharing.


lol, it is Eve, who is a character from a game called "Edgeworlds"

so basically yes it's Lilith :P soon her friend Chiapa will show up.


oh and if you want to buy my comics //



File: 1435961608183.jpg (619.46 KB, 1054x1581, lmn-08-12.jpg)

no gore on this but here's the old version of page 12


Sadly i'm the only one posting replyes here so i'll show my support. Did you know that your art and MikeA's where the very first image guro related? You are amazing.

I love borderlands characters and to see them being screwd is prety nyce. Fastastic expressions by your part.

Thank you for sharing your art.


lol thank you! yes i like MikeA's art, i wish i could be as prolific as he is.

for my "Edgeworld" charcacters, there are a few more pages for them in La Mouette Noire #8, and then there is also a simple 3 page "test" comic that i made for them when i was preparing assets for #8. that will go up when #8 is done.



I kind of wish there was a 'like' feature or something. I've got nothing to contribute in terms of comments, but I love your stuff eyeteeth.


File: 1437425000832.png (1.08 MB, 1024x768, Mara crotch 2.png)

thank you! not gore art but something i am working on for La Mouette Noire.


File: 1439751381794.jpg (412.52 KB, 1054x1581, lmn-08-00-story-so-far.jpg)

"story so far" for issue 8


Amazing, only a few have made smoke so sexy. Can youpost a link?


for the comic? right now it is being updated at // it is on page 22 of 34 right now, so it will go to Lulu in early fall.


the comic is being updated right now at // it is on page 22 of 34, so i guess it will go on Lulu in early fall!


I searched your name at lulu but the site did not return anny results, later i tried to search for the comic's name but to no avail, am i doing something wrong?


oh yes, due to the nature of my art my comics aren't searchable on Lulu. you can only find them from direct links to each comic. i have all the links on my google site:


File: 1440343544495.jpg (357.29 KB, 1054x1581, dg-underdressed-01.jpg)

i guess i never posted these here, these are based on Abby Chase from the Danger Girls video game. i loved that game, but it was so terrible XD


File: 1440343564079.jpg (313.73 KB, 1054x1581, dg-underdressed-02.jpg)


File: 1440343575348.jpg (396.5 KB, 1054x1581, dg-underdressed-03.jpg)


File: 1440792254685.jpg (438.49 KB, 1054x1581, gld-htcht-01.jpg)

new short comic Gilded Hatchet: Two to One. this features Maraj, a character who shows up for a little while in LMN #8. i made this to test her look, i ended up changing her boots. the weird blue/red material didn't work very well.


File: 1441408572286.jpg (471.45 KB, 1054x1581, gld-htcht-02.jpg)

page 2!



Nice new pages eyeteeth. Thx :)


File: 1442071782127.jpg (513.69 KB, 1054x1581, gld-htcht-03.jpg)

last page of Gilded Hatchet: Two to One!


File: 1443974236155.jpg (181.25 KB, 1024x768, COHV CC6G - Bullet vs Bl….jpg)

issue 8 of La Mouette Noire is finished! just have to do the cover.

here is Crouching Ostrich Hidden Vulture vs Crimson Corpse Sixgun!


File: 1446166062373.jpg (363.63 KB, 1054x798, lmn-08-14a.jpg)

yay! here is a frame from the recent issue of La Mouette Noire. these are my "eyeteeth game" versions of Maya and Lilith from Borderlands. Lilith gets her own -1UP a little later.


File: 1446166108324.jpg (351.7 KB, 1054x798, lmn-08-20b.jpg)

another frame from the same issue. i am going to be doing a lot with Lara Chang.


File: 1446166151118.jpg (340.07 KB, 1054x798, lara-chang-qte-02a.jpg)

and here is some more Lara Chang from my current comic, Damnable Cuties!


I love borderlands guro!!!!! Thank you for the free images. Thank you very much!


yes if i have one complaint on Borderlands, it is that as a FPS you can't see anything happen to your character. and of course even if something does happen they just kneel on the ground and then disappear. what a lost opportunity, since your body in-game gets regenerated every time you die (or teleport) they could totally do gory stuff. oh well, hopefully i can make up for it :D


File: 1448339600579.jpg (331.51 KB, 1024x768, lara-chang-qte-10a.jpg)

more Lara Chang!

also i am starting a short Edgeworld (Borderlands) comic on my site :D


Borderlands is aways awessome!. I can't find the new addition.


easiest way is to go to Recent Changes on the left side. or you can go to Comics/Game Over Tales/Edgeworld/High Level!


I'm sory but i'm confused. What site are you talking about? I'm lost xD


lol sorry! i have a pay gallery where i post all my comics and art, at


File: 1450190751098.jpg (519.31 KB, 1054x1581, edgeworld-hi-lvl-01.jpg)

first page of that Edgeworld story i mentioned!


I hope it is not too much to ask for some free stuff from lilith?

you do not need to answer.


well i will be posting this Edgeworld comic 1 page a week, 4 pages total. it has Chiapa and Eve (Lilith). i also made renders for an Eve-only comic, i will probably also post that for free eventually since it has no sex.


File: 1451186112041.jpg (599.01 KB, 1054x1581, edgeworld-hi-lvl-02.jpg)

page 2!




This is fantastic but the price of the dolar is to high right now for me to make a purchase so i'll wait a little. If i may ask, is that possible to use paypall to access eroticillusions?


unfortunately no, eroticillusions can't use paypal because paypal has rules against porn :(

however i also sell PDFs of my comics at through i believe lulu takes paypal! it usually takes a while for my comics to appear on lulu, especially the non La Mouette Noire stuff, but it gets there eventually.


File: 1451751605837.jpg (479.05 KB, 1054x1581, edgeworld-hi-lvl-03.jpg)

page 3! i got lazy on Chiapa's torso wound and didn't add it in this page or the last page. also, i misspelled Chiapa's name! whoops.


Omg, thank you very much for sharing!


File: 1452311680725.jpg (566.47 KB, 1054x1581, edgeworld-hi-lvl-04.jpg)

last page!

once the current Lara Chang (Croft) story is done at my EI gallery, i will probably do another short Edgeworld story featuring Eve and some female psychos.


Wtf, i did not expect to see the ending, and it it amazing!!!!


File: 1454179616710.jpg (285.57 KB, 1054x798, lara-chang-qte-16b.jpg)

another angle of Lara Chang getting her head blown off! Damnable Cuties is now complete (26 pages) at my eroticillusions site. if you buy my comics off Lulu i will be publishing it there soon.


Has eyeteeth died?


eyeteeth is fully alive, check out their paysite ^_^ i think it's on erotic illusions and another place.


*is ded*

sorry, i have had a really hard time finding time to do updates, so my free art has suffered a lot. i have a 5-page Edgeworld story that i will share soon!


Hope everything gets better


File: 1463698801088.jpg (531.07 KB, 1054x1581, lara-chang-qte-00.jpg)

hey gurochan is back! i have some catching up to do. if you don't know my Lara Chang story is for sale at Lulu. here is the cover.


File: 1463698857403.jpg (298.14 KB, 1054x798, lara-chang-qte-16a.jpg)

more Lara Chang


File: 1463698874982.jpg (464.73 KB, 1054x1581, lara-change-damnable-cutie….jpg)

MORE Lara Chang


File: 1465873615368.jpg (513.93 KB, 1054x1581, edgeworld-gat-01.jpg)

now for some Edgeworld


Amazing stuff, what software do u use pal?


File: 1465955950101.jpg (483.35 KB, 1054x1581, edgeworld-gat-02.jpg)

i use Poser Pro 2010 and Photoshop CS5!

page 2


is there any chance of there being sexual content or body play after dead? would buy lara chang! also any chance of getting a zip of the png files with purchases? pdf's suck :P


File: 1466464625648.jpg (497.58 KB, 1054x1581, edgeworld-gat-04.jpg)

not sure about including pictures... i would not mind doing it but i don't know how to make it happen. for sex play after death, i make art of it sometimes but not too often due to content restrictions. some of my commission art has it.


I love lilith. This is subtle just the way I like it. Thank you verymuch for sharing


I love lilith. This is subtle just the way I like it. Thank you verymuch for sharing


File: 1466888623612.jpg (470.21 KB, 1054x1581, edgeworld-gat-5.jpg)

yes i wanted to be a little understated this time because some of my recent gore has been very over the top :)

final page!


YES! I can never get tired of lilith. I fo aprove your aproach to be more subtle. One can enjoy more the beaty of the character model. Thank you for sharing!


File: 1467478826008.jpg (232.98 KB, 1024x768, Splice Moblin boots.jpg)

no gore today sorry, just some sex with a Moblin!


Thats odd. I hope to see some red stuff coming out soon, if not i'm still happy for the share.

Her expression and the jizz are flalless. I'm liking the minamilst new style.
Thank you man!


loving lara chang but do any of these have sex or corpse play after the bad ending? that would be awesome if possible.


um not a whole lot of after death play, mainly due to restrictions on my main pay gallery. i am trying to sneak more in :D


File: 1471284280586.jpg (357.81 KB, 1054x1581, elevatoraction-01.jpg)

gurochan was down for a while and i forgot to update! three pages from my comic Action in an Elevator. less "messy" than some of my other comics, just pretty little headshots mostly.


File: 1471284289919.jpg (465.24 KB, 1054x1581, elevatoraction-02.jpg)


File: 1471284299942.jpg (388.15 KB, 1054x1581, elevatoraction-03.jpg)


File: 1471852987478.jpg (388.3 KB, 1054x1581, elevatoraction-04.jpg)


File: 1472502050553.jpg (400.03 KB, 1054x1581, elevatoraction-05.jpg)


do any of these have sex? they seem like all exposition?


most of my comics have some sex in them. here i am posting free samples, which have to be less explicit because i also post them at places like deviantArt. because the world is strange, it is okay to show a woman being chopped to pieces but not to show her having sex...

in the Elevators comic i am updating now, there is a short sex scene coming up. it will be censored for dA but uncensored here.


> it is okay to show a woman being chopped to pieces but not to show her having sex...

Why not both? the more crazy the more fun since thats what were here for xDDD


The line you quoted is exactly why not
Also not everyone is here for the sexual content, you don't speak for the entire website


Any ideas on who else I should look into on EI who has a similar niche of content to yourself? I already have access to your paid gallery on the site and just want to find more content similar.


if you like my art you should REALLY look at Artdude41, ad41 dot eroticillusions dot com. he is so much better than me it is not even funny.


Does his gallery have deaths/gore in it? I don't want specifics but just by looking at his preview gallery I don't see much, if any gore. Thanks for the quick response.


>>6962 He has a nice amount of death & gore pictures. His comics allways feature alternative endings in which Carey and her firends meet their death.


on eroticillusions the preview galleries are not allowed to show any death or gore.

Ash focuses on other things in addition to guro, for instance peril, regular sex, and bondage. so out of over 6,000 pictures on his site, probably 1,500 of them are guro, maybe a little more. but he updates almost every week, and lately he has been doing some user requests :)


Out of curiosity, how many comics does he have up now? Last time I was subscribed, he was at Queen of Escapology 36 or 35.


love that lara chang! great take on the character and she can tag team with the reg lara!


To answer the question of how many Cary comics Artdude has put up he or she is now up to 38 just in the Cary series. It's may well be double that if you include many of the other works he has going on right now.


File: 1478352977160.jpg (430.5 KB, 1054x1581, elevatoraction-06.jpg)

catching up!


File: 1478353004023.jpg (454.82 KB, 1054x1581, elevatoraction-07.jpg)


File: 1478353021547.jpg (417.39 KB, 1054x1581, elevatoraction-08.jpg)


File: 1478353047014.jpg (377.22 KB, 1054x1581, elevatoraction-09.jpg)


File: 1479018939012.jpg (486.01 KB, 1054x1581, elevatoraction-10.jpg)


File: 1219231503110.jpg (442.63 KB, 1054x1581, elevatoraction-11.jpg)


File: 1480228549057.jpg (329.67 KB, 1054x1581, elevatoraction-12.jpg)


YES! I love betrayal of the protagonist.

Thank you very much for sharing.



File: 1481319884685.jpg (386.81 KB, 1054x1581, elevatoraction-13.jpg)

lol yes, i like a confident and skilled protagonist who suddenly finds herself killed :)


Double betrayal. That was unexpected. I'm loving this series with all my heart eyeteeth. Thank you very much.


Oh I am loving this plot armor is a myth


File: 1482167390852.jpg (372.06 KB, 1054x1581, elevatoraction-14.jpg)

lol plot armor. honestly in my comics it's more like plot nega-armor. i give my characters hit points and shields and stuff but they usually go down in one or two hits! for instance...


Well the trecherous one took about 3 then the head shot was just icing on the cake


Cool. Please show the two on the ground please!!!!


eyeteeth, please i need help sir, I'm trying to pay to access you at erotic ilusion but my card got rejected without anny other info about what got wrong. I refilled all the boxes aggain to see if i got something wrong to no avail. But i already filled a ticket to the site's support. I want to know if you erotic ilusions gallery has all of your art so far.


hi ykvr thanks for trying to sign up, can you screenshot and send it to me at i will see if there is any support i can get for you on SBE's end.

my EI gallery has basically all of my art. the only thing that might be missing is sometimes i forget to put up some test art, but that is just plain figures without any action.


it seems the problem is in my credit card. It will be solved in 3 to 5 days. I gess i'll have to wait.

Thank you for the reply


File: 1482803937967.jpg (489.75 KB, 1054x1581, elevatoraction-15.jpg)

in the meantime...


File: 1483166638726.jpg (557.29 KB, 1054x1581, elevatoraction-16.jpg)

last page!



Thank you Eyeteeth, the last shots where amazing!



File: 1484982402244.jpg (546.22 KB, 1054x1581, wwaext-sisters-01.jpg)

my new Game Over Tales comic, World Warrior Alpha EX Turbo!


Yay!!! New series!!!


that is probably one of the only pages i can post from that series outside of eroticillusions (or a pdf at sometime inthe future). there is so much sex, i would have to censor whole pages at places like EI!


File: 1489605272494.jpg (476.05 KB, 1054x1581, game-over-tales-002-000-co….jpg)

Game Over Tales #2 for sale now xxxx// this one is a little cheaper than the last one since it reprints some comics i put up for free (Edgeworld, Action in an Elevator) but it also has Minerva (from issue 1) and Commodore Flockgard (from La Mouette Noire). just to be clear, everything i sell at has already appeared at my eroticillusions site! i would not like for anyone to buy my PDFs and be disappointed that they have already seen it.

follow-up art for the cover coming later :D


File: 1491052457879.jpg (407.22 KB, 1054x1581, game-over-tales-002-00-fro….jpg)

here is the inside cover and table of contents


File: 1491052477491.jpg (461.27 KB, 1054x1581, game-over-tales-002-999-ba….jpg)

and the back cover!


Thank you for sharing some of your art eyeteeth. Becouse the delay and problem i had with my bank i'll have to wait for another oportunity to buy all your stuff. Annyway, amazing back cover!!



just to know, my comics are for sale all the time! you can find them at


File: 1494088669255.jpg (643.36 KB, 1310x1485, lmn-09-00-cover.jpg)

this is the cover for La Mouette Noire #9, which i just finished! nothing gory on the cover or first few pages, but after that it gets pretty bloody :D


File: 1496506693634.jpg (281.57 KB, 1280x720, flock-group-shot-02a.jpg)

hurray it's back!


I love these head shots. Got anymore like them?


i actually just started a new series with them! i also just did a fantasy series (Minerva, if you have seen her before) with sort of the same thing but with arrows instead of bullets.


File: 1497303730177.jpg (496.06 KB, 1310x1485, ssan-rgal-01.jpg)

first few pages of Salem Sanatorium: Chances. basically a parody of the Arkham Asylum/City games. first stories are always kind of "slow", but when the comic really gets going it is going to revolve mostly around zako guro, with the villains' henchwomen. a little of that in this first issue.

anyone who really likes zako, feel free to offer tips on how to make it better!


File: 1497303751594.jpg (401.99 KB, 1310x1485, ssan-rgal-02.jpg)

second page, more this weekend


File: 1497303801364.jpg (304.26 KB, 1280x720, salem heroes.jpg)

also here are some of Salem City's heroines, players in Salem Sanatorium only get one life so i have to have a bunch of heroines :D


Hey eeyeteeth, have you considered posting your stuff at patreon?


Love the Moonbird girl. Any chance of seeing her in the comics?


>>12310 i have thought very strongly about making a patreon. the eroticillusions staff has been very good to me but my art is not really a good fit there (content restrictions, even though they mostly turn a blind eye) plus there is basically no way to communicate with my viewers directly. and having different price points might bring in more viewers, and i think patreon interfaces better with google analytics. the downside is, i worry that patreon might suddenly decide they don't want to host certain types of artists anymore. but a lot of other artists seem to be doing it so maybe that isn't so much a problem.

i have thought, since sometimes i stop posting for a few weeks or a month, that maybe i could offer payments per update. i don't know how it works, but maybe there could be a cheap option for once a month updates, a more expensive option for bi-weekly updates, and a most expensive option for updates every time they come out (usually once a week). so everybody would basically get the same content, but if you pay less you have to wait longer.

i will probably do it sometime, i just have a lot to think about!


>>12316 yes definitely! ...sometime. i have to get through the current story first. i think Salem Sanatorium is pretty cool but there is a lot of "world building" to set up. which is annoying because my whole concept for Game Over Tales was to not have to do so much expository stuff. stupid brain.


File: 1497615185130.jpg (443.34 KB, 1310x1485, ssan-rgal-03.jpg)

page 3! poor henchgirl.


File: 1498224104783.jpg (457.73 KB, 1310x1485, ssan-rgal-04.jpg)


Oh boy!! That expression is flawless.


thank you! i love a good face twitch :D


Me too, i noticed that you are a patron of defeatist. I'm the ned stark guy xD, if you start a patron too give us a warning so i can, if i can afford, be one of the first ones to help you xD



File: 1498865335069.jpg (451.99 KB, 1310x1485, ssan-rgal-05.jpg)

thank you for your contribution but please post it in your own thread :)

final page of the preview, the full comic has 8 more pages and there is a sequel that currently has 11 pages and counting


File: 1501463960184.jpg (236.74 KB, 1054x1581, lara_vci_01.jpg)

posting some of my old Many Deaths of Lara Croft comics, here is page 1 of Von Croy Industries


Wil you continue this?


Wil you continue this?


maybe sometime later i will post the rest here, that comic is pretty new so i want my subscribers to have it to themselves for a while :) the rest of the comic is posted at my gallery


Understood I just wanted to confirm it was still alive

Keep up the good work


File: 1502715056967.jpg (335.48 KB, 1054x1581, lara_vci_02.jpg)

yes still alive and actually complete, at least for that story. there is a sequel story that is ongoing (on hiatus for the past few weeks but i'll start it again soon) at my EI gallery


File: 1503084647170.jpg (367.07 KB, 1054x1581, lara_vci_03.jpg)

page !


I really like this character.


i'm glad, i will be putting up a lot more of her comics here :D they are old comics that have been up on my EI site for a while, but i have never put them up for free


File: 1503684832412.jpg (433.72 KB, 1054x1581, lara_vci_04.jpg)

last page of this comic!


Indeed I have never seen this comic at the other sites you usually post. Thank you very much for sharing!!


File: 1503758929680.jpg (431.73 KB, 1054x1581, lc-showered-01.jpg)

quick dump of three pages, they have been put up elsewhere. there will soon be a 4th page, plus an alternate ending page (both on my EI gallery, but not elsewhere).


File: 1503758957809.jpg (441.35 KB, 1054x1581, lc-showered-02.jpg)


File: 1503758975879.jpg (418.1 KB, 1054x1581, lc-showered-03.jpg)


File: 1504833554130.jpg (402.59 KB, 1054x1581, lc-showered-04.jpg)

page 4, plus alt version!


File: 1504833572280.jpg (507.34 KB, 1054x1581, lc-showered-ALT-01.jpg)


Thank you Eyeteeth. Who do not like free stuff. THank you good sir!!!


please say he uses the bullet hole in next panel!


It'll hardly have anny use at all. This is not a theme Eyeteeth usually uses.


i don't mind that kind of thing but it doesn't fly at my EI gallery so i avoid it. someday i hope to open a Patreon gallery where i can do more of what i want!


File: 1506737952636.jpg (355.86 KB, 1054x1581, lara_quickie_01.jpg)

first of 8 pages, this one definitely pushes the limit of what is usually allowed... or actually past the limit :D


File: 1507382711098.jpg (313.12 KB, 1054x1581, lara_quickie_02.jpg)

page 2


File: 1508204459498.jpg (379.94 KB, 1054x1581, lara_quickie_03.jpg)

page 3!


I'm getting excited


File: 1508515669985.jpg (332.01 KB, 1054x1581, lara_quickie_04.jpg)

lol so is Lara :D


Ğlease make a Lara Croft comic with her Underworld wetsuit.

Captured and killed.


I second that!


File: 1508702055243.png (162.79 KB, 1024x768, Lara Chang wetsuit.png)

well i am not working on Lara Croft directly anymore but


Are you still doing Lara Chang?


And do you take commissions?


yes i am still making Lara Chang, i don't have a comic for her in my queue but it will be her turn again sometime soon :D

as for commissions i have not performed very well on the last few so i am taking a commission hiatus, i have too many of my own projects to work on atm!


This saddens me. But I'm looking forward to the new stuff!


File: 1509125620985.jpg (397.27 KB, 1054x1581, lara_quickie_05.jpg)


God, please shoot her in the chest, not the head.


*nervous sweat*


best of both worlds. chest then head ;)


File: 1509664636274.jpg (338.39 KB, 1054x1581, lara_quickie_06.jpg)

sorry to those who didn't want a headshot! these comics were made quite a while ago


Best ending


Agh! What a waste of a promising series.


a new hole and a new challenger appears!


File: 1510334641106.jpg (315.47 KB, 1054x1581, lara_quickie_07.jpg)


i think this comic just got way better!


Whoooe! Is he going to deliver her corpse to Mr. Takamoto? Or spit her and invite Mr. Takamoto for dinner?


File: 1510974397133.jpg (414.99 KB, 1054x1581, lara_quickie_08.jpg)

Takamoto is more pragmatic than that :D


I love change of the skin's color on the snow after her death.
That's amazing!!


wish he used the bullet hole or something extreme so its not like what everyone else is doing these days in comics T_T

great models and poses, really big fan of your stuff since the facial expressions always match what is happening.


File: 1512408317085.jpg (421.78 KB, 1054x1581, lara-till-death-00-cover.jpg)

another Lara Croft comic! cover


File: 1512408342617.jpg (410.76 KB, 1054x1581, lara-till-death-01.jpg)

page 1!


thank you! that is one of my favorite pages i have made, even though that rendering/lighting style is not very good compared to what i use now.

yes i am trying to slip more extreme stuff in, i have to slip it by the censors though.


Loved it all it needs was alittle necro peeing and it would be perfect for me


If you made these earlier why you not sharing it all in one? or daily?


File: 1513026824422.jpg (363.76 KB, 1054x1581, lara-till-death-02.jpg)

lol honestly... attention! if nobody like my art i would still make it for myself, but it is fulfilling to have people enjoy it and comment on it. if i post the whole dump all at once, i get some comments for a few days, but if i post one every week or so i get attention every week.

for the same reason it is also advertising for my pay gallery at eroticillusions, if i dump everything once then maybe i get a couple signups that week, but if i have free content to post every week or so then i get more signups.

although really even the pay gallery is mostly about attention than money. i am very lucky, my pay gallery often covers most of the costs of buying new poser resources, so in the end it really only pays for itself with little or no net profit. so the real benefit of my EI gallery is knowing (because of the income) that people are enjoying my art.

ANNNNYWAY here is page 2!


your art is truly amazing, I'm so glad i was able to afford to sub to it last year for a couple months. You're making the right choice with the slower reveal, gotta keep thread bumped :)


thank you :D i am a big fan of yours so that means a lot!


File: 1513649267514.jpg (416.71 KB, 1054x1581, lara-till-death-03.jpg)

page 3!


File: 1514793837239.jpg (350.92 KB, 1054x1581, lara-till-death-04.jpg)

page 4!


File: 1515161910479.jpg (417.52 KB, 1054x1581, lara-till-death-05.jpg)


File: 1515764795835.jpg (504.58 KB, 1054x1581, lara-till-death-06.jpg)

hurray it's back! for now! :D

finally getting close to "the good part". i don't know what made me decide to use Kirsten Dunst as the assassin. i like her fashion ideas though!


Am i thinking of the wrong creator? I apologize if that is the case eyeteeth. Wasnt there an asian lara croft somewhere way back?

Would love if you ever get time or think of something interested to see that character make a re appearance.


that's me! she is Lara Chang, my parody character for my Game Over Tales comics. i have another short comic of hers that i will be posting here in the near future. right now i am getting all of my old Many Deaths of Lara Croft comics up as freebies.


File: 1516324042122.jpg (446.36 KB, 1054x1581, lara-till-death-07.jpg)

i haven't done any Lara Chang comics in her little black dress yet...


>Lara Change

Wow that was way way back, i think I used some type of coins and got it but meh its gone now, no worries. Found it hmmmm on Yahoo, back when that was still a thing.

Been a fan a long time, you ever think of revisiting using that character? Or maybe just her head? Very original, everyone does lara but you made that unique one and it always sticks out in my mind, many good times, thanks man!


i have actually used her quite a bit, she has one full size comic and two shorter comics. right now all of them are at my site, i am planning to release the two shorter ones for free later on!


File: 1516949287670.jpg (590.98 KB, 1054x1581, lara-till-death-08.jpg)

page 8!


File: 1517698685773.jpg (459.17 KB, 1054x1581, lara-till-death-09.jpg)

page 9!


File: 1518303598695.jpg (539.4 KB, 1054x1581, lara-till-death-10.jpg)

page 10!


I love decap!


Hey eyeteeth, do you have any comics that don't involve decapitation or headshots, etc?


File: 1519364076474.jpg (533.68 KB, 1054x1581, lara-till-death-11.jpg)

you mean like... without any deaths? or with different kinds of deaths? i did one recently where one woman died from body shots and another from hanging, also a comic with a really messy gun-in-the-vagoo death and some neck snaps. no comics without any deaths though, kinda "off brand" for me XD

last page of this comic!


File: 1519364128249.png (541.27 KB, 1280x720, witches' circle nude.png)

some preview art for a comic i will make... eventually


File: 1519364150257.jpg (277.52 KB, 1280x720, witch weapons.jpg)


fine ladies


Hey eyeteeth, yes I meant deaths from things other than head trauma of some kind. Hope you can post those sometime, I'd love to see them!


File: 1519494839912.jpg (284.15 KB, 1280x720, witch weapons nude.jpg)

i think i have some coming up. i like the whole herky-jerky-destroyed-brain thing though so it's pretty common in my comics XD


File: 1520549482463.png (610.14 KB, 1920x350, erma banner black.png)

my site is live!

just a banner from the site, real update later


File: 1520658447633.jpg (338.97 KB, 1280x720, villains victorious.jpg)

real update!


Oh my friend. I'm really happy you have a patreon now!!! I'm pledgin. Look for stark ned 401



I love how much pain and fear is reflected on her face as she dies <3


welcome :D comments are open for patrons! i'm working on getting custom flair.

yes it's important to me that they die "real", not with a cool final quip or something. they should die like any random mook, sort of the inverse of zako.


File: 1520819264049.jpg (280.15 KB, 1054x798, lmn-05-29a.jpg)

i met my first Patreon goal, so now the first seven issues of La Mouette Noire are free to read at my site!


Lol, I pledged not knowing you had goals set up there. Thats amazing. I'm really happy now!!!


File: 1521200614496.jpg (451.75 KB, 1054x1581, til-death-alt-01.jpg)

another version of Til Death!

this whole comic is actually already up for free at!


>i am going to be doing a lot with Lara Chang.

This ever happen? would like know since lara chang fan! :D



yes, i have made two comics (well, three, but one of them is a one-page commission) since then! and right now i am working on a request that i am turning into a comic, it was going to be one image but i had some ideas to make it into a two-page comic.


File: 1521758112455.jpg (494.81 KB, 1054x1581, til-death-alt-02.jpg)

page 2!

the final page of SpICE: The End has been published! i think it lives up to its name.


A whole comic in one page? like one image? If one page that is some serious storytelling ability. Hope they make it out for us to see someday.

Is there currently any way to view the currently existing lara chang comics created thus far?


well, it's not a very complicated story lol! i will spoil it for you: she is being raped, and then she gets shot!

i do not have any Lara Chang stories for free right now... i think after i finish releasing the current Lara Croft story (one more page) i will start releasing Tricky, a two-page Lara Chang comic.


File: 1522683050081.jpg (369.98 KB, 1054x1581, til-death-alt-03.jpg)

final page of Til Death - Alt! next week i will post some Lara Chang


So I was curious if you plan on updating your Erotic Peril site or are you switching entirely over to Patreon?


i am going to clean out some of the gorier stuff and archive it. EI has a thing where your art is available to all EI subscribers or something, i'll probably see if they can do that.


File: 1523116079044.jpg (721.08 KB, 1580x2300, lc-tricky-01.jpg)

Lara Chang comic! this one is just two pages, final page next week!

i have started a new comic at, it has a lot of celebrity lookalikes. check it out if you want to see Kim Kardashian get stabbed a lot XD


So basically you are going to archive it and not post anymore there. Thank you.


File: 1524520399467.jpg (802.76 KB, 1580x2300, lc-tricky-02.jpg)

second and final page!


your new page is looking quite nice ^_^


File: 1524534194739.jpg (311.96 KB, 1280x720, La Espada Flaca and Swift.jpg)

thank you :D

here is some quick character art


File: 1526171147690.jpg (310.49 KB, 1280x720, villains victorious nude.jpg)



Hey eyeteeth, do you think you could post those comics you talked about a while back with women dying from pussy shots and things like that?


maybe sometime! that was from my Black Bat comic which has like 46 pages and only came out a few months ago. gotta keep SOME stuff for the paying customers XD eventually i want to release all my first issues for free, but i want to keep them in reserve for a while first.

in order to not false advertise, i will let you know that it's just one character and she doesn't exactly die from a "pussy shot" like you might think of one. it definitely has bullets going into her pussy though, and it definitely kills her!


File: 1527557789368.jpg (462.77 KB, 1054x1581, lmn-06-00.jpg)

pages from LMN #6!


File: 1527557841196.jpg (351.46 KB, 800x992, lmn-06-00a-story so far.jpg)


File: 1527557870568.jpg (389.02 KB, 1054x1581, lmn-06-01.jpg)


File: 1527557886686.jpg (425.85 KB, 1054x1581, lmn-06-02.jpg)


File: 1527557899729.jpg (481.51 KB, 1054x1581, lmn-06-03.jpg)


File: 1527557913020.jpg (409 KB, 1054x1581, lmn-06-04.jpg)


File: 1527557930177.jpg (378.11 KB, 1054x1581, lmn-06-05.jpg)


File: 1527557944021.jpg (414.97 KB, 1054x1581, lmn-06-06.jpg)


File: 1527557957868.jpg (461.46 KB, 1054x1581, lmn-06-07.jpg)


File: 1527557974567.jpg (376.33 KB, 1054x1581, lmn-06-08.jpg)


File: 1528752479441.png (902.05 KB, 1900x350, villains victorius banner ….png)

my whole site is currently free! you don't have to be a patron, you can read all my comics and see all my art, no charge! this is only temporary so check it out while it lasts :D


I'd like to check it out. Always dug your stuff from devart. But what's your url?


lol that would make it easier wouldn't it?



Thanks Eyeteeth, this is awesome of you. Been a fan for years. Your art is phenomenal and one of the things I love the most are the various exclamations your girls make as the bullet goes through their head, or the sword blade hits their neck, etc. I know it's certainly not everyones cup of tea, but have you considered bladder release? Just another possible touch and a fetish of mine. If not, no worries. I eagerly await your next project.


hi thanks, sometimes i worry that my exclamations don't make sense to some people because i try to make them "real" instead of the kind of prettied up exclamations you see in comics and most movies.

pee/poop isn't really my fetish, maybe for a hanging sequence sometime i'll have a little pee but in general i don't personally like it!


Your girls' exclamations are perfect and your stories and artwork are fantastic as is. I think most feel as you do and that's no problem. Rock on!


File: 1529058723785.png (2.05 MB, 1920x1080, we love eyeteeth.png)

I'm sorry about problem of your patreon. I always love your works. I can not imagine how much effort you make for every scene. I hope that problem is solved well. I always cheer you!


ahahaha thank you, so awesome!!!


File: 1529199327295.jpg (376.33 KB, 1054x1581, lmn-06-08.jpg)

three more pages of LMN #6

my site is still free! i hope to make it members-only again by next week so hurry if you haven't seen it :D


File: 1529199346944.jpg (409.16 KB, 1054x1581, lmn-06-09.jpg)


File: 1529199359157.jpg (577.71 KB, 1054x1581, lmn-06-10.jpg)


File: 1532897413947.jpg (481.74 KB, 1054x1581, lmn_06_17.jpg)

there have been a lot of pages since i could last post to gc, so i will just post the "best of"!


File: 1532897437529.jpg (462.34 KB, 1054x1581, lmn_06_18.jpg)


File: 1532897476700.jpg (470.79 KB, 1054x1581, lmn_06_23.jpg)


File: 1532897488093.jpg (511.77 KB, 1054x1581, lmn_06_24.jpg)


File: 1532897500392.jpg (396.79 KB, 1054x1581, lmn_06_25.jpg)


thanks eye teeth love that lara change model, any chance seeing her like that posing in the classic TR outfit facing front? some cool kinda pose?


File: 1537211060084.jpg (512.5 KB, 1054x1581, lmn_06_26.jpg)


i actually just did a short comic with her scuba suit at!


File: 1537211082411.jpg (431.95 KB, 1054x1581, lmn_06_27.jpg)


File: 1537211100424.jpg (524.92 KB, 1054x1581, lmn-06-28.jpg)


File: 1537211110470.jpg (524.92 KB, 1054x1581, lmn-06-28.jpg)


hi, i'm asking for game ideas for my Game Over Tales series. if i like your idea you can pick a celebrity to be a character in the resulting comic. details at


File: 1537488885026.jpg (371.93 KB, 1054x1581, lmn_06_32.jpg)


File: 1537488902480.jpg (376.88 KB, 1054x1581, lmn_06_33.jpg)


File: 1537488919639.jpg (450.26 KB, 1054x1581, lmn_06_34.jpg)


File: 1538183896409.jpg (411.23 KB, 1054x1581, lmn_06_35.jpg)

WitchCraft is updated! it's been pretty bloody for the past few pages! i've been killing Kim Kardashian over and over XD


File: 1538183911276.jpg (543.8 KB, 1054x1581, lmn_06_36.jpg)


File: 1538183924805.jpg (480.25 KB, 1054x1581, lmn_06_37.jpg)


Can you please make some death of undercover spy stuff with a fancy dress?



hello glad gurochan is back
look at my comics Action in an Elevator!

here is page 1 of my comic WitchCraft

b/c of the filesize i have to post the jpg here, go to my site for the full version :D




Just how hard is it for people to post requests on the goddamn request board instead of /g/, /3dcg/, /f/, /art/, /dis/, /lit/ and /rp/?






File: 1558737706629.jpg (512.08 KB, 1580x2300, wwaext-yield-05-aca57826.jpg)

page 5! sorry for the delay


Nice work mate :)

But I think you lost your new thread :D


lol whoops thank you!

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