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So here it is.
My compilation and sharing area for space-themed guro.
Hull Breaches, asphyxiation, zero gravity, and depressurization. All of the people on star ship, space stations, or vacuums of space being dead or dying.
Starting off with Sarcophagus Ship.


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Zero gravity in corpse compiled room on a Star ship.


Went through this guys stuff available and its really cool stuff but will break the bank for any passerby. He takes advantage of the this type of limited content and ramps up the price. So its cool to lurk and look at but too pricey for me. Like 40-50$ average price for his decent sized works. Maybe in a few years if he ever adjusts prices for casual consumers. It cool stuff tho.


Well, he does weekly discounts (10-20%) for two days. Should be on deviant art posts.
Also he also do bulk discounts (30%) for five or more collections. Though discounts do not stack.


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So finished uploaded three CGI arts of lifeless space girls floating in space.


I love how her nips are so hard they poke thru a pressurized space suit!

That's awesome!

Great stuff!


Never noticed that.
Either that or her suit is thin and not wearing anything underneath.

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