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Dark lust is a great animator that does very rough content he does not do guro specifically but he does include the death of the female in some works this link is to the preview of his best work where lara will meet her end after being brutally fucked thought it would be nice to share eventhough ther is not death ENJOY!!kj4AUY7J!2p-GMM4lcz7c0I-kkxTOZSFRwwdh5ZnYzDhT7Rm2S_8


Wow. Defintely a very talented animator!! Guess I gotta become a Patron soon.


I liked it but wanna see the second half. :)



Glad some of you guys appreciated the link

I agree the only bad thing about this animator is he takes fucking forever to release


Wow. Thank you, this is ny type


Absolutely great!


Holy shit that is good


Absolutely fantastic! Where is more?

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