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Hi everyone! a long time ago I posted a video called "some normal skyrim gameplay" to r/guro

↓ This one is a sequel to that one I posted on reddit but with a more inmersive gameplay and game over.

Now I want to do a series of these videos but I need your feedback and If you guys actually liked it.

and of course Im making these videos totally for free (and I enjoy making them too!)

Also sorry for the shitty english Im from Chile.


I'm just interested in the guro animations here and would love to see you show off more of them and possibly for longer duration. A video that shows off the different necro animations. Ones that really show off the face too or just more face angles. Some ideas


lovely, i had the funnybizness necro pack too but it became old very fast but your videos with the montage are perfect, i loved the part when the screen went black and you could hear her body being dragged.

I would like request one with the necro cowgirl pose if you don't mind as it was my favourite among the entire pack



Sure I can do that!


Yes, these are great! Love the 'bad end' for heroes especially those who can fight. Agree with the slumped-over cowgirl animation but do you remember those hanging pics FB did with Rikke? Might be cool as well.


I'm sure quite a few of us will be wondering; what mods do you use to run your necro animation?
It runs a lot smoother than whatever set up I'm using at the moment.


Im using Player gets Necro´d for the necro animations.


this is surprisingly pretty good for a modded skyrim porn.


These are great


Which mod you use in 1st video for make bandit to loot body of your character before she dies?



More realistic deaths, abandoned mod but still a pretty good one


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Normal Skyrim for normal people - EPISODE 1

The start of my series check this imgur album ↓ to understand the episodes formats

And here is the episode ↓





could you kindly reupload on another site like MEGA cause streamable sucks is impossible to see it



Nice stuff, I saw your stuff on Reddit and it made me want to get back into Skyrim modding.

What armour are you using and how do you keep it on the girl for the sex scenes? I am using Defeat instead of Necro since when I died the NPCs werentt going for it.


can we remove the clothes?



Im using the blades bikini from the amazing world of bikini armor

to keep the armor you need to press the inventory key while the animation is playing and then you can equip armor.


Does anybody know a good site for uploading videos without getting them taken down?

I dont want you guys to wait and download a 100+mb video



Seems like uploading the movies on mega was the right choice since the streamable ones got taken down, i'd say to not worry much since you can play movies on mega too without downloading them


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Since both vids and this one got taken down Im going to start uploading them to webmshare

also I lost the first two vids posted but Im going to remake them :)

EPISODE 1 ↓ - Inmersive version Action version

High Quality Download:!1R9FmATa!zy03Jtg53OaBRMHZnzZYmDEZY66x3exSBYNl0oFwS5I



Great videos i love them, i have a couple of suggestions for new videos if you don't mind:

-make a necro scene happen into water like for example a bathtub or a swimming pool

-Would you use more anime like outfits in the future? Something like coco's kda ahri outfit and things like that?



Sure I can try something like that, and yeah Im also going to use anime outfits


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Episode 2 is here also I changed the name the other one was too long

And Im changing the format of the episodes too each episode will have their own gampeplay, camera and pace so no versions.


I love the fact that you use some of the lesser used and more extreme animations like chest fucking and skullfucking. Would be great to keep seeing more of that.


I think the videos need better endings. Like seeing what is done with the corpses when they are finished, such as leaving it to rot, burning it, using it for daedric sacrifices, or feeding it to wolves.


I hope there will be a high quality download for each episode.



Yeah the last video ended abruptly it almost looks like it was an error


That kind of videos is really what I wanted for a long time !

Did you try to play as a male character in a dungeon full of female enemies, necroing all of their bodies ? Could be fun as well ~


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Hi there sorry for taking so long but after checking the shitshow of videos that skyrim necro was, I reinstalled skyrim and took my time learning how to edit (using izzyguys videos as an example and replacing vegas for davinci resolve)

But now I am back and better (I think so) so I hope you like this because I dont think this is really skyrim!

No need to download you can watch it trough mega

Also please forget about that dumbass skyrim necro vids, Im going to keep the "some normal gameplay" names



Holy shit, that was awesome! Great video, soldier girls losing is one of my favorites. Can't wait for parts 2 and 3.


this is awesome, thx

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