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Not sure what happened to my last thread. Here is an early preview of my upcoming project I'm working on with BadgerSFM.

I'll be posting updated content when I have time in my discord


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based. been craving the hell out of more guro. amazing work!



There will be a new DVa scene tonight. It will be in my channel and Badgers.


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Here is the collaboration I did with BadgerSFM.

I am taking requests and open to ideas in my channel:

You can also check out Badger's channel if you like his work



Hello there, Pokedude. I don't know If you heard of me, but I have a thread where I publish highly edited music videos, using the animations I gather around the site, I was wondering if you would mind if I use some of your animations as well.




I don't check this website often, but I'm always on discord. Just DM me there.


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The Collector was my latest project and it's now out and available to the public. Please consider joining my channel. Thanks


Loved the new animation overall. Though I find it kinda weird to have different art style in the same video. I feel it would be more immersive if you keep the same character style more consistence. Realistic character with realistic character. Cartoony (overwatch) characters interacting with other cartoony characters.


This is amazing. And featuring out of all! The amount of effort put into this is astonishing. Thanks so much


Oh wow that was cool, just hoped it had a bit more gore, but love the narrative.
This should be the future standard


Holy shit thats awesome! Are you ever going to do something w/ tracer?


This is great, but tbh DVA seems a little low resolution for some reason.

Care to try something like that with a better model? Personally would love to see some DOA


Oh wow loved the dead body play, would love to see her or another character held by the neck or top of the head dangling around. Death stare was so great, every was great. Nice work!


How long did it take you?


Really liked the morgue-like setting and how she was being played with. Amazing. Rey from star wars would be hot af too or any model with her eyes rolled back.


That was actually really damn impressive and I love the idea. Thanks for sharing this for free my man!

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