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I hate it when people:
- Not $0 publish model
- Not including source code, such as Blend, max, maya project, etc.
- Not meticulous. Missing full body vertexes making it SFW only model

Because of this. I also have to become character modeler. I have been also working programming some games before.

here is
just like the screenshot attached.

man. that's bad. how greedy those modelers today.

I am still training to sculpt. I am refining the tecniques.
I always share things for $0, Open Source, and FULL VERSION.
CC4.0-BY-SA for assets and documents.
GNU GPL v3 for softwares.

Here is
about metaball sculpting where I got the idea from.

though I started to feel like Metaball technique for even full body level.

scarce I found some humble modeler.
let me mention wo!262 here. the Search should finds it. the good example. you should check it out. always pay attention to link in description.


bump. something wrong with initial page of each categories.

it wasn't sorted by bump until you click categories


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