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hey everybody out there! i am new to this and made my first gore peace. i am thinking of setting up a payment method so i can do custom pieces for people

the charge will be $150 for art.

let me know what you think in the comments below




I think the results of your example shown in the OP are not nearly good enough to be worth that much. The least you could do is include the victim's shadow on the deck.

That one is worth maybe 1/4 your asking price.


1/4 would be $35 dollars. that would be cutting into my profits way too much. i might be able to go as low as $125 but nothing less

nobody really makes this anymore so i can drive whatever price i want


boah, ist das schlecht!


I want to make at least 200,000 that’s why even at 125 it’s a steel


That price point is pretty extreme for starting out, Background is kinda spotty as well. Hide the seams with more blood textures and you might be on your way.


sorry to cut your genius business idea but even guro artists far more skillful than you and me combined wouldn't charge nearly as high for a comission. I get that you need money but this is something Mr. Krabs would do.
Just take some time to master SFM and maybe you're gonna get to the point when you can ask for donations worth 1/4 of your initial price. I know I have to.



Me too


Your asking price is insane. I wouldn't say this if you weren't charging money but your work is clearly amateur. There are SO many artists making guro way cheaper than you at way higher quality. At $150 I'd expect at least high res textures and ray traced lighting. You need practice staging your scene as well. I find that most artists build a base of free images first before they ever start charging.


Haha, yeah, no.

Not even Cheremosh or Keeper charge that much for custom 3d artworks, and their stuff is legitimately technically impressive and artful. This looks like you just took a screenshot of the Witcher with a couple mods installed while running on a potato


I suspected that people here lack sense of humor and maybe even are somewhat autistic , and now I see the proof. LOL


Yes, guy is definately trolling here, but it's not offensive and managed to make me laugh also! I think trolling can be quite fun sometimes if it doesn't cross a line, like some people did lately!



The problem is all the supportive artists came out, gave relevant feedback, and now I feel like a prick.


I like and respect your work Onix, I wish more troubled teenagers and trolls would have jumped in and told me how EVMC or OP were "better" than me but that didn't happen.


yep, I also was thinking about providing nice feedback and some praises for the excellent work but there were enuogh already LOL



I mean, we've had plenty serious posts like this over the years.

And let's be honest, do you really think any of us here on this backwater website for murder porn and freaky shit are going to be… socially well-attuned? lol



That's one of the reasons why I respect you!


Socially well attuned?


Of course not!

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