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I started Guro/Gore mods patreon page for Virt A Mate. Sorry it is not free..I know -10k karma :D I just started but I have a tons of custom model. I started converting to VaM. Here are some sample image. If you join now any tier, you can get Dark Lord of the VaM title for a while. You can have a request, what you want, send reference image, model looks etc, I ll choose some and make it for free. I hope you like it.


Be careful using patreon for guro content. They tend to ban people for that kinda stuff.


You're a commercial joke. Get out of here. You don't belong.


Like we don't have enough trolls and spammers, you come here to sell us wrapped shit! GTFO!



My suggestion is you make guro because you enjoy it, not because you intend on making a profit.

Share your stuff and keep it free, you will get way more people following you and wanting to support you on your journey.

Also subscribestar allows gore.


Looks like this patreon page did not even survived a day LOL


Hahaha! Yeah!


Why pay when you can just wait and find it for free. Only rubes pay for this stuff.

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