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Lara Croft: Himiko's Gift
Art by Badger
Story by Sinbad

The alter of stone and bone that honored the Ancient Empress of Japan, Himiko was a reliable place to find Mathias. As he let out his evening prayers, a new phenomenon occurred in his head. While he had heard whispers of an other-worldly source while kneeling before his jailor’s crypt, a full message was far from ordinary. As the whispers grew louder and more understandable, Mathias scrambled and took hold of a slab of stone and a steel pen. Scratching all he heard onto the tablet, the profit-like figure looked up when silence returned and pondered what he had been told. Reading his scribbles in full, his eyes snapped open as the true contents of the tablet were revealed to him. Whistling to a scaver, Mathias order the man to take a few friends and capture this ‘Tomb Raider’ before she could interfere with his plans.

Lara yawned and stretched her aching muscles as she rested in her newest camp. Running the numbers through her head, she knew her ammunition was limited, her radio was unreliable and her friends were still scattered all over the island. Putting those worries aside for the moment, she felt the exhaustion of the days fighting and free running take its toll on her. Sliding underneath a makeshift blanket of grass and twigs, the archeologist shut her eyes and dozed off as the sun set.

The group of scavers made enough noise that Lara was slowly roused from her sleep. Shuddering as the chill of the Japanese island washed over her, she slid from her covering and stood, hands already reaching for her weapons. Reaching for her radio, she thumbed the PPT button and cursed as the screen was blank. Setting the busted comm back on her belt, Lara accepted she was all alone and go ready to fight. Her prep was unnecessary however, for when she drew her pistol and brass-checked it a screaming cloud of buckshot glanced off of her smooth skin.

The swarm of shot was easy enough to shrug off but her attackers had learned from her tactics. A team of the scavengers all swarmed her camp at once, her sidearm cutting down a few but failing to repel the assault in full. Before she could reload her weapon, a rifle’s stock slammed into her toned abs while a sling of another wrapped itself around her slender throat. Lara’s hardened instincts forced her to kick out with both feet, only to see them grabbed and have her boots ripped off with her battered pants following after. The sling pressing into her throat forced her vision to darken slightly, as any adrenaline she had was already used up during the first shootout. As she felt a pair of gloved hands grope her impressive tits, Lara could no longer keep her eyes open and she passed into the merciful realm of oblivion.

The scavengers all stood over their mortal enemy, everyone of them giggling with excitement and lust. One of them began the festivities right away, holding up a bright red ball gag he had taken from a beached ship and fixed it into her dozing mouth. Carrying her limp form to a table, the team stripped her nude in seconds, laying out her belongings next to her sleeping form. Tossing her things into a rucksack, one crafty scaver removed the ball gag and stuck a lump of philatelic mushrooms into her lip, ensuring that she wouldn’t struggle on the way. Dragging her bare body on the slick, muddy ground, all knew their prey was either out cold or tripping balls.

Their own camp was far away, with several bluffs and hills to drag Lara over. Her stellar body was becoming increasingly covered with dirt and muck from the forest, neither diminishing her beauty in any way. When they finally arrived, they asked for Mathias and tossed Lara’s bound body onto a table while they waited. Patient as they were, the time it was taking for the boss to arrive was getting ridiculous. Looking for a way to pass the time, the group collectively looked over Lara’s mud-covered body. As 2 of the scavers looked over her goods, the rest all pawed her nude body, prodding her ass and spreading her tight cunt lips apart. As they did so, one particularly sharp eyed scaver saw a pale film inside her cunt lips and howled with sadistic glee! Not wanting her to miss any of her ordeal, one slipped her ball gaga out and removed the clump of mushrooms from her lip. Seeing her begin to stir almost immediately, the large group all grinned and stroked their crotches


File: 1577261527015.jpg (979.75 KB, 3153x1774, 137 Crofts Capture.jpg)

Lara slowly swam back towards the light at a particularly bad time. Her hands and feet were tied together and her pert butt was hanging off the side of a table. Looking down with shocked eyes, she felt the heat of a stiff cock pressing into her virgin folds and thrashed violently! Her struggling caused enough difficulty for her rapist that 3 men were needed to hold her down. Rough hands grabbed her knees, hands and neck and held her in place as the man at her crotch let a long string of spit coat his member before returning to his conquest.

The tearing of her hymen in such a brutal fashion formed tremors of pain to race through her body. Tears of pain and shame ran down her face as the scavers all cheered and clapped hands in triumph over her. With the large member ramming into her fresh pussy, Lara failed to attempt another attack, only getting wacked in the face by her own pistol for her effort. Laying on the table and sobbing quietly, Lara only hoped that her rapist would finish quickly and that the others would scoff at her sloppy seconds.

Her believe was unfounded, however. After another 5 minutes of anguish, her first john finally came and stuffed her virgin pussy his cum. As she gasped for breath around the gag, Lara let out a silent plea for mercy. It too was stopped by another big dick ramming into her sore pussy. After an hour, Lara had been raped by over 12 men with some coming back for a second tryst. As she lay on the table horribly violated, she saw none other than the head scavenger approaching with his staff and ushering to his men to bring her along.

The sharp rocks of the cliff face forced her untied feet to bleed as the torches illuminating the darkness were snuffed out, giving way to the rising sun. As Lara was shoved and prodded by gun barrels, the leader laid out his grand plan. Since his preferred sacrifice had escaped somehow, Lara would be her replacement. Before Lara could protest around the gag a massive but crude spear appeared before her, standing in front of a cross. The realization of her fate forced life to return to her body, her feet lashing out and landing blows to several scavenger’s crotches! As she laid waste to the men, the leader simply walked on and took hold of the great spear. Seeing Lara being overpowered and dogpiled, he let out a whistle and circled behind the Tomb Raider’s nearly crushed body. Grinning wide, he pressed the point of the spear into Lara’s bloody, cum-stuffed cunt.

Lara stopped fighting as she felt her womb be sliced open by a wickedly sharp point, a point that kept moving forwards through her torso. The shock overcame her scream, leaving her mute with agony as the point continued to press inwards. As the tip caught a rib, Lara finally broke free of her own mental prison and let out a blood-curdling scream of disbelief and agony. The men still piled atop her all got off and helped lift her flailing body even further down the shaft, each splinter of the handle pressing into her violated cunt and causing another fissure of blood to roll down her legs. Her thrashing only helped the leader however, dislodging the blade from her rib and allowing it to resume it's fatal pass. As she felt her life force slip away, Lara saw a bump appear under the skin of her sternum and let her mind drift to an old movie with an alien. As the odd thought passed, she watched in horror as the unbelievably large blade burst from her chest!

As she died on the spear, the scavengers climbed up the cross and bound her still tied wrists to either side, spreading her arms wide to show the Empress that her sacrifice was dead. As the Tomb Raider’s head lolled off with a final look of shape plastered over her face, an unearthly presence filled the air as Empress Himiko herself appeared, her mummified body moving stiffly as she gather Lara’s blood from the ground. Wiping it over her face, the Empress continued and covered more and more of herself with the stuff, covering her linens with gore and viscera. After her guttural lips uttered a quiet phrase, a burst of blue light was ejected from her ancient corpse and when all could see again, it was no mummy but a powerful Japanese Empress. With her youth restored, Himiko raised her hands and removed the curse from her island, happily allowing her faithful to depart. Before they did however, the Asian goddess ushered at the impaled Tomb Raider, offering her as a gift for their sheer devotion, as well as giving the body an expected gift…


File: 1577261606817.jpg (717.29 KB, 3153x1774, 136C Croft.jpg)

Mathias’s men gratefully cut down Lara from her brutal crucifixion and carried her limp corpse down to where their moored boats had been kept. Mathias was too pre-occupied to partake in their present, leaving the large group of survivors to help themselves. Removing the spear with effort, the assembly all cheered when their prize was relatively free to use! The first to take her virginity was also the first in line for remains. Dropping her body over a table on the top deck, the scaver rolled Lara onto her tits and dropped down. Cursing aloud at the sight, he saw that her cunt was ruined beyond all repair. The spear running through it, coupled with the splinters from the weapons shaft jammed into the walls meant that her pussy was nothing but a way to castrate any unlucky prisoner.


File: 1577261627025.jpg (787.17 KB, 3153x1774, 136A Croft.jpg)

Going for the next best thing, the scaver spied a bottle of motor oil and dribbled a bit onto his aching member. Spreading her ass apart, the man stood and pressed into the tiny dot of Lara’s asshole. Even in death, Lara’s rectum was ridiculously tight. Popping just the tip in took nearly a minute, with the rest of his shaft taking another 2. When the John was finally sheathed in fully however, he took to pounding the beautiful corpse with far more force that when she was alive!
Lara’s body shook with every thrust, her head banging against the railing of the ship. The John in her ass pushed in hard and fast, savagely raping her corpse with a pace that left him sweating. Rotating his hips with every trust, he sunk into his claim with another angle every time. Squeezing her tight butt with both hands, the John raised his fists into the air and kept on fucking her ass, crying out in triumph as he let loose and pumped his second load of the day into Lara’s cold bowels. Pulling out, he clapped hands with the next Scaver in line.

Over the next few weeks, the Tomb Raider’s corpse was brutally raped by the crew of survivors, her mouth and ass being the primary holes. The gaping wound in her chest did receive some attention however, namely by Mathias. As her holes became more clogged with an abundance of cum, some finally began to wonder why her remains did not rot or smell, aside from the stench of their sweat and semen. Cleaning her corpse by dragging it behind the boat, the scavers examined her remains and were astounded to see that no bruising was present. Aside from her extreme paleness, she even appeared alive from the right angle! Putting those thoughts aside, the crew simply went back to sodomising her corpse.

The port in the Philippines was a welcome sight for all. Stepping of the ship, they covered Lara with a tarp and stepped onto dry land. Forgetting all about the vessel, the survivors filled themselves with both drink and living women, unconcerned with Lara’s remains. Unfortunately for them, the unguarded ship had not gone unnoticed. When night fell and the crew was absent, several thugs and thieves snuck aboard and came upon the Tomb Raider’s corpse. Taking it with hem, along with the mass treasures they had found on board, the thugs returned to their hideout and dropped the corpse on a bed.

From that day on, Lara Croft’s remains would stay in a dingy hotel room, servicing random thugs and undiscerning Johns alike while generating much profit for her new owners.


File: 1577314860279.jpg (616.33 KB, 3153x1774, 139.1 Rey HDR12 50.jpg)

Episode X: The Gamorrean Guard's Unleashed Force.

Art by BadgerSFM
Story by most likely Sinbad

There will be lots and lots of gore and a story coming in January


File: 1577461552498.jpg (763.24 KB, 3153x1774, 127 Johnny Cage and Mirand….jpg)



One evil idea I have in my mind is that Cassie is a serial killer (it runs in the family), and she kills Kano and have a bit of fun with his corpse.



That's an interesting idea


File: 1577519599544.jpg (918.73 KB, 3153x1774, 129 TR End of an interriga….jpg)

Tomb Raider: The End of an Interrogation
Story by DeathstalkerLives
Art by Badger

Lara Croft’s body ached.

She didn’t know how long the interrogation had been going on. It felt like hours. Days even. Her dark green tank top had been pulled up over the curve of her large breasts, but the rest of her outfit remained undisturbed. Electrodes were taped to her bare flesh, covering the darker skin of her nipples. The intermittent electrocutions had been going on regularly. She’d resisted at first. She knew her life depended on finding a way to escape. But the knots binding her to the wooden chair were too expertly tied. And the near constant jolts of electricity sapped her strength and resolve. Finally, covered in sweat and panting for mercy, she’d spilled her guts.

The two men conducting her interrogation stood a few feet away, deciding Lara’s ultimate fate. She doubted it would be pleasant. “We’ve got what we need,” one man – clearly the leader – said to the other. “She’s of no further use to us. Dispose of her.”

The second man nodded, making his way over to Lara.

“Wait,” Lara said, fear eating through her. She had to find a way out of this. “I’m still plenty useful.” Her assigned executioner moved behind her. To do what, she didn’t know, but she was sure it wasn’t good. She put on her best flirtatious voice. “I’m sure there’s something I can do to convince you gentlemen to let me go. How about I – “

Very quickly, the man behind Lara hooked a hand around her chin and jerked her head to the side. Her words ended with an abrupt crack as her neck snapped and her life was snuffed out. Lara’s body jerked in the chair. The crotch of her dark brown shorts dampened as her bladder released.

“Take the bitch’s body down to the incinerator,” the lead interrogator told his companion, showing little interest in the adventuress now that she was so much used up dead meat. “We can’t have anyone finding her.” He left the interrogation room to attend to other matters.

Left alone in the room, Lara’s executioner removed the electrodes from her tits and untied her. He dumped Lara’s lifeless body onto the floor, admiring her subtle death twitches. Kneeling down, he stripped off her boots before unfastening and tugging down her shorts. Once he had her stripped from the waist down, he unfastened his own pants and pulled his stiffening cock free. Pushing Lara’s thighs apart, he moved between them and shoved into the still-warm folds of her cunt.


File: 1577519655492.jpg (787.33 KB, 3153x1774, 129 TR End of an interriga….jpg)

Lara’s executioner grunted as he fucked the dead tomb raider. Her large breasts bounced as he pounded into her. Lara’s lifeless eyes stared up into the face of her murderer, her lips parted slightly, still trying to form her final words. A small line of drool ran down her chin. Even dead, the tomb raider’s well-used pussy shortly coaxed her executioner to the verge of climax.

Pulling out of Lara’s snatch, he moved forward over her and gave his cock the last few strokes it needed. Groaning, he fired his load over Lara’s massive tits. His cum ran across the curves of her breasts, pooling in her cleavage. As he came down, Lara’s executioner tucked his spent member back into his pants and refastened them. Getting to his feet, he bent down and scooped up Lara Croft’s lifeless body, slinging it over his shoulder. He reached around to grope one of her ass cheeks. “You were right,” he said to the dead woman. “You did still have your uses. Unfortunately for you, it didn’t matter if you were alive or dead.” He carried Lara out of the room, already regretting that he didn’t have more time to play with her.

Of course, it was a long trip to the incinerator. He was certain he’d be ready for another round by the time he got there. As he headed for the elevator, he wondered what the tomb raider’s ass would feel like wrapped around his cock and smiled.



My second idea was inspired by a set of photos by smokescreen117. Sonya is a Black Dragon spy and Kano's lover. Unknown to the both of them, Johnny is a contract killer and in an incestuous relationship with Cassie, also a killer. The pair track down and kill both Sonya and Kano, and once again, Cassie rapes Kano while Johnny does the same to Sonya. Sonya is exposed and Cassie leaves the military, opting for the life of a killer and her father's secret lover.


Can I request some DOA? Thanks


File: 1577689026442.jpg (570.15 KB, 3153x1774, 139 Scene 1.jpg)


This project I'm working on is giving me a headache. So far I have 4 / 7 exports done. The story is being wrapped up and I'm scene building the last scene where the Hutt eats "The Last Jedi"

It will be my best project so far but it's been an absolute nightmare. I would welcome a break to work on a DOA character.

Just let me know who you're thinking of and what you want to happen to them.

The more descriptive the easier it is for me to make :)


Your artwork is amazing! Love the detail, the lighting, the composition. Really fantastic!

The scene where princess Leia is chained next to Jabba always gets my fantasy going. Would love to see a gorgeous woman raped and eaten by Jabba. Especially a powerful woman/girl.

One of my favorites is where an extremely powerful girl fights ferociously with weapons and perhaps super-powers, but is captured anyway. Perhaps by some object with the ability to take her powers away, leaving her to be just a normal girl with a weapon.

She is then captured and displayed to a crowd naked and then 'fed' to a couple of soldiers to avenge their fallen friends that she killed by means of rape and torture. These will be beasts of different species, some with dicks so large that they will tear her pussy during the rape, causing a lot of vaginal blood-loss.

The torture could hitting her belly and her breasts, sticking large spikes through her breasts. Or cutting one in half slowly. One of the aliens eats the other breast which angers Jabba, because he wanted to eat both of them.

They beat her with wooden and/or metal rods breaking her fingers, arms and legs in numerous places.

Her clitoris and labia are cut off and fed to Jabba's alien dog as a snack.

Finally, Jabba rapes her with his enormous dick after pulverizing her pubis to be able him to insert his dick by rupturing her vagina even further. Jabba's dick has sharp spikes on the outside that scrape away bits of pussy every time he pulls out a bit. Her belly stretches quite far during the rape. When he cums, he ejaculates so much that he inflates her belly to make her look somewhat pregnant with a ball only in the front that is more sharply defined than a pregnant woman would have. Her womb then explodes internally, spreading the contents of the ball throughout her upper body, even somewhat into her upper arms and upper legs, inflating them too.

When he pulls out, holding her upward by her hair, almost all the sperm gushes out. First under pressure, then as a large stream and eventually just dripping underneath her.

After all this, he start to eat her. Legs first, then the arms. Her last breast as a snack and then the rest of her.

Perhaps difficult here and there, but would be awesome and challenging I think : )



Funny you should mention. So Sin and I collaborate on how to make really fucked up content with a plot. This is what we have for the Star Wars project.

So far I've done 4/7 extractions.

Rey leaves Xiegal and travels to Tatooine on a mission from Lando → Abandon Imperial base (which it is from imperials) → Rey is warned about a very dangerous hutt that recently disappeared → |SCENE 1| Base is dark but but very deep inside its very inhabited by the Hutt → Rey taken by surprise → |Scene 2| Rey is violently gangbanged by the guards and the Hutt sees this → The Hutt wants Rey's remains and a trophy to remember her by when the guards are done with her → |Scene 3| Rey is executed by her own lightsaber → |Scene 4| The Guard's humiliate her body and put her head on a stick and continue to fuck her corpse → |Scene 5| Rey's staff with her head on it is presented to the Hutt as a gift and he eats her remains while holding his new prize … after all, this hutt has always wanted to taste Jedi.


It sure sounds interesting. However, it also sounds like she's not getting tortured much and dies prematurely. I would love to see the Hut bite off two of her broken limbs. Perhaps cut off the other two to eat, then bites off her lower torso keeping her still alive long enough to feel him bite the rest off, leaving her head in tact to be put on display as a trophy.

I like the trophy idea. Perhaps even ripping out what remains of her exploded womb to keep it lower on that stick also as a trophy.



To do that, I would have to rebuild everything. Maybe on the next Rey project. You never know.


I would love to work with you on the next story.

Just to be sure… how do you feel about lolis in such situations?


File: 1577988419276.png (592.02 KB, 1125x2436, 6B6D94BB-4896-418C-B0A0-2C….png)


I’m not a fan of loli. Hop into the channel if you’re not already. The next project looks close between Supergirl and Ciri.


File: 1579533508190.jpg (516.34 KB, 3153x1774, 133A Claire Redfield Hunk ….jpg)

Ending the Redfield Line
Artwork by @BadgerSFM
Story by @mmmmph

“Ms. Redfield, was it?”


Hunk squeezes off a shot from his sidearm. It rings out into the alleyway and fades out into the night. She jumps at the sound, breaking her otherwise stern demeanor. She tries to blink away the fear.

“No sass,” Hunk’s voice is distorted through his gas mask and several layers of Kevlar. He reholsters his Beretta with one smooth motion and continues, “Now strip. Slowly. You can hand your clothes off to my associate behind you.”

He raises the assault rifle in his main hand.

“I think it goes without saying, but no funny moves.”

A hard metal barrel prods her impatiently from behind. Her cold gaze breaks away to reveal fear and anxiety. Her head stutters around, to her executioner in front of her, and to his goon behind her. The layers of her clothes peel off of her porcelain skin, moonlight glimmering off of it. She stands exposed, her knees together as if they were her last defense. Her hands move to cover her breasts and slit, hiding her eyes behind her bangs.


File: 1579533581136.jpg (614.22 KB, 3153x1774, 133B Claire Redfield and t….jpg)

Hunk’s posture goes slack before speaking.

“Alright, proceed to the deep cavity search.”

“Wait, what??”

The goon sets off to work at his boss's command amidst Clair's desperate protests.

"Y-you already took my clothes! What more do you want-"

"I did say 'no sass', right? Don’t do it again."

She protests physically, but is quick to stop as she is easily overpowered by cold gloved hands.

Claire gets shoved to the ground with ease, and she squirms as the icy ground embraces her skin. Her breathing quickens as her mind races to think what might happen next.

A muffled chuckle creeps out of the henchman's armor the same way his hand creeps up Claire's legs, giving appreciative squeezes up the trail of her soft calves and thighs. His fabric digits then find their way into the crevice of her ass and rest against her delicate parts, tracing the shape of her lower lips over and over. To his surprise, a finger slips into her walls and he calls out to his superior.

"Hey hunk! You're not gonna believe this! Looks like she was hiding a weapon after all! Some bomb ass pussy!"

Hunk makes an invisible squint through his glaring red goggles. A moment of silence passes until the goon jostles his rifle over from his side to his front. He aims the tip of the barrel, and, with the ease of putting a pizza in a brick oven, slides his rifle into Claire's depths. Her pussy makes a sweet squelch as it accepts the bare metal, clenching up as it contacts the cold surface. She gasps for air, unfamiliar with the shape and sensation inside her. She reaches for her nethers, unsure if she wants it in or out. The goon however, sees this and siezes her hands, pinning them behind her.

"Up-up-up- not so fast sweetie. Were you just reaching for my weapon?"

Hunk perks up, his form coming to life at the sound of his subordinate. He responds to him.

"That's grounds for a restrained cavity search. Better hold her mighty still for this."

He lurches forward onto the ground, one hand outstretched to grab Claire's hair. With the other, he lowers his rifle into her mouth, as her face contorts in fear. Her protests become gargled vocalizations as the metal scrapes past her teeth and into her soft fleshy throat.

"Any use of force of any kind and I will pull this trigger, am I clear?"


File: 1579533629367.jpg (540.12 KB, 3153x1774, 133C.jpg)

Claire's eyes remain fixated on her perpetrator, her pupils shrunken in fear. Her nostrils flare up as they become the sole passage for air into her quickly paling body. The lackey, on the other hand, is still busy at work easing his rifle deeper and deeper into her sex, the efforts of which folds her leg up higher and higher on her body to the point where her knee brushes against the cold floor of the alleyway and arches her rear up above her torso. The pumping of the gun's barrel stirs against her pussy like a pot of mac and cheese with very similar sounds, making Claire's eyes roll back against her wishes. Her stifled moans are muffled and reverberate up the foregrip of hunks weapon lodged well into her neck now, her breath and breasts swaying with each gulp of oxygen. Through the lewd squelching, Hunk's underling speaks up.
"Hey boss, I don't think I'm reaching deep enough in there, mind hoisting her up real quick?"

Hunk gestures with his head and slides his rifle out of Claire's mouth. She breathes, relieved of her airway obstruction. The other gun in her privates also comes out of her other hole, slick and shiny with her fluids against the darkness of the night.

Claire's breathing doesn't remain unobstructed for long however, as Hunk gets a grip of her neck and lifts her up, her toes dangling inches off the ground.

Her panic begins anew, her hands fighting against the one holding her hostage. She chokes, struggling to stay conscious. She doesn't struggle for long as the underling reorients his grip on his rifle and drives it back into Claire's depths, sending a shock through her body again. The shock isn't terrible as the metal was still warm with her body heat, but a new sensation arrives at her senses: pain. The lackey heaves the metal gun against her, digging into her inner flesh. Claire sputters with each push against her, until a muted pop sounds out inside her and her left eye erupts in a jet of blood.


File: 1579533682810.jpg (543.42 KB, 1774x3153, 133Ca.jpg)

Her body goes limp as all her strength leaves her. Her mouth goes slack, not needing to fight for air any longer. Her arms slap against her sides, having failed to fend off Hunk's monster grip. Her limbs dangle like windchimes on a quiet day. Her blood and sex juices mingle on their way down the barrel of her murder weapon, creating a glimmering path down her body and metal shapes


"Quit messing around, we had an execution warrant anyway."

Hunk's subordinate chuckles, sliding his weapon out of Claire's corpse for the last time.

"Ah well, that was fun. Say, I don't suppose they gave any instructions on how to get rid of the body, did they?"

Hunk shakes his head.

"Nope. And it's a long ways back to HQ."

"Some entertainment on the trip home?"

Hunk lugs the pretty cadaver over his shoulder, it's mounds jiggling and it's limbs swinging.

"Better than an in-flight movie."


Does the gun have a forward sight that might have needed extra push to get in!
Good one


A second shot out through the tits?

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