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It would be a good idea to have a thread where we could help each other find resources and help beginners get into making 3D porn.

I have been wanting to visualize a couple of my stories for quite some time now but I don't really know where to begin. Finding 3D porn tutorials on YouTube isn't possible, so how did everybody learn?

A lot of people probably just download 3D software and play around for 100 hours but some of us don't have that much time to dedicate just for trial and error so let's help each other out! We all want more porn and the easier it is to get started the better.


Here are tools I've seen other people use:
- Blender
- SourceFilmMaker
- Garry's Mod
- Poser
- Second Life
- Custom Maid 3D 2
- 3D custom girl
- DAZ Studio
- Honey Select
- PlayHome
- MikuMikuDance (MMD)

Did I miss any? Blender is high-tier but could be useful for making small objects that you import into other programs. There are of course also other similar programs like Blender (like Maya for example) and I guess you could also use Unreal Engine or Unity to make 3D porn.

I've come to the conclusion that DAZ Studio is a pretty good beginner program, although I haven't tried it myself yet. Am I wrong? It's free and it seems to be easy to pose characters.


Something that I've wondered about is how to get stuff for your scene though.

Like for example I doubt that DAZ comes with a little girl 3D model with a pussy. Usually they don't have anything at all between the legs for any of the default models. I know of a open-source program called MakeHuman where you can generate models for all ages but they don't have any genitalia.

And where do you find things like a gag? Sexy lingerie? A needle??

That's what made me create this thread. Searching around I haven't been able to find this information. There's a lot of impressive stuff being posted here on gurochan so I hope someone will take mercy on a beginner and tell me how you do it. And then by making this thread the information will help other beginners as well, not just me.


Here are a couple URLs I know of that have some models. Think login might be needed to see loli on the two first? I guess Blender can be used to convert between formats. I read that DAZ Studio supports basic .obj imports.
(not free →)

Everything seems so spread out and unorganized however, maybe one of you know of a much better way to find things besides randomly stumbling over it? Is there a super collection to download maybe?


The choice of software largely depends on your style requirements.

If you want realistic pictures and good flexibility you can choose daz3d

Depending on your moral beliefs you can either buy all content properly or just download everything for free for example here or many other similar sites.

There are certain basic packages that you absolutely must-have, like Genesis 3 and/or 8 male and female "New genitalia for Victoria" )to add missing pussies and "growing up" for lolis.

For girls and boys look for "angel wings" models although models he makes are a bit too cute and too clean. But you can mix different models and use adult skins.

Everything else can be downloaded on demand. Do not download Victoria 4 models or any other non G3-G8 . except for maybe clothes and hair.

If you want to make really cute young lolis and shotas you will need "anime head morphs"
just add a little of anime-style to get desired results.

there is one issue with hair when you try to use long hair on loli characters it will be messed up, so either use short hair or instead of fitting it, just parent it on the head. but you will see that yourself

I would recommend creating a separate folder easily accessible folder on separate HDD for all Daz content because if you try to use default one on your primary SSD you will quickly fill it up.

also if you want photorealistic rendering you will need at least 8Gb Nvidia video card if you don't have such, you will need to use 3delight rendering which does not look that good on real humans.

This should be more than enough to get started and if you need certain thing later which you can't find just ask or better tell what kind of story you want to render because lots of obscure stuff is quite scattered all around and nobody can tell you where to get it in advance.

generally when creating a story large chunk of time is spent on searching for the stuff you need and making characters look good.


File: 1575325110168.jpg (510.14 KB, 2259x1818, gear-2.jpg)

Thanks a lot dude! Wow, that site is a treasure trove of stuff. Categorized, searchable, easy to download. That's EXACTLY what I'm looking for! That site looks so good I kind of immediately wonder what the hell we would do if it went down. Many preview images don't load though, I just get the "parental advisory explicit content" placeholder. Can't see any login or instruction on how to turn that off?

After watching various tutorials on YouTube between DAZ and Blender I'm a bit conflicted. The new Blender 2.80 interface is fantastic compared to the old one I fooled around with in the past. And with Blender's open-source nature you just download and go, meanwhile with DAZ you have to make an account, download some kind of install manager, tie that to your account, log into the program… Almost feels like DAZ will spy on what I'm doing with how difficult they make it just to run the program.

So I'm kind of thinking that maybe I should just learn Blender from the get go? It's possible to save/load and apply poses there as well, might just be a better time investment. But I've no idea about clothing, that seems very easy in DAZ. Although if you want to create some kind of half-dressed pose in the middle of taking off her clothes maybe it isn't so easy?

After your fantastic tip(s) it would be a shame not to use the resources in though. Hmm, wonder if there's a way to import them in Blender…


By "wonder if there's a way to import them in Blender" I mean in a way without installing DAZ at all, btw. I realize you can probably export your scene in DAZ and then import it into Blender, but it would be nice if there was a way to use these DAZ files without installing DAZ at all. Probably not because there are sliders and stuff but it would be very nice!

There's so much on, how did he even get all of this? He must have been collecting for a very long time. also have a ton of stuff (thanks for that URL as well), though more of a mixed bag and not as comfy to browse or however I should describe it. I could see how you'd be at risk of running out of disk space after a few hours browsing these sites.

Btw you wrote "or many other similar sites" in >>35285 please share more URLs if you have them. If not for me but for other people checking this thread (I set its title the way I did for others to find it easily). If ever goes down it's always good to have as many alternatives as possible.


Yes, you sort of can import them into blender. but not sure if it will work with rigged characters. and it will be quite a hassle because it is not only geometry but a lot of textures too.

It will not hurt to try blender and you actually will even need it anyway, but I doubt if it will be that easy or even good idea in the long run, because those applications are fundamentally different from each other.
In Daz you are essentially playing with dolls. You dress them manipulate their shape, pose etc, but you cannot really manipulate their geometry. although, it is super quick you just load predefined characters, environment, apply desired poses and you are done.

Blender is more like sculpting software for custom characters where you do not get a readily available library of dolls and clothes you cannot use assets interchangeably but you can do very precise and detailed geometry manipulations of your models which allows you to get very beautiful results.

usually, people use both blender and Daz because you need something like blender or Zbrush to do guro stuff, which is almost impossible with Daz alone. But working on blender seems to be pretty slow, I almost never see any artists who make bigger picture series in Blender. But also making Guro in Daz is pretty hard, you will need something extra to sculpt all that gore.

The workflow is different in Daz and blender because in Daz you essentially load a character and then try many clothes and hair until you get something right, working with Blender you already need to know what you are trying to do. You cant just try many different dresses and see which one fits best. Also if you download some blender character you can not undress them because there is nothing behind their clothes or textures are not painted.

Speaking about Daz and install manager it is not really absolutely necessary if you find a binary installer. Daz does not need to login, only install manager which you will use to download and update Daz. Daz uses text file format to store everything so you can see what's inside in the plain text.


You do not really need to know all those sites, just look for some asset which you like in any store and then search it on google. or if you want to get a list of sites to look for some asset available in one site and search it on goggle

another big site which uses Megaupload but it needs registering and has limited downloads those pesky slow file hosts but way more content than 3d-load lots of not working stuff.

usually, all those sites host pretty much same content and they are updated daily with about 5-10 new items

>By "wonder if there's a way to import them in Blender" I mean in a way without installing DAZ at all, btw.

Yes that's possible there is the Daz importer plugin but I think it will require quite a lot of adjustments.


File: 1575331312497.jpg (252.4 KB, 768x1024, gear-3.jpg)

Oh really! Glad you said that before I installed DAZ. Do you know if I can download the standalone installer without the "installer manager" from their site or do I need to find it on some shady site? Not having to log in sounds nice.

I just found this:

It's a DAZ importer plugin for Blender and as you can see the post creation says 2017 but I checked and it has been updated since then - in fact yesterday was last update. So it should be very capable if it has been worked on for two years.

You can't use the plugin without having DAZ installed (I tried and it complained about a missing "My Library" folder from DAZ) but seems like you can set up stuff exactly the way you want it in DAZ and then just bring it over to Blender by using .duf + .json exported from DAZ. Here's a video made yesterday where he lifts over a bunch of penis morphs from DAZ to Blender:

(Btw concerning those "many other similar sites" you mentioned in >>35285, if you have any additional URL to share I would appreciate it.)


Found the manual installer "DAZStudio_4.12.0.86_Win64.exe", I simply logged in on their site and went to

Didn't see that you wrote this before I wrote >>35295. Thanks for the extra URLs! I'm sure whoever finds this thread later will be thankful as well.

Yeah I also dislike those "pesky slow file hosts", which is why I got so happy to see that just uses Google Drive. Biggest reason I dislike TurboBit, Uploaded, GigaPeta etc (besides usually having to wait between downloads) is that people get paid for using them. That's why they are so popular, TurboBit pays for example for my click. I have no problem with pirates when they just copy stuff but I don't like it when pirates earn money from other people's work. I don't think (or offer uploaders money for delivering traffic, which is why those filesharing never use even though it is clearly the best out of those types of file-sharing sites.


It woud be very interesting to see your progress.


Hello, if I may, i have a simple question. If i download a product, say, from 3dload, i have to install it by hand or can i use "DAZ INSTALL MANAGER"? If I use the manager will I loose access to daz3d and my already bought products?

I wish to try the stuff before I buy, my budget is VERY limited so I can't afford to buy what is not good for my objectives.


On the first glance I thought it was some kind of lazer weapon untill I saw 'Pear of Anguish'


when you down load stuff from 3d-load you usually get zip file which has to be unpacked into "my library" folder
which you hopefully placed in some convenient place (you can add extra library folder in preferences)

if you buy stuff you will still get zip file which you will have to unpack manually.

Install manager is pretty useless thing it will do nothing more than download those zip files and unpack them for you if you select install checkbox and it only works on Daz store.

The only thing I use install manager is to update Daz beta.


File: 1575472953868.png (2.01 MB, 1280x720, gear-4.png)

I haven't started yet, still searching around and getting distracted. If I manage to make something that's not completely terrible I'll upload an image here. My stuff will probably be pretty tame for gurochan's standards.

I learned of a new program today to add to this list:
- TK17 (The Klub 17)

Hard to find information about it online, I think it's kinda old? If anyone here has ever used it please share some info on it. Seems easy to make a custom girl in it from a video I found and a comment on YouTube claims that TK17 is free.


I dug some more on TK17 and the program is at least 12 years old at this point. Maybe even older, TK17 seems to be a modification of a different engine. is the TK17 homepage. It's a forum, unfortunately registration is required just to view it. It's active, all subforums have posts made in the last 6 months and there's a lot of activity in the last 30 days. Has a bunch of shared content, models/poses/textures/animations. Maybe some could be imported into Blender? I think the models can only be read by the TK17 program though (they are settings and not meshes).
Their rules don't allow any "underage looking models" and the whole community seems pretty against non-vanilla stuff. Here's a "TK17 Comprehensive Guide":

I've concluded that it's probably not worth it to get into TK17 unless you want to make "normal" porn (aka boring porn). The 3D quality isn't SUPER bad but it is looking dated and I think there's additional modding required to make the TK17 3D look its best.


It is interesting what kind of so tame stuff you are going to make :)
or it is not that easy to make hardcore stuff. :) One guro picture is sort of worth >10 normal pictures in terms of required effort and it still does not look perfect.

Why do you care so much about importing everything into blender?
there is no shortage of models so no need to import people.
you are more likely going to need various props and environments.

I would recommend you to check
Custom Maid 3D 2

I did not manage to make it work but it has quite a lot of mods and they make nice looking 2d anime pictures which is pretty much impossible to do with Daz and blender and since it is 2d you can later easily edit them in photoshop.

Also, you can try CLIP STUDIO
which you will need to edit your pictures, adding speech bubbles

Clip studio is 2d drawing program but it has 2d option too although it is more intended just to make base picture and then you finissh it in 2d


I was too lazy to read the whole thread but since I make 3d i thought i'll chip in. so:

1) For modelling, go Blender, it's the industry standard, there's tons of youtube tutorials and it's free.

2) For posing actors and arranging scenes, only DAZ3d Studio. PoserPro is weird, has little content to buy and it's rendering engine is sh*t compared to IRAY which is built in DAZ.

3) Someone mentioned a website with pirated content for DAZ… well, that's not really an elegant way to do this, but you can at least download some stuff and try them out - if everything works as expected and you like it, just pay for it later.

4) Figures I use: Mostly Daz Originals (so Victoria 8, Bridgette 8, etc…). They are the most predictable and compatible with clothing and stuff. I avoid anything that's not Genesis8. Also, be CAREFUL when you buy aftermarket figures, a lot of them have broken mesh topology, weird textures, and so on… I only use adult models.

5) For genitalia:
- New Gens for Victoria 8 - don't get fooled by it's name, it's compatible with almost all Genesis8 figures (not only Victoria) and looks really great

- Golden Palace - also nice but I prefer New Gens

- For shemales, Futalicious:

6) Scenery: god there's too much of it, just do your research :P Most scene packs on DAZ store come with props you can arrange in your own way etc etc…

7) For extreme/dolcett stuff:
- Davo's Hell's Kitchen
- Davo's Cannibal Kitchen

ugh… making 3d porn is such a broad topic we should have a separate section for that, not just separate thread.


I'm currently using Affinity Photo for speech bubbles and general photo editing, great software for around $50. And reads .psd files and photoshop brushes :D


>Someone mentioned a website with pirated content for DAZ… well, that's not really an elegant way to do this, but you can at least download some stuff and try them out - if everything works as expected and you like it, just pay for it later.
Some words on that aspect for those who care about piracy: Daz infrastructure is deliberately created as a money sucker to facilitate unnecessary sales so because of that, piracy is actually a pretty adequate response to immoral business practices. Of course, content creators are not guilty of that but they benefit from it too.

if you only use adult models you do not even have a clue into what mess you get when you try to use young lolis and everything behaves not as you want.
also, it is not enough just to use a model you have to make it looks like the desired character type. innocent/dominant/silly/super beatiful/natural/ etc
so you get to play with quite some adjustments.

But I wonder where all that stuff about broken models comes from?
I never really encountered anything like that. Except that sometimes models do not fit expectations. like a mannequin for g3 geografts have totally broken UVs even if it is sold on Daz store.

there is another problem with little boys because all available characters are quite uncute and also there are no much morphs available to adjust male characters and very few boy characters available in general. So sometimes the better idea is to use girl character instead and add a penis.


I would like to say something more useful.

But for now I can only concur with everything that Onix has said.


File: 1575589415579.png (526.39 KB, 1677x1349, empty.png)

I tried getting something done and the DAZ installer did support "work offline", however then you have to go to their homepage and generate a serial number for your free product. FINE. But then turns out it didn't actually install any resources, even though it's a "product bundle" that is supposed to come with a ton of stuff (see image). Pretty ironic it has the text "Where are my files?" and then tells me to click something that doesn't exist.

So I tried downloading "Genesis 8 Starter Essentials" and others manually. Zip files, this should be easy. Wrong! Where am I supposed to put them? I decided to use a different folder path to "My Library" but is that even used? It still creates "C:\Users\<account>\Documents\DAZ 3D\Studio\My Library". Tried extracting in both, with/without subfolders, with/without the "Content" folder, tried refreshing in the program and restarting it. Nothing shows up. Tried guides:
Maybe you need to be a rocket scientist because it STILL doesn't work for me.

So I thought I'd try re-installing with the default path instead. Turns out there is no mention of DAZ in Window 10's list of installed programs, even though I noticed it said "creating uninstaller" when I installed DAZ. There was something else listed there though: The DAZ3D installer also installes "DAZ PostgreSQL CMS" without telling me what it does. Called it a "service", as in "background service"? Can't see it in the list of Window's services though, unless they gave it a strange name and/or try to hide it. Anyway, tried uninstalling that one and DAZ warns me that it'll break all kinds of things but still doesn't actually tell me what it is for! I can reason that it's some kind of database-content-management-service-thing but I'd still have like them to tell me what it does exactly.

Demotivational first experience with DAZ3D and I still don't like how complicated they make things with accounts you have to log into on their homepage and serial keys for free software. Plus the problems above. Turns out they at least created a "Remove-DAZStudio4_Win64.exe" inside the install directory that managed to get rid of the program. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow.

>Why do you care so much about importing everything into blender?
It's because I'd rather learn how to use Blender than DAZ3D, but if I can use DAZ to generate the models/clothes/scenes in an easy way that would be great.
Then I can use Blender's superior tools and rendering. I think as time goes by Blender will only get more and more superior in terms of what you can do and how good it will look, not only because it's open-source but Blender has gotten a lot of money from big companies to fund further development. AMD, nVidia, Google, even Adidas for some reason and the list goes on:
>Custom Maid 3D 2 / Koikatsu
I've got a little mixed feelings with these, it's great for anime look but I've noticed a lot of people share the same backgrounds and props. I've dug a little for stuff and Japs always seem to password-protect their downloads for some reason so you need to also dig for the password. Also there's the whole Japanese language barrier, maybe there's translations out there but it's a hassle.
>Clip studio
Thanks for that tip! I should be able to add text in Blender though.

>PoserPro is weird
I read (in the "how-do-you-manually-install" URL above) that DAZ originated from Poser so it makes sense that "it's poser but better".
>just pay for it later
Maybe if I someday somehow could get money from what I do sure, but as someone just learning I think it's important to be able to pirate things to keep spirits up and learn quickly. The prices for some of these things are through the roof.
A perk with using Blender is that you can rip scenes from games use those as well. Takes some work but I bet it takes a bit more work to rip them into DAZ (I guess you could go through Blender for that).
>For extreme/dolcett stuff
>making 3d porn is such a broad topic we should have a separate section for that
That would be nice if it was organized in some way, this thread could probably get very long and messy with a bunch of repetition. is down right now ("Error 521 Web server is down"), hope it returns because I had not downloaded everything I had my eyes on!

Maybe you have a resource site to share? Or can share some technique or describe your workflow in how you make your stuff? Programs? Anything is welcome.


File: 1575589863124.png (249.85 KB, 1134x695, PostgreSQL CMS.png)

Noticed in my own image that "PostgreSQL" was listed in the bundle, guess that explains that (see image). It's not a background service and only starts up when needed, that's what I like to hear. Too many download platforms, managers and background services these days.


You should not be surprised that you face problems in setting up pretty complex software ;) especially if you think about long term and do it not very standard way ;)

so my recommendation will be to use default inhalation first and leave everything in the default folder "C:\Users\<account>\Documents\DAZ 3D\Studio\My Library" and put your stuff there because you can move it anywhere later
That way you at least will not that demotivated by few small problems ;)
But still, do not expect everything to go smoothly on either software.
Daz allows you to add as many content folders as you like you can set them in
Edit-preferences-content-content directory manager
Ideally, you should create different folders for power and Daz content to have less mess.
poser content is when you only have "runtime" folder and Daz content is when you have more than just runtime folder or no runtime folder.

I am not sure why Daz uses that "DAZ PostgreSQL CMS" for but looks like not absolutely necessary and can be turned off As I understand it is somehow related to "smart content" function which you probably will not use.

>It's because I'd rather learn how to use Blender than DAZ3D, but if I can use DAZ to generate the models/clothes/scenes in an easy way that would be great.

You are kinda thinking backward because you are supposed to use Blender for modeling and daz for posing those models, not the opposite. Importing stuff into Blender to pose it makes almost no sense. But I think you will eventually notice it yourself.
It is quite a stupid idea to think that you will save time by using only one program because you will need a lot of them and if you know how to use one you sort of know how to use them all

like for example here is what I use:

Daz for posing
Poser for converting binary pmd fines into daz
Zbrush to edit geometry and make morphs
Clip studio to add text
Photoshop to edit textures
CrazyBump to create normal and bump maps

Yes, 3d-load died just now for some reason. I hope it will come back because it happened several times already.

Also speaking about techniques, I think you should first finish installing your software and then we can think about wahst to do next
I don't know if you have 8GB Nvidia card, but if not, You will face a very big demotivation soon :)
and even more, demotivation if you will try to render a Scene with 3delight
So I want to calm you down that it is not that bad as it may look like ;)


>I don't know if you have 8GB Nvidia card, but if not, You will face a very big demotivation soon :)

Yes… that is a problem for people owning low-tier PC's or AMD Radeon cards. My 11gb 1080ti is not enough sometimes, I wouldn't even consider having anything less than 8Gb of video memory. So, for everyone wanting to try 3d for real, save up for RTX 2070 Super or higher :P


>So I tried downloading "Genesis 8 Starter Essentials" and others manually. Zip files, this should be easy. Wrong!

Ok, so… a guide to Daz Content folder for noobs:
1. Open DAZ. Doesn't matter if you log in or not.
3. Click on a TAB called CONTENT
5. From Contents Sets list, expand "DAZ Studio Formats" with the [+] icon
6. Viola, there you see all your content folders. Mine is in D:\Daz_Assets
7. When Installing new content, unpack the downloaded zip. Navigate to a folder inside the unpacked content until you see other folders like:
Copy all these folders and paste into your content folder (in my case, D:\Daz_Assets)


File: 1575595311692.png (164.46 KB, 1914x1137, daz1.png)

sry i fucked up the image


File: 1575595447623.png (139.92 KB, 1913x998, daz2.png)

Now, go to CONTENT LIBRARY tab like shown in the pic, and right click on DAZ Studio Formats -> Refresh.

Now when you open up this folder you will see your content.

Be advised that manual installation does NOT add items to Smart Content.


>So, for everyone wanting to try 3d for real, save up for RTX 2070 Super or higher :P

While this is pretty big problem for photo realistic pictures, but you can use 3delight rendering with pretty good and quick results too.
If you deliberately render anime/cartoon style pictures results will be excellent.
The serious problem with 3deligt is that it cannot handle transparent refractive materials. But it also gives you certain options like disabling shadows

So this is not the end of the world if you don't have god video card.


Totally agree on what you said, but I just assumed most people would aim for realism. If you intend to do unrealistic or anime stuff then yes, 3Delight is good and much faster than Iray.

The problem is, there's not much stuff made for 3DL anymore. Almost all vendors target Iray exclusively when they release new products, with the exception of Daz Originals and a few individual products. OFC you could just convert shaders, but it never worked good for me.


File: 1575856250858.jpg (459.97 KB, 1280x1707, gear-5.jpg)

Thing is if I find this fun and keep doing it for years I will become an expert, and it's just more useful to be an expert in Blender than in Daz. Maybe I want to apply those skills into creating a game character or whatever else in the future, I bet Blender is more suitable for that kind of stuff than Daz.
Also the benefit with using Daz to create something that you then import into Blender is that if you want to change something you can just hit TAB and modify the mesh, useful if you want to make a unique knife or special gag or something.
I just noticed some little things that would drive me nuts in Daz, for example scrolling with the mouse zooms the camera in reverse to how many programs usually do it and moving around in the world feels better in Blender. I realize there's probably an easy way to reverse the scroll wheel but still.

I've got expensive new hardware from 2019 so hopefully rendering times won't drive me nuts. Not top tier stuff but it's not an old laptop or something like that.
Useful info about a .zip being a poser asset if there's only a "runtime" folder btw.

Looks like is up again!

Thanks for the detailed guide, I tried again today and got it working! Only tried Genesis8FemaleStarterEssentials so far but it felt good seeing something show up. The problem was that first of all I thought the Smart Content tab was basically the same as the Content Library tab, only with a different layout, and second of all I didn't think I would need to do a manual refresh.

Successfully able to use custom path(s), different one for daz-format and poser-format as recommended. Removed their "hidden" paths pointing to "C:\Users\Public\Documents\My DAZ 3D Library".

Should I also change the "CMS Cluster Directory" and "Daz Connect Data" paths? Are those important? My backup program doesn't cover the default paths, if they aren't needed in order to restore my project in case my disk fries I don't really care. Got some kind of warning when I tried changing one of them so I left them alone for now.


File: 1575856545511.png (52.24 KB, 2000x1270, content-warning.png)

If there's a way to get rid of these images and show the actual screenshot on I would love to know about it.


Yeah, that 3dload is still unstable just went down again.
But it is good to see that you managed to make something work already.

You will not get rid of those because those images are just "preview" to prevent NSFW images on 3d load

you need to follow the link to see full picture.

>Should I also change the "CMS Cluster Directory" and "Daz Connect Data" paths? Are those important?

as far as I know, those to not matter you only need to care about "content" folder

Even if you delete or reinstall Daz later all you need to do is to point it back to that content library and everything will be back as it was before.

just if you are getting more serious about this you can consider multiple forlder for different content type

if you are thinking about importing stuff into blender You can also download old poser content, especially hair. because it is quite useful.

>I've got expensive new hardware from 2019 so hopefully rendering times won't drive me nuts.

It does not matter how old is your hardware, mine is like 10 years old collected from EMP scrap LOL
You need Nvidia video card with at least 8gb memory maybe if you use Blender you can get away with AMD cards too.
The problem is not even rendering times but fitting your scene into video memory as with the new Nvidia denoiser you can render picture in about 5- 10 minutes on 1080 video cards with the new top video cards you can do same in about 2-3 minutes.
But if your scene does not fit into memory you are pretty screwed.

>Maybe I want to apply those skills into creating a game character or whatever else in the future, I bet Blender is more suitable for that kind of stuff than Daz.

Like we both said to you those are totally different programs with a different purpose if you want to create new items of characters blender is a good choice because you just can't do it in Daz at all but you will not be able to fit characters with clothes and do other daz library-based stuff in blender.

For example in Daz you can fit any clothes from almost any figure on any other figure with just few clicks also you can change figures by adjusting sliders like selecting eye size distance between eyes, figure age expressions and poses, change a girl into a boy.
This is not possible in blender.

But oh well, you just need to try it ;)


File: 1575859302818.jpg (1014.8 KB, 3840x2160, test.jpg)

Babby's first Genesis 8 render! No clothes and no pussy, but I did add some hair. Re-saved from 16mb PNG to 1mb JPG because let's not waste storage and bandwidth on this thing.

Jail scene used:

Don't know why she's so dark because I created a spotlight that shines right at her, she's bright as the sun inside the DAZ editor's viewport. Even changed the spotlight properties to have high render priority but that didn't do anything. Maybe it was because I reduced Max Samples in the render settings from 5000 to 138 or so.

I'll see later how difficult it is to get this DAZ project into Blender and make a render over there.


>you need to follow the link to see full picture.
ah didn't think about that. very strange they care about some naughty images on a pirate site such as this.

3d-load says "Our site is coming soon We are doing some images optimization on our site. It will take a while…Thank you for your patience!" right now, I hope that means they will offer to display adult images as well

>just if you are getting more serious about this you can consider multiple forlder for different content type

ah you mean have several paths to separate hair, people etc, not just poser and non-poser. that could be useful to make "uninstalling" (deleting) content a little easier as well, it seems to be a pain in the butt to do manually.

i've got an nvidia card but if Daz works poorly on non-nvidia cards all the more reason to try and work in Blender instead.

>if you want to create new items […] you just can't do it in Daz

when I downloaded Daz I noticed they also offered a program called Hexagon, looked it up on youtube and it's a simple 3D editor program. so at least they have the ability to create new stuff even if not in the Studio program itself. there was some simple way to work in Hexagon and have it appear quickly in Daz Studio basically just by tabbing between the programs, looked pretty convenient.


Yes, you made it too dark, but congratulations with your first render ;)
to change brightness you need to go to the render settings- editor- tone mapping and tinker with exposure values.
Spotlight priority will not change anything, but you can change light intensity for each spotlight.
also, you can try setting sun/sky environment in render settings too.

Max samples will change render quality but not brightness. You will need about 200-1000 for good images also do not forget to turn on post denoiser(all options).
although I usually do not care about max samples but just wait until picture looks good enough

>ah you mean have several paths to separate hair, people etc

Yes, I men that but only for poser content, because Daz already organizes everything well, but poser has very idiotic folder structure where everything is mixed together and scattered through several folders so if you throw everything into a single folder you will have trouble finding wahst belongs to what and where is your stuff at all.
I made this mistake myself and now I have to live with all that terrible mess and gradually reorganize everything manually.

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