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File: 1575300831071.png (2.04 MB, 1534x929, pistol1.png)


Hello there,I'm running out of fetish ideas about skintight or zentai or masked naked henchwoman,then some random thingy came out.Please leave a reply if possible joy ever exsisted?

Love you all :v


File: 1575300937165.png (1.49 MB, 1534x929, pistol2.png)

Gotta press F to examine I guess


File: 1575300957605.png (1.49 MB, 1534x929, pistol3.png)


File: 1575301004447.png (2.01 MB, 1534x929, pistol4.png)

I tried my best bro


File: 1575301104773.png (1.05 MB, 1600x900, New FPS screenshot.png)


Seeing her die many times with her ass up, getting crushed, decapitated and raped by monsters with the while the MC can't do a thing about it, except perhaps shoot her would have been my idea of a game, but since it's only a screenshot we can only dream of such game.Make a mod and we'll love you more!^^


I think you could work on the better story a bit.
Pictures are fine but I totally don't get what is going on there
Probably those women are supposed to be enemies?


( ° ʖ °)
Nope,not going to happen since all I can do creating p0rn is just draw something.I don't have game building skill except simple modeling and painting,programing seems a bit out of reach tho.

But I can do some FO3 or FONV mod with G.E.C.K,or adding my self produced model into Honey Select via SB3U.I build the rifle on >>35278 and did the tex and mat stuff.

Sadly I seemed to not learning programming before I finished my colleague,so no mods.But appreciated for your idea about fetish stories.



It's good,dear Onix.You see,there's no certain story between these pics right? That's what I meant to present,simulating the kind of situation of first seeing a random screenshot of some random game on some random forum,then you feel like 'aw man wtf is going on ? but these shots seems fine though' because of not knowing the game itself much.

Sadly I failed. :C

About storyline ,I did took serveral attempts on my other craps. shenlin123 on PIXIV helped me posting my serie called 女警末日 on his account (I don't know if it still excisted on his account,please search shenlin or shenlin123),please feel free check it out.

What I've learned during creating it is to CHOOSE MY STORY as the suitable story for creating other things like my 女警末日 serie.
As well as you might not know, I actually had posted my fantasy fetish novel in some Chinese forums for couple of years. Creating text fiction,belive it or not,is really simple for me (since major in art),just wait for horny night,get on bed,and slam my p0rn collection into my face,then puff! New fetish fiction. I have at least 140 stories both finished and unfinished in stock,but none of them suits the actual ability of how much Honey Select could present,or my skill able to present.
Currently I'm just waitting for next suitable story that I create in future. Untill that I'll just throw some random stuff with no connection like this time.

Oh,I love your ideas btw.Feel like share some fetish ideas sometime? :b


File: 1575375028297.png (2.25 MB, 1600x900, 4821bb1688ed5542.png)

Ummm,what is MC by the way?
MineCraft:horny-edition? Monster Craft?


I think I was not entirely clear, because I do not mean full story, but just some better description of what if going on in the pictures.

>Oh,I love your ideas btw. Feel like share some fetish ideas sometimes?

You mean you do not have enough ideas of your own? LOL

I don't know what you like because you only posted a few pictures so far, but one thing which would be interesting to see in your further pictures is some fisting or object insertions.

One idea for a story is the policewomen chasing a man with a bunny costume head. (like in that first picture you posted here. ) or a "bunny girl" and then they get eliminated one by one in various ways ;)

MC should be a "Main Character"



And yes, I'm running out of fresh fetish ideas. Usually I don't care too much about certain genere,anything should be ok as well as we have female-like (I was too crap learning English that I don't have word discribing character looks like sexual-appealing female lmao)character wearing pantyhose and heels in revealing clothings in it. I try something new sometimes,like a bit of scat,bit of public exposure,casual suicide,or just anything I'd never seen before.
About the question of what's going on in the pics…Even I don't have a clue LOL . Apparently I just slam some random things on my abandomed previous screenshots and see what happens,so there wasn't ANY story should be happening.Just hopefully viewers get their own imaginations :V
You know, man must explore? It's not matter what we share,it's about the posibilities to create something new. Let's don't think about what I would like, I care about what's new that you have than what old things I already had. :)

And I will add pantyhose and highheels to femalish character whatever the story is, even they were fighting evil terrorists in the middle of the Nevada dessert.

Oh,my dear shenlin did this idea long ago.We can find his bunny girl eliminated pics in here,he got a topic here but sadly no text discribtion nor communication due to his slight inability on English.


This ↑ should help explaining what I'm recently into, fully armed woman in armor,tactic vest,balakava or just regular tactical gear,but with revealed clothing that causes inability on mobility (man English is hard) ,such as pantyhose,highheels,buttplug or beads or enema stuff that goes sexual.Dosen't has to be henchwoman but she shuold do some sexual random stuff like: lactating while being trained as soldier and do those normal stuff that actual people do during real thing but with those gear I mentioned.

Oh man, I hope you understand what I'm talking about with clunky English. :V


Hehe, interesting. Although I do not like stuff which permanently hides face.
This gives me some ideas but you already did a good job yourself in the fetish police thread.

Woman equipped in the military gear but being bottomless at the same time looks pretty hot ;)


You know,I'm into skin-tight bodysuit or suit pantyhose too,expecially the kind of getting whole head covered. For me it's like unboxing surprise,beautiful face beneath the mask waitting for discover.
Maybe I should upload my draw crap here one day if I could fix my internet connection?


File: 1575440493590.png (4.62 MB, 3508x1974, pistol5.png)

Random stuff going on :l


Can you shoot them while they play with dildos?^^


Of course my pal,someday in the next post ;)


Maybe target their pussies?


Bitches must be punished for slacking on the job and playing with dildos! Do a lot of headshots plz!

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