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Artwork by BadgerSFM
Story by PhilBroSlice

The sound of firing fusion cannons echo throughout the chinatown street like a thousand heavy slot machine levers being pulled in sequence. The flashes of green overpower the hundreds of other neon signs and lights in the foggy evening sky

“Your energy reserves are already at 30% Hana,” Dae hyun nags, hanging on’s name like a doting mother “You’d better get out of there soon before that mech becomes a steel lunch box.”

“Not my fault I got thrown into a pack of endless circus zombies! Seriously, how did we even end up in chinatown of all places?”

“Focus, Hana! More baddies on your left.”

On cue, swings a fusion cannon left and fires off a barrage of light pellets, reducing the undead into a meat pile. This doesn’t deter more stumbling figures to come forward however, as they march on in clumsy pursuit.

“Come on, just a little more…”

Hana pleads with her craft, as she lures an ever growing mob of undead circus folk into a large intersection.


D.Va smashes the self destruct button, throttles the boost on her mech to maximum capacity, and flips the ejection crank all in one smooth, practiced motion. The ejection protocol sucks her out of her seat, and soaring through the air backwards into a storefront street. She braces herself with only her feet and one hand, sliding to a stop as she touches the floor. Her mech becomes bright enough to illuminate the street like the sun at noon before an earth-shaking explosion sends the neighbourhood into a fit of tremors. The shockwave causes D.Va’s brunette hair to billow in the wind before settling back down on her slender back. She poses, with a V for victory in one hand and her other hand on her hip.

“And another play of the game in the books!” D.Va shouts, loud enough to make sure her associate on the comms system overheard. Through the noise of the comms system, Dae Hyun responds with an exasperated sigh.

The silence of her victory celebration is interrupted by the applause of a single pair of hands, followed by a dry, whining laugh.

“Bravo! Bravo! What an EXPLOSIVE way to end tonight’s show!”

Confused, reaches for her light gun, clicking off the safety as she brings it up to eye level.
“But don’t let the curtains fall just yet! We’ve got a gut-busting encore waiting in the wings.” can only squint, her head tilting to try and make sense of what was being heard and seen.

“Ladies and gentleman, tonight’s act features a special guest, and a very close friend of mine,” He chuckles to himself, unable to withstand his own incredible sense of humour. “Let’s all give a warm welcome to the Hilarious antics of Jeffrey Chase!” continues to look on in squinting, slack-jawed awe.

“… Jeffrey who?”

As she tries to process, an imposing figure wraps its sausage-like fingers around her neck with ease. suddenly finds the ground missing beneath her feet and her breath disappearing in a similar fashion.

“Ghk… huuun,” She can only afford the energy to kick and squirm, her head stuck in its facing upwards as the grip on her throat sinks deeper and deeper. In her panic, she drops her gun. It clatters as it bounces off the ground a few times.

“What’s that doll? You’ll have to speak up, my hearing hasn’t been so good in my autumn years” The joker extends a hand to his ear and leans forward, listening to the rimshot only he can hear.

“Hckkkkk”’s pupils jerk around, scrambling to try and assess her situation. All she can make out is what looks like a homeless clown and the ground being really far from her than usual. Daehyun seems to be shouting something in her ear, but she can hardly make it out. As she juggles all these tasks around in her head, D.Va notices another corpulent hand grasping at her plug suit.

“Oh my, it seems our dear friend Jeffrey is getting quite curious about his newfound toy! Me thinks he’s trying to see if it’s… lifelike… under those garments.”

Jeffrey struggles to find a grasp on the smooth fabric of the suit, clumsily brushing against D.Va’s breasts and navel before finally getting a good pinch of material and pulling at it with the pace of a dead man’s heart. The act cranes her whole body forward until the fabric finally gives and rips away at the front compartment of the suit, exposing her entire front side to the night. The mounds of her breasts jiggle as she continues to writhe in choking agony, her legs still swinging about.

“Well, Jeffrey, looks like you were right! It really is quite accurate!” Joker slides right up to D.Va’s body, careful not to eat a boot as he approaches, “And judging by those naughty bits, it’s quite… nippy”
He can hardly contain himself as he cackles through gritted teeth, winding his arm up to slap his knee. Jeffrey doesn’t seem satisfied (at least not more than his usual frown) however, and his free hand reaches to D.Va’s limber body once more. This time, his fingers slide along the valley of her body, stroking between her legs like he’d dropped a coin between the couch cushions and was trying to fish it out.

“You lookin’ for something buddy? If you keep moving your hands like that, the only thing you’ll find is her G-spot, ol’ pal!”

Joker winks, giving an approving elbow nudge to Jeffrey’s gut as he continues to unwittingly please D.Va. Between the choking and the playful stroking, she’d begun to grow moist against her mindful desire to be free of this brute’s grip. Jeffrey’s fingers begin to slip and slide, his fingers slick with D.Va’s discharge. The mounds enveloping her ripe pussy began to shimmer in the bright neon lights of the chinatown street.

“Oh come now, you’ve almost got it! Get your finger in that lady hole and you can find a prize! Maybe it’s a string to pull for one of this Dolly’s catchphrases!”

Jeffrey’s hooked finger finally catches on the crevice of D.Va’s pussy, causing a shiver to run up her body and cease her body’s futile resistance for a moment. His digit then proceeds to straighten out and proceed deeper into her walls, feeling around for the space inside her. D.Va’s warm thighs instinctively come together, sandwiching Jeffrey’s tree trunk of an arm to brace her body. The friction has an adverse effect on her already sparse breathing, her mouth wide open with her tongue reaching as far as it could away from the rest of her. In the midst of her gasping and thrashing, Jeffrey leans his face in close to her soft body, and sneaks a lick of D.Va’s gloved hands. Even through the alloy-fabric, he can tell which finger he’ll be taking as a souvenir. The knowledge turns the corners of his mouth up a smidge.

The pleasure comes to a halt however, as Jeffrey reaches her cervix. Her eyes open wide like she had just woken up and her pupils shrink. Her mouth opens again, not in bliss but in shock, showing her gritted teeth as she feels Jeffrey’s appendage prod at her insides. The tubby featured performer redoubles his efforts to break into D.Va’s inner walls, his thrusts shake her entire body with each attempt, provoking a grunt from her as he dives against her insides.

The ramming seems to go on for an eternity until finally, D.Va’s supple body gives in to the sheer force of the clown. She seizes up, her legs pointing straight; her arms go rigid for a moment, trembling with tension as she feels her insides become compromised. Muffled squelching can be heard as Jeffrey reaches around deep inside her, his activities only appearing as an occasional lump or swell on her belly as he hooks a loop of intestine and slowly dredges it out. Like a magic trick with a seemingly endless loop of handcloths, more and more of D.Va’s innards continue to come out of her once pristine pussy. Her body goes limp long before the last length of her guts have snaked out of her.

Joker watches D.Va’s lifeless body sway with bemusement as Jeffrey holds her neck loosely, her head dangling unnaturally from between his engorged fingers.

“Really? No ‘nerf this’ or ‘I play to win’? Ah well…”

He leans in to give D.Va’s clit a smooch before running his narrow tongue along the upper length of her pussy. He laps up the still warm lady juices before composing himself.

“Come on then, Jeffrey. Time to pack our stuff and take home our toys to play with all by our lonesome.”

Jeffrey responds with his trademark blank open-mouth frown and walks alongside his coworker, still holding onto the neck of D.Va as her limbs swing around like a life-size doll.

“That one you can keep. I tried to take a brown one home but Harley damn near kicked me out of the house unless I fed it to the hyenas.”


File: 1574488100765.jpg (69.87 KB, 1104x621, 123 NSFW Jack Remaster.jpg)

Enjoy the art


File: 1574658847108.jpg (1.06 MB, 3153x1774, 116.jpg)

D.Va: Slave of Hell
Artwork by BadgerSFM
Story by Sinbad

The battlefield stretched as far as the heroes of Overwatch could see. Tracer zipped around in a flash of light as her chronal accelerator displayed her position. While the team of Soldier 76, Phara, D.Va and the newly arrived Tracer gathered weapons and produced a plan, a reading of unusual seismic activity flashed over the screen. A series of bombs went off over the blackened earth, rendering the depressing sight even more so.
“Great, now what?” Grumbled 76 as he fumbled to match his weapons point of aim with his visor’s display. The loud ‘thunk’ of dummy artillery shells landing close by answered his question. 76 motioned forwards and directed D.Va to enter her mech. Seeing that she was tapping away at her handheld console, 76 lost his patience. “Damnit D.Va, we don’t have time for whatever nonsense your precious followers are demanding! Get your butt in Tokki and get ready! We have incoming.”
76 spoke the truth. In the distance, a team of TALON operatives were rushing into the battlefield. Reaper, Sombra, Doomfist and the ever-deadly Widowmaker were already drawing close. Just as Tracer flashed away and entered Tokki, Doomfist was already airborne, Sombra’s power-up launching him into the darkly overcast sky. No one had time to dodge or block, even as he plummeted to the ground with his weapon primed. D.Va, roughly estimating the impact force moved Tokki behind a pile of rubble and waited for the over-whelming boom.
The landing came, but not as she expected. Instead of a simple crater that pelted her pink killing machine with debris, a wide split opened up in the earth directly below her mechanical feet. Gasping as the edges gave way, the gamer-girl cried out for 76 to rescue her, only to see the veteran soldier get punched skywards by Sombra’s over-powered fist. As the dark earth replaced the dim sun’s light, she activated whatever shields she could and waited for the landing.
- awoke sometime later, the smell of brimstone filling her nostrils. Seeing that her canopy was completely covered by dirt, she groaned with annoyance and popped the hatch. Standing and jumping out, she reached to her ear. “Hello! Is anyone listening to me?! I need help and I don’t” D.Va’s shrilly voice was cut off by the sound of a demonic laugh coming from inside a darker shade of black she assumed was a tunnel. “Just get to me, I gotta see something.” Approaching the oddly smelly void, she pressed into it.
Tripping and stumbling while cursing Doomfist and his OP weapon, she mumbled on about him being a worthless hacker. Running headfirst not a wall, she groaned and massaged a bruised tit before standing. Seeing a glow further down, she made her way towards it and in a few steps found herself in a massive chamber. Seeing monstrous creatures stomping about and swinging a leathery hand, she gasped and turned back, immediately wishing she hadn’t.
A Deathclaw’s petrifying face was inches away from hers, sniffing around before lazily slashing open her bodysuit. D.Va’s hands instantly shot up to her breasts t protect her modesty, something that irritated the Deathclaw a great deal! Grabbing her and throwing her across the cavern, the Claw leapt and followed suit, stomping on her just as she hit the ground before the hulking demon she had seen before. Coughing up blood, the E-sports champ struggled to her feet just as the other beast swung its hand down to grab her. Crying out as she was nearly yanked from her boots, the heroine could only whine as the beast’s gargantuan member flopped out from its pouch
As the sharp ground got farther away, she came close enough to the obscene dick to feel its heat on her face. Desperately thinking of a way to get free of her predicament, she only felt the hot air twirl around her as she was spun. A short drop followed, with the feeling of a barrel pressing against her butt right after. Despite the impossibility of what was going to happen, the ledge of rigid flesh would not be denied.
D.Va could no longer hold back the scream of terror. Her hips were dislocated as her tight ass was spread open. The blood sprayed out of the membrane separating her colon and uterus as the battering ram of a cock smashed up into her. Her arms were dislocated as she was forced onto the pillar, the sheer girth forcing her thin legs apart. With the sound of tearing flesh, the member finally pierced her petite body and rammed deep into her guts.
The loudest scream the famed champion had ever uttered left her lips as her intestines were rammed into her ribcage. The once contained fluids of her insides sloshed around as her guts were hammered into sludge. Her once chiseled abs bulged and deflated with every plunge of the demon’s penis. Her small breasts jiggled as the shattered ribs shifted beneath them, swaying as she was brutally fucked to death. Her eyes shifted between wide open and shut tight, anything to alleviate the unknowable agony of the dreaded GOOSH GOOSH. She finally found the strength to let her gaze drip downwards, regretting it immediately. As her vision faded, the final horror of her short life was shown as the demon fully breached her flesh and its member burst from her belly!
As her thin legs fell away to the ground, she finally gave into the sweet release of death and drifted away. Her bisected body was soon blasted off the instrument of her demise and her torso landed in a crumpled, sloppy mess. The demon and the deathclaw let out a guttural chuckle and departed, eager to find another poor sap to defile. D.Va would remain where she had landed, until a strange thing happened.
The bright brown eyes shot open and she looked down. The memory of her final was still fresh as she looked down at her intact belly. Seeing the dim red fog surrounding her, the Gaming legend sat up and croaked as the epiphany hit her like a truck. A low, deep wail left her lips as she struggled to her feet and looked around. Collapsing soon after, D.Va finally accepted that her latest battle was her final one, and the torment of hell was all she had left.


File: 1575001026831.jpg (938.37 KB, 3153x1774, 125 Thanksgiving Special.jpg)

Badger's Thanksgiving Special: The New Meat The Old
Jill and Claire: Dinner Guest
Artwork by BadgerSFM
Story by Sinbad

With the disappearance of the camera crew still hot on people’s minds, several survivors of Racoon City and elsewhere noticed a similarity in the story. Chief among those whose curiosity was roused were Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield. Opening files and witness accounts, the pair decided to investigate. As they loaded up gear and supplies, Claire's brother Chris decided to lend a hand.
“I don’t like this.” He said. “There’s a lot that can go wrong out there! Just when we think Umbrella has bitten the dust, they always have another plant, another Hive, a few more strains we don’t know about. Also, because you might have forgotten, the carrier for that Mold sample we dug up on the last raid is still nowhere to be found!” He stopped to catch his breath before continuing, “The three of us have a better chance. Hell, we can even drag Leon along if need be!” His face wasn’t used to curling into a pleading expression but Chris forced himself to appear so. The 2 girls hadn’t even looked up during his rant.
“Hey Chris, how about a little trust?” Clair’s response to his plead served to irritate him. “You’re not the only skull-mashing badass in the room.” Clair’s eyes motioned to Jill as she quipped back to her sibling. The veteran officer bent over a table with her slim-cut pants leaving little to the imagination.
“Don’t worry about a thing Chris, it’s probably just a few zombies that surprised the crew.” Jill checked her log as she continued. “If it really means that much to you, you can help us out by looking at Africa. Shiva is looking into a small outbreak of a new strain and could use you’re help.” The look of defeat on the well-built man’s face was obvious but he acknowledged his wife’s request.
“Fine, I’ll lend her a hand. After that though, I’m headed straight to the Bayou to give you both support.” Chris turned away and let a grin cover his face. Unless Wesker’s burnt, bisected and overall desecrated carcass had willed itself back to life again, Africa shouldn’t take him long at all!
The tall plantation house stood in stark comparison to the fields of unharvested wheat. Jill and Clair weren’t interested in the view however, and soon enough Jill was on her knees picking the flimsy lock on the front door. Swing the doors apart, the first thing the pair noticed was the smell. Wrinkling their noses at the odor of decaying wood, Jill and Claire raised their weapons and entered the main hall.
The thick, soupy air of the swamp made them sweat heavily, the fabric forming into a second skin on their bodies that hid just barely more than the first. As Jill opened a door, she stopped as something inside moved. Hovering her flashlight over the object, she squinted and called over to Clair. “Hey, I think I see something, it might be one of the film crew.” Inching closer, she stopped as the thing sucked in a deep gasp and rose.
Clair looked through a cabinet when she heard Jill’s voice through a wall. Rising up and heading towards the voice, her trip was cut short as the Veteran Officer was thrown through a wall! Helping Jill to her feet, the duo raised their weapons and held them leveled at an older man holding a wicked shovel/axe hybrid. Firing, they put 3 holes through the man’s head but had to duck as the impromptu halberd sliced through the air and buried itself in a wall stud. As he swore and wrenched it free, Jill and Claire kept shooting, emptying both magazines into his back. The 9mm rounds did little to no damage to him, as even several shots to the back of his neck resulted in little to no bleeding. Slamming fresh mags into their pistils, the pair looked around for any other weapons and gasped as the man finally freed his Halberd and charged. Faster they they though possible, he knocked Jill in the face with the handle and struck Claire with the blade.
Jill bounced off the floor just as Clair fell to her knees, her torso sliding off of her pelvis in gruesome fashion. The look of sheer terror was plastered on Jill’s face as her friend and confidant lay in 2 pieces while her murderer prodded her slack face with his boot. He said something, but the combination of a mild concussion and the shock of the ease at which Clair had been killed made it impossible for her understand. Standing up and crying out, Jill charged forwards and put her gun into the monster’s eye socket, emptying her gun into his brain! After the last round left his skull shaped like a canoe, she fell to the floor and crawled to Clair, unaware of a second figure entering the room. Cradling the torso of her friend, Jill failed to see the wire slip over her head until was too late.
With a taught cable and a practiced motion, Lucas yanked on the cheese cutter with such force that the woman’s head simply vanished from sight. It hit the ceiling and thudded on the table, coming to a stop against the base of the melted candle sticks that served as the room’s light. Looking up, he let the body slump over and rest on its breasts as his father stood and swore. His head already reforming to a fully healed status. Seeing that everything was under control, Lucas looked at the 2 ladies and shrugged. Helping his father to a chair, he gathered up the 2 pieces of the younger woman and sat down beside him. Before he could take the mostly intact corpse as well, Jack stood and swung the halberd once more, this time yelling with rage! Slicing the other lady in half, Jack nodded and tossed the freshly cut torso on the table, stripping it quickly until only the shoulder pauldrens were left.
Lucas, invigorated by Jack’s brutality slapped his hands together and grabbed the younger woman’s severed legs off the floor. Flipping them over in his hands, he brought them to his lips and breathed in the scent. Oddly, this woman hadn’t relieved herself when the blade was swung and joyfully took her tiny clitoris into his teeth. Nibbling softly, he wedged a pair of fingers into her equally clean ass and spread the hole wide. Gorging himself on her cunt-meat, Lucas looked over to see that his Father was selecting her gory torso for his meal. Before he went on with stretching out the taught anus of the fine legs, Lucas knew they had to install a better door.
Jack snagged the severed head on the table and snickered at her rolled eyes. Fixing her beret, he saw a perfect place for it and slid her esophagus onto the hilt. When the grip hit the roof off her mouth, he grabbed the younger woman’s bloody torso by her hair and rolled her tank-top up. Massaging her cooling breasts, Jack licked a nipple and savored the smooth texture. Fitting more of the fatty meat into his mouth, the patriarch bit down and ripped away! Her tit came apart in pieces, each strip sliding down his gullet in bloody chunks. Wiping the slight grease from his face, Jack saw what his boy was up to and couldn’t help but feel his large member rising under his pants. As he feasted, he looked at the severed head once again and grinned. With the ease that her throat had taken the knife handle, he knew he had something else to put in there.
The loss of both Claire Redfield and Jill Valentine shook the small communities of warriors and survivors to their very core. With 2 icons of the fight against the undead missing, hope and moral drifted away. None was more affected than Chris Redfield, who did everything in his power to hasten his mission to completion so he could join in the search. Unfortunately for him, the job took far longer than he anticipated and by the time he arrived at the plantation house, another colossal beast was present. He assisted in the monster’s defeat and soon after helped Ethan onto the chopper. Due to the destruction of the house however, he would never find his wife or sister buried in the rubble. Sobbing and boarding the plane, he vowed to ramp up both of them into legends and soon enough, both were national heroes! All the better that no one would know how they had met their ends…


File: 1575060994938.jpg (1.08 MB, 3153x1774, 126 Moxxi Trouble NSFW.jpg)


File: 1575388276478.jpg (109.55 KB, 1104x621, 120 Tina Armstrong Remaste….jpg)


hngggg your moxxy model and pose is great!!!

Hope you consider following up with more tip inserted in any or every hole to go with the theme you chose.


File: 1575790308033.jpg (836.62 KB, 3153x1774, 132 Lara and Goro RM.jpg)

Tomb Raider: Out of This World
Art by Badger
Story by DeathstalkerLives
Check out his discord here:

Nothing in her world could prepare young Lara Croft for what was waiting for her on the other side of the dimensional portal. The realm of Outworld was just as chaotically violent as the legends hinted at, but seeing it in full view before her was nothing like reading the myths. She witnessed men and women beaten into bloody pulps before being gruesomely murdered in a variety of ways as she remained hidden, winding her way to the temple she’d come to find. Lara felt more at ease when she came upon the place, finding it seemingly deserted. Either the fatal combat plaguing so much of Outworld hadn’t reached the location yet, or it was deemed too sacred a place to spoil with bloodshed. After all she’d seen, the tomb raider doubted it was the latter.
Stepping into the temple’s main hall, Lara found the Elderkiller Sword in clear view. Hovering above the stone altar, a pure beam of white light descended from the ceiling and bathed the weapon in its warmth. It all looked a little too easy, but the fresh memories of what was waiting for her in the realm inspired haste. She was less than a foot away from the altar when the hulking, four-armed temple guardian made his presence known. The look of shock that filled Lara’s face was priceless, the surprise freezing her muscles for the precious moments she needed to try to save herself. Goro used those moments against her, closing the distance to the tomb raider and delivering a consciousness-stealing punch to her temple. The blow threw the young woman back, tumbling into a heap.
Goro looked over the interloping stranger with a frown. She was puny, nothing more than a thief. But that didn’t mean she could not provide him some entertainment during his long wait for a worthy opponent to face. Scooping Lara up, he laid her out on the long stone bench in front of the precious trophy she’d come to pilfer. Goro’s massive hands, equipped with only three thick digits, weren’t dexterous enough for delicate tasks, but he stripped the tomb raider efficiently, yanking off her boots and tearing away her clothing. Scooping Lara’s nude form into his arms, he took a seat on the bench and lay her across his lap. Her soft, young flesh – nearly immaculate aside from the few small scars she’d picked up over the course of her few adventures – stirred his arousal. Goro’s thick member rose from under his loincloth, flattened head digging into the small of Lara’s back.
Lara snapped awake with a startled gasp. The pervasive heat of Outworld clung to her bare flesh. She felt the clammy, thick-muscled thighs of her attacker under her and something far more alarming digging into her back. She went tense, tried to roll away from the temple guardian, only to have her escape denied as one of his hands closed around her ankles, mashing them together. His right arms clamped down around her arms, pulling them back. She looked up at the menacing face leering down at her, fear in her eyes as Goro worked his remaining free hand between her thin thighs. Lara groaned as the beast of a man jammed his finger – easily as thick as any lover she’d ever had – into the hairless folds of her cunt. The skin of her sex was perfectly smooth thanks to the waxing she’d hade just before starting out on our latest journey. It was a habit she picked up after her first amazing adventure, embracing the freedom of extreme grooming habits when she had them, knowing that every time she left her mansion, she could likely have a full, thick bush by the time she returned. She doubted the state of her genitals would have deterred the monster one way or the other, but being so clean and bare for him made it feel like she’d just been getting ready for this terrible date she’d fumbled into. It was a stupid thought, but trapped in Goro’s tight embrace and with his finger violating her so thoroughly, Lara couldn’t help but think it.
The truth was, Goro appreciated Lara’s hairless snatch. It allowed him to watch the lips of her pussy stretch and shift under the persistent prodding he was giving her. But as much fun as it would be to see that cunt stretch out to the point of being torn apart around the hellacious girth of his cock, his duty demanded the immediate punishment and execution of the intruder. His gripping hands tightened around her ankles and arms, drawing screams of agony from the tomb raider’s lips as her bones snapped. He pulled on her snared limbs, stretching her to her limits across his lap. Trapped between his crotch and his victim’s back, his erection throbbed with growing excitement, drooling pre-cum over Lara’s skin. Her vertebrae creaked and popped as he kept up the persistent pressure, trapping her in perpetual suffering as he rammed his finger into her clenching cunt. Goro’s growl blended with Lara’s screams as he gave her body a hard yank, ripping her lithe figure in half at the waist.
Lara stared down at the expulsion of blood and gore spilling out of her torn midsection, feeling the warm thickness of blood rising up the back of her throat. The pain was beyond anything she’d experienced before, but the shock of it all kept her screams in check. She could only stare in disbelieving horror as Goro’s huge, bloody prick bored through her, pushing through the tangles of steaming viscera spilling out of her. Beyond the throbbing unit, she could see the monster’s finger continuing to push into her sex – now gushing piss all over his hand – but she could no longer feel it. Beyond that, she could see her feet, held together within his grip. She watched her toes clenching and releasing, a surreal feeling washing over her as she realized her brain was not giving her toes such a command. Hot blood drained across the insides of Goro’s thick thighs, splattering onto the stone floor below.
Rising to his feet, Goro held Lara’s body in front of him, strained lengths of stretched muscle tissue the only things keeping the two halves of her connected. He humped through the tomb raider’s body, grunting with each stroke. Cum sloshed around in his heavy balls, eager to be set loose. Lara chocked on the wads of blood in her throat, gore spilling from her gaping mouth as her head swayed unsteadily. Her head rolled downwards, death shudders rolling through her as her expression of horror slackened. With a triumphant roar, Goro came, ejaculating thick shots of jizz through the tomb raider’s corpse and across the floor. His arms flexed, yanking outwards and finally finishing Lara’s bisection. He lifted the two halves of the woman to either side of him, allowing her innards to come spilling out of her in sloppy, wet chunks. He let the two pieces of her corpse drop to the ground, leaving her a tangled mess of death before returning to the shadows to wait for the next unfortunate victim to wander into the temple.


Great pics and the stories are good too! thanks for posting :)


File: 1575823978694.jpg (621.32 KB, 3153x1774, 132 Goro Fatality Beginnin….jpg)




Thank you.





great work badger


fuck off retard


File: 1575905090254.jpg (534.88 KB, 3153x1774, 132 Goro Fatality Pt 2.jpg)

Part 2


File: 1576084560259.jpg (803.46 KB, 1774x3153, DVA1.jpg)

The yoga series has begun!

If you want me to stage your favorite character in a NSFW pose, go to my channel here and put it on the chat.

Enjoy the art


Present those tits for a beating. Great pose to be kicked in the cunt. Great work


Fantastic work my friend,giving her fist of justice preventing her from stealing priceless artifacts in the future!

pls stop this pointless action,there's no benefit of you.



Titkicker, I've been thinking about having another character being held down and her by her arms and legs by two other people and having someone else kick one of her tits off toward a football goal.

My question is, who would you want to see this happen to?


File: 1576366191507.jpeg (3.87 MB, 5120x2880, DVA 1.jpeg)


File: 1576366211786.jpeg (4.2 MB, 5120x2880, dva p3.jpeg)


Just an idea, would love to see her neck snapped or back snapped backward showing off her limp body and eyes rolled back death stare.


Titkicker, I've been thinking about having another character being held down and her by her arms and legs by two other people and having someone else kick one of her tits off toward a football goal.

My question is, who would you want to see this happen to?

My favourite would be marie Rose -but tits a little small maybe or Lara great tits. But this character also interesting.
As a cheer leader?
But would like a short series of pictures
Being held down struggling and put into position
The foot in action
The tit being torn off
Once the field goal is scored the three could stomp on the other tit or cunt.
Being led off the field to be used by the crowd
haha great thoughts


File: 1576454993037.jpg (516.34 KB, 3153x1774, 133A Claire Redfield Hunk ….jpg)

Part 1: Claire's Capture

If you like my art, please consider joining my discord:


I was thinking also the kicker may have a special spoon like attachment to the boot to scoop the tit off the chest!


Kinda make me getting into new fetish about watching nude gril doing stretch, cool work dear Badger :)



I'll see what I can do.


Thank you. The yoga series is more for scene building, staging, and lighting practice. I'm glad you're enjoying it :)


File: 1576692331243.jpg (119.98 KB, 1104x621, aa.JPG)


>>35725 stop bullying Badger, EVMC is great but you don't have to shit on others

Bully me instead


OK, but one day our master will come and restore us again to power and glory!


>>35730 one day your master will be very dissapointed in you that you harassed other threads using his name


So little do you know! My power is Legion, for we are many!!!!!!!


there is exactly one of you



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UR - You're
aas - Ass

You're fucking retarded. You're either some pimply faced goon in high school or some low life low self esteemed fat virgin living in your mom's basement.



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Anon, thank you. I don't take SFM too seriously, I just do this as a hobby since there aren't too many people who make guro on filmmaker.

As for all the trolls that seems to be flooding gurochan, it's unfortunate but somewhat expected since we all have a pretty fucked up fetish. I'd imagine there are some other underlying anger and self-esteem issues that come with liking graphic and extremely violent art.

It would be appreciated if you guys could take the trolling to another thread though. Either way, thanks for keeping this all interesting.


File: 1577209434844.jpg (59.04 KB, 1118x630, DVA4.jpg)

Enjoy the art


A merry Christmas to all Badger fans.
Hope this cunt does not have a great christmas but is raped hard


File: 1577230286263.jpeg (3.46 MB, 5120x2880, DVA P5.jpeg)

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