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PestilenceSFM's non snuff/gore collection featuring dark and hardcore animations that no vanilla person would dare tread
Well not as dark as his "other" content but the point still stands


Is there any actual new content in this? Because Pestilence was free for a while and more the stuff in the screenshots was from that era. Anything new from when he went pay to view?


If you were going to post a collection of his works on GUROchan of all places then why the hell would you leave out the actual guro?


normal download link?


srsly, when putting files of such size SPLIT THEM TO PARTS. Free download from that site on 50kbs will take ~20hours. And likely it will fail (as it did for me)


No, hes been MIA for almost a year now. He hasnt posted anything new and his Discord and Patreon have been abandoned

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