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File: 1573062518460.png (130.63 KB, 560x432, Deadly Rain.PNG)


Hi there! I'm TheHornyRock(tm) I've been OP's fan for a long time and I like to fap at the rythm of lots of kinds of music (Mainly dubstep and metal), even meme music themes. I hope you love the aberrations I've been doing. I'll begin uploading one of the first ones I made.

See ya around, young fella! :D

Deadly Rain Music Video:!3512EAID!wYMyh_y8pjke3fEjJbaeEUd11zEM3YImsfoJVNP1Qe8


Thats pretty tits, would love to seem more
not enough guro PMVs
But then agian I suppose they are both kinda niche compared to alot kinks so glad we at least are getting some


Holy hell I wasn't expecting to like it but that blew me away, really looking forward to more now.

Just hope that some of them will be a little longer.


This might become a trend! Looking forward to see more!


That is awesome dude! Can't wait to see more


Bloody Brilliant! What's the name of the music that you used?


File: 1573308667492.png (350.59 KB, 579x329, Little Red Riding Hood (V1….PNG)

Well, since you all seem to like it so much, I decided to post my very first MV. It's kinda shitty but I wanted to have the full collection uploaded. Don't worry, more quality videos coming soon. I know you'll love them since I consider the first one I posted here the 2nd worst of my works ;)

Oh, and thank you all for your kind words! :D

V1.0 (More Wolf):!WlV1CYhY!_CFVP-BTnjCX0288YFuQquUAMz9wbHATT8LNWkt17gQ

V1.5 (More Kid):!nhcX3SxY!YApmv31KRVwZh1CklfvjY_0nFByhYgHvGmyMq3amuWw

USED MUSIC: Five Finger Death Punch - Got Your Six

>>34649 I don't really know, but I know it's from a Madness Combat short action video.

>>34633 They're usually around 1:20 and 4 minutes. I don't plan on doing more than 5min videos for now. (Depending on the rythm of the music, they're very hard to edit)


First one is gone can you reupload?


>>34691 Try again, does it work now? It works fine for me.


4 minutes or so is plenty long enough for me so that's great to hear, it was just being under 2 that felt a little short to me :p


>>34695 I meant the one in the first post Deadly Rain Music Video or is it just me somehow


File: 1573495304857.png (130.63 KB, 560x432, Deadly Rain (REUPLOAD).png)

Lol that's weird, I reuploaded it, it seems to work now:!H4VVQKJI!wYMyh_y8pjke3fEjJbaeEUd11zEM3YImsfoJVNP1Qe8

New PMV tomorrow, stay tunned!


>>34687 Apart from not personally being a fan of the music in this one I think the way you cut the clips together was great and makes a nice cohesive whole out of the Red Riding hood anims and the action sync'd real well with the beat regardless of my distaste for the song so thumbs up from me!

Also really liked that you focused entirely on one set of animations for this one and makes me hope that maybe you have a Motoko Kusanagi focused one somewhere in the collection too :)


File: 1573579865890.png (438.67 KB, 583x315, Traumatized Soldiers HMV.PNG)

There you go! One of my favourites. Hope you like Skrillex and, of course, hope you also love my "new" MV :p see ya soon, lads!

Traumatized Soldiers MV:!DsE1kAZD!Wkj2t0Ho_AbFu9jGdEoJLIxmqfVQQGmO87TlVHHyjBs


USED MUSIC: Skrillex - First of the Year

>>34793 thanks for the comment!! I always try to sync the beats and general sounds of the music with the images shown, It feels much smoother than symply putting a song and random video fragments without any rythm :p. And about the Motoko one, I have a MV that's very focused on her but not exclusivelly. I guess I could do one some day since I love to focus on just one video but do not use to do so for some idiotic reason XDDD Hope you like the new MV as well, check it out, let's see if you like the music this time :D


I'm happy to hear that you think syncing the music and action is important, I assume it takes a lot of time and effort to get it right but the end result is definitely great :P

That's wonderful news to me to hear that you do in fact have a Motoko focused one even if it's not exclusively her, gonna really be looking forward to that one and extremely happy to hear that you might consider doing an exclusive one of her in the future too :D

As for the MV this one's music is def more my style yeah and I absolutely love that you mixed in clips of those internal cumshots from studiofow since I have a fetish for that, short animations without girls getting a thick load of cum left in them always feel a little lacking to me so the addition of those edits in this really get me going (Also I preferred the edits that used slow-mo into the transparent overlay of the cumshot if you care lol).

All in all great video again and my anticipation for more grows ever stronger. ('')b


I liked the style of your first video more, but this is dope too. Wen need more shit like this!


Fucking neat. Im just saying if your looking for ideas, i think gurochanOP has got enough skull fucking videos for a video of just that


File: 1573829229867.png (46.65 KB, 580x322, Honoka On Christmas.PNG)

Here's one brutal MV, the music style is… well, I don't know how is it called, but i'd bet for something like "Deathcore Black Trash Heavy Metal" or something, I like those kinds of song too, and I see them more fitting for something as brutal as guro. Hope you like it :D

Honoka & Friends MV:!n4VxAarC!63myQFGAVbPId0q2X-_u-08okXpgGv2-AtX8lLDdsKA

USED MUSIC: White Chappel - The Saw is the Law

>>34827 cool I wasn't sure about how the addition of cumshots would feel, I was afraid It might have been unnatural. If you liked that, I think I have one other video where I use them.

>>34828 Glad you liked it, I hope this one is of your taste as well. I tend to change my style from time to time, nowadays I feel stuck on the "damaged video tape" style. Or really whatever fits the music at the moment.

>>34829 Thanks!! I'm aware of that, I have 90% of OP's full collection XD. I love them, so you can take for sure you'll be seing those (specially the Kali one) :D


Well done! I'm getting a new addiction with these!


Gr8! Btw, do not forget the EVMC and V.2 threads they have plenty of good stuff 4 you and we love the OP!


Holy crap, this new one is your best work yet in my opinion. I can't get enough of these!


Damn, I love the last one! Very well done, this needs a lot of time to do!


File: 1574096353322.png (247.75 KB, 595x332, Destroyer.PNG)

Well, here's another one, hope you like it as much as I liked making it! This MV's music is kinda experimental, but, as always I tried to follow the rythm and I'm kinda proud of the results. CHECK IT OUT:

DESTROYAH MV:!i0EwxIJa!ypK1vO154SvT4_16GfwzBG3wjg2y29-OSBwNh7NJHDc

USED MUSIC: StaticX - Destroyer

>>34887 I'm confused, I thought EVMC only made still images, do they have videos that I missed? Anyway, If you're talking about using those pictures in my videos, I don't think It's possible if I want to give them rythm, tho I'm sure if I wanted I'd figure out something, but that's not an objective I have right now. (and what is V2? never heard of it, I'll search for it later)

>>34898 Then I'll have to make even more XDD

>>34904 Thanks for your coment!! yeah, It usually takes between 4 and 6 hours for every minute of each song. Even more If some complicated edit idea crosses my mind.


these are great, are we allowed to suggest music


Amazing work as always. This might be my new favorite thread on here. (After OP's, of course, the man's a legend.)


Ooooh Kali AND Motoko making an appearance in this one niceeee

I think this and Riding Hood are my favorites now, cheers for all the great content man :D


The vid is gr8 m8 and as 4 EVMC he went a long way since he was making picture sets, his animations are now top tier, just check the v.2 and EVMC threads(in EVMC check the last part) in V.2 all of it, u'll be glad you did! ;) Many of us, myself included, think EVMC has become the best!


Oh yeah, and ty 4 using 1 of my favorite bands Static-X and Disturbed are in my top 10! Way 2 go m8!


V.2 is the second E.V.M.C in the 3DCGI section mentioned by the guy above, it has many good videos.It would be nice to have some of that too!


Your videos are amazing! I am starting to like them more than the original animations! :)


Whats the pink haired limbless girl from?


It's Alisa from the Tekken series.

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