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Tikal, the local priestess of the area, was in charge of preparing the deceased for their funerals. Ever since the battles with Eggman had increased, so too did the corpses.


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Not that she minded. There was oddly an influx of young females in her temple, something she had an craving for.


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While she didn't mind the rabbit from a week ago, her preference was towards girls her age, such as the person she's tending today.


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Her name was Sticks the Badger. Unlike many of the people she came across the past month, she wasn't a casualty of war, but rather strangled and left in the woods.


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She was found without her panties. Telling from her clothes, however, Tikal knew she was a native to her tribe, who often don't have a regard to undergarments.


my favorite badger girl


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Tikal begins preparing Stick's corpse by taking off her shoes.


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Sticks' feet are exposed as Tikal feels up her leg.


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Next, Tikal takes off her skirt.


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Though, with her other hand, she fingers Sticks' pussy.


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With her skirt off, Tikal moves onto the bra.


File: 1571501911216.png (3.52 MB, 1280x720, PS11.png)

She had no care about leaving Sticks' legs spread out. For now, Sticks was hers…


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Once she took off her bra, Tikal squeezed Sticks' plump breast while she petted her head.


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She opened Sticks' eyes to show a pair of pale, glassy blueish irises.


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Tikal was so moved by her beauty that she went in and kissed her.


File: 1571502391998.png (3.52 MB, 1280x720, PS15.png)

This in turn, made Tikal all the more wetter at the knowledge that she could do whatever she wanted with Sticks.


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Sticks' body had her legs spread, her vagina out in the open for all to see, though she had no idea this is happening.


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Instead, Sticks laid there, naked on the slab, subject to Tikal's pleasure.


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"Now, let's go have a dip."


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Tikal brings Sticks to the wading pool, of which she uses to wash corpses just like her.


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Tikal tossed her body into the pool. Part of the reason she does this is so that she could see the body fall like a rag doll.


Is this thread dead? I mean, more than Sticks.


Sorry Mort Momento. I might be in a mean mood right now. But is your 3D-software from somewhere about 1993ish?



It's SFM or Gmod.


I think it's not totally Mort fault.The Sonic SFM models are all like this,odd-looking.Mort is only working with what he have


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Sticks's naked body floated on the water.


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While she let Sticks soak in the water, Tikal took the time to undress.


Oh! Its not dead!


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Tikal took the time to admire Sticks, as well as figure out where to go first.


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Once she decided, she went in, her face shoved into Stick's vagina.


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She spent some time eating out of Sticks's body.


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As her nose pressed up against Sticks's ass and her tongue lapping up her vulva, Tikal touched herself.


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She got on top of Sticks, her naked body rubbed up against Sticks's cold cadaver.


File: 1574030522616.png (3.52 MB, 1280x720, PS29.png)




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Wait, would you ever do something with Tangle and Whisper?


Eheheh! This has been dead since last year! :3


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