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File: 1571287931791.png (3.09 MB, 1920x1080, Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Sc….png)




Great is this where the series will continue?


Yes. Yes it is. I'm going back to what I love most. <3


This is awesome! More please! Good to see you back.


oh hey since you're back i'll take the opportunity to thank you for your necro animations for sexlab, been using it a lot.
Also i'd like to ask you if you plan on adding some new animations in the future


can we ask for her brutally to continue a little?
Use her as a punch bag?


I second this reply, I'm interested in knowing if there's any potential in more sexlab stuff


Looks brutal hopefully we see some body dangling/limp play!


naked, young and being hung


My pleasure ^_^ and I do but they will be resources for everyone to use as they please. They won't be packed up ready for SLAL mod just the animations themselves =)


It's great to be back! Been fighting the "urges" but once again I caved. The whole fucking reason I started was bc I LOVE BRUTAL BLOODY RAPE. I gave up bc not many of my fans whom I LOVE were digging the bloody stuff but I hope they can understand that its my favorite fetish <3


I can definitely do it. Give me time and I'll make it. \m/


That sounds lovely! I love the idea of a lil corpse suspended in the air being defiled by a hard cock. =]


If he turns her around he can hold her by just one tit and drops her onto his hard cock, rupturing the vagina. With impaled he can bit her tit off - nipples first. And then punch her in the face.


Leave the titties alone man lol


haha we all have our fetishes. They are only there as fun bags for us to use and destroy as we wish. She don't need them anymore



seems legit, thank you for all of your work


File: 1571685342546.jpg (1.65 MB, 2400x1938, 1416752892006.jpg)

I was also thinking like impales and suspended on the cock like waldo



That's a great pic Funnybizness



I would really like to see her face with the same picture in full growth.

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