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File: 1571057570181.png (5.86 KB, 1080x908, black.png)


it feels really awkward

and.. sorry for no thumbnail


I see why it is awkward.

but it was interesting to watch :)


So hot! Please make neck snap snuff!


My friend, your work is beautiful! Keep it up! I hope you will continue to get the same cool videos ))


This is not awkward, it was actually very well done, the animation was very smooth.

I don't know if you plan to keep on making those, in case you do i have one small suggestion, after the victim dies instead of making her completely still make her twitch instead.

You could also expand the movies with things like necrophilia or gutting if you want to waste more time on those


Dude, if this is awkward or bad to you I want to see something thats okay from you. Good job


The arrow first-person pov was awesome, keep it up!


The animation and originality is great. The only "awkward" part for me is the strong sound effect for the shot, kinda like a blackpowder gunshot. Though I don't play FPS so maybe that's normal nowadays.

I hope you do more.


Wow that's actually pretty great and if it's your first time attempting to make a video like this then it's amazing. I can see why you'd might think it's a bit awkward, but I don't think it's anywhere near as awkward/bad as you think it is. The animation and facial expression are both great and the arrow pov is amazing and also something unique and different that I haven't really seen before. The only thing I feel like is really missing is some blood but that doesn't take away from the positives.

I would love to see more from you in the future if you have any plans to do so, since I feel like if you started making some semi-frequently you could be as good as OP or EVMC.


That's really good. I'd be very interested in seeing more.


Dont go into the realm of scat tho pls or beheadings.. my least fav guro genres. But convulsions and limp play you have my vote. Loved the facial animations in this and the eyes! 10/10


Don't know about awkward stuff, this video is great! The animations are smooth and the idea is really cool


It may be awkward at first, but over time you'll get the hang of it.


Very good for a first animation


>not liking beheadings
I understand the scat part but what's with advicing a guro artist not to do beheadings? That's fucked up.


Probably just preference like anything else but I see their point. Some people like the body to be fully intact and others like me dont enjoy things like booby mutilations. Like leave them titties alone lul everyones different. But love anything that has to do with the eyes rolling back. Ya know?


Incredible job


This is absolutely amazing! Really love her expression and posture changes, lovely details! Plz consider make more Overwatch or other animation. And some Mei if you want :D



Eyes rolling back/white eyes is really what ties gurobros together.


Very good for such a simple attempt! Hope to see more Anon!


Okay so awkward is slang for AMAZING? I'll remember that =)


Absolutely godlike, give us more!


the rolling eyes and twitching gives me life, bro,


Wow this was really good


This is absolutely amazing


Holy shit this is actually really great! Keep making more stuff like this pls!


Hey, this is pretty good


Gotta get more of this


more when?


Please dont be a one-hit-wonder, and I really hope this guy has something in the making.


Very good! I like it! :)


Dont listen to this cringey fuck hes posting all over about evmc.


File: 1581426412563.png (486.92 KB, 1920x1080, THUMB.png)!ukJTVY5S!yTRttkse34Gpoi2N5b82116SlUkXk6aDbXoZAq0z9Fo

it's been a while.
this might be scary. or am i too concerned at GUROchan?

anyway, i can't guarantee when the next will be. of course i'll be back someday. but don't wait me coming back. i just want to be forgotten naturally.

…Did google translated well..?



From your comment i seem to understand that you are somehow scared of gurochan, you shouldn't be we are all friendly here, we all share similar kinks and you are also anonymous so worry not my friend

Now talking about the animation, well there's not much i can say this is almost peak SFM and i think is harder to do any better honestly, my only complain is that the killer didn't fuck the corpse but that's just my fetish, technically speaking I think it's perfect.

As you requested i will forget you until you'll post a new video… farewell :D


That's some really high quality animation, I just wish that there were some closer angles of the stabbing and more necro action afterwards like tode suggested. Either way it's great stuff.

As for gurochan I don't really know what you have to fear, I feel a large part of the community focuses on the FANTASY aspects of the genre. It's why real images/edits aren't allowed here. I don't think many of us actually want to go out and do these terrible things to real people, and anyone that does are the ones that actually need medical help.

Hope you return in the future, you're off to a much better start in quality than most guro animators.


actually, i meant the animation could be frightning. i always have no worries for coming here. sorry my engrish bad.

but thank you for your all positive feedbacks!



Oooooh there was a misunderstanding then.

Don't worry about scaring someone here, the more extreme the animation the better it is for us (or at least me eheh)


To be honest, I love your animations! Just wish there was a sex follow up to them :(


Not gonna lie, you're probably the best animator on this site.


I don't think they meant that they're worried the guro content in the video might be too extreme for some people.

I think they mean that since the video is kind of made like a horror movie, especially near the beginning and the end, that it might scare some people.


Absolutely love the animation. It's very high quality compared to most animations here and just most animations in general, and I can tell you put a lot of work in to it.

I especially love the way she stumbles after being stabbed and then watching her lay on the ground twitching and slowly dying.

Like others said I wouldn't have minded seeing some necro sex after she was dead, but honestly I was fine without it since the animation and death was so detailed.

What I would have liked to seen was some different angles as she got stabbed, as she was walking, and as her head was cut off. It also would've been nice to have a few closeups of her face to see her expression.

Either way I still loved the animation and will be happy to see more of whatever you decide to make in the future :)



This is so sick, a fucking masterpiece if you ask me.


Wow that was so fucking good, so smooth, so realistic.
I love it.


Yup, nothing to say about this piece other than it's fucking amazing. It's honestly what I have always been trying to find, just detailed death animations.


This is great!


Hey, I don't know If you know about my thread. I do highly edited music videos using animations from artists in this site. Would you mind if I use some of yours in my future PMV's?


File: 1582794751115.png (1.57 MB, 1920x1080, THUMB.png)

1. Sequence!m4onzSDR!6Hp8psEVk8SwpZ4vCs3S1KZksh4D5YxOcg9GYNVzb8M

2. Loop!eshRTaIL!zKhmp7aB4Peb_NNDLTDGP2HnKM9JKIwsEON5A8fSkAY

I've always wondered why there wasn't enough guro animations using Kokoro. so i made this.
But unfortunatly, I had no time for sound editing. Sorry for this weird silence. I think making animations is always time-consuming work, and I have my normal life too…

sounds great! you can use it anyway, anytime.

and great appreciation for all these messages!


File: 1582795300621.png (1.86 MB, 1920x1080, THUMB2.png)


Oh, I forgot to say important words.
Kokoro is SO ADORABLE! zzz


Please make more! Your animations are such good quality, I look forward to seeing more of your works.


Yes she's adorable. And the animation is impeccable. Sorry if this was asked, do you have a subscriberstar account set up or similar? I'll be happy to throw something your way.


Holy Moly Man, these animations are amazing!! Keep up the good stuff!


Very nice :)



These are AMAZING. Keep going pal.

Though hopin you could do some gorey gut stuff.


NICE great job can't wait to see more from you, thank you a lot for sharing


Love the limp physics and already see improvement and hope this guy keeps going. He's a godsend in this guro animation drought.


This is incredibly good. You are very talented. And yeah, animating is very time consuming. But you really create some high quality stuff. Looking forward to seeing what you bring next time.


I might like more brutality on her body as well


File: 1584238674940.png (848.24 KB, 1920x1080, THUMB.png)

Spent only a day. So the details aren't satisfying.



File: 1584241046013.png (313.88 KB, 490x781, cuttbutt.png)


I love it!


damn, this is perfect

do you think it’s a possibility that you could add multiple camera angles


This is top notch. If anything I'd complain about I think it's that the movements maybe feel a bit too over exaggerated, especially how far her knees go apart as she's pressed all the way down. But otherwise I think it's very well done, the way she goes instantly limp is perfect.


This is very good. Just the movement is a little too fast at the end. Not very believable. Sound would be nice too


Sorry about the sound part. I had it mutted. Its pretty good


If you can do this in just one day then you are exactly what i was looking for, another valid SFM guro maker together with OP and Mango, i am happy more animators are deciding to share their works since i love SFM guro.

I have to ask you the important question, do you (or will you) do ideas/suggestions or even straight up commission?


Niiice. Personally I'd love to see some final moment spasms but that's down to personal opinions. Good work with synching the sound


I absolutley love how she just droops down and her arms fall all limp when she gets snapped and great death stare after. Only thing I can say to improve is having more facetime with her! Amazing stuff!


It's funny how people always think they have to add the "I think you could improve this and that blabla..". Obviously animators do what they like to do and if someone does an animation in one day, of course he has to copy keyframs with this length. Just enjoy the damn work.


Easily one of my favorite animations. I love the way she stumbles and struggles on the ground. Keep them coming~


More headshots!


It's called constructive criticism. It is a concept as old as time and people usually take it to improve themselves or their work.That doesn't mean we don't like it. Get it? ;)


English is not their native language, it might be a culture difference too.
Can't blame him.


Now this is awesome! Thanks for sharing! Have you considered to do more StreetFighter girls? Menat is sweet!


I love how you're doing actual animations and fast paced stuff like that while many others, while also doing good animations, resort to small and slow loops of necro fucking of something.
Even that one day clip is just amazing!


"The movement is a little too fast at the end", "having more facetime with her", blabla. This is not constructive criticism, this is criticism in hope to see more of a desired fetish.

And movement wise it is what I mentioned before, the OP already told everyone he did this in one day so why would you expect a pitch perfect animation where everything is unique and edited manually? Obviously people here don't know how much effort it takes to create an animation.
If you animate at this level you know yourself that the movement at the end doesn't look realistically, it is a compromiss you take regarding the time. So, let's just enjoy the fantastic work and let him do whatever he wants; he shares this for free so why would we even have the right to put our fetishes above his desires?


I think in one day this is the best anyone could do tbh, this artist already showed what he can do so no point in criticizing a little work that he could have easily not shared at all.

Take this as a treat for his next big movie


Imagine being butthurt over comments meant for another person. Are you the creator? Nah just some comment white knight. Maybe he takes what you call "unneccesary critism" and thinks to himself "good idea". You don't know. Its a fucking comment section, do you want us to never give any feedback at all? Weird dude. He can choose to take whatever is being said and ignore it if he wants, and maybe theres an idea or two he didnt think of that he'll now incorporate. Some people dude. Only see there view of something.



You should relax we can share our hopinions as much as the other guys, none of the "criticisms" i've seen here look valid to me and they are definitely not constructive, this is just my hopinion, wrong or right


You still don't understand it huh?
Of course you can share your thoughts, it's just annoying to read this bs in every other thread. Everyone always share their fetishes in hope that animators would make an animation just for their desires. Most animators do what they like to do and share it for free over here cause they are kind.

There is a reason that some good animators disappeared from Gurochan and share their work on other sites only, I've had personal contact with many of them as I animate myself but not guro. Keep continuing what you do and more might disappear, I really don't care bro.


I can see how micromanaging small things or aspects of their work can be annoying to read, "it was too fast at the end", etc, but asking things like "can you do this or that" should be well in range of acceptability and the creator can choose to implement or ignore it completely. Of course creators here post their stuff for free and its amazing and we're all grateful, or most of us are at least. Is it really too far to go and ASK not demand, for things in a comment section? I mean isn't that to be expected in any open forum? Idk. But this guy is amazing and hope he doesn't have some weak constituion where every little thing makes him upset when he reads it. He's probably a normal guy who doesn't overthink things, at least hopefully.



An animator quitting a whole platform just because people made requests? I am sorry but this is pretty childish/arrogant by them, different people have different fetishes but very few do SFM animations so it makes sense that in a post you get people asking them to do this or that, it's even worse because requests are just left there, they don't even get any notification and they can just skip them instead they've decided to migrate entirely… just wow

I hope in their new platforms no one dares to make requests to them or they might migrate again 😂


Honestly this is my favorite one so far. The animation style is a bit frantic, but I think that actually helps.

Also deadly sex is by far my favorite guro type, so that definitely helps too. Great work!


Its great the most movement so far and the physics are looking good. Hes a blessing



Yo, Tode, I see you there! Shout-out for being all nice and stuff! Keep being cool, man, you're probably one of the nicest critics I've seen on this site. Kudos to you!



Oh, and Anon? This animation is FANTASTIC! I can't wait to see more of your work!



Oooh thank oyu kind anon


More menat please!!


Just throwing ideas around, maybe a morgue like scenario where the characters limp body is used facing up on a table or something with her upper body drooping/ragdolling and arms flailing around. His physics are really improving for instance in the body snap animation where her arms just dead weight fall from being crushed.

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