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it feels really awkward

and.. sorry for no thumbnail


I see why it is awkward.

but it was interesting to watch :)


So hot! Please make neck snap snuff!


My friend, your work is beautiful! Keep it up! I hope you will continue to get the same cool videos ))


This is not awkward, it was actually very well done, the animation was very smooth.

I don't know if you plan to keep on making those, in case you do i have one small suggestion, after the victim dies instead of making her completely still make her twitch instead.

You could also expand the movies with things like necrophilia or gutting if you want to waste more time on those


Dude, if this is awkward or bad to you I want to see something thats okay from you. Good job


The arrow first-person pov was awesome, keep it up!


The animation and originality is great. The only "awkward" part for me is the strong sound effect for the shot, kinda like a blackpowder gunshot. Though I don't play FPS so maybe that's normal nowadays.

I hope you do more.


Wow that's actually pretty great and if it's your first time attempting to make a video like this then it's amazing. I can see why you'd might think it's a bit awkward, but I don't think it's anywhere near as awkward/bad as you think it is. The animation and facial expression are both great and the arrow pov is amazing and also something unique and different that I haven't really seen before. The only thing I feel like is really missing is some blood but that doesn't take away from the positives.

I would love to see more from you in the future if you have any plans to do so, since I feel like if you started making some semi-frequently you could be as good as OP or EVMC.


That's really good. I'd be very interested in seeing more.


Dont go into the realm of scat tho pls or beheadings.. my least fav guro genres. But convulsions and limp play you have my vote. Loved the facial animations in this and the eyes! 10/10


Don't know about awkward stuff, this video is great! The animations are smooth and the idea is really cool


It may be awkward at first, but over time you'll get the hang of it.


Very good for a first animation


>not liking beheadings
I understand the scat part but what's with advicing a guro artist not to do beheadings? That's fucked up.


Probably just preference like anything else but I see their point. Some people like the body to be fully intact and others like me dont enjoy things like booby mutilations. Like leave them titties alone lul everyones different. But love anything that has to do with the eyes rolling back. Ya know?


Incredible job


This is absolutely amazing! Really love her expression and posture changes, lovely details! Plz consider make more Overwatch or other animation. And some Mei if you want :D



Eyes rolling back/white eyes is really what ties gurobros together.


Very good for such a simple attempt! Hope to see more Anon!


Okay so awkward is slang for AMAZING? I'll remember that =)


Absolutely godlike, give us more!


the rolling eyes and twitching gives me life, bro,


Wow this was really good


This is absolutely amazing


Holy shit this is actually really great! Keep making more stuff like this pls!


Hey, this is pretty good


Gotta get more of this


more when?


Please dont be a one-hit-wonder, and I really hope this guy has something in the making.


Very good! I like it! :)


Learn from EVMC! U'll become the second-best!


Dont listen to this cringey fuck hes posting all over about evmc.

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