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Hey everyone, i'm beginning my animation journey into r34, and more specifically guro r34.

This is going to be a post for anything I make, and I would love if people could help provide feedback. I need as much constructive feedback as I can get.

Got a simple eyefuck to share. It's a wip, and the lighting is not even set up, but I was hoping to get some feedback on the animation itself as a start.


Do you have a different angle? Could just be me, but I don't feel like I can really see what's going on here.


hey, that's pretty good. Tho I like full videos more than loops, but that's a good loop anyway!


I think you already know yourself what can be improved like adding some blood on the face and making camera move around

also you should make penis move from side to side to follow eye socket

It is all good as a test. Just consider that I will be waiting for your other animations too.


it's good start, maybe play with a better angle. So far it's great.


I've done a bit more work, there's a few things that I could pick at, but we'll see.

Not really familiar with lighting composition, but for now it's passable to me.

Blood drip is a wip, I've worked out the basic concept for it and will be using it in future renders.

I'll be sticking to loops for now, I am a fan of sequences myself but I'm not confident I could put one together at the moment. Time is kind of a premium unfortunately.


Loop A -

Loop B1 -
Loop B2 (imgur link) -


The B2 loop is my favorite. It's not to shaky and feels rather nature to watch.


File: 1571805681712.png (7.92 MB, 1920x1080, 243t43tg54g.png)

So i'm working on my next animation but i've run into an issue. I can't seem to figure out how to get the skin of the penis to look like it's moving.

If anyone has any advice on how to accomplish this in sfm, it would be greatly appreciated. I've been playing around with it for quite a bit and haven't found a suitable method.



It can be a hard effect to see without more texture on the penis model, but I have two potential solutions for you:

-Make a duplicate of the penis model and lock all the bones of the new model to the original. Hide the original model and animate the locked sections f the new one you want to "move" from there. It's how I usually animate a more foreskin like effect or any minor offsets like twitching I don't want to effect my main animation too much

-Another solution is to lock the bone that controls the penis head to a bone two or three bones down the hierarchy, and then animate the bones inbetween. This keeps the head in place while getting a shifting effect


Thanks OP, I was trying the lock method initially but wasn't having much luck with it. Interesting.

I'll try the duplicate model method if the above fails, I hadn't thought of it like that.


Not really a fan of how it's ended up. The animation didn't really end up looking like what I wanted it to in my head.

I'll probably revert to right before I started animating past the basic animation. I felt like initially it was too stiff, but now it feels like there is way too much unnecessary movement added to it.

So I ended up bouncing between too stiff, and too animated with weird movements. Wasn't going to touch the lighting if I wasn't happy with the animation.

As a side note, OP the advice you gave me actually worked out for doing what i wanted, thank you. It'll definitely help in future animation.

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