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A new story about two extraordinary sisters
No deaths this time ;)


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I started making those series quite some time ago but still did not get to the guro part.

Still decided to post what I have and I will make the rest later

They are based on one of my roleplay discussion and they will get pretty extreme :)


Well, she found a handy cup holder for her soda. Haha! I thought she might shake it up and stick the other end of the bottle in.


Oh, another work of Onix the Great!

I already like where this story is going, keep continuing!


keep continuing!



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Ok the story continues until the most interesting moment like usual :)
But don't worry they will not get shot on the next picture because they are not black ;)


Amazing work as usual. I hope one of them ends up losing a nipple or a clit


Or Cop losind his dick or balls



It's been days since last bump……
So let's bump a lil bit shall we?While I fapp with these glorious contents I just keep thinking of days ago DAZ studio burn my DELL Inspiron 7577 into ash :(


Still the same, you start something and then it has no end.


Sorry Noname, but Onix has recently shown some slight improvement on that issue. I keep staying hopefull that somewhere in the near future we can all complete many of Onix's marvellous stories… ;-)


This story ran into some strange technical problems.
The new DAZ version is crashing over and over.
I barely can do anything at all and this is probably the most complex work of all I ever done.
So I may put it on halt until I find some solution for that crash problem and do something else.


Good luck! We'll be looking forward to another of your whacky stories whenever that's possible!


My dear Onix, if the new shoes don't fit, just put on the old ones….
All of your art represents quite a gigantic repository of which you undoubtedly have a back-up, including the software you produced it with.


The silence is deafening………



Some updates For those who are interested in this series:
The problem with Daz crashing was finally solved with the new nvidia driver and now everything works fine.
But now there is another "problem" I slightly underestimated how much work this story will require, so expect a pretty big delay.


You have all our attention, so?


We are waiting for more of this… It's so promising!


Onix awakens? Be still, my beating heart…..


By the way, what happened to these lovely girls?


You mean what happened in the story, or what happened to this story? :)

Like I said before it turned out to be quite a bit harder than I expected to continue it

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