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First full animation with sound using SFM. Today's victim Nidalee. Method: Asphyxiation. Enjoy.


Really impressed if this is your first SFM anim. You're going to go a long way!

Be careful when it comes to posting your stuff on Tumblr though, as Snuff doesn't seem to be tolerated there (my first Tumblr account got banned because of it).


Thank you so much! Holy cow I'm going to fan boy really quick, I'm a huge huge fan of your work Pestilence! I'm a patreon and everything so your words mean a lot to me! Please keep making amazing content. Your artistic vision and attention to detail is top notch. I now know how long it really takes to make half an animation as good as yours is lol.

And oh whew thanks for the heads up! Idk where I should post my videos cuz it seems no where tolerates our creations. Contemplating on investing in a go daddy website.


try the ik rig if you want i can teach you how to use that noose a bit better


I can't see it.
I need a special program?


Not bad. She dies awfully fast on the noose though, my suggestion would be to either give her a struggling loop animation when shes being towed up, which eventually ends in her going limp, or simply tie her hands to her back, which is much easier to animate and doesnt even probably require her to struggle all that much.


Nice. Especialy for the first time.

TIme for negative comments: Her hairs were not animated but in the first half of the video her hair occupy half of the screen. Bad choice, probably pulling the hair and showing bit of face would have been better.

I understand they are not on a trian but for the whole video I was thinking: it would be cool if instead of the house they were on the last vagon of a moving train.

Usauly i care very little about the sound but during the fucking you were using 2 sound effects. You noice the same sound effect looped at it annys you. And they started and ended too abruptly.

Other then that aesome work.

Hell Now Even I want to downlaod SFM and make something.


The whole point of a noose is to break the neck so the victim dies pretty much instantaneously.


That's only standard- and long-drop hangings, relatively recent developments (Victorian era). Before that and in amateur hangings (lynchings and suicides), the short-drop hanging was used and that killed over minutes due to strangulation/suffocation



Nice work, especially for first animation. What is your stance on loli? I so wish someone would animate something ryona-like with plethora of SFM lolis that are out there. It's a shame that Pestilence can't do it since he lives in Australia, even though he tolerates the notion of it (which is rare as hell).


Nice so far, always good to see a new creator here :) Welcome!


Nice so far, always good to see a new creator here :) Welcome!


File: 1452842306905.jpeg (620.28 KB, 1600x900, trackedposter.jpeg)

Hey thanks for all the postive feedback, welcomes, and critques! I'll take them and improve from here on out.

>>3405 I'm really not a big loli person but hey if there's a big enough want for it I might just make it.

Here is a preview of the next lengthy animation I'm working on.
Side note: Going to stop posting guro on tumblr after this and only put vanilla stuff (thanks Pestilence for the word of caution), but I'll be sure to keep you all in the loop as to where it will be uploaded.


>I'm really not a big loli person but hey if there's a big enough want for it

Well I'd love if you did even the smallest thing with SFM lolis, anything you're comfortable with. I just found myself attached to SFM lolis too much, even though there are plenty of loli guro out there i just want to see something like that with those models specifically, isn't it weird?


Looking good, are you going to do full dismemberment type stuff?


>>3422 Haha nothing's weird. We get off to guro lol. I'll try and conjure up something for you boss!

>>3423 Most definitely! But... in the near future. It would require a little more time to start working with 3D modeling programs and actually editing them. That's where I'd like to eventually head though!


File: 1452981437444.jpeg (948.83 KB, 1600x900, ReKasLoopPoster.jpeg)

To kick off the Vanilla content:

Don't worry I'm still working on the more delicious version.


File: 1453105577536.jpeg (717.39 KB, 1600x900, KasumiGangedPoster.jpeg)

Here's the more crackin' version of my Kasumi Animation!


Can you post that kasumi break Time video in webm or pomf or something mega won't let me play the video


File: 1453611660636.jpeg (454.79 KB, 1600x900, yenneferPreview.jpeg)

Preview of another upcoming animation. THere's a blizzard going on where I am so I'll be animating lots.


And sorry it plays twice as fast for some reason.



that's hot


File: 1453684079321.jpeg (870.76 KB, 1600x900, yenneferCumshotPreview.jpeg)

Guess what's done my fellow snuffheads?!

The Yennefer Cold Blooded animation!

You can check it out on my guro only blog at:

Or download it directly here:!84UiAQAA!L84x9Z9SffVc32wpRBSU3mmoKO1DZ1fgxfTK8QSG578

Like what you see? Hate the watermark? Consider helping me out and supporting me on Patreon!


And if you're scared of downloading you can watch it here

Don't know why the audio is always gets out of place whenever I upload to Naughty Machinima but yeah. Here's a link to stream to show you what was inside that download.


RopeDart, great work! I love this stuff. Especially the back break. I hate to be greedy but your work is so good, do you think it's possible one day to expand on that kasumi back break? Maybe make the back bend longer and more tense and strange and hear each vertabrae popping before she falls to the ground and twitches, jiggles and pisses. Wish I had your talent man. SFM is a real step forward for guro. By the way where can I get started on SFM if I wanted to give it a good ol' college try?


Nice. As people mentioned before the telecamera moves too much/jerky. I love how it focuses on the important parts of what is happening but maybe having it moving slower would have been better.


Is there a download version of Nidalee?


Oh fuck yeah! As Anon said, I'd love to see some moar detail on that Kasumi back break. It's such a sexy pose, and you don't see it that often in guro (I can think of maybe one or two good examples offhand, and that's it)

Also, do you take victim requests?


these are the best i've ever seen holy shit


Does anyone have reuploads of thise two? Links are dead


Please do more work, RopeDart.
You're awesome


nice finally some chocking whilst deepthroating something


any chance of a reupload?


links are dead.. still


can anyone reupload his animations? i was a patron for two monthes or only like 3 links two of which were dead.



downloading has been disabled...



File: 1472630182618.jpeg (236 KB, 1600x900, poster.jpeg)

Shit. I'm so sorry guys for being mia.
And my bad I didn't know my links were dead I'll try to fix that tomorrow.

Anyways! Here's my current project and gif of it.

Surprise! I'm back.


Don't know why she starts groping herself before she got her ass handed to her but I like it! Love your work man, can't wait to see the rest of it.


Anyway we could get a reupload of all his animations? I lost my folder and all the links are dead. :'(


Specifically his HD Nidalee asphyxiation animation, and the Kasumi animation in post #3473. Thanks!


i wonder... this work is still in progress ? long time since your last work!
i think this one is gonna be a good one


can you re-upload kasumi. all the links are dead again

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