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Some WOW guro content



hey this is actually good, the quality of the animation is nice and i hope you might add audio to your next animations.

Also since you're on pixiv i suggest you to use japanese tags over english one (even japanese titles would't be bad) so more people will find your works, me included i am there and never found you at all 😣


Fucking awesome! This begs for a scat version



Nice! Expecting more!


I second that, EVMC style!




Agreed! He must squeze her shit out first before he can properly fuck her ass!



File: 1572566118164.jpg (513.19 KB, 1200x675, 77587741_p0_master1200.jpg)

Happy Halloween everyone!

New video!


This was nice and good job not listening to those scat lovers, too niche but good work here.


Do you think you could make a hanging + footjob video? Those feet are primo


So, this author delete his profile and works, anyone knows what happened?



personally i don't know what happened to him and i'm a bit sad since i've enjoyed his animations.

I hope is just something temporary and he might come back soon


Anyone save all these vids?

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