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Wonder Woman: Hell to Pay

Story by: Sinbad
Art by: The Orginal Badger

Wonder Woman flew over the scene of the battle raging throughout Metropolis, searching for any other superheroes that could still fight. Diving into a swarm of hell spawn that were attacking a group of clustered police officers, the Amazon spun herself into a drill that both struck down the demons and sent them flying into the hard-concrete buildings on either side. Helping the exhausted boys in blue to their feet, she could hardly avoid seeing their collective eyes mentally undressing her in her skintight uniform. Hearing an impressive chorus of gunfire happening a few streets over, the Princess leapt into the air and flew to the source of the new firefight.
Her blue eyes scanned the street below her, expecting to see the likes of the Suicide Squad or even Lex Luthor battling the swarms of demons below. Seeing a set of green power-armor mixed in with the sprawling mass of black and red flesh, Wonder Woman flew in for a closer look. The man in the power armor was unknown to her, but his sheer skill in shooting, dismembering and butchering the invading army made Diana hope he was there to help. She had almost reached the hot asphalt below when a stinging pain covered her armored back, unaware of the skeletal demons shooting at her from their raised positions. Putting the demon slaying “Doom guy” aside for the moment, the Champion of women rolled in midair and began blocking the heavy barrage of gunfire from the creatures, each movement sending the projectiles right back at the shooter that had fired them.
Her long, black ponytail whipped through the air as she landed and proceed to pummeled the surviving monsters into submission. While not afraid of killing, Batman’s relentless lectures about mercy had worn the warrior down, giving her more inclination to spare the soul-scarring hell spawn’s lives. It was a choice that quickly got her into trouble however, as more and more demons appeared on the roof and rushed her athletic body. Piling on top of the already struggling Amazon, Wonder Woman gasped as her tight blue leggings were ripped from her marbled thighs, leaving her suddenly exposed! Swinging back both of her gauntlet covered arm, the woman finally cleared the mass atop her by sending them airborne before flying up herself, giving the beasts, surviving cops and anyone else still alive a clear view of her clean-shaven pussy and asshole. Wonder Woman was about to fly back into the fray when a massive monster, well over 15 feet tall climbed from the ground in a parking lot. Seeing that this new unholy creation would cause more damage than any of the smaller beasts, she flew as fast as she could to engage the super-demon in Mortal Kombat.
The air cracked from the speed at which Wonder Woman flew through it, her speed and force built up so much that she felt she could end the monster with a single blow. Her hopes were dashed quickly however, as the semi-mechanical beast had heard her coming and raised a massive clawed hand to intercept her bottomless form. Diana’s raised fists slapped hard into the leathery palms of the beast and even managed to force it backwards! A huge foot stumbled over a battered pick up truck and smashed it, just as WW swing her hard fist forwards and hit the beast in it’s horrifying face. The colossal hell spawn countered her attack by swiping its armored fist into her pretty face, the simple blow being enough to send the brazen Amazon crashing into the ground. Struggling to her feet, Diana groaned as 2 of the smaller demons from the roof jumped on her again and tore at her tall boots, ripping the coverings off some difficulty. As soon as they succeeded however, WW was ready to fight again and grabbed both demons by their skeletal throats and tossed them back towards the city.
Wonder Woman turned around, eager to beat the giant to death for the insulting slap, Batman’s words long forgotten by that time. Diana jumped up into the air, punching the beast under its sharp jaw and then its throat with enough force to split the durable skin! The hell spawn bellowed with pain and rage as the athletic warrior beat it bloody with each strike. Swinging its large arms around as fast as it’s mechanical components would allow, it contained to cry out in fury as the Amazon darted around the robotic limbs and pummeled it further. Diana, eager to kill the demon flew her exposed body up and took hold of a huge horn attached to the creature’s haunting face, giving every bit of strength she could muster to tear its head off completely! As she cried out and strained her impressive muscles, the warrior entered tunnel vision so acute, she didn’t see the same 2 hell spawn that had torn her boots off sprinting towards her.
The Princess howled with glee as the wicked horn began to give way and shifted from its place in the beast’s skull. Tugging ever harder, the attack was stopped suddenly as the 2 demons grabbed her full figure in their leathery hands and tore her away from their comrade, tackling her and taking her to the ground once again. Diana hit the hard asphalt directly on her head, the heavy brass tiara doing nothing but cutting into her scalp. Dazed and weary from the sudden head trauma, Wonder Woman could barely respond as the 2 rolled her onto her broad, chiseled back and ripped her heavy breastplate from her chest, showing off her perfect breasts to the sadistic monsters. Allowing the brass armor to hang from her crimson corset, both turned their gaze to the enraged super demon who was holding a long piece of rebar and a chain with a collapsing hook on its end. Nodding at their comrade, all 3 began Wonder Woman’s final humiliation.
Diana offered only feeble resistance as the 2 smaller monsters dragged her bare feet to their horned heads. Prodding the thick soles with their black horns, both grabbed her ankles and ripped her toned legs apart, getting a cry of pain from their enemy as her tired muscled ripped from the act. Setting the sharp piece of steel at the entrance to her tight cunt, the 2 demons howled with sadistic glee as their over-sized cyborg pal rammed the pointy end through her wonderful body completely, the point slamming out her open mouth! Wonder Woman’s bright eyes shot open as she was fully run through from crotch to head and let a few tears fall to the ground as her guts and organs were pierced. Feeling the spit moving inside her stellar body, the Amazon’s princess tried and failed to let out a scream.
The super-demon lifted the dying warrior high into the air, her rich blood flowing freely from her tortured form as the 2 other creatures finished securing the chain’s hook to the end of the spit via bailing wire. Hopping down, the duo took hold of the bloody stick and pulled, watching with glee as each thick link of the chain spread the woman’s cunt open more and more as they passed through her dying body. Diana, almost completely numb, finally felt the bulbous point of the hook resting against the bottom of her powerful heart and sent a final, desperate plea to Hera for any help. Her prayer went unanswered, as soon as she finished the thought both hell spawn ripped on the spit and forced the thick point though her heart, killing her! All 3 let out a deep chuckle as their victim went limp on the chain, her limbs falling down and resting as the bloody hook finally cleared her full lips and held her in place. Spreading the 4 points into their open position, the 3 looked at their macabre art piece with intrigue.
Knowing there was still much to do, the 3 hung the impaled Amazon over a streetlight and trudged forwards, unaware that their long-hated enemy was sprinting directly at them. The 2 hell spawn heard the heavy thuds of a menacing war suit and whistled at the hulking Cyberdemon for aid. The beast, still shaking its head from the beatings that the superheroine had left on him dragged its attention upwards. Seeing his legendary opponent getting closer and gripped a combat shotgun, the super-demon charged forwards as well. Shotgun pellets bounced off his armored hide as Doomguy emptied his weapon with a furious focus on killing the overlord of the hell spawn. The Cyberdemon, well aware of his sole purpose of creation swung his long, heavy arm down and caught the immortal space marine in the chest piece, wounding the terror of demons and sending him flying backwards, landing right atop the crushed truck that the colossus was on earlier.
Stomping on the sprawled hell-slayer, the Cyber demon returned his attention to Wonder Woman and motioned for his acolytes to continue their work, confident that its forces would take the city. The closest demon nodded its goat-like head and approached the spitted Amazon, opening its hand and flexing its clawed fingers with glee. Running his leathery skin over the taught abs underneath the crimson corset, the demon cackled and pressed its pointer in, cutting through the fabric and piercing the durable skin and muscle beneath. Satisfied he was deep enough, the sadistic monster flashed his sharp nail down and stood aside as Diana’s guts sprayed out
Tearing out the mess of entrails, organs, tendons and other viscera, the demon butcher looked around and saw him comrade playing with a hubcap on the ground, Annoyed, he picked up the warriors mutilated heart and threw it at the distracted hell spawn, impaling the torn organ on the beast’s horn. Seeing its friend trying to shake of the bloody muscle, the butcher reached inside Wonder Woman’s hollow torso and playfully shook the chain inside, making her mutilated corpse dance for itself. Nodding to the Cyberdemon, the butcher watched the hulking colossus raise its massive foot and slammed down upon the Doom Slayer, stomping until blood burst from the sealed war suit and covered the destroyed truck. Done with their task, the Cyber demon slung the suspended body over its robotic shoulder and walked off into the city, content to destroy the populace with their Heroine’s desecrated corpse hanging from its back


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Mordin's New Toys
Story by @DeathstalkerLives
Art by @The Original Badger

Jack's biotic capabilities couldn't protect her from the drugs in her food. Mordin Solus waited for her to slump unconscious before scooping her up and carrying her to his lab. The disgruntled ex-prisoner hadn't made any friends since she'd arrived on the Normandy, making her a convenient choice for his experiment. Stripping away her minimal clothing, Mordin prepared the control unit he'd constructed and then got down to the dirty work. The laser scalpel cauterized as it sliced through Jack's throat, resulting in a surprising lack of blood as he promptly and smoothly decapitated the woman. He set her head aside and worked the control unit into place over the stump of her neck. Powering the device up, he ran through a brief diagnostic, thrilled as Jack's body sat up and moved about with jerky but effective motion. Directing the animated corpse to bend over the operating table and spread her firm buttocks, Mordin freed his stiff prick and celebrated the success by squeezing into Jack's tight asshole.
With Jack's headless sex doll safely tucked away, Mordin Solus set out to expand his harem. The Japanese thief Kasumi Goto wasn't as disliked as Jack had been, but she liked to keep to herself. It would take some time before anyone on the ship noticed she'd gone missing. He gained entrance to her quarters under the guise of a quick checkup. He feigned a scientific interest in the katana she had on display, asking about it as he lifted the weapon off its stand and unsheathed it. Kasumi barely had a chance to begin speaking before Mordin spun on her, slashing the blade through her neck. Shock filled her eyes, parted lips twitching as her head rolled away from her body. There was significantly more blood than there had been with Jack, but Mordin had the skills and chemicals to clean up the evidence of Kasumi's death. Within the hour, her naked body was fitted with a control unit of its own and the disturbed scientist was testing out just how limber the young thief was as he plunged his way into her soft cunt while she stood balanced on one foot, her other leg stretched up vertically into the air.
After collecting Jack and Kasumi, Mordin was feeling quite confident in his abilities. It had been the beauty of Miranda Lawson that had driven him to the obsession of transforming women into headless sex dolls. It seemed only fair that she became the next member of his collection. He found the woman in her office and made up a story about wanting her to take a look at some findings he'd made. He moved behind her as she pulled up the file on her terminal. The sound of her shocked gasp as the image of Jack and Kasumi's headless bodies grinding their damp cunts against one another brought a smile to Mordin's face. He slammed the wrench into the back of Miranda's head with enough force to crack her skull. She dropped over her desk, shuddering from the sudden brain trauma, but not dying. Mordin pulled her up and slung her over his shoulder, hurrying back to his lab. Her dazed eyes stared up at him, barely comprehending what was happening as he removed her head. He lined up his three trophies, admiring their varied yet equally sexy bodies, eager to see just how many more he could add to his collection.


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Good work. My only suggestion for improvement for that specific render would be Mordin holding Jack's corpse up by the harness so we can see her tits.

On a sidenote… I have to play mASS Effect again soon ;D



Great suggestion and thank you! I'll do a revamp tonight :)



Great work, +1 on Mass Effect, great world and lore to do this kind of art plus you know, femshep best shep.
Sorry if im talking out of my ass but at least to me stories matter, I do like you know the usual 10 second loops and all that and also the stills like you do but at the end of the day I love the stories.
I dont know how hard it is to create and render pics like you do but have you ever thought about doing a comic or something along those lines? you have the story down already.
Again, im probably talking out of my ass but yeah, just saying, creating sort of a comic would be fucking aweome, your story and the pics that go along with it.
Anyways, great work man, keep it up!



Thank you I really appreciate your feedback. The stories are written by one of our channel members – Sinbad. He's an excellent writer and goes above and beyond by studying and watching videos on each character I create my art around.

As for making videos / comics, each screen series takes between 3 to 10 hours as I move character and their bones indvidually. I don't like the preset rigs in SFM because it doesn't dial in to the exact pose or stance I'm looking for. Making a comic series would be possible but take 3 to 5 times longer because I would basically have to remake the scene over and over again.

Quality animation is even more difficult. I'll have another post up tonight :)


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Tomb Raider: Miscarried Motherhood
Story by Sinbad
Art by The Original Badger

The Tomb Raider knew that going against the swarms of demons was a shit decision as her once slim belly swelled before her. Her breathing slowed as she made her way through the cave system, not having the first idea of what to expect. Feeling weighed down by the heavy creature inside of her, Lara began having doubts about her own survival. Stopping and resting her bulging belly atop a large rock for a moment, Lara heard screeching behind her and panicked, rushing down the cave floor as fast as her bare feet could carry her. Hearing the soul-rending shrieks intensify, the mighty tomb raider glanced back at her pursuer. The move costed her greatly however, as she tripped over a rock and stumbled forward. Her unnaturally protective instinct of the hell spawn inside her guts was the only thing that stopped her from belly flopping, landing on her head instead.
Her vision was dark when she climbed back towards consciousness, struggling to open her eyes. When she did however her first act was to close them! She found herself in a dimly lit room chained to a chair. Ripping against the cold steel with all her might, the last croft shuddered and slowly turned her head to the darkest corner of the room. Hearing nightmare inducing whispers coming from the shape, Lara weakly demanded to be released. The form raised a heavily sliced up arms and uttered a chant so evil that Lara began to scream! The tomb raider thrashed in her restraints, desperate to get free as her pussy began to bleed over the chain she was chained to. Looking down with her eyes shot open, she gazed in pure horror as a skull-like head complete with horns ripped its way free of her tight cunt.
Lara’s shock lasted far longer than she thought possible, staying frozen in place as the tiny hell spawn ripped its way free of her womb. The demon’s tiny claws dug into her athletic thighs on its quest for freedom, ignoring its mother’s shocked face as it did so. The haunting, scar covered figure ignored the paralyzed archeologist and held out its grotesque hand towards the newest member of the horde. The tiny devil, already beginning to grow in size took the hand and ripped free of Lara’s bloody vagina, finally forcing the explorer back to life as she cried out in shock from the worst pain she had ever felt. Gazing at her son, the tomb raider raised her weak head towards the demon before her and opened her mouth to plead. The angel of horror robbed her of any words before she could speak. Ramming its mangled hand into the Tomb Raider’s guts, the servant of evil twisted his hand inside her chest and gripped her rapidly beating heart. Looking at the woman through it’s mask, the horrifying creature grabbed the muscle and ripped it from her chest, finally putting the woman’s suffering to an end. Handing the heart to the newborn hell spawn, the Devil’s Angel pushed it forwards back towards the cave system hidden behind the wall, leaving the body behind. Pushing the young monster ahead, the creature smiled under his mask as the newborn bit into his first meal.


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You can now see her tits ;)


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Supergirl: Opened Dimensions (Part 1)
Story by Sinbad
Art by The Original Badger

Supergirl had learned a great deal about an alternate earth’s thunder god. Raiden had gathered Batman’s justice league to inform them that his entry into their world had opened a pathway for other fighters to follow. Batman, in his typical brooding posture angrily berated the demi-god for his foolish actions before expelling him from the Hall of Justice. Turning to his new league, the caped crusader ordered them to scour every inch of their cities for any more of the other-worldly visitors. Supergirl, still naïve and bold enough to assume she could beat any invader she found nodded and flew towards the rebuilt Metropolis.
Hearing a crash and mechanical groaning coming from the abandoned docks, the Maiden of Might changed her course and headed there, catching glimpses of a bare-chested man wearing a series of straps over his hairy, tattooed torso. Dropping from the sky, Supergirl called out to him and frowned as half of his face was covered by a metal mask with a glowing red eye. Holding herself back, she examined him using her x-ray vision and found no traces of a metallic endoskeleton. Changing her frown into a smirk, Kara glided down and approached the random man, intent on discovering his purpose.
“Oy Sheila, you lost love?” Kara, unused to an accent outside of an American one replied swiftly “Nope, but you must be.” The furry man with the false eye spat and beckoned her athletic form closer. Kara, still holding herself in a posture of self-admiration obliged him. Descending until her booted feet touched the ground, the Maiden of Might walked right to him as he hungrily eyed her impressive body up and down. Kara, suspecting there may be more to the stranger than she thought, examined the shipping containers and gasped at their contents. The containers were all loaded full of guns, rockets, ammunitions, armor and even a disassembled tank! Turning her angered face towards him, Supergirl leapt forwards.
The nearly 8 inches in height difference didn’t matter to the Kryptonian as she landed a punishing blow into the mustachioed criminal’s face hard enough to send him crashing into a wooden pole. Standing over him as he shook his head, Kara lit up her eyes to intimidate the smuggler, only to be distracted as a thought ran through her head. Recalling what Raiden had said, Kara identified the markings on her suspect. A cyborg eye, power unit for said eye, right head shaved, a Brigadier style beard and tattoos of a Black Dragon. “Wait, I know you, you’re Kano!” the Black Dragon smirked and answered “I figured Thunder Monk beat me here. Didn’t count on ‘im running his mouth already though.” Supergirl stood her ground and lifted the muscle-bound man into the air. Knowing that the Australian was more than he seemed, Kara rammed her super-dense head into his and sent him sprawling into the dirt.
Before she could take him in, Kano fumbled at his belt and quickly brought out a small remote control and pressed a button. Supergirl heard a mechanical screech from inside a container and turned her back on the crime lord. Hearing a loud clanging, the Maiden of Might flew closer and examined the inside of the steel box. Seeing a mass approach, she was caught off-guard as a huge titanium fist burst from the soft sheet metal and wrapped around her head, holding her in place as the rest of the door was ripped apart. Kara’s exposed eye opened wide in fear as Grid’s half-robot/half skull face appeared and held her in mid-air. Seeing that his white armor glowed green, Kara pondered on how to defeat the twisted creature.
Breaking the powerful mechanical fingers open, Supergirl flew back and let loose her heat vision, scorching the ground behind Grid’s surprisingly fast form. The robot returned fire with his integrated blaster and hit her durable body with a barrage of plasma. The unusual projectiles burning through her panties and boots. Kara ignored her frayed clothing and charged in, knocking Grid to the ground before beating on the deranged copy. Grid blocked a super-powered blow and swung his metal leg between hers, nearly cracking her pelvis! As Supergirl stumbled back and Grid stood up, Kano merely stood and ripped his cock out, eagerly beating off to the Kombat in front of him. Seeing his hi-jacked lackey go toe to toe with the Kryptonian, he grinned and waited for the inevitable outcome.
Kara blocked a heavy overhand blow that would have crushed her face. Wrapping her petite hands around the thick forearm, she hopped up and blasted Grid in the face with her heat vision, forcing Cyborg’s evil clone to break off. As the robot staggered away, Kara grabbed a length of chain from the ground and wrapped it around her own arm, using the heavy links to batter around the hacked creation. Forcing small gouges and dents into the haunting half of the robot’s face, Kara cried out and belted Grid with a vicious cross, sending him airborne with enough force to snap the links covering her small fist!
As Grid crawled onto all 4s and shook its head free of gravel, Kano stopped jerking off and pressed another button on his remote, this one controlling a crane. Seeing his newest addition getting pumbled into the asphalt ground, the criminal quickly lifted up the container and bathed the entire dock with bright green light. Seeing Supergirl continue to beat on his enforcer, Kano sighed and lit up his own eye laser, sending the beam across the docks and right into Supergirl’s back! Smiling wide as the Maiden of Might’s clothes caught fire fully, he kept watching as she savagely tore off her panties, cape and boots, leaving her bare ass exposed under her skirt and showing off her clean-shaven crotch to the Black Dragon.
Kara barley noticed her modesty vanish as she kept wailing on Grid’s terrifying face, unaware that her blows were becoming less effective with each strike. Growing tired, Kara let out another blast of heat vision into Grid’s face but gasped as the weak beams merely made the metal glow slightly. Gasping for breath, the young warrior was dumbfounded by feeling winded and glanced around to see what could be causing it. Looking at Kano’s smug face, she saw the piles of glowing ore behind him and struggled to stand upright, let alone charge. Placing her hands on her knees, Kara struggled to draw breath, unaware that Grid was already behind her with his mechanical hands poised to strike.


(part 2)

Kano let out a chuckle “Yaknow, I was actually saving this stuff for the big blue boy scout. Seems he’s been run off the reservation though hadn’t he?” Kara, still struggling to breath didn’t answer. “At least you’re a looker aren’t ya? I can’t wait to have some fun with you” Supergirl, finally managing to catch a breath looked at the depraved criminal before her and opened her mouth to berate him. Before she got a word out however, Kano nodded to his accomplice. Grid’s powerful hands grabbed her weak wrists and threw her weakened body to Kano’s feet. Looking up with slow, jerking movements, Kara groaned as the Aussie’s boot crashed into her face.
The Kryptonian groaned as she was ripped from the old asphalt and lifted up, wincing as the chains shed beat on Grid with were again wrapped around her arms, only in a far less combative role. Seeing the end being tossed over the center of an x-brace between to poles, she was helpless to resist Kano dragged her into the air. The crime lord’s fingerless gloves stroked her taught belly and firm ass with sadistic resolve as Kara finally felt her eyes tear up with shame. Feeling the other-worldly criminal’s fingers get closer to her virgin pussy, the last daughter of Krypton let out a scream as Kano plunged his thick digit into the dry hole!
Kano chuckled as Kara’s shamed face turned away from his own, telling the Aussie that he was doing something right. Feeling up his own massive cock, the Black Dragon circled around behind the heroine and probed her dry holes once again. Grabbing the tube of lubricant hed found while emptying the crates for his merchandise, he quickly coated his punishing member in the goop and reached around to flip up Kara’s shirt and skirt, eagerly groping her marvelous tits. Pleased with her extreme discomfort, Kano grunted and guided his dick to her open hole.
Supergirl began losing both focus and feeling as the mass of Kryptonite behind her bathed her body in its poisonous radiation, weakening every part of her incredible body to the point where a mere human could dominate her. Barely feeling Kano’s rough thrust into her virgin pussy, Kara still felt shame from the act and let the tears fall freely as her head hung upon her chest.
Her abuser however felt no such shame and gasped as her un-used cunt squeezed his log-like penis with an almost painful tightness, restricting his thrusts. Not finished trying to cram all 12 inches of cock into the short uterus, the one-eyed gangster felt Grid’s eyes upon him and sighed, hating the way the robot was looking at him. Pulling out the pitiful 3 inches hed managed to sink in, Kano stepped around his victim and motioned at his employee.
Supergirl’s miserable face was still present while the 2 villains discussed their next move. Raising her blonde head up as high as she could manage, Kara saw that Grid had extended his long, wide fingers from his arm and gasped quietly at the size of his digits. Seeing the pair stop talking at look at her exposed body, the Kryptonian felt pure dread add to the weakness she felt and squirmed in her improvised restraints. Watching with half-lidded eyes, she saw Kano walk around her while Grid stood off to her side and grabbed her wide hips in his mechanical hands. Pondering what they could be planning, her wondering ceased as a powerful burst of plasma hit her in the back and made its way across.
Kano howled with a savage delights Kara broke free of her silence and screamed aloud as his eye’s laser began cutting her in half just below her ribcage! The weakened blood vessels and organs managed to stay in place from the instant cauterization but still jiggled in the gory torso as Supergirl withered in un-equaled agony! Staying on her spine a bit longer to make sure he cut through the thick bone properly, his efforts were rewarded by her lower half dropping down at an angle as its support was taken away. Grid kept hold of her left butt cheek as Kano finished his business and made a final pass across her entire gory torso, finally cutting all the way through and scurrying away as Supergirl’s toned legs dropped into Grid’s waiting hands.
Kano cackled aloud as he circled the bisected super-heroine and saw her bright blue eyes bulging out from shock! Taking her jaw in his large hand, the depraved Aussie pushed forward and pecked her on the lips, making sure she felt the insult before dying. As Kara’s tongue lolled out from her soft lips, Kano smirked and watched Grid drop her sexy legs on the ground and search for something to prop them up on. Letting his lackey do his thing, he went back to his own and pressed his hard dick to the cauterized mess of viscera in Supergirl’s torso.
Bursting through the blood, guts, organs and sinew, Kano grunted as the disheveled mess gripped his invading member surprisingly well! Groaning and pumping hard, the Black Dragon grabbed the macabre sex toy by it’s wide back and held it in place as he rammed deeper inside. Cupping Kara’s ample breasts as well, Kano smirked and squeezed her left tit hard, unaware of just how weakened Super-girl’s flesh had become. As he groped the poor girl, he tugged slightly and gasped as the entire boob fell of into his hand! Widening his smirk as Supergirl’s guts began falling out of her torso, he looked over at his accomplice to see what he was doing.
The hulking robot was standing over the dismembered legs before him, seemingly unsure of what to do with them. Kano looked back at his compatriot with a puzzled expression. “Oy tinhead, you gonna do somethin with that?” Grid turned his gaze upon his partner and then back to Supergirl’s well formed legs. Glancing down, Grid picked up her left foot and held it into the air, gazing at the smooth cunt before him. Raising his metallic hand, he spread the virgin lips apart and probed the weakened flesh slowly, immediately resting his tapered finger against the superheroine’s hymen. Glancing at Kano, who was far more interested in pulverizing the dead lady’s organs, Grid turned back to the pair of legs in his hands and pressed down, shredding the delicate membrane with ease.
“Hey, what are you doing!” Grid looked at Kano who had stopped thrusting into the Kryptonian’s gut and was glaring at him. “I was gonna fuck that later!” Kano looked at the back of Kara’s blonde locks and sighed before ramming back into the hanging organs. Grid swiftly removed his long finger and stood upright, content to hold up her slim legs. Tearing off her singed red skirt, the robot held the rich fabric in his hands and watched on as the Black Dragon continued his assault on the heroine’s corpse.
Kano seethed with frustration as his chance to deflower the athletic corpse’s cunt had blasted by him. Pressing his large member against the alien heart, Kano cackled as the severely weakened muscle gave way quickly, allowing him access to her left ventricle. Slamming hard into the most unexpected sex toy, the evil Aussie slid down and angled backwards. Slamming his hips upwards, Kano cried out and began his final vicious assault on the dead heroine. The full 12 inches of cock blasted through the pulped insides with a blinding frenzy that shredded Supergirl’s desecrated torso even further, forcing the chains holding up her suspended corpse to jingle. Feeling his large, heavy balls churn in their pouch, Kano pressed in until the scorched spine rubbed against his crotch, forcing him to finally cum.
The thick, pearly seed blasted apart the heart that it was encased in, sending heavy streaks all over her rapidly emptying torso. Ripping his way out of the cooling remains, Kano quickly wiped off the viscera from his member as what remained of Supergirl’s insides slopped to the ground. Gasping with pleasure, Kano circled around his victim for a final time and poked at the bloody wound where her left tit once lay. Plucking the bloody bag of fat from the ground, he then tilted her head back and forced Kara’s mouth open. Chuckling, Kano then rammed the fun bag deep down her throat until the hero’s neck bulged from the intrusion. Turning back to Grid, Kano told him to drop the legs and skirt and help him load up their arsenal for the buyer. Leaving Supergirl’s desecrated body where it hung, the duo saw a boat entering the harbor and met it, selling the weapons and armor for an amount so large they complety forgot about their victim.
As soon as Kano and Grid left, the mobsters saw a body hanging from an x-brace and investigated. Seeing that it was none other than Supergirl herself, the 2 mooks cackled and grabbed her legs for themselves. Looking back at the empty top half, a gangster in a black pinstripe suit whipped out his butterfly knife and carved off her blonde head. Returning to their fully loaded vessel, both gangsters dropped the trophies in a freezer for later. Only a few hours later, when their friends and colleagues had passed out, the duo returned for their prize. The grey-suited gangster took hold of her lower half and set them up atop a table, eagerly hammering into the bloody cunt. Pinstripe had another idea however and grabbed Kara’s head from a shelf. Opening her cold, stiff lips, Pinstripe freed his member and slid the macabre sex toy along his shaft, eagerly forcing the dead Maiden of Might to suck his cock from beyond the grave. Continuing until they both busted, the 2 left her remains in the freezer, confident that someone in Gotham would be interested in acquiring the superheroines’ corpse.


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The rest of the series will be in my discord. Enjoy.


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File: 1568273413825.png (1.86 MB, 1287x726, 10.png)


Apparently SFM is built on a 32bit system and allocates 3GBs of RAM towards the program. Basically what that means is regardless how powerful my PC is, no matter how much RAM I have, I can't exceed 3GBs of memory usage without the risk of the program crashing. The Supergirl project was at 3600 and was everytime I attempted to export.

Is anyone else who works with SFM dealing with this problem? If so, how do I get around it? Any and all help is apprecaited.


File: 1568351235654.jpeg (4.11 MB, 3840x2160, 01.jpeg)


File: 1568351806538.jpeg (3.66 MB, 3840x2160, 07.jpeg)


if it is 3d bit software this limitation is totally expected.

And looks like it cannot be fixed if we believe that guy:

There is no 64-bit version of the Source 1 version of SFM.

The Source 2 version of SFM (built into the DOTA2 tools) is 64-bit only, but has many many drawbacks (like being *only* compatible with Source 2 models, which basically means only DOTA 2 models).
The problem is more that SFM is a bodged-together tool that only works as well as Valve's animators needed to make trailers with. Although Valve have been very generous in releasing it for the public to use, we get it on a "no warranty" basis. It works well on some computer configurations - not so well on others.



File: 1568516216735.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1920x1080, s1.jpeg)


File: 1568516291762.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1920x1080, S2.jpeg)


File: 1568516328003.jpeg (2.2 MB, 1920x1080, S8.jpeg)


I had to take out some gore so SFM wouldn't crash during the export. I was able get a 1080p export though. The next series I'll try and be more mindful of how much memory I'm using. Anyway, the rest of the stuff will be in my channel. Hope you all enjoy!


File: 1568689199421.jpeg (5.22 MB, 3840x2160, S7E.jpeg)

Tomb Raider: Out of This World
Story By Deathstalker
Art By The Original Badger

Nothing in her world could prepare young Lara Croft for what was waiting for her on the other side of the dimensional portal. The realm of Outworld was just as chaotically violent as the legends hinted at, but seeing it in full view before her was nothing like reading the myths. She witnessed men and women beaten into bloody pulps before being gruesomely murdered in a variety of ways as she remained hidden, winding her way to the temple she’d come to find. Lara felt more at ease when she came upon the place, finding it seemingly deserted. Either the fatal combat plaguing so much of Outworld hadn’t reached the location yet, or it was deemed too sacred a place to spoil with bloodshed. After all she’d seen, the tomb raider doubted it was the latter.
Stepping into the temple’s main hall, Lara found the Elderkiller Sword in clear view. Hovering above the stone altar, a pure beam of white light descended from the ceiling and bathed the weapon in its warmth. It all looked a little too easy, but the fresh memories of what was waiting for her in the realm inspired haste. She was less than a foot away from the altar when the hulking, four-armed temple guardian made his presence known. The look of shock that filled Lara’s face was priceless, the surprise freezing her muscles for the precious moments she needed to try to save herself. Goro used those moments against her, closing the distance to the tomb raider and delivering a consciousness-stealing punch to her temple. The blow threw the young woman back, tumbling into a heap.
Goro looked over the interloping stranger with a frown. She was puny, nothing more than a thief. But that didn’t mean she could not provide him some entertainment during his long wait for a worthy opponent to face. Scooping Lara up, he laid her out on the long stone bench in front of the precious trophy she’d come to pilfer. Goro’s massive hands, equipped with only three thick digits, weren’t dexterous enough for delicate tasks, but he stripped the tomb raider efficiently, yanking off her boots and tearing away her clothing. Scooping Lara’s nude form into his arms, he took a seat on the bench and lay her across his lap. Her soft, young flesh – nearly immaculate aside from the few small scars she’d picked up over the course of her few adventures – stirred his arousal. Goro’s thick member rose from under his loincloth, flattened head digging into the small of Lara’s back.
Lara snapped awake with a startled gasp. The pervasive heat of Outworld clung to her bare flesh. She felt the clammy, thick-muscled thighs of her attacker under her and something far more alarming digging into her back. She went tense, tried to roll away from the temple guardian, only to have her escape denied as one of his hands closed around her ankles, mashing them together. His right arms clamped down around her arms, pulling them back. She looked up at the menacing face leering down at her, fear in her eyes as Goro worked his remaining free hand between her thin thighs. Lara groaned as the beast of a man jammed his finger – easily as thick as any lover she’d ever had – into the hairless folds of her cunt. The skin of her sex was perfectly smooth thanks to the waxing she’d hade just before starting out on our latest journey. It was a habit she picked up after her first amazing adventure, embracing the freedom of extreme grooming habits when she had them, knowing that every time she left her mansion, she could likely have a full, thick bush by the time she returned. She doubted the state of her genitals would have deterred the monster one way or the other, but being so clean and bare for him made it feel like she’d just been getting ready for this terrible date she’d fumbled into. It was a stupid thought, but trapped in Goro’s tight embrace and with his finger violating her so thoroughly, Lara couldn’t help but think it.
The truth was, Goro appreciated Lara’s hairless snatch. It allowed him to watch the lips of her pussy stretch and shift under the persistent prodding he was giving her. But as much fun as it would be to see that cunt stretch out to the point of being torn apart around the hellacious girth of his cock, his duty demanded the immediate punishment and execution of the intruder. His gripping hands tightened around her ankles and arms, drawing screams of agony from the tomb raider’s lips as her bones snapped. He pulled on her snared limbs, stretching her to her limits across his lap. Trapped between his crotch and his victim’s back, his erection throbbed with growing excitement, drooling pre-cum over Lara’s skin. Her vertebrae creaked and popped as he kept up the persistent pressure, trapping her in perpetual suffering as he rammed his finger into her clenching cunt. Goro’s growl blended with Lara’s screams as he gave her body a hard yank, ripping her lithe figure in half at the waist.
Lara stared down at the expulsion of blood and gore spilling out of her torn midsection, feeling the warm thickness of blood rising up the back of her throat. The pain was beyond anything she’d experienced before, but the shock of it all kept her screams in check. She could only stare in disbelieving horror as Goro’s huge, bloody prick bored through her, pushing through the tangles of steaming viscera spilling out of her. Beyond the throbbing unit, she could see the monster’s finger continuing to push into her sex – now gushing piss all over his hand – but she could no longer feel it. Beyond that, she could see her feet, held together within his grip. She watched her toes clenching and releasing, a surreal feeling washing over her as she realized her brain was not giving her toes such a command. Hot blood drained across the insides of Goro’s thick thighs, splattering onto the stone floor below.
Rising to his feet, Goro held Lara’s body in front of him, strained lengths of stretched muscle tissue the only things keeping the two halves of her connected. He humped through the tomb raider’s body, grunting with each stroke. Cum sloshed around in his heavy balls, eager to be set loose. Lara chocked on the wads of blood in her throat, gore spilling from her gaping mouth as her head swayed unsteadily. Her head rolled downwards, death shudders rolling through her as her expression of horror slackened. With a triumphant roar, Goro came, ejaculating thick shots of jizz through the tomb raider’s corpse and across the floor. His arms flexed, yanking outwards and finally finishing Lara’s bisection. He lifted the two halves of the woman to either side of him, allowing her innards to come spilling out of her in sloppy, wet chunks. He let the two pieces of her corpse drop to the ground, leaving her a tangled mess of death before returning to the shadows to wait for the next unfortunate victim to wander into the temple.


File: 1568959778605.jpg (43.56 KB, 1109x624, RM_Lara_Croft.jpg)



File: 1569048309638.jpeg (1.19 MB, 3840x2160, Ciri Poster.jpeg)


File: 1569122862001.jpeg (1.58 MB, 3840x2160, Tina Poster.jpeg)


File: 1569163186785.jpeg (4.86 MB, 3840x2160, S6.jpeg)

The Witcher: Ciri’s First Hunt
Story by: Sinbad
Artwork by: The Original Badger

The Witcheress Cirilla strolled down the docks of Novigrad, eager to slay a beast that had been killing the dock hands, as well as complete her first contract by herself. Tracking it down using the skills that Geralt had taught her before his retirement, she kneeled down before a crowd of horny dock hands wearing only loincloths. Ignoring the jeers and taunts that fell upon her lithe body, the warrior examined the tracks, sludge and odor to determine that the beast preying upon Novigrad’s citizens was a Katakan. Applying vampire oil to her silver sword, Ciri kept following the tracks to an old, decrepit building that was nearly collapsing into the bay.

Entering the tarnished home though it’s squeaky door, she drew her sword out of a practiced reflex and held it aloft, the moonlight reflecting off of the wickedly sharp blade. Creeping along, she heard raspy breath coming from and wrinkled her straight nose at the horrible odor emanating from upstairs. Climbing a set of battered, broken stairs, Ciri pressed her thin, fit body against a door frame and peeked around the corner, catching a glimpse of the grey-skinned vampire inside. Seeing the monster’s latest victim crumpled up close by, the witcheress cocked her sword hand forward and rushed in fool-hardily.

The ancient vampire heard her nearly silent footsteps the moment she had entered his lair and had already taken the necessary pre-cautions against his attractive assailant. Pulling a lever close by as soon as Ciri let out her battle cry, he watched with glee as a log swung from the low ceiling and caught her in the chest, nearly breaking a rib in the process. Cackling as the white-haired maiden cried out and cupped her chest, the Katakan moved in close and swiped with his long-blades claws, nearly cutting her open as she recovered. Jumping backwards, the vampire screeched and lashed out again, this time landing a blow that ripped Ciri’s white shirt open above her brown corset, leaving her in her grey bra alone.

Ciri gasped as her modesty was nearly taken from her by a nameless beast and responded by swinging her sword with lightning speed. Landing a series of fast strikes, the witcheress giggled as hot red blood sprayed from the slash wounds covering the beast’s body. Feeling a retaliatory blow coming, Ciri flashed away to a dark corner of the room, unintendedly illuminating the dark corner with a blinding green light that burst through the covered window and onto the street below. Re-appearing behind the vampire, Ciri’s oiled blade sang as it sliced through the air and landed directly on the beast’s neck, slicing through its vertebra with astounding ease! Standing victoriously over her kill, the Witcheress bowed mockingly over her first completed contract and removed Geralt’s trophy dagger from its sheathe. Freeing the Katakan’s head, she hefted the odd trophy aloft and turned to leave when a gleeful witch hunter appeared before her.

Scoffing at the buffoon in front of her, Ciri raised her sword up towards the hunter’s face and threatened to take an eye if he didn’t leave. The hunter, obviously nervous changed his expression to one of smugness and dove down, catching sight of a second Katakan hiding in the rafters above! Ciri felt confused as the usually bold magic-hater dropped to his belly with hands over his shaved head, blissfully unaware of further danger behind her. Sniffing the air, the foolish witcheress spun on her tall boot heel and raised her sword up even higher, unfortunately taking a full set of Vampire claws to her leather corset!

Crying out and ripping off her tattered shirt and chest piece, the nearly topless warrior engaged the dead Katakan’s mate in brutal combat, flashing away whenever a strike got close and re-appearing behind the blood sucker after avoiding the attack. Her moves were not perfect however, with her skin-tight pants and boots taking several hits that reduced them to mere tattered covering her athletic legs. Rolling forwards and under the monster, Ciri stabbed upwards and sunk her sword into the beast’s gut, getting a cry of pain from the vampire as payment. Her glee was short-lived however, as soon after her strike the beast stomped down on her face, leaving her beautiful visage bruised. Ciri, feeling both tired and annoyed cried out with a war scream and charged, burying Zir’rial deep into the mess of bone and horns that served as the beast’s face. Feeling completely exhausted as her contract’s mate fell dead, she dropped her sword and fell to her knees.

As the witcheress gasped and wheezed from her many bruises and cracked bones, the hunter slowly arose and grinned at his good favor. Feeling his thick member grow hard, he approached the nearly beaten warrior woman removed his massive sword from it’s sheathe. The Ashen head shook as she coughed loudly, blood coming from her lips as she fell over onto her tits. Clucking his tongue with an annoying loudness, the hunter kicked the wheezing woman over onto her back and held the tip of his blade to her throat. Mockingly telling her that he wouldn’t take her eye, he sung his heavy blade back and cried “I’ll take your whole head!” Just as the words left his lips the blade sunk through his victim’s neck and out the other side, neatly separating both parts of her lovely remains.

Standing proudly atop her shocked face, he grabbed her ashen hair and lifted her face towards his own. Before acting on his sudden, violent urges, the hunter glanced at the remarkably untouched skin of his kill and placed her pretty features on a chair within the room. Dragging her body towards a post by the wall with a torch burning at head height, he ripped the burning stick off and tossed it by the stair’s landing, illuminating the dim room with a brilliant orange light. Grabbing a wide bar with 2 hoops on either end, he saw that her fit body was still clothed. Taking the bloody knife she had beheaded her first vampire with, the hunter made quick work of her shredded pants and boots. Finally relishing in her fully exposed body, the hunter quickly forced her legs apart and locked her bare ankles inside.

Lifting the light corpse of the Witcher up, he tossed her thin remains atop the iron torch scone and slid her unto the open loop. Pleased with the suspended body, He finally turned his gaze back to Ciri’s then relaxed face. Scooping up her scarred head, he opened her eyes wide and gazed into the deep green irises the lady possessed. Pleased with the uncommon hue, he shrugged and flipped her head in his hands, grinning at the blood still flowing from her arteries. Feeling his cock become fully erect, the hunter cackled darkly and freed his dick. Looking at both her head and coprse, the vile hunter grasped his sword once again and stabbed down swiftly, impaling her pussy with his sharp blade.

Turning his gaze back to his other “sword”, he flipped her head downwards and finally pressed his aching dick towards her pinched throat. Trying and failing to open her neck hole with his broad dick, he then scooped up some forgotten vampire drool from the floor and covered his member with the impromptu lube. Prying open the unlikely fuck hole, he brought forth his mighty member and pressed into the bloody hole once again, this time managing to stick his dick her bulging neck.

Gasping as the brand-new sensation ran from his dick to his brain, the hunter grabbed Ciri’s loose bangs and pulled her head upwards on his dick. Finding a sudden urge to laugh undeniable, the shaved hunter reared back his own head and let loose a deep and evil laugh. Wrapping his large hands around her narrow head, he pressed even further into her exposed windpipe. Struggling to fit more of the lovely lady’s severed head onto his member, the hunter finally stopped to bask in self-appreciation as the smoothly cut throat finally rested atop his full balls while his broad dick-tip appeared from behind her soft lips!

Unbelievably happy with the head fully impaled upon his cock, the hunter slid his impromptu sex-toy along his dick, his thick tip breaching her lips fully with every thrust. Feeling the Witcher’s magical blood slashing out of her cut neck, the hunter ignored the oddly hot blood dripping down his balls and kept ramming into her tight throat. Shoving her even harder against his crotch, the hunter felt his testicles heave in their pouch and pulse! He had failed to fully pop out of her mouth as the cum shot from his dick and was caught on her bottom lip.

The hunter was far from finished with his orgasm however. Pressing hard against her face, he successfully breached her mouth and fired off another 3 streaks of his seed. 2 flew from the tip of his dick and directly landed atop Ciri’s own sword while the third hung from his pulsing dick-tip. Pleased with his domination of the magic-user, the hunter finally slid his cum-coated dick from her bloody neck hole. Finally, too dumbstruck to think, the mindless hunter returned to the hunter’s barracks and stepped inside, ignoring questions about the large sack covering his studded back. Rushing upstairs, he entered Menge’s office and opened the sack. Ripping out Ciri’s cum-coated head, the nameless thug took the hefty sack of gold from his boss and spun around, leaving Menge alone with Ciri.

The dedicated hunter opened up the rest of the sack and gazed in wonder at the headless body with a longsword running through her athletic form. Sliding the Gnomish blade from its fleshy sheathe, the head hunter of the Eternal Fire deemed her butchered cunt too damaged for himself. Dragging the nude corpse out to the balcony, he ordered his men to look up at him and threw down her remains atop a wooden table. Telling the swirling crowd that she was theirs to do with as they pleased, the depraved man went back inside and hefted her head. Setting the sticky Witcheress’s messy face atop a short spit, he got on top of her and pushed down, eagerly waiting to see the wooden pillar jutting from her mouth. When it finally did, Menges cackled with glee and looked over the first piece of his collection. Right beside her stunned face were 2 more plaques, already titled. Removing Yennefer’s empty piece and then Trish’s, he swiftly tossed both back on the wall and headed back outside. Rallying his troops, Caleb Menge ordered them to ride hard and find the 2 sorceresses’. Hopping on the wagon, Menge shimmered and spun as his bones shrank down to their half-sized shape. Dudu, pleased with the oncome cracked the whip and ordered his troops forwards. After all, they had another which to collect.


File: 1569211824707.jpeg (4.48 MB, 3840x2160, S1.jpeg)

Overwatch: The first casualty
Story by Sinbad
Artwork by The Original Badger
The battle for Havana raged on between the forces of Overwatch and Talon. None shone brighter in the fight than with her bright pink mech Tokki. Slamming her massive pink fist onto Reaper’s skull-like face, she cackled with girlish charm as he flew backwards into a wall. Turning around, she gasped as none other than Doomfist was beating Mercy bloody by the fountain. Twisting her face into an angry scowl, the South Korean gamer charged forwards and swung her suit’s heavy boot under the villain’s jaw and sent him airborne. Helping her teammate back to her feet, the pilot saw Widowmaker aiming at Soldier 76 and blasted the ledge she kneeled upon with plasma bolt. Seeing nothing but the assassin’s large purple butt scurrying into the shadows, activated Tokki’s jet to pursue by gasped as a shadow filled her glass cockpit. Looking up, the petite pilot instinctively raised her thin arms up to protect herself.
Doomfist’s colossal power easily overwhelmed’s meager defense with enough force to crack the ground she was standing on. Trying desperately to wave the evildoer off of her beloved mecha, she failed as Doomfist swing his gauntlet again and again, cracking her canopy until it broke. Shaking the shards of glass out of her hair, gasped as he reared back one more and cried out in fear. Before his mighty punch could land however, the ground beneath her gave way and sent her falling into a massive cavern beneath the city. Hitting the bedrock hard, her suit immediately ejected her and activated the weak repulsors under her seat. As she slowly dropped down the stony floor, activated her map and found she was about a mile beneath Havana. Pondering how to return to the surface, she was distracted by the sight of odd creatures rising up from mounds of hardened tar.
Turning back and rushing towards Tokki, ripped at a small compartment holding her emergency weapons. Grabbing a hefty sub-machine gun, the Korean e-sporter opened fire on the odd monsters stumbling towards her and took down several. Hearing her gun click on empty, let out a battle cry and charged forwards. Jumping on a staircase’s short landing, the lithe gamer flipped forwards and swung her foot down with all the power her 105-pound body could deliver. Landing her covered foot directly atop one of the oily beast’s head, she gasped at the -putty-like flesh simply swallowed her foot and held it in place. Several bone-like claws rose up and stabbed into the blue of her costume, tearing the cheap polyester with ease.
- gasped at her sudden dis-robing and swung her other foot into the side of the creature’s head, only to have it restrained as well! Falling backwards and slapping into the moldy thing’s front, kept struggled to free herself, unaware of a thick appendage hanging between her thighs.
Her struggles began to grow weaker and weaker as her diet of Doritos and Mountain Dew left her little actual energy to fight with. The molded monster didn’t seem to notice though, as its diseased member had stiffened to the point of usefulness. Ripping her skinny feet out of its face, the molded ripped both apart at wide angle, the force of which dislocated both of her hips! Oddly pleased with the apparently frail woman’s cries, it maneuvered its dick atop her hairless pussy and pressed down hard!
-’s grunts of pain turned into whimpers of shock as a disgusting cock the size of a tall beer can was rammed into her slick vagina. Looking up in shock as her slim belly bulged out, renewed her hopeless struggle for freedom by pulling her dislocated hip a bit too far over and went mute with pain as her fragile ankle snapped in the beast’s hand. Her silence was as broken as her delicate joint as another one of the Molded approached. Kicking her bulging belly, the molded nearly crushing his friend’s dick when he did. Both Molded made odd squelching sounds to each other in a tongue that’s agonized mind couldn’t figure out. She caught on soon enough however, feeling a powerful relief as the moldy dick dragged itself from her womb. Gasping with relief, her gratitude was short-lived as the spongy member merely scraped along her crotch until it rested atop her virgin anus.
The famed gamer barely had time to plead for mercy when the powerful slammed down and quite literally split her asshole in half. Blood ran down the small of her back as her tiny opening was pillaged by the massive fuckstick. Her dark mascara was ruined by the heavy tears flowing from her eyes, leaving them stinging from the graphite therein. Wiping at her face as she was buttfucked, the skilled pilot looked at her mech and saw that she had one more gun in her stash. Renewing her efforts to finally get free, she tugged on her none-shattered ankle until the molded finally let go. All her weight, light as it was swung sharply onto her broken ankle, forcing a petrifying scream from her open mouth!
Crying hard and wriggling with pain, the pilot still struggled to get away from her rapist. The moldy monster only chuckled in response and waved its colleague over., shaking like a leaf saw the grotesque underside of the second member hanging around her small boobs and groaned with frustration as it straightened before her. Feeling it prod her already gaping vagina, she still seethed with another agonizing penetration as it slammed down fully.
-’s slim belly bulged profusely from the 2 mammoth-like moldy penises pumping into her violated holes. Finally feeling ready to give both of her rapists a fiery tongue lashing, she was stopped by a sudden surge of cold fluids spilling into her distended guts. Coughing and hacking, her bright eyes shot wide open as thick, oily semen burst from her small mouth and onto the rock below her! The waves of disgusting cum pumped like a broken fossit from her mouth, covering the floor with a huge puddle of the stuff. Both mold men let out a hissing sound that her broken mind assumed were moans and released her, dropping her petite form onto the huge pool of cum below.
-, still gasping as her gaping butt and pussy failed to close struggled away towards her busted mech and shrieked as the Molded from her pussy grabbed her shattered ankle and dragged her back towards the goop. Stretching towards her last gun, she failed to get anywhere close. Resting atop the oily patch, she shuddered at it began twisting and bubbling, the oddly solid texture changing into what looked like a face. Before she could begin to produce another escape plan, the pile of moldy semen rose up and wrapped her slim mid-section in clawed hands that had not existed seconds before. Feeling her broken body getting lifted into the air, she turned her head and screeched aloud as a 3rd molded man had sprung up from the pool!
Her terror continued as a thick member hung from what looked like it’s crotch. Its sheer length forced it to stay on the floor until it gained enough rigidity to hover from the rock. watched with tear-filled eyes as both of her previous rapists took hold of the nearly 4 foot of disgusting dick and bent it towards her ruined anus. Feeling it be fed into her ripped backdoor, the pilot went silent as the spongy cock pressed upwards against the top of her large intestine. Gasping as she felt something inside her rip open, cried out in pure pain as the feeling of 1000 knives stabbing her guts raced through her already tortured form! Feeling the macabre member’s progress throughout her slim torso, she felt very weak as what she was certain her heart was penetrated. Wondering how much longer she could even survive; the Korean celebrity got her answer as her head was ripped back and the black tip burst from her screaming lips!
The fully impaled Overwatch member hung limply upon her makeshift spit, unable to move as her killer grunted and began thrusting through her entire body. Her brown eyes began to close as the mass mount of internal bleeding took hold, draining her essence down the long shaft and then slowly dripping onto the cavern’s floor. Before her vison faded completely, she felt the shaft running through her pulse suddenly and fire off its own wad. Thick white cum blasted from the pitch-black tip and sprayed her beloved mech with the gooey load. Feeling her eyes snap open for a final time, the brave pilot finally sagged in her death throes as the beast slid her off of its brand-new dick.
Dropping the dead heroine onto the floor, the new Mold man nodded to its colleagues to begin feeding on the fresh body before them. All 3 dropped down to their knees and opened their toothy maws to chow down on the soft flesh. Hearing the sound of heav footsteps approaching, the trio paused their imminent feeding frenzy and readied themselves for whoever was coming.
The 3 weren’t prepared enough however, as a flash of blue light surrounded them while bombs were planted all over their decrepit bodies. The 3 Molded screeched with a battle cry and charged forwards towards the cavern’s entrance, foolishly running right into the concentrated fire of McCree and Soldier 76. As the bullet-ridden monsters stopped in their tracks, Tracer’s explosives went off and sent chunks of molded flesh all over the cavern. Seeing that the odd monsters were dead, Soldier 76 summoned Mercy forwards and led her towards’s desecrated body. Allowing their medic to examine the well-fucked corpse, all were silent as Mercy shook her head and began sobbing softly. The team od super soldiers gathered around the remains of their beloved comrade and hung their heads in remorse. McCree wrapped her exposed body in his cape and carried her towards the surface, unsure of how to deal with Overwatch’s first true casualty.


File: 1569614514284.jpg (152.56 KB, 768x432, Preview.jpg)

Tomb Raider: The End of an Interrogation
Story by DeathstalkerLives
Art by The Original Badger

Lara Croft’s body ached.

She didn’t know how long the interrogation had been going on. It felt like hours. Days even. Her dark green tank top had been pulled up over the curve of her large breasts, but the rest of her outfit remained undisturbed. Electrodes were taped to her bare flesh, covering the darker skin of her nipples. The intermittent electrocutions had been going on regularly. She’d resisted at first. She knew her life depended on finding a way to escape. But the knots binding her to the wooden chair were too expertly tied. And the near constant jolts of electricity sapped her strength and resolve. Finally, covered in sweat and panting for mercy, she’d spilled her guts.
The two men conducting her interrogation stood a few feet away, deciding Lara’s ultimate fate. She doubted it would be pleasant. “We’ve got what we need,” one man – clearly the leader – said to the other. “She’s of no further use to us. Dispose of her.”
The second man nodded, making his way over to Lara.
“Wait,” Lara said, fear eating through her. She had to find a way out of this. “I’m still plenty useful.” Her assigned executioner moved behind her. To do what, she didn’t know, but she was sure it wasn’t good. She put on her best flirtatious voice. “I’m sure there’s something I can do to convince you gentlemen to let me go. How about I – “
Very quickly, the man behind Lara hooked a hand around her chin and jerked her head to the side. Her words ended with an abrupt crack as her neck snapped and her life was snuffed out. Lara’s body jerked in the chair. The crotch of her dark brown shorts dampened as her bladder released.
“Take the bitch’s body down to the incinerator,” the lead interrogator told his companion, showing little interest in the adventuress now that she was so much used up dead meat. “We can’t have anyone finding her.” He left the interrogation room to attend to other matters.
Left alone in the room, Lara’s executioner removed the electrodes from her tits and untied her. He dumped Lara’s lifeless body onto the floor, admiring her subtle death twitches. Kneeling down, he stripped off her boots before unfastening and tugging down her shorts. Once he had her stripped from the waist down, he unfastened his own pants and pulled his stiffening cock free. Pushing Lara’s thighs apart, he moved between them and shoved into the still-warm folds of her cunt.
Lara’s executioner grunted as he fucked the dead tomb raider. Her large breasts bounced as he pounded into her. Lara’s lifeless eyes stared up into the face of her murderer, her lips parted slightly, still trying to form her final words. A small line of drool ran down her chin. Even dead, the tomb raider’s well-used pussy shortly coaxed her executioner to the verge of climax.
Pulling out of Lara’s snatch, he moved forward over her and gave his cock the last few strokes it needed. Groaning, he fired his load over Lara’s massive tits. His cum ran across the curves of her breasts, pooling in her cleavage. As he came down, Lara’s executioner tucked his spent member back into his pants and refastened them. Getting to his feet, he bent down and scooped up Lara Croft’s lifeless body, slinging it over his shoulder. He reached around to grope one of her ass cheeks. “You were right,” he said to the dead woman. “You did still have your uses. Unfortunately for you, it didn’t matter if you were alive or dead.” He carried Lara out of the room, already regretting that he didn’t have more time to play with her.
Of course, it was a long trip to the incinerator. He was certain he’d be ready for another round by the time he got there. As he headed for the elevator, he wondered what the tomb raider’s ass would feel like wrapped around his cock and smiled.


File: 1569815440012.jpeg (3.3 MB, 3840x2160, momiji request.jpeg)


Glad to see some DOA, thank you for that badger. I'm wondering, can the gore props and perhaps blood be improved? Something feels a bit off in your otherwise amazing image.



Thank you. I'm sure they could be imporved. Right now I'm just using what SFM has in their workshop. If you can find better mods, I'll probably switch. I'm also working on improving my lighting so I can hide a lot of SFM errors but its a constant struggle.


File: 1570211563019.jpeg (3.08 MB, 3840x2160, P2 S4.jpeg)


File: 1570212739637.jpeg (3.26 MB, 3840x2160, Shot 1.jpeg)

Left 4 Dead: Zoey’s Unexpected End
Story by: Sinbad
Artwork by: The Original Badger

Zoey fumbled with the locked door in the old warehouse. “So much for no one left behind, eh Bill?” She had been separated from her team after a large herd of bloaters and witches appeared from the old worker homes and swarmed. The 4 blasted away without mercy, Bill even dispatching a bloater with a wooden board! It eventually became too much for their small force, forcing them to retreat. Zoey herself had picked the warehouse and urged them to follow her inside. When she opened the door however, all she saw was Bill closing it with a crazed smirk on his face that she had never seen before. Just as he had barricaded her inside, Zoey had ben forced even deeper into the abandoned building by the massive hoard beating on the door.

Even within the dark, decrepit building, Zoey felt very nervous. Her usual chipper can-do attitude had been shattered by Bill’s betrayal, forcing a deep frown over her pretty face. Seeing the darkness spread even wider, Zoey heard the sounds of chains clinking inside. The stench of old mold was present as well, forcing her to slow her steps. Hearing the clinking get even louder, Zoey reached into her pocket and flipped her lighter on. She gasped as her first sight was something that shook her to her very core.

The creature before her was unlike she had ever seen in her time in the Zombified world. Its horrifying face and desecrated body sent her stumbling back towards a mass of black mold. Feeling the ground turn soft, Zoey-for the first time in a long time-screamed with alarm! The mold rose up from the floor and took hold her squirming body, effectively pinning her in place while the freak crept closer with wheezing breaths. Seeing that one of the thing’s arms had a blood-covered set of spikes attached, she braced herself as the demonic thing reared back and swung!

The survivor’s thin clothing ripped and tore as the huge bludgeon struck her. Reeling from the blow, Zoey gave herself a look-over and saw there wasn’t a mark on her! Before she could ponder why or try to scramble away, she felt something wet, cold and spongy prodding her tight pussy. Looking down again, she gasped at what she assumed to be a baseball bat between her thighs. The mass of cold mold was strangely rigid as it slid out from her thighs. Zoey braced herself for what was about to happen, forgetting every tip and trick she had learned from her Cop father, veteran friend Bill and the dozen tropes from TV and film. Ready for the penetration, she croaked as the chains shed heard earlier dropped around her neck!

The links pressed into her supple neck before Zoey could attempt to break free. The large, heavy links pressing to her throat a full 1 inch deep, resting on her jugulars and forcing her into a dazed state. As a bit of drool rolled down her chin, the freakish creature gave the chain slack and dropped her directly onto his moldy companion’s cock!

Zoey snapped back into awareness just before the bulbous tip breached her tight pussy. She felt the full girth of the spongy member rip into her cunt and open it wide! Thrashing about as the mold shoved her further on it’s colossal dick, Zoey reacted with pure instinct and stuck her thumbs where any normal creature’s eyes would be. She gurgled and gasped as the chain took up its slack as she made her move. Still flailing around despite the extreme pain in her neck, Zoey hacked with triumph and sunk her thumbs into the vacant orbits of the monster fucking her pussy!

Her effort was wasted however as the disfigured monster pulled her up until she was hung by the chain. Taking her hands away from the Moldy face, Zoey gasped and grabbed at the links strangling her, desperately trying to pull herself up while ignoring the bollard-sized cock ramming into her pussy. Flapping and flailing, Zoey finally latched onto the chain and used all of her remaining strength to pull. The carved-up beast cackled with its raspy voice and dropped down hard, the inertia of the drop countering Zoey’s light weight. With a loud crack, he broke her neck.

Zoey’s lovely body flopped instantly and bounced around in her steel noose. The Molded didn’t seem to notice, even speeding up its thrusts! The massive black cock stretched her hole out wider with every push, even going for far as to hammer against her womb! Zoey’s glazed blue eyes simply looked onwards as her body shook violently. The Molded didn’t last much longer either and let out a terrifying screech as it shook with macabre pleasure. The shaft twitched and pulsed as green faux semen blasted from the large tip, stuffing her well-fucked pussy full. The stuff drained from the fleshy chasm onto the mold-covered floor, adding to the spread of filth.

As the cut-up creature cackled and released his hold on the chain, the Mold bellowed with alarm as its toy face-planted on the mold at its feet. The cut beast nodded at the fresh corpse before them and watched as the Mold fell atop Zoey and blanketed her in black mold. In seconds, the brunette survivor was eaten away until nothing was left but an oily skeleton. Pleased with his latest victim, the beast wrapped the chain around its spiked hand and slinked back into the shadows, eager to claim another victim.


File: 1571156342549.jpeg (2.92 MB, 3840x2160, S1E.jpeg)

Jill Valentine: Janitorial Service
Story by: Sinbad
Art by: The Original Badger (9 other screens will be posted in my channel)

Jill had spent a considerable amount of time cleaning up after Chris's missions, but it was getting ridiculous. After he had told her about an abandoned cargo ship that was still filled with the Molded, Jill packed her bags and loaded her guns, hesitantly boarding the chopper.
"Just once, I'd like to see Chris TRY to restrain himself!" She fumed. The mass of black goop plastered the walls, floor grating and covered the lights in such a thick layer that Jill was forced to use her personal light. Making her way to the cargo hold, she glanced around and felt the same adrenaline rush that happened just before the undead appeared.
A long, low moan caught her attention towards the back of the dark void. "Okay, that's definitely a Molded. Haven't heard one like that before though." Raising the explosive pistol shed lifted from Chris. Jill flashed her light over and saw that it was indeed a Molded, just not the type she'd seen before.
The hulking mass of mold and rotting flesh seemed frozen in place. Jill chuckled, "Our leftovers is developing a subspecies." Her giggle was all the Kingly Molded needed to hear. In a flash, it's disturbing face was pressed into Jill's and it's long claws were slashing through her thin vinyl bodysuit! She gasped and flung herself backwards, firing wildly at the undead.
As devastating as the rounds were, the thick mats of black goo surrounding the hold regenerated the creature. Jill, undeterred kept shooting. Blowing limbs off the beast until it was just a torso on the ground. Cocking an eyes and smirking, the ex-cop raised the gun for a headshot, only to receive a random surprise!
Despite having no limbs, the Molded wasn't without defenses. With a groan, the creature flexed it's crotch until it's massive tendril flopped from it's crotch. Seeing a glint coming from the prey's weapon, it arched it's back and sent the tendril right into the woman's mouth!
Despite having no limbs, the Molded wasn't without defenses. With a groan, the creature flexed it's crotch until it's massive tendril flopped from it's crotch. Seeing a glint coming from the prey's weapon, it arched it's back and sent the tendril right into the woman's mouth!
Jill hacked and gagged as the disgusting mass of black mold and rotting, puss filled flesh slid down her throat! Feeling her air supply getting pinched off, her eyes snapped to the Mold who was already standing on new legs and ripping her meager coverings off with new arms. Feeling suddenly unsure of her chances, Jill let out a muffled cry as she was picked upside-down and was forced fed the huge pillar of faux cock-meat.
As her vision faded away, Jill could make out a cop car within the dark void and let out a final rattle and the mold sat upon it's hood and forced more of the slim brunette onto it's meaty shaft.
The famed zombie slayer's eyes looked on blankly as the King Mold bounced her nearly stripped body along it's thick cock. The beast let out what may have been a moan of pleasure as it punched through her stomach and slid deeper into her guts, each thrust making the shaft thicker and longer! With a triumphant bellow, the Molded mass pressed down on her flopping legs and watched as it's black tip burst from his Prey's ass!
Nearly done with the prey, the King continued to force the body along it's massive member, pleased with how the arms and legs flopped and swayed helplessly. It's felt the swirling pool of sludge swell and and continued to face-fuck it's kill until the feeling of pleasure overwhelmed it! With a final push and a loud screech, the King Mold came and spewed the rancid green fluid from it's black tip, shooting over the slim body embedded on its member and covered the floor.
Nearly done with the prey, the King continued to force the body along it's massive member, pleased with how the arms and legs flopped and swayed helplessly. It's felt the swirling pool of sludge swell and and continued to face-fuck it's kill until the feeling of pleasure overwhelmed it! With a final push and a loud screech, the King Mold came and spewed the rancid green fluid from it's black tip, shooting over the slim body embedded on its member and covered the floor.
Grabbing a leg and sniffing it, the King Mold licked it and clamped down, taking a chunk from her calf muscle! Munching again, it's feast was interrupted by the sound of a door opening and the flap of a trench coat. Looking up, the Molded ceased it's feast and held the prey in place. The figure stood motionless for a few minutes before nodding and saying one sentence.


File: 1571269787847.jpeg (1.78 MB, 3840x2160, S1.jpeg)

Sam's New Nightmare
Story by Sinbad
Art by The Original Badger

Sam had found sleep hard to come by ever since she had escaped from the mountain. The realization that the Wendigo had once been her best Hannah had stripped away her usual care-free demeanor, replacing it with a shaken, wary personality. Since she had rarely left her apartment, few had kept an eye on her, merely writing her off as a typical shut-in millennial. As she stripped from her tight-fitting jeans and loose shirt for her nightly shower, the blonde bombshell felt a dark presence seemingly following her.
Ignoring the creeping sensation and quickly bathing, she ran her small hands over her full breasts and clumsily flicked her clit, almost giving into the urge to rub one out. Holding back her urge, she turned off the water and left the shower, her cold apartment forcing her nipples into diamond-hard points. Entering her soft bed, Sam felt the urge to sleep overwhelm her, the demonic presence be damned! As her eyes closed slowly, she felt suddenly warm and anxious, as if she was far from her chilly apartment. Snapping her eyes open, she gasped as the smooth white walls were replaced by an endless series of lockers and pipes, all covered by a thick red mist.
Sam relised that despite her obviously having a nightmare, she was still naked. Opening the long corridors of lockers, she cursed and found they were all empty! A low, deep chuckle grabbed her attention and seemed to drag her deeper into the red mist. As the chuckling got louder and louder, she quickly blinked and as gasped as the red mist was immediately replaced by a dark, dank corridor with a set of train tracks at her feet. Calling out, she felt the same demonic presence from her room growing closer to her bare body. Hearing a set of heavy footsteps coming from behind, she gasped as a filthy, masked being got closer with a rusty machete in its hand. Stumbling away, she cried out as the tracks behind her tripped her and she fell on her pert butt.
Scrambling backwards, the feeling of terror hit its peak and she snapped her head to the side to see a small man wearing an ugly sweater and hat running a set of daggers attached to his fingers along the concrete walls. His face was cast in shadows, but she could see that he was covered in scars. A set of sharp whispers came from his burnt lips that she couldn’t understand but got the gist as the masked figure swooped down and grabbed her bare ankles, dragged her back over the railing and flipping her onto her moderate tits. Grunting as her ass cheeks were separated, Sam gasped as something prodded her virgin anus.
“Wait, this is just a dream, I have to wake up!” was all she could think. Slapping herself in the face, Sam grunted as the slug-like member increased pressure on her backdoor. Hitting herself harder, the blonde was about to punch herself when the large member finally breached her asshole and sunk was felt like a mile of cold cock up her butt! Violently shaking her head from side to side, her efforts were mocked by the hatted man who crouched down and revealed his scarred face for the first time.
“If anything was going to wake you up my dear, I would say having that pipe slamming up your ass would be it.” the horrifying face broke into a grin and then chuckled as his accomplice raised his grey hips and dropped hard atop the petite woman, burying his moldy prick into her ass completely!
“Gotta wake up, gotta wake up!” Was all that Sam could think as her butt stretched uncomfortably wide around the invading member. Wincing as the cold balls smashing to her warm pussy, Sam felt the sharp blades of the burnt man run over her clenching fingers and opened her mouth slightly to plead. As soon as she formed words however, the blades flashed from her fingers and slid past her lips! Opening wide instinctively, Sam felt her head forced down onto the cold steel track. Knowing what was about to happen, she let out a final, desperate cry to force herself awake but failed, silence replacing it was the man’s boot crashed into her head.
Freddy grunted with approval as his victim’s jaw snapped away from her skull, the pearly teeth cracking as the unrelenting steel defeated the enamel. The blonde’s eyes went wide with shock as her chin rested against her throat, the sound of gurgling blood replacing her pitiful whimpers. “Now you can really suck dick!” was all Freddy said. His best one-liners were behind him, especially after the children had beaten him so hard during his last night on Elm street. Pressing harder on the back of her head, he relented as her death throes came in and seemed to please Jason, who had lost no momentum with his toy’s demise. Planting his foot back on the ground, the demented child-killer took in the scene and arched his back, letting out a final, chilling laugh as Jason let loose as well, flooding the dead woman’s butt with his undead load. The 2 villains clasped each other’s shoulders like old friends and left, the constructed dream collapsing around them.
Sam’s mutilated body remained in the real world, undisturbed for 3 days. After her remains began to smell, her neighbor called the landlord and he investigated soon after. Opening the door, he coughed and pinched his nose as he made his way through the apartment. Seeing a bare foot hanging off the bed, the man inched forwards and gasped at the sight. Sam’s pale, bruised flesh was spread out over the mattress, her spread legs showing off her massively gaping anus while her ripped jaw hung from its left hinge, the right-side draping onto her right clavicle. Pondering who could have done such a thing, the landlord stumbled out of the apartment and called the police, hoping that they could make sense of the horrifying sight inside his apartment.

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