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Why the fuck am I also spending my time off animating?



Well, it's a decent start.

Here's some ideas on how to improve this first scene.

I would encourage you to load this scene back up and continue where you left off, taking another angle of the head explosion, maybe in slow motion - after all, her head popping is the main event. After the head explodes, you can go for a few more seconds, showing her convulsing corpse and panning around the scene, maybe even have the man finish himself off with her corpse. Any or all suggestions would make the scene more erotic, ofcourse assuming that is what you want.


That's really fucking great. And the other anon's suggestions are spot on as well. Great job


Zippyshare says "403 Forbidden"


hell yeah, that's hot.
definitely agree. a little more "life" in death would go a long way



Some further possible tips that may or may not help, but I liked thinking about how this could be done better from a technical standpoint.

For the actual head explosion, you can try having it last about 0.5-0.7 seconds and have a flash/fire thing attached to the neck that enlarges until it encompasses the head really quick and when it recedes, there's already gore/gibs props from mortal kombat or someo ther game that have replaced the head and are flying off as the flames/explosion disappears. Add in some blood mist props and you're golden ma boy.

And for some extra challenge: zoom in on her face just before the explosion and animate some panic and dread on that face.

I know, I know, words are cheap and anyone can give suggestions so I'll stop.

revised based on feedback

kept crashing on render with effects, so i gave up on that

might actually switch from blender to sfm because there are more models available lol


Great stuff I would like to see more death like that during sex, it's a very hot theme! i don't mind if you kill the guy too next time!


I see my suggestions haven't gone unnoticed.

There is indeed a noticeable improvement in the last few seconds on the facial animation part. The last second gasp and acceleration in fucking intensity really sells it. The animation could be smoother, sure, but it is way better than what I would have the patience to do right now.

The finish up after that is also a nice touch, with the man picking up her corpse and finishing and then letting it slump to the side.

I can't be sure, but I imagine the complexity of this little side hobby is already starting to kick in - but if you aren't bored of this scene you can do all sorts of improvements on it: add cum effects, maybe even play with fluid physics for the blood or cum, add animation to the man in the first 50 seconds or so (I imagine this would be simpler if there weren't two separate actors and you could somehow group-animate on both, but I'm not sure), make him slap her tits or something… maybe have her grasp at the collar in the last few seconds in desperation.

Regardless of your decision, I enjoyed your second iteration of this (I assume) first project.



Ok, so here is my experience:

started the video nothing happened in 20 seconds so I fast forward it to the last 5 seconds screen went white and video ended. I had to rewind it and view frame by frame to see what happened.

Probably animating explosions is not worth effort. You should rather render series of pictures or at least try slow motion
but also we can always just view it frame by frame.



fucking epic. we've been starved of overwatch girl guro for a bit


well ur not getting any more because that model lags my pc hard

now for what shouldve been the best scene of bible black



forgot to enable some settings
heres a reupload


Thats was nice, shoulda had her a bit more naked though.



I see a promising future ahead for you. Well done Im thoroughly impressed :P


Just want to express my admiration of your work, these are all really great




More kills during sex plz!


*Pat Bateman voice*
Impressive. Very nice.


You should also show with no skirt



Bumping this thread to let op know how amazing his animations are!


id love to see you potentially make the mercy animation into a smoother 30fps other wise amazing animation



Link is broken


works for me, try changing vpn country?


This is great! Maybe a bit more aggressive thrashing during the explosion would add some more flavour. I adore your animations, please don't stop.



File: 1580243075685.png (1.88 MB, 1920x1080, hestia.png)



What a nice surprise! This is high-quality stuff! Keep this up and the 3dcg thread will live again! The way you animated her pleasure reactions and her surprise when she was killed was awesome! Can't w8 2 see more from you!


LOl that monster takes half of the screen all by itself leaving no space for anyone else.

Good work but the same problem as usual: the main action happens way to quick and cannot be seen without slow motion


As always a superb animation! Can agree with one comment regarding the speed, the action of interest can be a bit drawn out in time so that more can be seen. Other than that I adore your reaction animations, please keep at it!


I would love to see a monster kill a couple while they are having sex next time! Gr8 work!



This is really good. Nice work!


Not bad.


inspired by urotsukidoji, I see
very nice


Any chance of an upload on a different site than zippyshare?
It doesn't work in certain countries


Use to unblock!
Works like a charm!


can i buy customized animation?lol hope to contact you


probably not atm, busy with work n stuff

but if you post your idea and i think its cool, might make it happen


File: 1581896928163.png (1.28 MB, 1920x1080, christiepic.png)




I'd say that's a very successful test!

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