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This is awesome! Been waiting a long time for this. Are you the creator of this mod OP? If so, then would it be easy to move the various gore mods into the bra category? That way we can still have them clothed? If not then no worries


I tried but the bodymask did not work on the bra.


I may be missing something here… but I've moved the files into what I think are the right directories, and yet I can't find any of these options in the game.

Do I need to be in the main game character editor, or is it only in the studio version?

What tabs/sections do I need to look under to find these?

Are there any other steps I need to follow to use this mod?


Solve this mode in the folder where the game is installed, and find the bag thumbnails in the top tab. You may also need 'BepInEx' mode. After that, you can remove the face using 'kkpe advance mode' in 'charastudio'.
(Google translation)

koikatsu thread



I already put the mod in the game folder, yet I can't seem to see the gore options.


Can anyone help me get this working? I've placed the files in the abdata folder, but can't find them in the game or in the charastudio…


I suggest you make an integration package.


I like your job.Please do more.


No luck on my end. I guess I wait for the answers.


guys once you've dragged the files into your games directory, it should be under the tops category of your chara maker. look for the bag icons.


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I finally found that out. Thanks for the cool mod. :)

For more easy to get that. These bag icons.


As these are "costume". I turn 7 "bags" into coordinate card.

You may use that easier.!DyYmmYZQ!S-aVvdbeDidvnLzov8NShJMwEhiH7MWhSZM8x6p4Vvw


How do you remove that head anyway?


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For studio, use KKPE > adv.mode > search the head bone (I usually use p_cf_head_bone, this bone is close to FACE). And scale xyz -1

Mod control bone also can do the same thing. But KKPE can save that into scene. Other mod mostly don't save that.

I used to have GameObjectList. That mod can do even in the chara maker. Properly can work at main game too (Never tried. And the interface is hard to use too… I use this before KKPE appeared.)

For that screen I capture. I choose no head and no hair only. Mine is better pack R9… So I don't sure what mod can makes you select no head and no hair.

I don't sure Koikatu has POV hide head mod or not. This happened to HS…


Hi,op.I like your job.Could you make more video with sound?Thanks!


What game is this?


Could you teach me how to open KKPE mod?



Also is there a blood splatter mod?


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Thank you very much for the mod and the explanations ! It works perfectly !


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Above was the scene picture if you want to watch it in Studio mode, here is a closer jpg picture for the others.


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So is this not a game? Seems like it's more like a tool for creators to use to make their own guro images/videos.


I love this mod so much now. :P
It's so awesome.



Would love to see more stuff created with this mod


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Are there other parts used to make Guro?




merry xmas!I hope could see more video like this!



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